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 The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity F. Sehnaz Bac 9780486808932 Dover Publications
Transform ordinary stones into colorful works of art with this easy-to-follow guide. Popular stone artist F. Sehnaz Bac, a seasoned archaeologist who markets her painted Sassi dell Adriatico (Stones of the Adriatic) on Etsy, presents step-by-step instructions for creating 30 fantastic designs. Full-color photographs accompany directions for painting themes that range from trees, flowers,...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 18-01-2017
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The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity
 Edward Turner The Man Behind the Motorcycles Clew, Jeff 9781787110502
For the first time, the life of Edward Turner, one of Britain s most talented motorcycle designers, is revealed in full making this much more than just another book about Triumph motorcycles. Although seen by many as an irascible man who ran a very tight ship, it is an inescapable fact that his was a highly profitable company. His hugely successful sales campaign after World War 2 stunned...
cena: 113,14
Edward Turner The Man Behind the Motorcycles
 Literary Romance Colouring Book Alison Mutton 9781366880284 Blurb
cena: 105,45
Literary Romance Colouring Book
 Retro Glamour and Pinup Photography: Creative Techniques for Studio Photographers Brad Barton 9781682031360 Amherst Media
Today s portrait photographers owe a debt of gratitude to old-school pin-up and glamour photographers, who knew how to entice viewers with images that ooze with a playful, come-hither sexuality. The subjects were impeccably posed, lit, attired, and directed to ensure that every portrait was evocative and gave viewers insight into the woman s personality whether she were a smokey-eyed siren or a...
cena: 172,46
Retro Glamour and Pinup Photography: Creative Techniques for Studio Photographers
 Pets Go Raw! Mark Parsons 9781366856678 Blurb
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food." Hippocrates (460 BC-370BC) Father of Western Medicine Want to feed your pet raw food, but don't know where to start? Are you already feeding raw, but looking for more convenient recipes? Then you've come to the right place. Inside, you'll find over a dozen fool-proof raw recipes for cats and dogs that can be prepared in minutes. No meat...
cena: 56,18
Pets Go Raw!
 Confus Vol. II Roman Gonzalez 9781364613921 Blurb
Confus is a biannual fashion book that wants to portray fashion as a way of dreams, breaking all existing ordinary fashion as known. Intelligent and slick, it addresses the sophisticated international frontrunners of fashion. As a manifestation of this heritage, the sleek and strongly identifiable visual trademark of Confus transcends trends and time in relentlessly ingenious ways. The Spanish...
cena: 478,41
Confus Vol. II
 Forest Nation John Kiely 9781367599413 Blurb
cena: 305,95
Forest Nation
 Robert Haas: Framing Two Worlds Robert Haas 9783775741996 Hatje Cantz Publishers
From portraits of major figures such as Albert Einstein and Arturo Toscanini to studies of everyday life and society in Vienna between the two world wars and street photography in New York, the oeuvre of the Austrian-American photographer Robert Haas (1898-1997) encompasses numerous themes and unites the views of two continents. His artistic career began in the milieu of 1920s Viennese modernism;...
cena: 168,74
Robert Haas: Framing Two Worlds
 The Cleaning Ninja: How to Clean Your Home in 8 Minutes Flat and Other Clever Housekeeping Techniques Courtenay Hartford 9781624143243 Page Street Publishing

Karate Chop Your Way to a Cleaner Home in No Time At All

Hi-Ya That s the sound of you cleaning your home in eight minutes flat. Yes, it is possible

The funny and savvy Courtenay Hartford takes readers on a journey to work smarter, not harder, and get back to the real life living they d rather be doing. Unlike stuffy cleaning books, Courtenay shows readers how to...

cena: 76,31
The Cleaning Ninja: How to Clean Your Home in 8 Minutes Flat and Other Clever Housekeeping Techniques
 Marqueterie Tome 2 Xavier Dyevre 9781367234536 Blurb
Dans les annees 1970 Georges Vriz nous a surpris en mettant au point son extraordinaire methode de "fondus de bois" qui annule la delimitation nette entre les elements de bois d'une marqueterie. Dans ce livre de perfectionnement je vous la presente, ainsi que bien d'autres methodes et astuces. Vous y apprendrez ar exemple a utiliser les materiaux autres que le bois, employes traditionnellement en...
cena: 169,33
Marqueterie Tome 2
 Eighteen Blessed Detours James L. Carte 9780998060316 Woodson Knowles Publishing Group

James L. Cartee III offers readers another peek through his photo lens and into his heartfelt thoughts - this time as a displaced person. After moving from familiar surroundings and the network of support he had grown used to, the author finds himself struggling to orient himself in his new world. A delicate psyche can make adjusting to anything new a bit of a struggle but Cartee uses...

cena: 70,07
Eighteen Blessed Detours
Humility in the face of nature and its inimitable sublimity: that is the feeling that overcomes Jens Knigge (b. Eilenburg, Germany, 1964; lives and works in Berlin) during his wintertime travels along the Arctic Circle. He has recorded his impressions of snow-covered landscapes and the mysterious aurora borealis in mostly small-format platinum-palladium prints. In the end, the contact sheets of...
cena: 145,07
Jens Knigge: Contact--Northern Light
 Scotty: The Quickening Cameron 9781367167872 Blurb
A pictorial essay about Scotty. A trivia master. A lover. A father. A sofa. An icon. Drawn over a year of trivia, once a week, Scotty has been so thoroughly documented here that nothing is left to the imagination.
cena: 65,75
Scotty: The Quickening
 Anonymous Women Patty Carroll   9781942084198 Daylight Books
For over twenty years, Patty Carroll has staged photographs using models, drapery, and household objects to add to the dialogue surrounding femininity and the domestic sphere. Anonymous Women presents images that symbolize the psychological states of women around the world by showing them hidden behind, and intertwined with, visually stunning domestic scenes. These not-so-still-lives are...
cena: 203,33
Anonymous Women
 101 Organic Gardening Hacks: Eco-Friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden Shawna Coronado 9781591866626 Cool Springs Press

Create simple solutions for growing organic gardens

The word "hack" has a multitude of meanings these days, but if you ask garden author Shawna Coronado what a hack is, she might just wave her hand toward her own back yard. She could be pointing at the garden bench she created from leftover wood posts and a few cinder blocks, or the rows of wine bottles buried soldier-style along...

cena: 75,32
101 Organic Gardening Hacks: Eco-Friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden
 Country Wisdom & Know-How: A Practical Guide to Living Off the Land Editors of Storey Publishing's Country W 9780316276962 Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
Reminiscent in both spirit and design of the beloved Whole Earth Catalog, Country Wisdom & Know-How is an unprecedented collection of information on nearly 200 individual topics of country and self-sustained living. Compiled from the information in Storey Publishing's landmark series of "Country Wisdom Bulletins," this book is the most thorough and reliable volume of its kind.
This new...
cena: 93,83
Country Wisdom & Know-How: A Practical Guide to Living Off the Land
 Virginia Dwan: Flowers Virginia Dwan 9781942185079 Radius Books
Known primarily for her visionary art collecting, Virginia Dwan (born 1931) showed artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Yves Klein, Ad Reinhardt, Joan Mitchell and more at her Los Angeles gallery in the 1960s. But Dwan has her own artistic practice, and has dedicated the last three and a half years to documenting military graves in cemeteries across the United States. This collection of...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 24-01-2017
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Virginia Dwan: Flowers
 Shiro Kuro Jamel Van De As 9781364364342 Blurb
Shiro Kuro is the first book by Dutch photographer Jamel van de Pas. In June of the year 2015, at age 17, he bought his first camera. Over the following months he was granted a portfolio account by LensCulture and selected as one of the 100 best emerging photographers of his country. The photographs in this book were taken during his first couple of months as a photographer. Pricing: 25 / $29,83...
cena: 177,63
Shiro Kuro
 British Castles Colouring Book    9780750970242 The History Press Ltd
Visitors have been flocking to British castles for centuries to learn about their history and enjoy their splendor, and this collection of beautiful illustrations is a celebration of their unique appeal. From medieval fortresses and royal palaces to motte and bailey castles and loch-side ruins, each stunning scene is full of intriguing detail sure to fire the imagination and make you reach for...
cena: 59,38
British Castles Colouring Book
 Dadland A Journey into Uncharted Territory Carew, Keggie 9781784703158
An undercover guerrilla agent during the Second World War, in peacetime he lived on his wits and dazzling charm. But these were not always enough to sustain a family. As his memory began to fail, Keggie embarked on a quest to unravel his story once and for all. Dadland is that journey.
cena: 54,06
Dadland A Journey into Uncharted Territory
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