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Literatura faktu

In 2011, the sweet scent of Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution finally reached Yemen. Its leading proponent there was a slender young woman in her thirties named Tawakkol Karman, who earned the nickname "Iron Woman" for refusing to wear the black niqab, thus clearly revealing her face to international media and global policy makers. In the days that followed, Karman traveled the world in her trademark...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 24-02-2020
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cena: 92,64
Iron Jasmine: How an Arab Woman Led Her Country's Fight for Democracy
In this eye-opening exploration of the human weaknesses for power, Daniel Levin takes us on a journey through the absurd world of our global elites, drawing unforgettable sketches of some of the puppets who stand guard, and the jugglers and conjurers employed within. Most spectacular of all, however, are the astonishing contortions performed by those closest to the top in order to maintain the...
cena: 82,48
Nothing but a Circus
 The Unseen Anzac: How an Enigmatic Explorer Created Australia's World War I Photographs Jeff Maynard 9781925321494 Scribe Publications Pty Ltd.
The previously untold story of an extraordinary man and a great war photographer. Cameras were banned at the Western Front when the Anzacs arrived in 1916, prompting correspondent Charles Bean to argue continually for Australia to have a dedicated photographer. He was eventually assigned an enigmatic polar explorer George Hubert Wilkins. Within weeks of arriving at the front, Wilkins exploits...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 31-07-2018
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The Unseen Anzac: How an Enigmatic Explorer Created Australia's World War I Photographs
 Weekends with Daisy Sharron Kahn Luttrell 9781451686258 Gallery Books
She was supposed to teach Daisy how to be a good dog...but Daisy taught her to be a better person.
When Sharron Luttrell joins a weekend "Prison PUP" program for a service dog organization, she knew it was just what she needed to help her move on from the death of her own beloved dog. The position seemed ideal; pick up a puppy on Friday, return it on Sunday night, work with a new puppy each...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2018
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Weekends with Daisy
 General John Regan George A. Birmingham 9781544623412 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
He crossed the square towards Doyle's Hotel. A hostile critic of the Royal Irish Constabulary-and there are such critics even of this excellent body of men-might have suspected Moriarty of adventuring in search of a drink. The great heat of the day and the extreme dulness of keeping guard over a barrack which no one ever attacks might have excused a longing for bottled porter. It would have been...
cena: 51,68
General John Regan
 Joshua: A Man of the Finger Lakes Region Charles Brutcher 9781626541573 Echo Point Books & Media
cena: 111,59
Joshua: A Man of the Finger Lakes Region
 Memories of a Musical Life William Mason 9781544648095 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
-This lady, - here he turned, including in his bow the patient little brown mare waiting at his elbow for the bridle to be removed, -is my mare Rogue. She's not a pretty lass, and she lacks a sense of humor. There are none like her for a pleasant ramble down the road. She loves her sugar like a child.... Shake hands with Miss Gwyn, my dove, - he added, while Nance timidly touched the extended...
cena: 39,19
Memories of a Musical Life
 There I Sat in Silence Cheryl M. Hughey Eli Blyde 9781546580089 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 81,27
There I Sat in Silence
 Andrew Douglas (1752-1830): A Tribute to His Life and Times: By His Fourth Great Grandson Michael T. Tracy 9781544673066 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Andrew Douglas, the son of a tenant farmer was born at Upper Senwick in Borgue Parish, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. The area where he grew up is rural and agricultural in nature. It is probable that Andrew is descended from James Douglas, the Fourth Earl of Morton who in 1581 was beheaded and his lands and titles were forfeited. Thus the succeeding generations of the family never again retained their...
cena: 131,32
Andrew Douglas (1752-1830): A Tribute to His Life and Times: By His Fourth Great Grandson
 Churchill on the Riviera: Winston Churchill, Wendy Reves and the Villa La Pausa Built by Coco Chanel Nancy Smith 9781622493661 Biblio Publishing

Churchill on the Riviera by Nancy Smith tells the story of how a villa on the Riviera tied a world leader, a fashion icon, and a world renowned model together with many of the most famous people and events of the twentieth century.

The French couturier Coco Chanel and Texas-born model Wendy Reves had much in common: they were born in poverty and rose to...

cena: 173,31
Churchill on the Riviera: Winston Churchill, Wendy Reves and the Villa La Pausa Built by Coco Chanel
 Von Der Seele Carl Ludwig Schleich 9783743705159 Hofenberg
cena: 60,06
Von Der Seele
 Don't Hold Your Breath Leroy French 9781684099610 Page Publishing, Inc.

This is the life story of adventurer/photographer LeRoy French. The reader will be taken on some amazing journeys, from shark attacks, boat sinking's, incredible scuba dives to leaving a California lifestyle and moving his entire family to a Caribbean Island. One of the most ferocious shark attacks ever recorded is explained in full detail along with Mr. French's eventual recovery. Exciting...

cena: 137,08
Don't Hold Your Breath
 Fooled Into Thinking: Dylan, the Sixties, and the End of the World Henry Sturcke 9783033061378 Henry Sturcke

A fifteen-year-old struggles to make sense as the nation is thrown into shock and turmoil by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. His helps: the songs of Bob Dylan and the publications of an apocalyptic sect, the Worldwide Church of God. Over the next few years, he oscillates between these two influences as they help shape his identity. In the process, he struggles with his ambivalent...

cena: 61,67
Fooled Into Thinking: Dylan, the Sixties, and the End of the World
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