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 Nightschool, Vol. 2: The Weirn Books Svetlana Chmakova 9780759528604 Yen Press
Alex has to enroll in the Nightschool to get a Nightpass which allows the wearer to walk the grounds without triggering its protective spells. She is suddenly immersed in the otherworldly environment of nighttime schooling, getting a tour of the magical areas of the school, meeting other students, and attending classes.
cena: 46,52
Nightschool, Vol. 2: The Weirn Books
 Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl from Nowhere Jim Zub Shun Hong Chan 9781926778471 Udon Entertainment
A young boy named Colby Reynolds searches for meaning in the world around him and discovers a place where dreams can come true - if he's willing to pay the price! Along the way he'll see sights he's never fathomed and encounter hidden truths about himself he'll wish he never knew.
cena: 71,58
Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl from Nowhere
 Countdown 7 Days, Volume 2 Kemuri Karakara 9781569702635 0
Finding himself at the Sheol School for the Afterlife, Onigawara isn''t really wanting to learn about being dead... he wants to collect on the deal he made with teacher Mitamura. Complete the set task within seven days and get his life back. The clock is ticking, but there is one thing Onigawara is as yet unaware of - once you''re dead, you stay that way Will Mitamura''s machinations come to...
cena: 46,37
Countdown 7 Days, Volume 2
 Quirk Volume 2: Termination Alley Freder 9781494216658 Createspace
Four Friends, One Spaceship -- oh, wait... all of that is about to change forever Life on board the good ship Frigid was never exactly a cakewalk for Quirk and his pals Carpy, Smith and Sludge... but it's about to get a whole lot worse The original owners of Carpy and the Frigid are bound to repossess them both, leaving the rest of the gang trapped in a bubble of slime and zooming towards a...
cena: 60,11
Quirk Volume 2: Termination Alley
 Cynical Orange, Volume 9 Jiun Yun 9780759531420 Yen Press
Hye-Min acknowledges her true feelings for Ma-Ha and confesses to Shin-Bi. But when Shin-Bi is involved in a terrible accident, Hye-Min is overcome with guilt, pushing Ma-Ha away. Will the two reunite? Or will guilt drive her to live in solitude for ever?
cena: 39,35
Cynical Orange, Volume 9
 The Sixth Gun Volume 3 Tp: Bound Cullen Bunn Brian Hurtt Tyler Crook 9781934964781 Oni Press
Traveling by secret railroad, Becky and Drake accompany an order of mysterious monks on a quest to bury General Hume''''s body on holy ground. But malevolent forces spurred by a sinister necromancer stage a terrifying attack on the train-Drake vanishes without a trace. Alone, Becky continues her journey to a secluded mountain fortress where she discovers how deeply her fate is entwined with that...
cena: 71,58
The Sixth Gun Volume 3 Tp: Bound
 Juicy Cider Rize Shinba 9781569703014 0
Honor student Taka is hopelessly in love with his totally cute childhood friend, Ken. Always worried about Ken, Taka can never steal a kiss or make love. Though Taka is usually cool and composed, he doesn't know how to get together with Ken Imagine what their first time would be like..
cena: 46,37
Juicy Cider
 The Cartoon Guidebook to Absolute Failure Book 2 Erik Craddock Logan Faerber 9781593622626 SLG Publishing
Greetings, potential buyer Do you like failing, miserably? Well, good news Because now there's a book that's been made just for you It's called The Cartoon Guidebook To Absolute Failure and it's the "bee's knees" of anti-help fun Written by Erik Craddock, and Illustrated by Logan Faerber, this series of guidebooks will help you, the reader, with your every failure need. Welcome to the...
cena: 26,12
The Cartoon Guidebook to Absolute Failure Book 2
 Soul Eater, Vol. 2 Atsushi Ohkubo 9780759530485 Yen Press
Young meisters battle to strengthen their weapons and eradicate the evil souls that threaten our world in this comedic action series.
cena: 45,81
Soul Eater, Vol. 2
 Coyote Volume 2 Scott Lobdell 9781582405131 0
The story of Coyote moves forward fast, as the son of the totem gets past his heartbreak by moving into a swinging singles complex in Las Vegas. Revenge scents in the desert air as he gets a job working for the mob, which works for the Shadow Cabinet. And he has his first run-in with the Djinn, a Middle eastern crime lord we'll see plenty more of. But best of all, he meets two sisters who will...
cena: 57,28
Coyote Volume 2
 Tytus Romek i A'Tomek księga XXVIII Tytus internautą Chmielewski Henryk Jerzy 9788323737568 Egmont
Najnowsza księga przygód Tytusa, Romka i Atomka.
Tytus zostaje zeskanowany i przeniesiony do Internetu.
Jak zdoła wrócić do normalnego świata?
Tytus Romek i A'Tomek księga XXVIII Tytus internautą
 Nexus Archives, Volume Nine Mike Baron 9781595823137 DARK HORSE COMICS,U.S.
Horatio has resigned his duties as Nexus, and the Merk has reassigned them - but to the Loomis sisters, who have been out for vengeance ever since Horatio assassinated their father. However, Lonnie is so unnerved by her sisters' homicidal behaviour that she escapes to the planet Procyon.
cena: 178,85
Nexus Archives, Volume Nine
 Clive Barker's Hellraiser Masterpieces Vol. 1 Clive Barker Neil Gaiman Alex Ross 9781608860685 Boom Studios
Straight from the far reaches of Hell, comes a collection of classic HELLRAISER tales that will light your soul on fire This must-have collection features stories originally published by Marvel Comics--classic spine-tinglers for die-hard fans and new readers alike, collecting a host of work from comic luminaries that you will not want to miss Featuring the work of Clive Barker (HELLRAISER),...
cena: 71,58
Clive Barker's Hellraiser Masterpieces Vol. 1
 Safety Behind Bars Robert Kirkman 9781582408057 0
The world we knew is gone. The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months society has crumbled: no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a world ruled by the dead, the survivors are...
cena: 53,68
Safety Behind Bars
 The Devil's Golden Boy Ch1 Yuramei                                  Yuramei                                  Katsura 9781494979836 Createspace
When in Hell, it's better to be favoured by the Devil than be left to rot with the rest of the damned. In a poverty stricken district of Seoul, the orphanages are packed to the rafters with discarded children. But are they as unwanted as they seem? To the ruthless South Korean Mafia, the Kkangpae, they are a welcome source of new foot soldiers. Forced into a world of violence, drugs and...
cena: 26,28
The Devil's Golden Boy Ch1
 Unlovable Vol. 2 Esther Watson 9781606993149 Fantagraphics Books
Loosely based on a teenager's diary from the 1980s found in a petrol-station bathroom, 'Unlovable' is the remarkable story of Tammy Pierce, as filtered through the pen of Los Angeles artist Esther Pearl Watson.
cena: 97,41
Unlovable Vol. 2
 The Raft and Other Stories Ragnar Brynjulfsson 9788299873109 Brynj Lfsson, Ragnar

Nathan is in love with his best friend Devon, he just hasn't told him yet. Together they've built a raft, on which they plan to sail to a nearby island. A "perfect" opportunity for Nathan to confess his love, but maybe Devon has other plans.

"The Raft and Other Stories" is a collection of five comics by Icelandic comics artist and animator Ragnar Brynjulfsson. This is his first comics book....

cena: 37,41
The Raft and Other Stories
 Naruto, Volume 4 Masashi Kishimoto 9781591163589 0
Volume 4 in the bestselling Naruto series.
cena: 35,77
Naruto, Volume 4
 Fairy Tail 43 Hiro Mashima 9781612625621 Kodansha Comics
The demons of Tartaros are murdering Council members to try to get to a secret weapon with the power to wipe out all who would oppose them in one fell swoop. But what is this weapon? How could killing ex-Council members help them get it? And how do they even know about it in the first place? Natsu and his friends need to solve these mysteries if they hope to stand up to the demons
cena: 39,35
Fairy Tail 43
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