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 Provocateur: Photographs Tyler Shields Nathan Fillion 9781943876297 Glitterati
While big-shot Hollywood producers once demanded a trophy Banksy canvas to be hanging above their faux-Spanish fireplaces, now all they want is one of Shields' gloriously twisted photographs." GQ Magazine LA-based photographer Tyler Shields work has made a big impression, whether it s his photographs of exploding Rolls Royces, alligators clamping their jaws on Birkin bags, or starlets flying...
cena: 333,90
Provocateur: Photographs
 Forest Nation John Kiely 9781367599406 Blurb
cena: 181,73
Forest Nation
 How to Build & Power Tune Holley Carburetors  Hammill, des 9781787110472 SpeedPro Series
How to Build and Power Tune Holley Carburetors is the complete guide to choosing and specifying Holley Carburetors for engines for road and track performance. This book covers both 2-barrel 2300 and 4-barrel 4150 & 4160 carburetors, of which millions have been made, and can also be applied to 4180 & 4190 emission control carbs. It is a comprehensive guide to identifying both secondhand...
cena: 113,77
How to Build & Power Tune Holley Carburetors
 Literary Romance Colouring Book Alison Mutton 9781366880284 Blurb
cena: 105,22
Literary Romance Colouring Book
 Patrice Mortier Cecile Fromont/Olivier Houg 9781367986947 Blurb
cena: 78,87
Patrice Mortier
 Hygge Knits Nordic and Fair Isle Sweaters, Scarves, Hats, and More to Keep You Cozy Trench, Nicki 9781782494782
It seems that suddenly everyone wants to be Scandinavian, and to "hygge" (pronounced hue-guh) which means "a sublime state of cosiness" felt when you are with friends or loved ones. It can be enhanced by the addition of a log fire, a sweet treat and a cozy knit . So spread the love, and keep things cozy, by knitting yourself or your family a warm and beautiful sweater, hat, gloves, or...
cena: 76,14
Hygge Knits Nordic and Fair Isle Sweaters, Scarves, Hats, and More to Keep You Cozy
 Viridis, La Ferme a Spiruline Gaspard Et Sandra Bebie-Valerian 9782918317050 Blurb
Viridis, la ferme a spiruline, est une experience de jeu video connectee a la realite. Elle associe l'agriculture aux technologies de l'internet ainsi qu'a la conception d'un jeu video. Il s'agit d'une uvre artistique de Gaspard et Sandra Bebie Valerian menee de 2012 a 2014. Ce projet, tentaculaire et modulaire, represente leur volonte d'activation sociale, utopique et esthetique, des...
cena: 145,76
Viridis, La Ferme a Spiruline
 From Airbus to Zeppelin Facts, Figures and Quotes from the World of Aviation Ferguson, Norman 9780750968386
With riveting facts, figures, quotes, and statistics from the high-flying world of aviation, From Airbus to Zeppelin has it all. D is for Desert Island Discs: just what would Dambuster Guy Gibson have liked on marooned on his desert island? E is for Everest: did you know that two Scotsmen were the first to fly over the magnificent mountain? F is for Faster than the sun: which aircraft was...
cena: 60,01
From Airbus to Zeppelin Facts, Figures and Quotes from the World of Aviation
 Princeton Car Show Volume One Christina Sather 9781367356061 Blurb
Classic car show lovers will want this book; A reasonably priced 8X10 inch adult art coloring book with 36 full page images of car show related drawings. Get ready to spend lots of time admiring the cars that you love. Images are printed on a quality b&w standard matte finish paper with in a flexible paperback color stock cover without flaps. Each full page illustration has the Nordic Granny mark...
cena: 79,33
Princeton Car Show Volume One
 Metamorphosis Hannah Maciver 9781367826151 Blurb
cena: 80,52
Humility in the face of nature and its inimitable sublimity: that is the feeling that overcomes Jens Knigge (b. Eilenburg, Germany, 1964; lives and works in Berlin) during his wintertime travels along the Arctic Circle. He has recorded his impressions of snow-covered landscapes and the mysterious aurora borealis in mostly small-format platinum-palladium prints. In the end, the contact sheets of...
cena: 144,75
Jens Knigge: Contact--Northern Light
 Confus Vol. III Roman Gonzalez 9781367246980 Blurb
Confus Magazine is a magazine that aims to bring fashion as a way of dreams. In this third volume deal with the dramatic arts, he has wanted to change the models, which usually appear in fashion magazines, by Spanish actors. Here you can see fashion shoots films dedicated to world-famous and the most common sections of the publisher.
cena: 413,09
Confus Vol. III
 Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots and Containers: A Practical Guide to Growing Food in Small Spaces Paul Peacock 9781472137050 Constable & Robinson
This book is aimed at the majority of us who live in terraced houses, high rise flats, town houses and semi-detached properties with a small garden and often nowhere to grow but the patio. It shows how to make the most of pots and planters; how to plan for a reasonable yield; and how never to run out of at least something to special eat.
You might not have all the space in the world, but you...
cena: 54,63
Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots and Containers: A Practical Guide to Growing Food in Small Spaces
 Amy Blakemore: People, Cars and Buildings, Sculptures, Flowers, and Junk Amy Blakemore 9781933619613 Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Over the past three decades, Houston-based Amy Blakemore (born 1958) has created a rich body of photographic still lifes, portraits and everyday vignettes. A champion of the worn, the awkward and the plain, Blakemore wrests beauty from the commonplace.
cena: 51,93
Amy Blakemore: People, Cars and Buildings, Sculptures, Flowers, and Junk
 Times Mind Games Number and Logic Puzzles Book 1  The Times Mind Games 9780008190309
Test your powers of logic and mental agility with this mixed collection of 500 number and logic puzzles from the MindGames section of the Times. Puzzles include the favorites Suko, Brain Trainer, Cell Blocks, Futoshiki, Kakuro, Set Square, and KenKen. The perfect gift for all number and logic puzzle enthusiasts.
cena: 43,88
Times Mind Games Number and Logic Puzzles Book 1
 Opportunity for All Massimo Nota 9781366564924 Blurb
cena: 122,52
Opportunity for All
 Koty Gerd Ludwig 9788365625199 Esteri
… pierwszy własny kot! Jednak gdy spełnia się to marzenie, wiele pytań pozostaje jeszcze otwartych. Co on je, jakiej pielęgnacji potrzebuje i jak mogę zapewnić mojemu mruczkowi rozrywkę? Książka ta w sposób jasny i zwięzły dostarcza Państwu wszystkich ważnych informacji i wskazówek dotyczących prawidłowego obchodzenia się z kotami. Dzięki lekturze...
cena: 46,00
 Knock Me Down and Watch Me Come Back Stronger Rona Octavia   9781785542817 Austin Macauley Publishers

Knock me down and watch me come back stronger... there never were truer words spoken in Rona Octavia's personal tale of triumph over adversity. A relationship breakdown creates a watershed in Rona's life and this is turned into a personal quest to swim the English Channel.

This is not just a journey across the sea but also a voyage of discovery through love, life and the human condition....

cena: 76,14
Knock Me Down and Watch Me Come Back Stronger
 Photograph Wedding Details: A Guide to Documenting Jewelry, Cakes, Flowers, Decor, and More Tiffany Wayne 9781682031049 Amherst Media
The aesthetic details that the couple selects when they dream up their perfect wedding help to tell their love story. The couple devotes a great deal of time to selecting their rings, attire, shoes, flowers, food, cake/desserts, decor, and more. These objects help to welcome and comfort guests and speak to the couple s individual personalities and tastes.
Savvy photographers know the...
cena: 172,06
Photograph Wedding Details: A Guide to Documenting Jewelry, Cakes, Flowers, Decor, and More
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