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 Scarborough Catherine Hernandez 9781551526775 Arsenal Pulp Press

Scarborough is a low-income, culturally diverse neighborhood east of Toronto, the fourth largest city in North America; like many inner city communities, it suffers under the weight of poverty, drugs, crime, and urban blight. Scarborough the novel employs a multitude of voices to tell the story of a tight-knit neighborhood under fire: among them, Victor, a black artist harassed by the...

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 Richtungswechsel Katja Muhlberg 9783842379169 Books on Demand
Klara Blick ist die Kleinstadtidylle und ihren gut bezahlten Job als Angestellte eines Fernsehsenders leid. Was ihr einst als aufregend erschien, hat langst seine Farbe und Anziehungskraft verloren. Das gilt auch fur ihre Beziehung zu Thomas. Es ist jedoch nicht leicht, sich aus dem, was man hat, zu losen und guter Rat nur schwer zu finden. Klaras zwei besten Freundinnen, Tanja und Isabel, gehen...
cena: 111,70
 A Million Little Things Susan Mallery 9781410496461 Thorndike Press Large Print
cena: 223,80
A Million Little Things
 Street Moguls and Mafia Bosses Tony Steele 9781541372153 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Professional hitman, Almas Branson, is on top of his game. He's one of the most sought after executioners in the business. But after his latest contract killing of Seymour Morgenstern, a senior partner at a financial company that caters to the Mafia, the FBI jumps on Almas's trail and he's forced to lay low. Almas's handler, Ellison Eaton, won't give him any more contracts. But Ellison will give...
cena: 50,18
Street Moguls and Mafia Bosses
 Madam President Blayne Cooper T Novan  9781619293168 Blue Beacon Books by Regal Crest

This timeless classic from T. Novan and Blayne Cooper is funny, realistic and endearing.

Devlyn Marlowe, the first woman President of the United States, has just been elected. Breaking with the tradition of hiring a political writer to chronicle her administration, President Marlowe selects one Lauren Strayer, a professional biographer with a reputation for absolute honesty....

cena: 119,49
Madam President
 DNA of a Gangsta Clifford Big Cliff Jennings 9781542389440 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The story of a living legend DNA OF A GANGSTA gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of Christopher Flora, a Virginia hustler with a ruthless mentality. Cursed with a mother who was never there and a father who disowns him, Chris began to mold and transform in order to adapt to the cold and cruel streets around him. Growing up in Broadlawn, a low-income project in Chesapeake, Virginia, Chris...
cena: 74,66
DNA of a Gangsta
 Hiders Meg Collett 9781542459785 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Violet Relend is called the Ghost of Canaan Island because of her white hair and eerie eyes. Though they mock her, Violet helps the citizens of Canaan with her family's dwindling fortune. When she purchases a prosthetic for Arie Mendoza, a wounded soldier fresh from war, he insists on paying her back. Wanting only to be left alone, Violet gives Arie a list of twelve impossible tasks. As she...
cena: 57,86
 A Tale of Two Reapers Jack Wallen 9781542311281 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The job of reaping is a lonely one. Why? There has only ever been one Reaper. Grim has spent centuries ensuring the souls of the dying are made available for reuse. But when he mistakenly reaps X, a woman whose soul was very much alive, his eternity is flipped on its head. Fate has given Grim a very short time to train his new partner in the ways of Reaping. Should he fail, his eternal life is...
cena: 54,77
A Tale of Two Reapers
 The Guests on South Battery Karen White 9780451475237 Berkley Books
Karen White invites you to explore the brick-walked streets of Charleston in her fifth Tradd Street novel, where historic mansions house the memories of years gone by, and restless spirits refuse to fade away...

With her extended maternity leave at its end, Melanie Trenholm is less than thrilled to leave her new husband and beautiful...
cena: 115,50
The Guests on South Battery
 C'Etait... Leonid Andreiev Theodore D 9781542585620 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Un marchand est admis dans un hopital universitaire, ou il devient un objet d'etude pour les medecins et un membre de cette petite communaute formee de plusieurs malades (y compris un etudiant et un vieux diacre). Il sait que, comme la plupart des malades, il ne sortira pas de cet hopital, et c'est dans cette ambiance que l'on suit, pour les quelques semaines qui lui restent a vivre, les...
cena: 44,18
 The Mistress Danielle Steel 9780345531117 Delacorte Press
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Incomparable storyteller Danielle Steel illuminates rarely glimpsed precincts of unimaginable wealth and power, where love and freedom are the most dangerous desires of all.
Natasha Leonova's beauty saved her life. Discovered on a freezing Moscow street by a Russian billionaire, she has lived for seven years under his protection, immersed in...
cena: 128,06
The Mistress
 Blogger Girl Meredith Schorr 9781635111613 Henery Press

"Sassy, sexy, endless entertaining, and full of laughs (as well as some heart-wrenching moments), Blogger Girl is one of those books that keeps you up at night because you can't wait to see what happens next." - Tracie Banister, Author of Mixing It Up

What happens when your high school nemesis becomes the shining star in a universe you pretty much saved? Book blogger...

cena: 68,92
Blogger Girl
 Children of the Mountain Eva McCall 9780988943148 Eva McCall
Children of the Mountain returns to the moutain that every reader has come to love. Ever since Eva McCall wrote about Lucy Davenport's arranged marriage to Holman Carpenter, a widower with thirteen children, readers have been eager to know more about the Carpenter family. Together, Lucy and Holman built a new house on the mountain where they raised four more sons. Now, despite having moved away...
cena: 72,41
Children of the Mountain
 The Mother's Promise Sally Hepworth 9781250077752 St. Martin's Press

"A page-turner. All the pieces masterfully come together at the end to create a beautiful novel of courage and love in the face of sorrow." Booklist (starred review)

All their lives, Alice Stanhope and her daughter Zoe have been a family of two, living quietly in northern California. Zoe has always struggled with crippling social anxiety and her mother has been her constant and...

cena: 119,66
The Mother's Promise
 The Odds of You and Me Cecilia Galante 9780062434852 William Morrow & Company

In the vein of Meg Donohue and Sarah Jio, Cecilia Galante's second novel delivers the powerful story of one young woman who's faced with an impossible choice--one that could have her making the biggest mistake of her life.

Thirteen days. That's all Bernadette, "Bird," Sincavage has left to go until she's done with her probation and can be free again. Free from making payments to the...

cena: 69,26
The Odds of You and Me
 Wanted: Dead or Alive Ron Sharrow 9781541020733 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Based upon an actual case handled by the author during his legal career, Wanted is a farcical saga of an antisocial nerd who is hunted down by a borderline idiot, employed by the government as an inspector in the United States Postal Service. He is determined to prosecute his prey for engaging in a fraudulent scheme to enrich himself by corrupting the morals and ethics of the student body of a...
cena: 89,87
Wanted: Dead or Alive
 Glaxo Hernan Ronsino 9781612195674 Melville House Publishing
Glaxo is a chilling novel of betrayal, romance, and murder, from a major Latin American writer being published in English for the first time.
In a derelict town in Argentina's pampa, a decades-old betrayal simmers among a group of friends. One returns from serving time for a crime he didn't commit; another, a policeman with ties to the military regime, discovers his wife's infidelity;...
cena: 60,11
 The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde 9781542576536 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
"The Canterville Ghost" is a parody featuring a dramatic spirit named Sir Simon and the United States minister (ambassador) to the Court of St. James's, Hiram B. Otis. Mr. Otis travels to England with his family and moves into a haunted country house. Lord Canterville, the previous owner of the house, warns Mr. Otis that the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville has haunted it ever since he killed...
cena: 41,54
The Canterville Ghost
 When Seasons Charge Nkosana Zali 9781542704397 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Set in fictitious island of Run Mowa, South African political activist, Nkosana Zali takes us through a fast-paced political thriller on political succession battles. A young Harvard graduate, Achmet Muhammad, is shot and killed when his lawyers mount a spirited appeal case against a ten year sentence for a crime he did not commit. When he was sentenced, the president of his country, Nicos...
cena: 65,84
When Seasons Charge
 Two Lifetimes, One Love Thea Thaxton 9781938322464 Ralston Store Publishing
Germany 1940: In the chaos of Nazi Germany, a young, secretly Jewish woman falls in love with a Nazi. But that's the not the worst of it. She's married. To his brother.
Present day: Angela and Dr. Weiss are both in dead-end marriages, but unwilling to do anything about it. As their feelings for each other grow stronger and their marriages grow worse, it feels like an impossible situation....
cena: 50,36
Two Lifetimes, One Love
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