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 Art of Coloring: Beauty and the Beast: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity Disney Book Group 9781484789728 Disney Editions
Relax, and let the creativity flow through you. Whether a skilled artist or an everyday dabbler of drawings and doodles, fans of all ages will enjoy these stunning pen-and-ink illustrations of beautiful landscapes, elaborate patterns, and memorable characters from Disney's new live-action feature Beauty and the Beast. The lovely packaging includes a convenient "lay flat" book block.
cena: 73,79
Art of Coloring: Beauty and the Beast: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity
 Decks David Toht 9781631864506 Taunton Press

Building a deck is one of the most popular outdoor projects for home DIYers. The job takes time and effort, but if you have some basic carpentry skills and the right tools, and you work slowly, carefully, and safely, you can produce a great-looking deck that you can be proud of.

Author Dave Toht takes you through every step of the way, from design and planning, choosing tools and...

cena: 100,18
 Pin It!: 20 Fabulous Bobby Pin Hairstyles Annamarie Tendler Justin Ouellette 9781452158389 Chronicle Books
Brightly colored pins styled into fun patterns and designs are the hottest new trend in hairstyling, and Pin It gives short- and long-haired fashionistas the know-how to create 20 colorful bobby pin hairstyles for everything from an afternoon trip to the mall to an elegant party. Step-by-step photos make it easy for anyone to follow along, and the unique looks appeal to trendy teens and...
cena: 58,43
Pin It!: 20 Fabulous Bobby Pin Hairstyles
 Kitchen Upgrades Editors of Fine Homebuilding 9781631868450 Taunton Press

This completely new edition from the editors of Fine Homebuilding will provide all the advice you need to remodel a kitchen of any size or shape, on any budget. Our pros will take you through every step of the process with practical, up-to-date information on choosing and installing kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, and appliances. With the site-tested tips and...

cena: 111,62
Kitchen Upgrades
 New Home Journal: Record All the Repairs, Upgrades and Home Improvements During Your Years At... Laura Agadoni 9781612436623 Ulysses Press
A handy, practical resource that makes it easy to keep track of your essential homeowner information for future reference
As a home buyers, you have a million things to deal with. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to overlook some. By prompting you with the right questions, providing fill-in-the-blank spots, and addressing everything from foundation to roof, this helpful journal takes...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 28-03-2017
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New Home Journal: Record All the Repairs, Upgrades and Home Improvements During Your Years At...
 Country Living Salvage Style: Decorate with Vintage Finds Leslie Linsley 9781588169280 Hearst
Salvage style--decorating with repurposed and vintage items like wicker furniture, cast-iron tubs, polished marble, industrial pendant lights, and even tractor seats--has become a chic way to create unique, personal rooms. By reclaiming honest materials and collectibles, large and small, all imbued with their own history, you can infuse your home with warmth, charm, and individuality. Let the...
cena: 111,62
Country Living Salvage Style: Decorate with Vintage Finds
 Making Pottery You Can Use: Plates That Stack Lids That Fit Spouts That Pour Handles That Stay on Jacqui Atkin 9780764168734 Barron's Educational Series
Create cups, mugs, bowls, and more pieces that are perfect for you

Everyone who owns a beloved mug that has just the right handle, an agreeably deep cereal bowl, or a plate that fits perfectly in the dishwasher knows that once you ve found these pieces, you wish you had more of them. In Making Pottery You Can Use, you ll learn how to create the pieces that will work best...

cena: 111,78
Making Pottery You Can Use: Plates That Stack Lids That Fit Spouts That Pour Handles That Stay on
 Nail Art Sourcebook: Over 500 Designs for Fingertip Fashions Pansy Alexander-Potter Mineko Sugita Lucy Gronner 9781780979113 Carlton Books
This popular guide to nail art features the coolest trends in fingertip fashion
Nail art is a fabulous way to make your own personal statement, and turn your nails into the hottest fashion accessory around. From stripes, chevrons, and flowers to glitter, gemstones, foils, and trompe l oeil effects, this fun reference offers hundreds of great designs to copy or have professionally...
cena: 84,53
Nail Art Sourcebook: Over 500 Designs for Fingertip Fashions
 Home Security Exposed: A Guide to Improving the Security of Your Home Anthony Ekanem 9781542393768 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
It has been reported that a burglary now happens every 15 seconds. As such, the chances of your own home actually being at risk from a break-in are greatly increased, and it does not matter where you live. When people think of a break-in, they think of someone gaining entry into their home through breaking some glass or smashing down doors. Yet there are certain things which could actually extend...
cena: 55,01
Home Security Exposed: A Guide to Improving the Security of Your Home
 House Flipping & Home Remodel Journal Kenneth R. McClelland 9781542567435 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
With any construction project, one of the keys to success is organization. The last thing you want to do is carry your project around in a dog-eared notebook or scrap pieces of paper and post-it notes with crucial phone numbers, measurements, or prices on them. I can just about guarantee that you will lose some of them, and then the hunt begins to try to find the missing information. Well, life...
cena: 50,58
House Flipping & Home Remodel Journal
 2017 Planner Laurel Sobol 9781542682947 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This planner is simply made to lay out your plans, a place to sketch, journal, record and be punctual, a place for dreams and visions and more. Enjoy.
cena: 63,87
2017 Planner
 Zakrslý králík - Jak na to Monika Weglerová 9788072369157 Vašut
Zakrslí králíci potřebují společnost, chtějí hrabat, schovávat se a mít dostatek pohybu. Navíc milují pestré krmení. Pokud jim to všechno poskytnete, budete bohatě odměněni překvapivým nahlédnutím do králičího života. Aby se vaši zakrslí králíci měli opravdu dobře a mohli předvádět své rozmanité způsoby chování, najdete v našem rádci všechno, co je...
cena: 27,96
Zakrslý králík - Jak na to
 Blank Address Journal Joy Journals 9781542931434 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 50,58
Blank Address Journal
 Chicken Laurel Sobol 9781543002058 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 94,90
 Konečně mám koně Melinda Folse 9788073703493 Synergie
Přinášíme vám dosud nejobsáhlejší příručku napsanou ženou pro ženy, která mistrně spojuje praktické informace s mnohaletými zkušenostmi autorky.

Tajemné a magické pouto mezi lidmi a koňmi se proplétá napříč civilizacemi, kulturami a generacemi. Nejvýraznějším a nejhlubším příkladem takového pouta jsou však vztahy, které vznikají mezi koňmi a...
cena: 66,57
Konečně mám koně
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