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 Lady in the Window Maryann Ridini Spencer 9781590794074 Select Books (NY)
Pretty Kate Grace, 30, is a successful, respected lifestyle writer for the popular New York View Magazine. She has everything she could want -- a loving family, a marriage-bound relationship with a handsome real estate developer, and great friends. Life gets even better when she is given the plum writing assignment of interviewing top talk show host, TV producer and philanthropist, Olivia Larkin,...
cena: 105,33
Lady in the Window
 This Time Around Tawna Fenske 9781503943209 Montlake Romance

Allie Ross is not living the life she once dreamed. Her law career ended before it ever started, her parents landed in jail for running a Ponzi scheme, and she just inherited her grandmother's B&B--which is nice, even if it is full of extra-toed cats. As for her love life...she'd rather not talk about it.

When Jack Carpenter reaches out to reconnect with Allie, the girl who...

cena: 52,46
This Time Around
 Nosotros En La Noche / Our Souls at Night: A Novel Kent Haruf 9788439731856 Literatura Random House
Nosotros en la noche es una joya escondida: una historia concisa, conmovedora, agridulce pero a la vez inspiradora, con el revelador sentido del humor que solo poseen aquellos que han llegado a una edad en la que poco importa lo que puedan decir los demas.

Louis Waters y Addie Moore llevan gran parte de su vida siendo vecinos en la apacible localidad de Holt, en Colorado....

cena: 73,57
Nosotros En La Noche / Our Souls at Night: A Novel
 Last Chance Matinee Mariah Stewart 9781501165351 Gallery Books
From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes the first novel in her all-new series, The Hudson Sisters, following a trio of reluctant sisters in the aftermath of their father's passing who, as they set out to fulfill his dying wish discover the truth not only about their pasts, but about each other--and themselves--in a way that will forever alter their futures...
cena: 117,43
Last Chance Matinee
 Carolina Belle Rose Senehi 9780996257152 K.I.M. Publications
cena: 69,60
Carolina Belle
 Gringo Cass J. McMain 9781910688311 Holland House
You don t have to die to become a ghost. Daniel lives alone, and he does nothing but sleep and work, work and sleep. When this sleep is repeatedly interrupted by his neighbor s barking dog, he surprises himself by doing something despicable. When he finally meets the mysterious neighbor, Ellie, he surprises himself again, realizing a friend is something he s been missing more than he knew. Ellie...
cena: 57,59
 Einstein Doesn't Throw Dice Andrew John Colameco 9780997852011 Bobtimystic Books
Andy Colameco was a high school dropout who went on to graduate from Temple with honors. He later turned down a chance to get his Ph.D. at Harvard to teach high school physics in Vermont. Before succumbing to leukemia in 2003, Colameco wrote a series of previously unpublished novels-The Einstein Terma-about his alter ego, Dr. Peter Simmons, a brilliant, idiosyncratic physics professor at...
cena: 68,82
Einstein Doesn't Throw Dice
 Just Fine with Caroline Annie England Noblin 9781683242772 Center Point
Caroline O Connor never dreamed she d be back home in Cold River, Missouri, the Ozark Mountain town where everyone is up in your business . . . they mean well as they drive you crazy. She thought she d left town for good, but now she s back, helping to care for her New York-born mother struck with Alzheimer s, and prone to saying and doing anything and her father, the beloved local doctor...
cena: 156,12
Just Fine with Caroline
 El Camino Amanda Callendrier 9781477848524 Lake Union Publishing

In this poignant debut loaded with humor, heartbreak, and Southern charm, old friends road-trip their way to solving a mystery and righting a long-ago wrong.

Sarah Martin had every intention of skipping her high school reunion. Once a popular girl and valedictorian, she's now pushing forty, divorced, and running a small bookstore in Nashville--not exactly an impressive life. But...

cena: 52,46
El Camino
 Coming Home Rosamunde Pilcher 9781250106445 Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin's Griffin

Against the backdrop of an elegant Cornwall mansion before World War II and a vast continent-spanning canvas during the turbulent war years, this involving story tells of an extraordinary young woman's coming of age, coming to grips with love and sadness, and in every sense of the term, coming home...

In 1935, Judith Dunbar is left behind at a British boarding school when her mother and...

cena: 73,73
Coming Home
 What Makes a Family Colleen Faulkner 9781617739354 Kensington Publishing Corporation
Nestled in the Chesapeake Bay, Brodie Island is charming, remote, and slow to change. For three hundred years, Abby Brodie s farming family has prospered there. Now, years after leaving to make her way on her own terms, Abby is coming home to see her ailing grandmother, with her teenage daughter and a wealth of memories in tow. Yet as family members gather at the old farmhouse, Abby realizes this...
cena: 65,84
What Makes a Family
 The Sky Is Falling Phara Joseph Tierra Beasley 9781541304703 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Sky is Falling is based from seeing a snow storm from my son's point of view. Eli discovers new things are not always scary with the help of his family. He is able to experience his first snow storm once he overcomes his fear that the sky may have fallen. Children will learn the lesson of experiencing the world and new things and parents will remember what a snow day meant to them as a child....
cena: 52,10
The Sky Is Falling
 Broken Kingdom MR C. a. Lee 9781542368933 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
All Amy wanted was a new life. Free from the misery she felt inside. In search of this new life Amy meets Rihanna. Rihanna was just as screwed up as Amy but it would soon be a friendship that would soon blossom. Both Amy and Rihanna move to London in search of the ultimate dream. Not long after moving to London Amy found herself starting a job at a club called Temptress. It would be in this club...
cena: 39,60
Broken Kingdom
 Sisters One, Two, Three Nancy Star 9781503937468 Lake Union Publishing

After a tragic accident on Martha's Vineyard, keeping secrets becomes a way of life for the Tangle family. With memories locked away, the sisters take divergent paths. Callie disappears, Mimi keeps so busy she has no time to think, and Ginger develops a lifelong aversion to risk that threatens the relationships she holds most dear.

When a whispered comment overheard by her rebellious...

cena: 52,46
Sisters One, Two, Three
 Hide and Seek Wilkie Collins 9781542439145 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Collins's third novel, published in 1854; dedicated to Charles Dickens 'As a token of admiration and affection'. The artist Valentine Blyth has a very generous heart. He lovingly cares for his invalid wife, rescues a deaf orphan girl from maltreatment in a traveling circus and adopts her, and mentors a young man who gets in trouble with his tyrannical father. The girl, who received the nickname...
cena: 97,99
Hide and Seek
 Seeing with Their Eyes Candy O'Donnell 9781542500999 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Life is precious... and death is imminent. The dead follow me where ever I go. No matter if I am at the body farm or in the morgue, spirits seek me out to tell me their secrets. The horrid tales they tell are atrocious and sting me to the bone. I try to help them the best I know how, that is the moral fiber I possess. Sandra finds me and shares her torrid life. What she endured was nothing short...
cena: 30,26
Seeing with Their Eyes
 All the Winters After Sere Halverson 9781492635215 Sourcebooks Landmark
Alaska doesn't forgive mistakes
That's what Kachemak Winkel's mother used to tell him. A lot of mistakes were made that awful day twenty years ago, when she died in a plane crash with Kache's father and brother--and Kache still feels responsible. He fled Alaska for good, but now his aunt Snag insists on his return. She admits she couldn't bring herself to check on his family's house in the...
cena: 69,76
All the Winters After
Jim is a homeless addict. His drug of choice is healing people. But a gift bestowed can have a mind of its own. For some, he may only see colors, but when the disease manifests itself as an entity, then he's compelled to action. Each time his compulsion to heal overtakes him, it drives him further into a spotlight he wants to avoid. The Reverend Baxter, by mistake, believes he's healed a dying...
cena: 43,76
Saint Jim
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 Lined with Lavender Brenda Nichole Estrada 9781542525275 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Shae is entering into sixth grade when her whole life goes from nearly perfect, to almost unbearable when her younger sister Kylie goes missing.
cena: 51,93
Lined with Lavender
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