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The Digital Photography Book, Part 5 Scott Kelby 9780133856880 Prentice Hall PTR The Digital Photography Book, Part 5
Scott Kelby, author of the top-selling digital photography book of all time, is back with an entirely new book in his popular series that picks up right where part 4 left off. It's more of that "Ah ha--so that's how they do it," straight-to-the-point, skip-the-technojargon stuff you can really use today that made part 1 so successful.
In parts 1 through 4 of this series, the most popular...
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Can an atheist be saved? The "New York Times "bestselling author of "Crank "and "Tricks" explores the highly charged landscapes of faith and forgiveness with brilliant sensitivity and emotional resonance.
""There is no God, no benevolent ruler of the earth, no omnipotent grand poobah of countless universes. Because if there was...my little brother would still be fishing or playing basketball...
The Home Brewer's Lab Book: Your Year in Beer Chronicle Books 9781452123516 Chronicle Books (CA) The Home Brewer's Lab Book: Your Year in Beer
Every new batch of home-brewed beer is an adventure in trial and error, and this guided journal is an invitation to experiment. Two pages are devoted to each brew, with checkboxes, fill-in-the-blanks, and free space to detail every factor that plays into the final brew, from temperature and ingredients to information about specific gravity, storing, aging, and tasting notes. For novice to expert...
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Pocket Diary 2015 England Natura 9780565093464 Natural History Museum, London Wildlife Photographer of the Year Pocket Diary 2015
A weekly diary featuring stunning wildlife images from past years of the competitionThe Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is the international showcase for the very best photography featuring natural subjects. The Museum's 2015 week-to-view diaries feature stunning photographs of the natural world from past years of the competition. The perfect gifts for wildlife enthusiasts, each...
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What's at the bottom of the rabbit hole? If you like mind-boggling adventure, then Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is for you Not only does this edition include the unabridged text of two Alice books, it is also full of extra material to help you get the most from the story and gives lots of recommendations for other things you will enjoy.
Global Conflict Resolution Through Positioning Analysis Fathali M. Moghaddam Rom Harre Naomi Lee 9781441924643 Not Avail Global Conflict Resolution Through Positioning Analysis
Readers find here a volume that applies positioning theory in order to achieve a fuller and more in-depth understanding of conflict and its psychological resolution. Positioning theory is the study of the nature, formation, influence and ways of change of local systems of rights and duties as shared assumptions about them influence small scale interactions. This book will thus be of interest...
451.46 225,73
Klimt - 2015 Taschen 9783836552493 Taschen Klimt - 2015
The most decorative of diaries: TASCHEN Diary Klimt 2015 Few artists have created canvases as dazzling as Gustav Klimt. Bring ornament and elegance to your diary planner with this stunning week-to-view spiral diary. Each calendar week features a fresh page for your appointments alongside a sumptuous reproduction from Klimt's repertoire of bejewelled beauties, floral details, and glistening...