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 Beyond Sports Coaching Dick O B E                               Dr Frank W. Dic 9781472905505 Bloomsbury USA

Want to know how to be a top sports coach? Need advice on how to identify talent and get the best performance from an athlete or team? Want advice on how to improve your coaching or help mentor other coaches?

Written by one of the world's top coaches and coach mentors, Frank W. Dick, OB.E, this book is the essential practical handbook for anyone coaching or hoping to coach sports teams...

cena: 96,93
Beyond Sports Coaching
 Laura Trott and Jason Kenny: The Inside Track Laura Trott Jason Kenny 9781782437963 Michael O'Mara Books

Through an integrated narrative, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny retrace the steps of a journey to gold-medal success in cycling at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. They take the reader through their training and preparation (both mentally and physically), the highs and lows of turning professional, and the personal sacrifices endured along the way, and how they were individually inspired to take up...

cena: 112,98
Laura Trott and Jason Kenny: The Inside Track
 Bruce McLaren: From the Cockpit  9781910505144 Evro Publishing Limited

Originally published in 1964, Bruce McLaren's autobiography From the Cockpit is a classic motor racing memoir. So scarce and expensive are original copies that Evro Publishing, in collaboration with McLaren, is reissuing a facsimile version for all fans to enjoy. In his own words, Bruce describes his inspiring climb up the ladder of motor racing success, culminating in the inception of...

cena: 111,88
Bruce McLaren: From the Cockpit
 Blitz Your Life: Stories from an NFL and ALS Warrior Tim Shaw Richard Sowienski Matt Hasselbeck 9780998325309 Dexterity

If you've ever dreamed of something more in life, this book is for you. Blitz Your Life is a collection of reflections from a former NFL linebacker on a life lived fearlessly and challenges from a man with a sense of urgency for impact.

These powerful stories range from Tim's time on the football field to the radically different life and goals that resulted from his...

cena: 79,98
Blitz Your Life: Stories from an NFL and ALS Warrior
 Hope: A School, a Team, a Dream Bill Reynolds 9781250118288 St. Martin's Griffin

Hope High School in Providence, Rhode Island was once a model city school, graduating a wide range of students from different backgrounds. But the tumult of the 1960s and the drug wars of the 70s changed both Providence and Hope. Today, the aging school is primarily Hispanic and African-American, with kids traveling for miles by bus and foot each day.
Hope was known for its state...

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Hope: A School, a Team, a Dream
 Masterworks Dylan McClain 9780993191169 Fuel Publishing
The world's most gorgeous and unusual chess sets, spanning hundreds of years and five continents
Chess, one of the world's most popular games, has inspired artists for hundreds of years. Though apparently offering a limited canvas--each set has 32 pieces, each board 64 squares--sets have nevertheless been designed in countless ways, using almost every imaginable material, from precious...
cena: 192,73
 The History of the Scottish Cup: The Story of Every Season 1873-2016 Phil Hulme Davd Potter  9781785312144 Pitch Publishing Ltd
Written by acclaimed Scottish football historians Phil Jones and David Potter, The History of the Scottish Cup looks at every season of Scottish football's national cup competition from the very first ties of October 1873 to the final of May 2016. It provides a compelling account of how Scotland's clubs have competed for the trophy, which now has the longest continued existence in the sporting...
cena: 75,59
The History of the Scottish Cup: The Story of Every Season 1873-2016
 Martial Arts Unlimited Keith Gilliland 9781366856715 Blurb
As the title suggests this series of volumes covers all areas of Martial Arts training, concepts and philosophies. To become proficient you must train in all ranges of combat, long range, medium range, close range and on the ground Unarmed and weapons are covered to give a complete system. In this the first volume topics covered include; Stances, Punching / Striking, Kicking, Single & Double...
cena: 93,05
Martial Arts Unlimited
 Sanada Ryu Ninpo Ninja Samurai Adam Richardson-Kenji Matsuda Shihan 9781364474515 Blurb
Ninjutsu as a form of defence has few equals. Adam and his school is amongst the best. I count it a privilege to have trained with him. Bear Grylls 10.03.2015. This book explains Japanese war archery, Ninja (sennkunin) archery, Tai Chi of the Li Qi. The Sanada Samurai and their female Onna Bugeisha. The female ninja Onna Sennkunin (kunoichi), An introduction to Shinto, Japanese and Chinese...
cena: 244,87
Sanada Ryu Ninpo Ninja Samurai
 Kodokan Judo Atemi Waza (English) Jose a. Caracena 9781366626738 Blurb
When Shihan Jigoro Kano developed his new method of jujutsu, Kodokan Judo, he established three major technical groups: nage waza, katame waza and atemi waza. It has been more than 130 years since the founding of Judo and both, techniques and goals have evolved in different ways. Nowadays, judo is practiced mainly as a sport competition, giving priority to nage waza and katame waza, while atemi...
cena: 168,53
Kodokan Judo Atemi Waza (English)
 2017 Baseball Forecaster: & Encyclopedia of Fanalytics Brent Hershey Brandon Kruse Ray, Dr Murphy 9781629373096 Triumph Books (IL)
The industry's longest-running publication for baseball analysts and fantasy leaguers, the 2017 Baseball Forecaster, published annually since 1986, is the first book to approach prognostication by breaking performance down into its component parts. Rather than predicting batting average, for instance, this resource looks at the elements of skill that make up any given batter's ability to...
cena: 123,17
2017 Baseball Forecaster: & Encyclopedia of Fanalytics
 World Soccer Records 2017 Keir Radnedge 9781780978642 Carlton Books
An updated edition of the global bestseller
Already the world's most popular sport, soccer s profile has never been higher and the eighth edition of this popular book is a must-have for every fan. Fully revised, with exciting new features and photography, World Soccer Records 2017 offers the latest information on all recent major tournaments; the record-breaking achievements of...
cena: 136,17
World Soccer Records 2017
 Collecting the Top 100 Montreal Canadiens Richard Scott 9781367072176 Blurb
Collect the top 100 Montreal Canadiens of all time. Whether you collect autographs, jerseys, collectibles, photos, hockey cards, or publications, this book looks at some of the best memorabilia the hobby has to offer. We showcase 100 great players from the team's 100 years of hockey history."
cena: 63,47
Collecting the Top 100 Montreal Canadiens
 The Gentlewoman's Book of Sports Lady Greville 9781782272472 Pushkin Press
It was not easy to be a sportswoman at the end of the nineteenth century. Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, said in 1896: "No matter how toughened a sportswoman may be, her organism is not cut out to sustain certain shocks." Women competed in the Olympics for the first time in 1900.
The "white sailor hats" and the "confu- sion between you, your hat, and the ball" in...
cena: 32,92
The Gentlewoman's Book of Sports
 Dare to Dream Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton 9781366648433 Blurb
Dare to Dream is the account of Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton and his journey to the top of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, in May 2012. The ascent was world record breaking, and the three members of the expedition, including Matthew, became the youngest ever team to successfully summit and descend the mountain. The climb was acknowledged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II & Sir Ranulph...
cena: 146,93
Dare to Dream
 The Mammoth Football Quiz Book Nick Holt 9781472137630 Constable & Robinson
A truly mammoth football quiz book covering over twenty years of the Premier League and the entire history of the beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) game. All the major international tournaments are covered, as well as the full history of the domestic game, both recent and historical - even grandad can show off
Nick Holt has compiled a satisfyingly hefty and wonderfully challenging...
cena: 54,25
The Mammoth Football Quiz Book
 Southampton Greatest Games: Saints' Fifty Finest Matches Alex Crook Alex Smith  9781785312090 Pitch Publishing Ltd
From causing one of the biggest shocks in FA Cup final history by beating Manchester United in 1976 to promotion to the Premier League in 2012, here are 50 of the club's most glorious, epochal and thrilling games of all! Expertly presented in evocative historical context, and described incident-by-incident in atmospheric detail, Southampton Greatest Games offers a terrace ticket back in time,...
cena: 96,93
Southampton Greatest Games: Saints' Fifty Finest Matches
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