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 And Die Jean Van Hamme 9781849180320 0
Two of Largo's employees have been killed in his headquarters in New York. His friend Charity has been kidnapped in the middle of the Piazza San Marco. His only lead is a mysterious message: Beware of the Doge - As the bodies start piling up, Largo - aided by the beautiful Domenica - turns the Serenissima upside down to find the young woman.
cena: 34,22
And Die
 As Far as I Can Remember, I've Always Loved to Piss People Off Eric Gratien 9781932413052 Heavy Metal Magazine
Anita, virtuoso of the hold up, teams up with SIG 14- a psychopathic robot- to prepare a job. But the constant mood swings of her new accomplice in crime, as well as Lieutenant Bottle's interference, make this job particularly complex. 1st of a 5 part series
cena: 45,96
As Far as I Can Remember, I've Always Loved to Piss People Off
 Circus of the Damned: The Ingenue Laurell K. Hamilton 9780785146902 Marvel Comics
BEST-SELLING AUTHOR LAURELL K. HAMILTON'S HEROINE IS BACK! Morgues, by a rule, are pretty quiet places. But in a world of vamps and the rising dead, they can be positively hopping. Join animator Anita Blake as her search for a serial killer takes her to the most dangerous after-hours joint in St. Louis! Collecting ANITA BLAKE: CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED - THE INGENUE #1-5.
cena: 70,95
Circus of the Damned: The Ingenue
 Tabake Stefan Rossak 9783732243600 Books on Demand
In Russland wird Schamanismus mit Arbeitslager bestraft. Tabake, der Sohn Sibirischer Hirten, geht dennoch bei einem Schamanen in die Lehre. Dieser arbeitet allerdings lieber allein und uberlasst seinen Assistenten schliesslich dem Schicksal. Bei den Jukagiren, den Nomaden des Nordens, lasst man hingegen nichts so einfach vor die Hunde gehen
cena: 46,58
 The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent, Part 2: Battle of the Spirits Yves Sente 9781849180771 0
Blake, Mortimer and Nasir are en route to Antartica, hoping to locate Olrik and his Indian and KGB allies and to stop his attack on the Brussels Universal Exposition. Little do they know that their old adversary isn't the one in charge this time."
cena: 45,64
The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent, Part 2: Battle of the Spirits
 Sharknife Volume 1 Corey Lewis Corey Lewis 9781932664171 Oni Press
The Guandong Factory isn't like other restaurants. It's five stories tall, produces more peach dumplings per day than most eateries do in a decade, and it's the home of Sharknife - a mystical protector charged with protecting the establishment from those who would do it harm! But who is this mysterious yet colorful being? Once just a simple busboy, now Caesar Ives is something more - a crazy red...
cena: 42,84
Sharknife Volume 1
 Marvel Point One Jason Aaron Dan Slott Ed Brubaker 9780785156260 Marvel Comics
START READING with these Point One Issues! The House of Ideas proudly presents an exciting collection of one-shots that bring the history of its greatest heroes into the modern era of the Marvel Universe. Witness the birth of a new Spider-Man! The Avengers battle the Intelligencia! The new Captain America goes on trial! Deadpool faces down the Wrecker! General Fortean challenges the Red Hulk!...
cena: 88,17
Marvel Point One
 The Trial Jean Vance 9781849181143 0
Time for XIII to help expose his worst enemy - the most powerful man in the world.
cena: 34,22
The Trial
 Kabur (Vol. 1) Luciano Bernasconi Claude Legrand Jean-Marc Lofficier 9781932983838 Hollywood Comics
Kabur is prince of Ultima Thul, the capital of Hyperborea in Pangea, 100 million years ago. Framed by the wizard Shamal for a crime he didn't commit, Kabur is banished by his father and condemned to wander the Earth with the slave girl Lagrid as his sole companion. (Graphic Novel)
cena: 83,28
Kabur (Vol. 1)
 Transformers Various 9781600109386 IDW Publishing
The re-presentation of IDW's Transformers Universe continues in volume 4 This volume includes the Transformer series Maximun Dinobots and the four-part Drift story, as well as Spotlights: Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer, Sideswipe, Drift, Metroplex, and Jazz.
cena: 177,42
 Anima Sola .01: Hambre Pedro Cabiya Israel Gon Yovanni Ra 9781466315938 Createspace
Una humilde familia de las afueras del Area Metropolitana se encuentra al borde de la destruccion. Jaime y Celia deben arriesgarlo todo si quieren conservar lo poco que tienen: sus hijos, sus empleos... sus vidas. Pero la solucion no es simple. Jaime y su familia son victimas de las continuas, inusitadas y terribles torturas del Hambre. Para librarse del tormento, Jaime debera suplicar la ayuda...
cena: 37,08
Anima Sola .01: Hambre
 Maximilian's Gold: XIII Van Hamme 9781849181396 0
XIII and his friends, still in hiding from the NSA, now have the riddle from all three silver watches - and Maximilian's gold is within their reach. But the treasure is well hidden. Not to mention that $15 million is enough to attract a lot of unwanted attention.
cena: 34,22
Maximilian's Gold: XIII
 Dark Prince: Volume 2 Yamila Abraham M. a. Sambre 9781933664309 Yaoi Press
Prince Davon flees to the kingdom of Ralstorm after his jealous brother Lor tries to kidnap Aeon, Davon's new love. Ralstorm proves to be even more macabre than Davon's home kingdom, with a king who's obsessed with Davon, and a mad scientist determined to cure Davon's impotence using electricity.
cena: 45,96
Dark Prince: Volume 2
 Off the Record Guide to Superheroes: Green Lantern Holden Hartsoe 9781117509594 Silver Chair Press
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a superhero? Or do you know at least what it takes to be one? The Off the Record Guide to Superheroes series gives you an inside look at what it takes to be a superhero. It will also show you where they started, who created them, and where they are now. This particular book takes a plunge into the mysterious world of the Green Lantern. This book was...
cena: 70,10
Off the Record Guide to Superheroes: Green Lantern
 Magical Animals: Goldilocks/The Three Little Pigs/The Frog Prince Jason Quinn Rajesh Nagulakonda 9789380741833 Campfire
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf and the Frog Prince, all live in Ever After, a magical place where anything can and anything does happen. All kids love animals and magical talking animals are the best of the lot. "Magical Animals" presents exciting new versions of The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Frog Prince in a large, easy to...
cena: 46,11
Magical Animals: Goldilocks/The Three Little Pigs/The Frog Prince
 The Secret of the Swordfish, Part 2 Edgar P Jacobs 9781849181617 0
Captain Francis Blake, dashing head of England's MI5. Professor Philip Mortimer, world-renowned nuclear physicist. The most distinguished duo of gentleman-adventurers, battling the forces of evil and their arch nemesis Olrik around the globe, below the earth, even across time itself... The 16th adventure of Her Majesty's finest protectors!
cena: 51,36
The Secret of the Swordfish, Part 2
 The Times of Botchan, Third Volume: Autumn's Ballerina Jiro Taniguchi Natsuo Sekikawa Seigai Ota 9788496427129 Ponent Mon
This is the fictionalized version of the life and times of Japanese author b]Natsume Soseki /b] during an era of great change in Japan from the traditional Edo period into the modern Meiji period (1867 - 1912). b]Soseki /b] is considered the Charles Dickens or Mark Twain of Japan. His image even appeared on the 1000 yen note for two decades. He is best known for his novel i]Botchan /i], on...
cena: 70,95
The Times of Botchan, Third Volume: Autumn's Ballerina
 The Adventures of Homelessman Jay Ess 9780578081762 Fastpencil
cena: 119,05
The Adventures of Homelessman
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