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The objective of this work is to develop models for the analysis of consolidated transport processes. With the discrete time queuing models developed for inventory and vehicle consolidation, in particular milkrun systems, a detailed performance evaluation of different design scenarios can be conducted faster than with simulation. Moreover, it is demonstrated how the models can be connected with...
cena: 182,47
Discrete Time Analysis Of Consolidated Transport Processes
 Riot Control: Understanding and Managing Risks and the Internet of Things Macaulay, Tyson Schneck, Phyllis  9780124199712 Elsevier Science

RIoT Control: Understanding and Managing Risks and the Internet of Things explains IoT risk in terms of project requirements, business needs, and system designs. Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) is different from -Regular- Enterprise security, more intricate and more complex to understand and manage. Billions of internet-connected devices make for a chaotic system, prone to...

cena: 249,08
Riot Control: Understanding and Managing Risks and the Internet of Things

Visual Content Strategy shows web designers and content strategists how to incorporate a visual aspect into content strategy that goes beyond the text buckets in well-designed web sites. By exploring how users physically view sites and apps and what sort of images appeal to certain audiences, this book explores a side of content strategy that has been overlooked. This guide also...

cena: 174,53
Visual Content Strategy
This is not a book about Maya software with a few animation pointers thrown in here and there. This is a guide to Maya software written by professional animators. This book provides you with complete, set-by-step walkthroughs of essential animation techniques that increase your speed and efficiency while using Maya 2014 for character animation. From curves to constraints, this book covers all of...
cena: 254,48
How to Cheat in Maya 2017: Tools and Techniques for Character Animation
Pro DNS and BIND 10, Second Edition guides you through the challenging array of features surrounding DNS with a special focus on the latest release of BIND, the world's most popular DNS implementation. This book unravels the mysteries of DNS, offering insight into origins, evolution, and key concepts like domain names and zone files.

Pro DNS and BIND 10, Second Edition...
cena: 162,11
Pro DNS and Bind 10

Simulation of Hair Appearance and Motion provides a comprehensive overview of the most innovative techniques that have been developed in computer graphics for the realistic computer modeling of human hair at a macroscopic scale. Main applications include virtual entertainment (i.e., in games, simulations) and virtual prototyping (i.e., in cosmetology). Topics covered include...

cena: 344,26
Simulation of Hair Appearance and Motion

Textbooks used in classes focusing on User Experience or Human-Computer Interaction often fall into two categories: High theory or Practice. More than any other subject does this discipline require that textbooks cover both. This book addresses the psychological principles that are needed to properly understand and conduct the activities related to user experience research and design. It's a...

cena: 291,45
The Psychological Foundation of UX: A Practitioner Guide

This book is meant to give a beginning or intermediate level reader clear and instructive information about how to control and choose color. Traditional and digital mediums are covered. Introduced is the idea that there are only two problems one can ever have with color: that you have a color in mind but don't know how to make it, or that you can't figure out what colors you want to use. Also...

cena: 254,48
Simplifying Color: A Guide for Traditional Digital Artists
 Turing's Imitation Game: Conversations with the Unknown Kevin Warwick Huma Shah  9781107056381 Cambridge University Press
Can you tell the difference between talking to a human and talking to a machine? Or, is it possible to create a machine which is able to converse like a human? In fact, what is it that even makes us human? Turing's Imitation Game, commonly known as the Turing Test, is fundamental to the science of artificial intelligence. Involving an interrogator conversing with hidden identities, both human and...
cena: 138,29
Turing's Imitation Game: Conversations with the Unknown

This book provides a detailed overview of the state-of-the-art in light transport simulation with pointers to the relevant literature. The authors go into detail in explaining the underlying theory and provide all the details necessary to implement some of the most fundamental algorithms such as path tracing, bi-directional path tracing, photon mapping, and Metropolis light transport. Some of...

cena: 353,67
Light Transport Simulation in Realistic Rendering
An Introduction to Network Simulator 3 offers a thorough, practical discussion of the latest open source network simulator (NS-3). Written by industry experts, including the creator of NS-3, the book presents a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of NS-3, then goes on to provide clear, easy-to-use operating instructions for it, complete with numerous practical examples. It also...
cena: 447,31
An Introduction to Network Simulator 3
 Neuroprosthetic Supersystems Architecture Matthew E. Gladden 9781944373078 Synthypnion Academic
This volume explores the design and analysis of 'neuroprosthetic supersystems, ' or organizations whose human members have been neuroprosthetically augmented. Individual chapters present ontologies of the neuroprosthesis as a computing device and instrument of 'cyborgization'; factors affecting the deployment of posthumanizing neuroprostheses by military organizations and other early adopters; an...
cena: 178,36
Neuroprosthetic Supersystems Architecture
 The Complete Guide to Email Marketing: Book VII: What to Say in Your Emails Gini Graham Scot 9781544019420 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
You might send emails for a number of purposes, including: - to initiate, follow-up, set up meetings, and close a deal with clients in your area - to send out announcements about events, newsletters, and other information to your network - to promote a sales opportunity for your product or service - and more. BOOK VII: WHAT TO SAY IN YOUR EMAILS provides an overview of what to say in different...
cena: 62,55
The Complete Guide to Email Marketing: Book VII: What to Say in Your Emails
 Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 Jason Kellington 9780735698826 Microsoft Press
Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-740--and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Windows Server 2016 installation, storage, and compute features and capabilities. Designed for experienced IT professionals ready to advance their status, Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the MCSA level.

Focus on the expertise measured by these...
cena: 122,44
Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016
 Large-Scale Graph Processing Using Apache Giraph Sherif Sakr Faisal Moeen Orakzai Ibrahim Abdelaziz 9783319474304 Springer

This book takes its reader on a journey through Apache Giraph, a popular distributed graph processing platform designed to bring the power of big data processing to graph data. Designed as a step-by-step self-study guide for everyone interested in large-scale graph processing, it describes the fundamental abstractions of the system, its programming models and various techniques...

cena: 208,49
Large-Scale Graph Processing Using Apache Giraph
 Augmented Reality Game Development Micheal Lanham 9781787122888 Packt Publishing
Create your own augmented reality games from scratch with Unity 5 About This Book - Create your own augmented reality game from scratch and join the virtual reality gaming revolution - Use the latest Unity 5 VR SDK to create pro-level AR games like Pokemon Go - Innovate and explore the latest and most promising trend of AR gaming in the mobile gaming industry Who This Book Is For This book is for...
cena: 266,87
Augmented Reality Game Development
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