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 On Second Thought Kristan Higgins 9781683242956 Center Point
cena: 173,24
On Second Thought
 Sunday Brunch with the World Maker Stefan Stenudd 9781541277984 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Treating himself to the luxurious Sunday brunch of the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the author is joined by a young stranger. At first, their conversation is all about the author, his experiences and thoughts on life. But as the brunch progresses it becomes evident that the stranger has a lot to say, too. The conversation slips into the mysterious, soon to burst beyond the realm of possibility....
cena: 58,86
Sunday Brunch with the World Maker
 Let's Be Respectful Joni Downey Joni Downey 9781541373976 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Respectful Rabbit teaches a child about being respectful Being respectful is important and is discussed with a short story and questions to engage a child in this trait. Like their own personal journal about being respectful Respectful Rabbit talks about being respectful each and every day. Be sure to find our Respectful Rabbit Resource Book and Bulletin Board & Poster Book, too
cena: 48,09
Let's Be Respectful
 The Jewel of Seven Stars Bram Stoker 9781542334297 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
First published by Heinemann in 1903, The Jewel of Seven Stars is a horror novel whose story is a first-person narrative of a young man pulled into an archaeologist's plot to revive Queen Tera, an ancient Egyptian mummy. It explores common fin-de-siecle themes such as imperialism, the rise of the New Woman and feminism, and societal progress."
cena: 58,86
The Jewel of Seven Stars
 180 Days Steven Orlowski 9781516905584 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
What if? What if you got into the best shape of your life? Before you got your first physical in years. Expecting to be told how healthy you are. Instead, you are told you're dying. And what if, while living out your last months, trying to recover from the disease while learning to accept that you may not survive, you began to question the diagnosis? How would you, how could you, be sure that you...
cena: 50,24
180 Days
 Dracula (Grossdruck) Bram Stoker Heinz Widtmann 9781542397094 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Grossdruck Der Londoner Rechtsanwalt Jonathan Harker reist auf Wunsch des Grafen Dracula nach Siebenburgen, da dieser zuvor in London ein Haus erworben hat und nun den Kauf und die bevorstehende Uberfahrt durch seinen Anwalt abklaren lassen mochte. Auf der Hinfahrt bemerkt Harker einige fur ihn wunderliche Dinge. Eine Anwohnerin ubergibt Harker einen Rosenkranz, um ihn zu schutzen. In Bistritz...
cena: 113,63
Dracula (Grossdruck)
 Sold Kimberly Cooper 9781542470629 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
When Diane Moore is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, her husband, Elliot, unwittingly strikes a deal with Perkele, the devil, to ensure she lives a healthy, cancer free life. After Elliot leaves his fateful meeting, it's as if he and Diane were never married. While Elliot is left with all his memories of Diane and the time they shared, she only recognizes him as her employer. Unable to to...
cena: 50,30
 The Adam Project Hugh A. Flowers 9781945669187 Paperback-Press Publishing
Retired CIA Agent Rafe Johnson is 78 years old. However after his wife's death, instead of aging, he's gotten younger and he doesn't know why. Seeing his friends and family in person has become impossible as he now looks the same age as his children, and only communicates with them by phone. Rafe, caught off guard, is kidnapped at gunpoint and thrown into the back of a windowless van. Inside he...
cena: 54,64
The Adam Project
 Nyce Shataya Simms 9780998051079 NU Class
In the badlands of Philadelphia where the motto is to get or get got, a young boy by the name of James Hennessey struggles for survival. Residing in a North Philly projects, James believes that basketball is his key to getting him and his family out of poverty. Dubbed "Nyce" due to his dominance on the court, he catches the eye of notorious drug lord Anthony "Tone" Middlebrooks who takes the...
cena: 72,28
 For the Love of Brynn Book V: Living on the Edge of Hope Nancy Lebrun 9781539091943 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Love, angst, jealousy, and passion run high in this out-of-this-world science fiction romance by author Nancy LeBrun.

Brynn is struggling with her decision to let Wes walk away. As constant arguing continues to strain their tenuous relationship, she finds herself a friend in the form of Samantha, an office worker at the school.

When Samantha guesses that Brynn and Wes are the...

cena: 89,84
For the Love of Brynn Book V: Living on the Edge of Hope
 Sleepless Dreams: A Brief Collection of Poems Kristofer Hykel 9781542390644 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A brief collection of poems by Toronto born and based Kristofer Hykel. In harsh and vivid detail and description, Sleepless Dreams relives moments in which the real and surreal, the rational and the emotional, blur borders and leave us in moments of transience, loss, and nostalgia.
cena: 33,79
Sleepless Dreams: A Brief Collection of Poems
 C'Etait... Leonid Andreiev Theodore D 9781542585620 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Un marchand est admis dans un hopital universitaire, ou il devient un objet d'etude pour les medecins et un membre de cette petite communaute formee de plusieurs malades (y compris un etudiant et un vieux diacre). Il sait que, comme la plupart des malades, il ne sortira pas de cet hopital, et c'est dans cette ambiance que l'on suit, pour les quelques semaines qui lui restent a vivre, les...
cena: 44,09
 Blogger Girl Meredith Schorr 9781635111613 Henery Press

"Sassy, sexy, endless entertaining, and full of laughs (as well as some heart-wrenching moments), Blogger Girl is one of those books that keeps you up at night because you can't wait to see what happens next." - Tracie Banister, Author of Mixing It Up

What happens when your high school nemesis becomes the shining star in a universe you pretty much saved? Book blogger...

cena: 72,30
Blogger Girl
 Children of the Mountain Eva McCall 9780988943148 Eva McCall
Children of the Mountain returns to the moutain that every reader has come to love. Ever since Eva McCall wrote about Lucy Davenport's arranged marriage to Holman Carpenter, a widower with thirteen children, readers have been eager to know more about the Carpenter family. Together, Lucy and Holman built a new house on the mountain where they raised four more sons. Now, despite having moved away...
cena: 72,24
Children of the Mountain
 Broken Lines: A Nation Divided Ra-Shon Eric Robinson Sr. 9781524642211 Authorhouse

In the year 2015, inequality is a national problem despite claims that the United States has entered a "post-racial era." As the nation grows impatient with elected government officials, two secret organizations develop plans to overthrow the government in what will be considered the deadliest racial battle in American history. Two longtime office friends, Nicholas Hamilton, who is white, and...

cena: 119,37
Broken Lines: A Nation Divided
 I Lift Up My Eyes Jane Bwye 9781542722797 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A raw story of hope and love, which addresses real life emotions and hits compromise head on. "Do I do the right thing, or do I live while I still can?" Ann is faced with a dilemma as she grapples with her sense of duty towards her ailing husband, Robert. She finds consolation in nature while walking in the hills of Sussex, but wrestles with her conscience when she enjoys yearned-for attention...
cena: 37,04
I Lift Up My Eyes
 The Road to Enchantment Kaya McLaren 9781250058225 St. Martin's Griffin

As a young girl, Willow watched her mother leave their home in Washington State in a literal blaze of glory: she set the mattress of her cheating husband on fire in her driveway, roasting marshmallow peeps and hot dogs before the fire department arrived.

And with that, she and Willow set off to New Mexico, to a new life, to a world of arroyos and canyons bordering an Apache reservation....

cena: 73,29
The Road to Enchantment
 Down on Her Luck: Alaina's Story Carmen Desousa 9781945143151 Carmen Desousa Books
Thirty-nine-year-old struggling actress Alaina Ackerman isn't just down on her luck today; lady luck has packed up and left town for heaven only knows where. Instead of ending up homeless on the streets of New York City in November, Alaina accepts her mother's holiday invitation and heads home to Pittsburgh for a much-needed break. Maybe even to give up on acting altogether. The last thing Alaina...
cena: 50,24
Down on Her Luck: Alaina's Story
 Herland Charlotte Perkins Gilman 9781542861632 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 41,44
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