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 Bubblegum Emily Stein 9781910566060 Hoxton Mini Press

Shot with a hint of nostalgia, these simple-yet-playful images of children blowing gum on beaches around the world capture the freedom and innocence of youth.

cena: 75,92
 Must Wash Hands: A Bathroom Reader in Pictures Carter Hasegawa 9781510711037 Skyhorse Publishing
Finally, photographic proof of what s behind the public bathroom door.
Must Wash Hands, a collection of 120 artistic photographs, offers readers a peek into the private space of the public bathroomthat unspoken and indecent yet communal and necessary space that we enter and exit every day without a second glance.
With camera in hand, Carter Hasegawa travels the public...
cena: 79,62
Must Wash Hands: A Bathroom Reader in Pictures
 Girl Culture Lauren Greenfield 9781452159287 Chronicle Books
Aimed at the clergy, deacons, readers and laity in all bilingual churches using the three-year lectionary, this title provides prayers of beauty and depth that echo the scripture readings of the day. Following the customary pattern of praying for the Church, the world, the community, the sick and the departed, these prayers are complete as they stand but ellipses indicate where items of topical...
cena: 167,58
Girl Culture
 Round the Corner in Berlin Alexander Huber 9781364808921 Blurb
"Round the corner in Berlin" is the latest book of photography by Alexander Huber. Using different cameras, formats and double exposures, he is able to capture the beauty and intrigue of Berlin which remains hidden to many. With a richness of colour and emotion, Berlin's conflicting identities become apparent through his photography. Whether it be an empty space or crowded street, the way the...
cena: 165,20
Round the Corner in Berlin
 Provocateur: Photographs Tyler Shields Nathan Fillion 9781943876297 Glitterati
While big-shot Hollywood producers once demanded a trophy Banksy canvas to be hanging above their faux-Spanish fireplaces, now all they want is one of Shields' gloriously twisted photographs." GQ Magazine LA-based photographer Tyler Shields work has made a big impression, whether it s his photographs of exploding Rolls Royces, alligators clamping their jaws on Birkin bags, or starlets flying...
cena: 329,96
Provocateur: Photographs
 Ren Hang Ren Hang 9783836562072 Taschen
Hang, well hung
Chinese photographer Ren lets it all Hang out

Ren Hang is an unlikely rebel. Slight of build, shy by nature, prone to fits of depression, the 28-year-old Beijing photographer is nonetheless at the forefront of Chinese artists' battle for creative freedom. Like his champion Ai Weiwei, Ren is controversial in his...
cena: 189,38
Ren Hang
 Loulou the Pug: A Book by Meetthepugs Yasmina Abdelilah Markus Muller 9781784880774 Hardie Grant Books
Pug-perfect pictures to brighten up your day.
Loulou the pug is an Instagram sensation: with over 74,000 followers she will do anything to get a coveted 'like'. From donning hats made out of pineapples and banana skins, to dressing up as a birthday gift, this dog has no shame
LouLou The Pug is a combination of Loulou's most liked pictures on Instagram, and some new shots...
cena: 54,63
Loulou the Pug: A Book by Meetthepugs
 Midnight Modern: Palm Springs Under the Full Moon Tom Blachford Peter Moruzzi Chris Menrad 9781576878347 powerHouse Books
Midnight Modern brings into focus a view of Palm Springs and its internationally renowned modernist houses never before shown, shot entirely by the light of the full moon.
Created over the course of three years by Australian photographer Tom Blachford, the surreal images function as portals in time, with the homes, cars, and beautiful scenery appearing almost exactly as it all...
cena: 286,81
Midnight Modern: Palm Springs Under the Full Moon
 Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of Places Henry Carroll 9781780679051 Laurence King
From the author of the bestselling Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs series, this jargon-free introduction covers all aspects of photographing places, including landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, and interiors.
Whatever your camera, whatever your interest, whatever your level, this indispensible guide gives you all the essential techniques and demystifies the work of...
cena: 76,14
Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of Places
 Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art ?  PIE Books 9784756247537
Following the great success of Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art, this second volume showcases even more cutting-edge underground artwork by 47 Japanese artists. New categories such as "Fetish Photography," "Steampunk," "Hyperrealism" and "Decadence Photography" introduce the latest preoccupations of Japanese erotic and fantasy artists, pushing the limits of the first volume by presenting ever...
cena: 216,89
Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art ?
 Frank Horvat: Photographic Autobiography Frank Horvat 9783775742085 Hatje Cantz Publishers
Now in his late eighties, the Croatian-born, France-based photographer Frank Horvat (born 1928), a pioneering fashion photographer and one of the first professional photographers to use Photoshop, can look back at around 70 years of activity and a dazzling career.
With this volume, Horvat furnishes us with a personal insight into his long life. This autobiography-in-pictures reveals personal...
cena: 180,26
Frank Horvat: Photographic Autobiography
 Adam Golfer: A House Without a Roof Adam Golfer 9780692726501 Booklyn
Shortlisted for the Paris-Photo/ Aperture First Book Award, A House Without a Roof considers the overlapping histories of violence and displacement connecting Europe, Israel and Palestine. With photographs, archival imagery and original texts, Brooklyn-based artist Adam Golfer weaves together fictions of his family history with representations from Israel's founding and ongoing military...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 28-02-2017
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Adam Golfer: A House Without a Roof
 Mastering Street Photography Brian Lloyd Duckett 9781781452691 Ammonite Press
Street photography has a tradition dating back over a century, and today's digital world finds it enjoying a renaissance yet there is little expert advice available. This is a practical guide to capturing the candid moments that reveal life at its most dramatic, absurd, or beautiful. Brian Lloyd Duckett demonstrates how the successful street photographer needs to be an unseen observer, with the...
cena: 113,77
Mastering Street Photography
 Colouring for Artists Andrea J. Sax 9781366905291 Blurb
Welcome to the smaller Trade Edition of Colouring for Artists. With the same stunning pictures as the original Colouring for Artists premium edition, this one also contains extra vignette-style images but all at a more economical price. You are still invited to adventure into a selection of photographs from around the world and bring the image to life by adding your own colour. Not just a...
cena: 246,49
Colouring for Artists
 Brookings Sunsets: Gold Elizabeth Kramer 9781542389280 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Sunsets in Brookings, Oregon, along the Pacific Coast, in the rugged Pacific Northwest. This is the GOLD edition.
cena: 76,44
Brookings Sunsets: Gold
 Ethiopia: Past and Present Julieta Green Joanna Lumley 9781908531421 Gilgamesh Publishing

Travel photographer Julieta Green first visited Ethiopia in the 1960s. Here, her breathtaking photographs from that period are joined by photographs of Ethiopia today. The result is a stunning panoply of images from across Ethiopia celebrating the beauties of this ancient land, ranging from the castles and rock churches of the north to remote rural communities of the Omo Valley in the south."

cena: 167,58
Ethiopia: Past and Present
 Eschatology Matthias Koch 9781366477644 Blurb
La serie iconique du photographe allemand Matthias Koch disponible dans ce petit catalogue produit par Les Editions du Tanargue.
cena: 114,35
 Burma Alight Jim Kayalar 9781542739238 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Burma Alight is a historically significant photo book. It portrays a Burma (Myanmar) from an era long gone.The book will showcase to the reader the beauty of historic Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. The countries renowned landmarks and hidden corners are presented giving special insight into this enchanting and exotic South East Asian country. Burma is a destination of dreams and a dream...
cena: 187,32
Burma Alight
 Mystery of Colours George Maliakal 9781366410030 Blurb
cena: 217,70
Mystery of Colours
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