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 Mickey's Craziest Adventures Lewis Trondheim Nicolas Keramidas 9781631406942 IDW Publishing
When Pegleg Pete and the Beagle Boys shrink and steal Scrooge's Money Bin, Mickey and Donald must track them down.
cena: 71,94
Mickey's Craziest Adventures
 Uncle Scrooge: Timeless Tales Volume 2 Romano Scarpa Giorgio Cavazzano Mau Heymans 9781631406720 IDW Publishing
Whether he's battling a malevolent mummy or keeping one breast-stroke ahead of Earth-drowning floods, Scrooge McDuck knows that his money comes first and he'll do anything to keep it safe, especially with Beagle Boys, rival tycoons, and hex-happy Magica De Spell lurking about It's IDW's Uncle Scrooge #7-12 in a special collectors' hardcover: epic Disney tales by Romano Scarpa, Giorgio Cavazzano...
cena: 137,61
Uncle Scrooge: Timeless Tales Volume 2
 Portraits of Violence: An Illustrated History of Radical Critique Brad Evans Sean Michael Wilson Carl Thompson 9781780263182 New Internationalist

Bringing together established academics and award-winning comic book writers and illustrators, Portraits of Violence illustrates the most compelling ideas and episodes in the critique of violence.

Hannah Arendt, Franz Fanon, Jacques Derrida, Edward Said, Paolo Freire, Michel Foucault, Susan Sontag, Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, and Giorgio Agamben each have ten pages to tell their...

cena: 61,37
Portraits of Violence: An Illustrated History of Radical Critique
 Buddy's Gang Chric                                    Corbeyran                                Ferri 9781849183147 Cinebook Ltd
A little boy and his best friend, a cocker spaniel, get up to all sorts of mischief.
cena: 44,84
Buddy's Gang
 Eros and Thanatos Joel Callede Alain Henriet 9781849182805 Cinebook Ltd
Love and death are circling Ellie and her charge. Which will triumph?
cena: 44,84
Eros and Thanatos
 A Million Winters Richard Marazano Shang 9781849183154 Cinebook Ltd
In a post-apocalyptic world where killer robots hunt humans, a group of children tries to survive.
cena: 50,35
A Million Winters
 The Theory of the Grain of Sand Benoit Peeters Francois Schuiten 9781631404894 IDW Publishing
Gholam Mortiza Khan comes to Brusel to sell some jewelry, but before the sale can be closed, Khan dies in an accident. Thus begins events sparking an investigation by Mary von Rathen: accumulation of sand in the apartment of Kristin Antipova; accumulation of stones in the house of Constant Abeels and Maurice who is loosing weight by the day. The events have a catastrophic effect on Brusel and...
cena: 93,83
The Theory of the Grain of Sand
 Doctor Who: Evening's Empire Andrew Cartmel Marc Platt Dan Abnett 9781846537288 Panini UK Ltd
Evening's Empire, a Doctor Who comic strip from the 1990s written by Andrew Cartmel, was never completed in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Although a version was printed subsequently, this new collection contains the first publication of the full story as originally intended, with brand-new
artwork from the original artist, Richard Piers Rayner.

cena: 83,42
Doctor Who: Evening's Empire
 Daisy Town Rene Goscinny Howard Morris 9781849183161 Cinebook Ltd
The 61st adventure of Lucky Luke, and the Old West at its funniest!
cena: 44,84
Daisy Town
 Lost Cactus: The Second Treasury John P. Hopkins 9780996506748 Hopart Publishing

Lost Cactus: Exposing shadowy, quasi-governmental monkey business and out-of-this-world antics in classic comic strip form, one panel at a time.

Grab your tin foil hat and settle in with a nice cup of joe--or your beverage of choice--as you're about to read the next anthology of Lost Cactus comic strips depicting the continuing exploits, capers, and...

cena: 115,72
Lost Cactus: The Second Treasury
 Dreams in Thin Air Michael Nybrandt Thomas Mikkelsen His Holiness the Dalai Lama 9781772620108 Conundrum International
cena: 115,76
Dreams in Thin Air
 reMIND, Volume 1 Jason Brubaker Jeremy Barlow 9780983114925 Coffee Table Comics
cena: 50,09
reMIND, Volume 1
 Days Missing Volume 2: Kestus Phil Hester David Marquez 9781945205026 American Mythology Productions
Days Missing: Kestus continues the saga that Warren Ellis describes as " greatly entertaining material, tightly and inventively told and Ain t It Cool News responded to with, "I can say with certainty that even though Gene Roddenberry is no longer with us his legend will continue to live on."
This thrilling sequel to the critically acclaimed series adds another layer to the story of The...
cena: 105,47
Days Missing Volume 2: Kestus
 Best of Alex 2016 Charles Peattie 9781853759666 Prion
Gathers together Alex comic strips of 2016.
cena: 61,37
Best of Alex 2016
 Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Uncensored John Wagner Pat Mills Brian Bolland 9781781085691 2000 AD
The complete story collected in paperback for the very first time, with a brand new cover from comics legend Mick McMahon.
Mega-City One, 2100. This post-apocalyptic city of the future is blighted by overcrowding, poverty and misery. With each of the 400 million citizens a potential criminal, order is maintained by future lawmen known as the Judges who have the power to act as judge, jury and...
cena: 116,50
Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Uncensored
 Mickey and Donald: The Search for the Zodiac Stone Bruno Sarda Massimo D Franco Valussi 9781631407062 IDW Publishing
When Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Uncle Scrooge McDuck team up to find and reassemble the twelve pieces of a powerful future-predicting amulet, they're in for trouble with everything from lions, tigers, and ghosts to old enemies Pegleg Pete, Magica De Spell, and the Phantom Blot.
cena: 181,40
Mickey and Donald: The Search for the Zodiac Stone
 Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor  Abadzis, Nick 9781785853227
The Doctor and his friends, Captain Jack included, must battle for their lives in the sinister Arena of Fear! Then the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy head to .a charming English village famous for its supernatural tales... but are they more than just stories? Meanwhile, the faithful TARDIS has sinister secrets that may trap her passengers forever!
cena: 66,89
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
 Doctor Who: The Eleventh Dcotor Volume 5 - The One Si Spurrier Rob Williams Simon Fraser 9781785853234 Titan Comics
The Doctor struggles to clear his name, and rediscovers more of what his War Doctor incarnation got up to during the Time War Plus: the Squire uncovers her true past, and Alice cracks a temporal mystery. (While Abslom Daak uses his chainsword to bash things a lot) Guest-starring River Song, and the best jailbreak of ANY century
cena: 66,89
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Dcotor Volume 5 - The One
 Nightlights Lorena Alvarez Gomez 9781910620137 Nobrow Press
Every night, tiny stars appear out of the darkness in little Sandy's bedroom. She catches them and creates wonderful creatures to play with until she falls asleep, and in the morning brings them back to life in the whimsical drawings that cover her room.
One day, Morpie, a mysterious pale girl, appears at school. And she knows all about Sandy's...
cena: 90,67
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