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Jimi Hendrix: Soundscapes Marie Paule MacDonald 9781780235301 Reaktion Books Jimi Hendrix: Soundscapes
Jimi Hendrix, one of the great instrumentalists in rock history, pioneered amplified sound that extended the scope of the guitar into the urban landscape. In this book, Marie-Paule Macdonald situates Hendrix s trajectory through the places he made music, translating an innovative sense of space into his songs.
Macdonald follows Hendrix from the Pacific Northwest to the California coast to...
Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction Katherine Blundell 9780199602667 0 Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction
Black holes are a constant source of fascination to many due to their mysterious nature. This Very Short Introduction, addresses a variety of questions, including what a black hole actually is, how they are characterized and discovered, and what would happen if you came too close to one.
Professor Katherine Blundell looks at the seemingly paradoxical, mysterious, and intriguing phenomena of...
106.31 101,00
Fan Phenomena: The Lord of the Rings Lorna Piatti Farnell Lorna Piatti-Farnell 9781783205158 Intellect (UK) Fan Phenomena: The Lord of the Rings
Few if any books come close to being as beloved or as ubiquitous as J. R. R. Tolkien s "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Best-sellers for decades, they became even more popular on the heels of Peter Jackson s Oscar-winning film adaptations. And throughout, fans have not only read the books, they ve engaged with them, building one of the most active and creative fan communities in the world.
Na drugie Stanisław Nowa księga imion Bralczyk Jerzy Ogórek Michał 9788326813740 Agora Na drugie Stanisław Nowa księga imion
Czy znaczenia imion dane są raz na zawsze? Czy powinniśmy ich szukać wyłącznie w ich greckiej, łacińskiej czy słowiańskiej etymologii? Czy Beata na zawsze ma pozostać piękna, Benedykt dobrze gadać a Barbara to wciąż barbażynka? Oczywiście, że nie. Dlatego żeby zrozumieć sens własnego (i nie tylko) imienia, trzeba również poznać tych, którzy je nosili. Nie musimy tego...
96.60 91,77
49.99 42,49
Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person Shonda Rhimes 9781476777092 Simon & Schuster Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person
In this poignant, hilarious, and deeply intimate call to arms, Hollywood s most powerful woman, the mega-talented creator of "Grey s Anatomy" and "Scandal" and executive producer of "How to Get Away with Murder" reveals how saying YES changed her life and how it can change yours too.
She s the creator and producer of some of the most groundbreaking and audacious shows on television today:...
Petty: The Biography Warren Zanes 9780805099683 Henry Holt & Company Petty: The Biography
An exhilarating and intimate account of the life of music legend Tom Petty, by an accomplished writer and musician who toured with Petty
No one other than Warren Zanes, rocker and writer and friend, could author a book about Tom Petty that is as honest and evocative of Petty's music and the remarkable rock and roll history he and his band helped to write.Born in Gainesville, Florida,...
The Who: 50 Years: The Official History Ben Marshall 9780062396365 Harper Design The Who: 50 Years: The Official History
The only official history of The Who created with the full cooperation of Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, and spectacularly illustrated with rare photographs and memorabilia published in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the band's first album, My Generation, and their celebratory world tour.Three legendary bands are revered as the holy trinity of modern rock and...