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 Bernard Plossu: Western Colors Max Evans Francis Hodgson Bernard Plossu 9780500544679 Thames & Hudson

Bernard Plossu has been called "the most American of French photographers" by his friend and colleague Lewis Baltz. Although he is best known for his work in black and white, often capturing a bohemian world of free-spirited adventure, Plossu has also shot in color throughout his career.

This book showcases 88 bold and cinematic color photographs, many of which are previously...

cena: 189,05
Bernard Plossu: Western Colors
 Reflection Pavel B 9789053308820 Schilt Publishing
"In 1985, Pavel Baňka's photographs reached viewers in the United States through an issue of the German magazine Album. Perhaps this is where I first saw the memorable photograph of the reclining nude with a thin metal wire arching from her navel to a metal band on her forehead. With her eyes closed and her back arched, she seems to be in a trance or in ecstasy. The wire and the light behind...
cena: 213,68
 Les Francaises Sonia Sieff 9780847858590 Rizzoli International Publications
Sonia Sieff presents a collection of nudes ranging from alluring actresses to It girls.
With Paris and its interiors as a frequent backdrop, Sonia Sieff gives readers an intimate portrait of some of France's most recognizable faces. From fashion models to writers and ballet dancers, Sieff captures the distinct personality of each while also depicting a unique sense of place....
cena: 176,24
Les Francaises
 Wedding Album Sales Andrew
cena: 130,52
Wedding Album Sales
 Humanoid Max Aguilera-Hellweg 9780922233472 Blast Books
This is the first and only book of portraits of android and humanoid robots. The robots in these photographs by Max Aguilera-Hellweg, a photojournalist for 40 years whose work has appeared in Life, NYT Magazine, Rolling Stone, Discover, Scientific American, Time, and National Geographic, are some of the most well known in the world of humanoid...
cena: 171,99
 Rebecca Norris Webb: My Dakota Rebecca Norri 9781942185178 Radius Books
In 2005, photographer and poet Rebecca Norris Webb (born 1956) set out to photograph her home state of South Dakota, a sparsely populated frontier state on the Great Plains with more buffalo, pronghorn, mule deer and prairie dogs than people. It's a land of powwows and rodeos, buffalo roundups and the world's only "corn palace." Dominated by space and silence, South Dakota's harsh and beautiful...
cena: 213,68
Rebecca Norris Webb: My Dakota
 Valerie Belin Valerie Belin 9788862085113 Damiani
A meticulous survey of French photographer Valerie Belin's stunning series from Magicians, Bouquets and Lido to Brides, Bob, and Black Eyed Susan and continuing up to recent work including Super Models and All Stars.
French photographer Valerie Belin (born 1964) explores matter, the body, the living and the artificial--and the representations of all of these fraught...
cena: 215,46
Valerie Belin
 Buzzing at the Sill Peter Va 9783868287363 Kehrer Verlag

Buzzing at the Sillis Peter van Agtmael's exploration of the United States in the shadow of the post 9/11 wars. A sequel to his critically acclaimed Disco Night Sept. 11, it begins on a dusk flight over an anonymous landscape, moving unsentimentally- and sometimes surreally- into images of race, class, war, memory, torture, nationalism, family, and place. The images have a...

cena: 186,45
Buzzing at the Sill
 San Francisco: Then and Now Dennis Evanosky Eric J. Kos 9781911216063 Pavilion Books
San Francisco is home to some of America s most intriguing architecture and design, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the bustling Fisherman s Wharf and Pier 39, the ornate Chinatown, and the mysterious prison on Alcatraz Island. The book alows you to visit Coit Tower and Lombard Street the crookedest street in the world on Telegraph Hill, hop on one of the famous streetcars and travel...
cena: 89,04
San Francisco: Then and Now
 Osmos Magazine: Issue 11 Cay Sophie Rabinowitz 9780986166570 Osmose Productions
cena: 109,99
Osmos Magazine: Issue 11
 Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks Karl Blossfeldt 9781942884132 Distributed Art Publishers (DAP)
cena: 234,41
Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks
 Brookings Sunsets: Red Elizabeth Kramer 9781542391238 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Second installment in the Brookings Sunsets trilogy. Sunsets in Brookings, Oregon, a small seaside community along the rugged Pacific Northwest.
cena: 73,71
Brookings Sunsets: Red
 Eschatology Matthias Koch 9781366477644 Blurb
La serie iconique du photographe allemand Matthias Koch disponible dans ce petit catalogue produit par Les Editions du Tanargue.
cena: 110,15
 Mystery of Colours George Maliakal 9781366410054 Blurb
cena: 296,56
Mystery of Colours
 Asia Alight Jim Kayalar 9781542792127 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 258,67
Asia Alight
 Through Daniel Buzzo 9781366365668 Blurb
cena: 166,71
 Tierbegegnungen Ines Evalonja 9783743196810 Books on Demand
cena: 143,48
 Minimalistic Man Mark Henry Livermore 9781366300133 Blurb
cena: 249,72
Minimalistic Man
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