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 Jose Luis Cuevas: New Era Jose Luis Cuevas 9788416282739 Rm
Controversial Mexican photographer Jose Luis Cueva's (born 1973) New Era evokes a time of spiritual darkness: full of symbolic echoes, the series suggests the coming of the apocalypse. In images of mystical objects, landscapes burn to ashes and suffering, and Cuevas progresses through concepts of expiation, purification and rebirth.
cena: 165,06
Jose Luis Cuevas: New Era
 The Pleasures of Green Lake Herb Allenger 9781613398944 Made for Success Publishing

Come along on a 2-year photographic journey of Green Lake park with reflective, informative, and humorous commentary accompanying each image, creating a work that is both entertaining and captivating.

Feel the exhilaration the author feels when taking walks, and rejoice with him at nature s magnificence, appreciating its diverseness in color and artistry. Allenger never tires of...

cena: 147,22
The Pleasures of Green Lake
 Riviera Cocktail Edward Quinn 9783832769192 Te Neues Publishing Company
Photographer Edward Quinn chronicles the sweet life of the French Riviera in the 1950s and 60s in this homage to the stylish celebrities who lived and loved on this chic coastline.
cena: 118,20
Riviera Cocktail
 Claudia's Doll and Other Windows Tony Schwartz 9781633384767 Fulton Books
cena: 114,96
Claudia's Doll and Other Windows
 Nantwich History Tour Paul Hurley 9781445668727 Amberley Publishing
Nantwich has been a very important town from the earliest days. It is the oldest of the three Cheshire Wiches or Wyches from which salt has been drawn, the other two being Northwich and Middlewich. During Roman times Nantwich was famous for the salt that was recovered here, Welsh Row being so-named as it is the road the Welsh used to enter the town to collect salt. In fact, its ancient name was...
cena: 42,04
Nantwich History Tour
 Nature's Journal (Notebook): Write about Your Exciting Journey Exploring Nature Amazing Journal 9781542772235 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Use your Journal to note points of Interest and your thoughts regarding your Trip. The Journal has 100 pages and the size is 8.5" x 11.
cena: 35,89
Nature's Journal (Notebook): Write about Your Exciting Journey Exploring Nature
 Eduardo Momene: Photobolsillo Eduardo Momene 9788416248957 La Fabrica Dap

Basque photographer Eduardo Momene (born 1952) masterfully combines classicism and modernity in his black-and-white portraits, treating his subjects as actors in a photographic construction. This volume chronicles the work of the well-known photographer, whose photos have appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle.

cena: 62,55
Eduardo Momene: Photobolsillo
 The Other Side of the Tracks John C. Burt 9781366376466 Blurb
cena: 245,01
The Other Side of the Tracks
cena: 348,82
 England's Maritime Heritage from the Air Peter Waller 9781848022980 Historic England Publishing
England has a long and historic relationship with the sea. The source of a bountiful harvest of seafood that has sustained the population, it provides trade routes and a final line of defense against invasion. Throughout history, it was the link in the empire that saw Britain emerge as the world's first great power. For some, the sea has also provided the last view of home as emigration took them...
cena: 194,22
England's Maritime Heritage from the Air
 Mermaids and Monsters Meg Green   9781925231465 Interactive Press Australia

Mermaids and Monsters is a deluxe hardback collection of spectacular images by marine photographer Meg Green coupled with inspirational thoughts from humanity's greatest minds.

Enjoy and return to each page as it brings the gifts of smiles, kindness and sunshine into your day.

cena: 105,65
Mermaids and Monsters
 Le Stime Delle Fotocamere: Edizione 2017-2018 Stefano Benedetti 9781544181073 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
L'edizione per il biennio 2017-2018 delle stime delle fotocamere contiene 2700 quotazioni delle fotocamere prodotte e commercializzate tra l'inizio del novecento e i primi anni del duemila. Rispetto alle precedenti edizioni ci sono diverse novita 500 modelli di fotocamere in piu, una guida all'acquisto con i consigli pratici per non incorrere in un incauto acquisto, una guida per conoscere gli...
cena: 48,59
Le Stime Delle Fotocamere: Edizione 2017-2018
 Ordinary Things - A Photo Collection in B&w Rolf McEwen 9781543245684 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This collection of black & white photos demonstrates how common things create beauty every day for those who look for lines, shapes, and forms. Examples of attractive objects include drinking fountains, lines on streets, attributes of buildings including ornamental windows and doors, attractive architecture, lights at railroad crossings, meandering rivers, and sprawling bridges. Lots of artsy...
cena: 44,36
Ordinary Things - A Photo Collection in B&w
 Paris + Gaetano Gaetano Cummaudo 9781320737937 Blurb
Paris + Gaetano, is filled with 55 Black & White images taken by photographer Gaetano Cummaudo showing what Paris is to him in his first book.
cena: 129,48
Paris + Gaetano
 Places My Brain Feels Like #1: Abandoned Not Forgotten Talissa Mehringer 9781542367523 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Treading through desolate rooms and vacant halls, each step immerses the urban explorer deeper into a mysterious adventure. Doorways to the past, relics of history, abandoned rooms and edifices awe and inspire.

'Abandoned, Not Forgotten' is the first in a series of books best described as.... Places My Brain Feels Like.... A cinematic journey into surreal landscapes of urban decay, the book...

cena: 112,14
Places My Brain Feels Like #1: Abandoned Not Forgotten
 Darkhad Valley Jeff Colhoun 9781366490155 Blurb
A selection of images from Mongolia's Darkhad Depression. Captured both on the ground and using unmanned systems. A first for the Darkhad Valley
cena: 327,73
Darkhad Valley
 Wildlife Photography Wild Pages Press Journals &. Notebooks 9781544637464 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 40,13
Wildlife Photography
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