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Sieci komputerowe

An Introduction to Network Simulator 3 offers a thorough, practical discussion of the latest open source network simulator (NS-3). Written by industry experts, including the creator of NS-3, the book presents a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of NS-3, then goes on to provide clear, easy-to-use operating instructions for it, complete with numerous practical examples. It also...
cena: 433,28
An Introduction to Network Simulator 3
 Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2017 Edition] Richard Napier   9780995656543 P8tech

Oracle Policy Automation is Oracle's innovative family of applications designed to capture, manage and deploy legislation and other document-based policies. OPA features natural language rule modelling, advanced graphical interviews and a wide range of deployment options for desktops, mobile devices and integrations.

About This Oracle Policy Automation Book


cena: 288,49
Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2017 Edition]
 Troubleshooting Openvpn Eric F. Crist 9781786461964 Packt Publishing
cena: 203,82
Troubleshooting Openvpn
 Arrowhead Framework: Iot Automation, Devices, and Maintenance Jerker Delsing 9781498756754 CRC Press

This book presents an in-depth description of the Arrowhead Framework and how it fosters interoperability between IoT devices at service level, specifically addressing application. The Arrowhead Framework utilizes SOA technology and the concepts of local clouds to provide required automation capabilities such as: real time control, security, scalability, and engineering simplicity. Arrowhead...

cena: 372,78
Arrowhead Framework: Iot Automation, Devices, and Maintenance
 Openvpn Cookbook, Second Edition Jan Just Keijser 9781786463128 Packt Publishing
cena: 277,76
Openvpn Cookbook, Second Edition
 Information Governance for Dummies Barclay Blair   9780470647493
A practical approach to implementing IG in an organization

Information Governance (IG) is a set of policies, procedures, and controls put together to manage information in an organization in a way that meets all legal, regulatory, operational, environmental, and risk requirements. Setting up an IG system helps a company's IT administrators, CIOs, compliance officers, corporate attorneys, and...

cena: 118,74
Information Governance for Dummies
 Networking: Notebook Wild Pages Press 9781546341956 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 35,89
Networking: Notebook
 Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2016  9781305078628 Course Technology
Discover the perfect resource for learning Windows Server 2016 from the ground up with HANDS-ON MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2016. Designed to build a foundation in basic server administration, this book requires no previous server experience. It covers all of the critical Windows Server 2016 features, including the advantages unique to this new server operating system. You learn how to choose the...
cena: 601,51
Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2016
 Advances in Computer Communications and Networks from Green, Mobile, Pervasive Networking to Big Data Computing Kewei Sha Aaron Striegel Min Song 9788793379879 River Publishers
Recent developments in computer communications and networks have enabled the deployment of exciting new areas such as Internet of Things and collaborative big data analysis. The design and implementation of energy efficient future generation communication and networking technologies also require the clever research and development of mobile, pervasive, and large-scale computing technologies.
cena: 488,93
Advances in Computer Communications and Networks from Green, Mobile, Pervasive Networking to Big Data Computing
ilość książek w kategorii: 3944