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 Africa Solo My World Record Race from Cairo to Cape Town Beaumont, Mark 9780552172479

In the spring of 2015, Mark Beaumont set out from the bustling heart of Cairo on his latest world record attempt - solo, the length of Africa, intending to ride to Cape Town in under 50 days. Seven years since he smashed the world record for cycling round the world, this would be his toughest trip yet. And he would set a new mark that would...

cena: 57,28
Africa Solo My World Record Race from Cairo to Cape Town
 Desert Treks from Riyadh Ionis Thompson 9781908531308 0

The first edition of Ionis Thompson's book achieved instant cult status among intrepid travelers on publication some fifteen years ago. Now with updated directions and maps, and the crucial addition of GPS coordinates, this slim but essential handbook will encourage a fresh generation of desert trekker to explore further the lovely wadis, sand dunes, and ancient sites of Saudi Arabia's...

cena: 80,29
Desert Treks from Riyadh
 Snowball Oranges One Mallorcan Winter Kerr, Peter 9781786850423 Peter Kerr

I could hardly believe my eyes. A cold mantle of white was rapidly transforming our sunny paradise into a bizarre winterscape of citrus Christmas trees, cotton wool palms and snowball oranges.
When the Kerr family leave Scotland to grow oranges in a secluded valley on the island of Mallorca, they are surprised to be greeted by the same freezing weather they have left behind. Then...

cena: 57,28
Snowball Oranges One Mallorcan Winter
 Secret Charlotte Sarah Crosland 9781681060699 Reedy Press
Where in Charlotte can you]] - get up-close with the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane? - indulge in conspiracy theories about occult symbols in public murals? - see a giant head sculpture by a notorious Czech artist? - eat something called burgushi? - hear a parking garage that sings? - watch a giant dragon blow smoke? - visit the grave of cojoined twin sisters who...
cena: 86,74
Secret Charlotte
 I'm Lucky to Call You Grandma: I Love You Granny (Mother's Day Coloring Book for Adults Flower, Floral and Cute Animals with Quotes to Color ) Jupiter Coloring                         Adult Coloring Books 9781546613558 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Adult Coloring Book Unique Designs to Color - COLOURING BOOKS FOR GROWN-UPS
- Many coloring pages designed for adults
- Each coloring page is designed to help relax and inspire
- The variety of pages ensure something for every skill level
- Use your choice of coloring tool (pens, pencils, markers, crayons)
- Each coloring page is on a separate sheet
cena: 35,89
I'm Lucky to Call You Grandma: I Love You Granny (Mother's Day Coloring Book for Adults Flower, Floral and Cute Animals with Quotes to Color )
 Houston: 150 Lined Pages Wild Pages Press 9781546502647 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Notebook / Journal 150 Lined Pages, heaps of room to record all your important information. Wild Pages Press are publishers of unique journals and notebooks, stylish, fun and compact so they can be carried with you everyday.
cena: 35,89
Houston: 150 Lined Pages
 On the Wallaby Track: Essential Australian Words and Phrases Laine Cunningham Angel Leya  9780998224046 Sun Dogs Creations

Think Aussies speak English? Think again

Between the strong accent, Aussie slang, Aboriginal words that have become a common part of speech, and words garnered from their United Kingdom-based history, understanding Australian English can be a challenge. After Laine Cunningham spent six months camping alone in the Outback, she wrote this book to help other...

cena: 58,31
On the Wallaby Track: Essential Australian Words and Phrases
 Krabi Travel Journal: High Quality Notebook for Krabi Mexicotraveljournals 9781544109633 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A high quality Krabi Travel Journal designed to make traveling light a breeze. Perfect size for travel, 100 pages and a glossy cover for easy packing. Throw it into your purse, a small backpack, or into your suitcase. An ideal notebook for writing down your memories and bringing them home to read in the years to come. Have a wonderful trip to Krabi
cena: 48,51
Krabi Travel Journal: High Quality Notebook for Krabi
 Preselau - Gwlad Hud a Lledrith  Elis-Gruffydd, Dyfed 9781785620829
A book about the Preseli mountains in Pembrokeshire.
cena: 91,97
Preselau - Gwlad Hud a Lledrith
 Polska mapa samochodowo-krajoznawcza 1:650 000 0 9788378682707 Plan
Ta mapa jest wydrukowana na specjalnym materiale. Odpornym na przetarcia - rozdarcia oraz na wilgoć, deszcz, ulewę, grad. Nie wymaga stosowania mapnika. Idealna na każde warunki pogodowe. Po zabrudzeniu jej można ją umyć w wodzie. Może tez służyć jako peleryna od deszczu ? STUDIO PLAN gwarantuje 100% wodoodporność.
cena: 18,90
Polska mapa samochodowo-krajoznawcza 1:650 000
 The Rough Guide to Sicily Rough Guides 9780241273951 Rough Guides

This in-depth coverage of Sicily's local attractions, sights, and restaurants takes you to the most rewarding spots--from Mount Etna to cathedrals--and stunning color photography brings the land to life on the pages. With a beautiful new cover, amazing tips and information, and key facts, The Rough Guide to Sicily is the perfect travel companion.

The locally...

cena: 77,69
The Rough Guide to Sicily
 Sky Full of Birds  Merritt, Matt 9781846044809
'Prose from a poet and a personal take on the spectacles' Chris Packham, author of Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

Britain is a nation of bird-lovers. However, few of us fully appreciate the sheer scale, variety and drama of our avian life. From city-centre hunters to vast flocks straight out of the Arctic wilderness, much-loved dawn songsters to the exotic invaders of supermarket...

cena: 52,17
Sky Full of Birds
 A to Z Guide to Rhodes 2017, Including Symi Tony Oswin 9781845497002 Arima Publishing

The most comprehensive and unique travel guide to Rhodes

The 'A to Z' series are the only travel guides to combine the printed book with the full power of the Internet, keeping you informed before, during and after your holiday on Rhodes.

The 222 page book is a complete guide on all there is to see and do on and near Rhodes in 2017.


cena: 113,55
A to Z Guide to Rhodes 2017, Including Symi
 Londyn Dylewski Adam Adamczak Sławomir 9788381030595 Pascal
Jak złapać londyńskiego bakcyla?
Gdzie publicznie powiedzieć, co ślina na język przyniesie?
W którym miejscu przekroczyć granicę międy półkulami Ziemi?
Co widzi Londyńskie Oko?
cena: 24,90
 Tales & Legends from the Lake District Eye Flight Films Ltd 9781367264205 Blurb
Discover the fascinating tales and legends from England's largest National Park - The Lake District. A region bursting with daredevils, poets and authors, with astounding scenery and curious history. A land filled with knights, eagles and wolves, with kings around every corner and bitter controversy at every turn. Learn the true stories hiding behind best loved locations, discover secret hidden...
cena: 81,10
Tales & Legends from the Lake District
Recently dumped Belinda embarks on a 2,000-mile West Coast road trip with her rescue dog Bodie, taking in spectacular Big Sur, the wilds of Oregon, afternoon tea at Doris Day's dog-friendly hotel, and a town where a dog was elected mayor. Join Belinda and Bodie on this soul-searching adventure along one of America's most iconic highways.
cena: 57,28
Bodie on the Road Driving the Pacific Coast Highway with My Rescue Dog
 Hinterindische Lander Und Volker, Reisen in Den Flussgebieten Des Irrawaddy Und Mekong in Birma, Annam, Kambodscha Und Siam Friedrich Von Hellwald 9783742877789 Hansebooks
Hinterindische Lander und Volker, Reisen in den Flussgebieten des Irrawaddy und Mekong in Birma, Annam, Kambodscha und Siam - Zweite vermehrte Auflage ist ein unveranderter, hochwertiger Nachdruck der Originalausgabe aus dem Jahr 1879. Hansebooks ist Herausgeber von Literatur zu unterschiedlichen Themengebieten wie Forschung und Wissenschaft, Reisen und Expeditionen, Kochen und Ernahrung, Medizin...
cena: 131,97
Hinterindische Lander Und Volker, Reisen in Den Flussgebieten Des Irrawaddy Und Mekong in Birma, Annam, Kambodscha Und Siam
 Denmark Marco Polo Road Atlas  9783829736824 Marco Polo Travel Publishing, Ltd.
Fully updated for 2017... and now with ZOOM system for even better orientation Unique spiral binding with wrap-around spine. High quality cartography with distance indicators and scale converters to aid route planning. Comprehensive index and inset street plans of major cities. The scale is 1: 200 000.
cena: 64,82
Denmark Marco Polo Road Atlas
 Moon Rome, Florence & Venice Alexei J. Cohen 9781631213311 Moon Travel

Moon Travel Guides: Your World Your Way

Few places in the world can compete with the beauty and influence of these three extraordinary cities. Experience the best of Italy's art, culture, food, and history with Moon Rome, Florence & Venice.

What you'll find in Moon Rome, Florence & Venice

  • Curated trip advice for foodies, outdoor...
cena: 82,79
Moon Rome, Florence & Venice
 Rowerem przez Warszawę i okolicę Więch Marek 9788376429830 Pascal
Jezioro Zegrzyńskie
Wzdłuż Wisły
Park Szczęśliwicki
Kampinoski Park Narodowy
Rowerem przez Warszawę
Świat kręci się wokół stolicy! Wskakuj na BAJKa i poczuj świat wszystkimi zmysłami. Rower jest niezależny, szybki, zdrowy, tani i demokratyczny. Górski, szosowy, crossowy i trekkingowy. Rower po prostu sprawia przyjemność! Z Pascalem będzie ona jeszcze...
cena: 29,90
Rowerem przez Warszawę i okolicę
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