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 Inheriting Edith Zoe Fishman 9781683242598 Center Point
For years, Maggie Sheets has been an invisible hand in the glittering homes of wealthy New York City clients, scrubbing, dusting, mopping, and doing all she can to keep her head above water as a single mother. Everything changes when a former employer dies leaving Maggie a staggering inheritance: a house in Sag Harbor. The catch? It comes with an inhabitant: The deceased s eighty-two-year-old...
cena: 177,84
Inheriting Edith
 The Housekeeper Suellen Dainty 9781476771403 Washington Square Press
"I am the housekeeper, the hired help with a messy past who cleans up other people's messy lives, the one who protects their messy little secrets."
When Anne Morgan's successful boyfriend--who also happens to be her boss--leaves her for another woman, Anne finds herself in desperate need of a new job and a quiet place to recover. Meanwhile, her celebrity idol, Emma Helmsley (England's...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 28-02-2017
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The Housekeeper
 Finding Destiny Barbara Sinor   9781615993000 Marvelous Spirit Press
cena: 152,46
Finding Destiny
 Fat Chance Rhonda Hogarth 9781533086419 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Saturday Sisters are lifelong friends who meet at the mall every week to talk and share pizza. However, when events become too painful to bear for each of them, they make a decision to support each other in efforts to lose weight and improve their lives. They quickly face the true struggles behind losing weight and the predators out there waiting to take advantage of the desperate dieter....
cena: 42,23
Fat Chance
 Moonlit Memories of Vegas Joan Rydberg 9781540892966 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
From the Author: Las Vegas in the seventies was a turbulent time. Sara is a small town woman from the heart of Minnesota, fresh out of treatment for alcoholism. Her mother's lipstick, in that perfect shade of rose, imprinted on a well-worn Colonial Hotel matchbook cover from Las Vegas, Nevada, was a piece of the puzzle. It is the beginning of Sara's story. Sara could wait no longer to find her...
cena: 55,98
Moonlit Memories of Vegas
 Anarhic D. P. David 9781542304801 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A bout de souffle... Un roman scris dintr-o suflare, un roman care s-ar fi scris si in mai putin de o suflare daca acest ocol al imaginatiei si afectivitatii care sint cuvintele nu ar fi obligat la un suflu indelungat, pret de un oftat, de un icnet ori de o expiratie, in care lumea intreaga, lumile paralele, nascindu-se anarhic unele pe altele, se desfoliaza intr-un joc infinit a carui singura...
cena: 42,42
 The Things I Should Have Told You Carmel Harrington 9780008150105 Harper

Anyone who loved the great Maeve Binchy will adore this gorgeous gem of a book Claudia Carroll

Every family has a story

But for the Guinness family a happy ending looks out of reach. Olly and Mae's marriage is crumbling, their teenage daughter Evie is on a mission to self-destruct and their beloved Pops is dying of cancer. Their once strong family unit is slowly falling...

cena: 49,42
The Things I Should Have Told You
 Dream It Loud Robert Vega 9781540305039 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Everyone dreams. Dreams can be pleasant escapes from the harsh realities of life-or they can be terrifying nightmares, causing our hearts to race and our minds to scream.

John has had dreams of both types, but lately there has been something different about his experiences. Something weird is happening in his dreams. They feel vivid and real-especially when compared to his...

cena: 60,50
Dream It Loud
 Les Be in Sin J. L. Middleton 9781542331524 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Join Deion Turk Carter Sasha and Mo as they embark on a dangerous evening full of drugs sex money and murder. In the cold city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, friendship is put to the test when love and loyalty is challenged. In this first edition to the series, See how the group of friends( 4 women 1 transman) bond is tested. A night that was set for a birthday party ends in death. Find out...
cena: 74,11
Les Be in Sin
 Ruth Hall: A Domestic Tale of the Present Time Fanny Fern 9781542452571 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Ruth Hall A Domestic Tale of the Present Time Fanny Fern Ruth Hall: A Domestic Tale of the Present Time is a roman a clef by Fanny Fern (pen name of Sara Payson Willis), a popular 19th-century newspaper writer. Following on her meteoric rise to fame as a columnist, she signed a contract in February 1854 to write a full-length novel. She finished Ruth Hall within a few months, and it was first...
cena: 37,72
Ruth Hall: A Domestic Tale of the Present Time
 Draconia Robert F. Mathe 9781519134707 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

What would you do if you learned that a famous national park had really been its own self-governed country all along? Follow top reporter Royce Andrew Pratt as he enters Draconia and works to unravel mysteries that are more than one thousand years old.

The revelations he uncovers shatter everything he's ever been taught. The Chivalric Order of the Twin Dragons has been working in the...

cena: 69,54
 Coach Lawson: A Short Story MR Michael Angelo Lesesn 9781541017597 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Coach Lawson is an inner-city varsity basketball coach with, let's say, an unorthodox coaching style. When new-comer and star basketball player Jamal Spokes arrives at Easton High School with hopes of stealing the show, he's in for the surprise of his life. Both Jamal and Coach 'Law' butt heads in a feverish pitch to win over the loyalty and respect of the team. Who wins? You'll see.
cena: 37,95
Coach Lawson: A Short Story
 The Damned Algernon Blackwood 9781542547840 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Algernon Blackwood was a prolific English writer best known for being one of the greatest authors in the horror and ghost genres of fiction. Some of Blackwood's most famous work includes Incredible Adventures, The Centaur, The Wendigo, and The Willows. The Damned is a classic horror story that centers around a married couple who visit a widowed friend at her mysterious house.
cena: 33,38
The Damned
 The Dog Who Saved Me Susan Wilson 9781250097224 St. Martin's Press

Rescue comes in unexpected ways for one man and his dog in this moving and redemptive novel, The Dog Who Saved Me, by New York Times bestselling author Susan Wilson
Cooper Harrison, a member of the Boston K-9 unit, never thought he would return to Harmony Farms. But when tragedy strikes and he loses his job, Cooper has no choice but to return to his hometown. It is a...

cena: 40,70
The Dog Who Saved Me
 A Dog's Luck Liora Baras 9781539112518 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
People, dogs, and what lies between them

Ellie, a young woman writing her philosophy dissertation, becomes disrupted by echoes from the past. She follows the voices replaying in her mind to an introspective examination of her childhood and adolescence within her extended family. This intimate inspection of relationships between family members-and the family's dogs-leads her to uncover three...

cena: 62,58
A Dog's Luck
 This Side of Paradise Francis Scott Fitzgerald 9781542556415 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published in 1920, and taking its title from a line of the Rupert Brooke poem Tiare Tahiti, the book examines the lives and morality of post-World War I youth. Its protagonist, Amory Blaine, is an attractive Princeton University student who dabbles in literature. The novel explores the theme of love warped by greed and status-seeking. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (September 24, 1896 - December...
cena: 69,54
This Side of Paradise
 The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain Charles Dickens 9781542670937 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Redlaw is a teacher of chemistry who often broods over wrongs done him and grief from his past. He is haunted by a spirit, who is not so much a ghost as Redlaw's phantom twin and is "an awful likeness of himself...with his features, and his bright eyes, and his grizzled hair, and dressed in the gloomy shadow of his dress..." This spectre appears and proposes to Redlaw that he can allow him to...
cena: 31,07
The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain
 Behind a Mask, or a Woman's Power Louisa May Alcott Success Oceo 9781542747493 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Set in the Coventry Mansion during the Victorian era, the wealthy family hires a young woman named Jean Muir to be the governess of sixteen-year-old Bella. When she first meets the Coventry family, Jean succeeds in charming Bella, Ned and Mrs. Coventry by having a fainting spell.
However, Gerald and Lucia, son of the estate and cousin to the Coventry family, remain suspicious. They are...
cena: 33,38
Behind a Mask, or a Woman's Power
 Frank: A Quartet Novel Ela 9781542893664 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 78,62
Frank: A Quartet Novel
 The Unexpected Keiera H 9781542821100 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 74,11
The Unexpected
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