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 Seven Smiles from Heartache Ryan Quinn Flanagan 9781365691942 Lulu.com
Seven Smiles from Heartache by Ryan Quinn Flanagan. Published by Horror Sleaze Trash, 2017.
cena: 63,72
Seven Smiles from Heartache
 Dutch Lane AI 9781366410900 Blurb
A poetic trilogy motivated by a concern regarding the natural ecological balance and its beauty surrounding the Dutch Lane area, a unique natural district in close proximity of the metropolitan Hong Kong. By their essence, the poems included form a literary arts form written petition to Hong Kong's Lands Department regarding the state of nature and the future of the area surrounding Dutch Lane....
cena: 300,24
Dutch Lane
 When We Wonder Fatima Alsuwaidi 9781366854292 Blurb
When We Wonder is a journey through love and pain hurt and healing. This collection of poetry and prose explore the different aspects of self-struggle and self-discovery and all the things that make us wonder.
cena: 81,27
When We Wonder
 Pelican Peace L. E. Tuttle 9781490775852 Trafford Publishing

This book is a collection of thoughts, feelings and experiences sculpted in rhythm and rhyme. They are inspired by sand and sea and all things making up that special world. I love the beach. The sound of waves crashing is music to soothe a battered heart. The cry of gulls lifts the spirit. Walking sand at sea's edge is heaven on earth. Take a break and come to the shore. Let the words rise and...

cena: 137,35
Pelican Peace
 Does He Know You? Jaudon Byrd 9781524588458 Xlibris

Does He Know You? consists of great inspirational poetry gifted to me from the Heavenly Father. Each poem was strategically designed by the Holy Spirit working through me as a vessel to bring forth this message. Inspirational poetry has an uncanny ability to instantaneously change lives upon reading. This book will, without a doubt, paint a picture of how powerful and relevant God is today,...

cena: 111,26
Does He Know You?
 Dark Tussock Moth Mary Cisper 9780996586467 Trio House Press
cena: 81,56
Dark Tussock Moth
 Poems: Spiritual, Football, Lyrics, Life Joe Mahan 9781541328679 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Poems: Spiritual, Football, Lyrics, Life. Second Edition. A collection of 65. Visit: Facebook.com/FootballPoems YouTube.com/AnthonyNevada For sample poems in video form.
cena: 50,40
Poems: Spiritual, Football, Lyrics, Life
 Tu Hueco Supraesternal Alba Flore 9781543134827 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Un libro de poemas. A veces tenemos miedo. A veces no sabemos que podemos encontrar un refugio entre el cuello y el pecho. Esa oquedad en la que late el corazon.
cena: 45,55
Tu Hueco Supraesternal
 Trains, New York and the Love (or Lack There Of) That Goes Along with Them Amanda Montoni Jim Haines 9781544007588 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
In her first collection of poetry, Amanda Montoni captures the essence of New York City and all of it's heartwarming and heartbreaking nature. Her poems take you on a journey through the intimidating streets of life with all of the lightness and darkness that goes along with them. They tell stories of happiness, sadness, melancholy, and hope. -This is me saying hello. This is me saying goodbye....
cena: 63,59
Trains, New York and the Love (or Lack There Of) That Goes Along with Them
 Sang...Froid de Noel . Lucye Raye 9781366595430 Blurb
Poetesse engagee pour la liberte et la paix condamne et deplore les attentats perpetres a Berlin le 20 decembre 2016 et tous les autres attaques a Paris et dans le monde Hommage aux victimes . Bonte Beaute Purete Et que les futurs sapins soient toujours blancs Plus jamais taches de sang LUCYE RAYE 20 decembre 2016 Les fonds recoltes iront a l'association Poesie en liberte
cena: 74,62
Sang...Froid de Noel .
 No War Is Anyone's War Brandi Gomez 9781544147925 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A chapbook centered around recovery, letting readers know that there are many conflicts individuals face, large and small. But no matter the conflict, they are not at war with them alone. With this collection I hope to inspire readers to enlighten themselves out of their conflicts by appreciating and being aware of the little things.
cena: 37,17
No War Is Anyone's War
 Flowers of Evil and Ennui: A New Verse Translation of 'Les Fleurs Du Mal' with Parallel French and English Text Charles Baudelaire John E. Tidball 9781544270838 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This is a new English verse translation of Baudelaire's renowned collection of poetry 'Les Fleurs du Mal'. Each of the one hundred and twenty-six poems that comprised the second edition of 1861 has been rendered into English verse which adheres as closely as possible to the original text in both meaning and versification. The six banned poems from the first edition of 1857 are also included.
cena: 72,41
Flowers of Evil and Ennui: A New Verse Translation of 'Les Fleurs Du Mal' with Parallel French and English Text
 100 Ways to Brighten Your Days: Encouragement for Christian Women Edith D. Plettner 9781544624327 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Need a lift? -100 Ways To Brighten Your Days- provides you with encouraging Christian poetic couplets to refocus you on Who can brighten every day. A handy book of smiles, often humorous, always meaningful. Perfect for women's conventions, Mother's Day, or just for fun. -2-4-6-8/Mother, YOU are truly great - -Find your essence/In His presence.- And always remember: -Girth/Ain't worth.-
cena: 37,17
100 Ways to Brighten Your Days: Encouragement for Christian Women
 Rhythm of Words: New Poems by Daniel Burns MR Daniel T. Burns 9781544665931 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The formats of these poems are intended to influence the speed in which the reader consumes the poem. This format also puts emphasis on the word or phrase. Subject matter is wide. It is from the car, to medication, to the forest.
cena: 37,17
Rhythm of Words: New Poems by Daniel Burns
 The Other Side of Other Rooms: A Collection of Red, Black, and Blue Poems) Wale Ayinla 9781544716145 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Other Side of Other Rooms is a beautiful experiment of narratives with personal, global and transcendental metaphors. It speaks to the human spirit about the tales of self and other. There is great hope for poetry. Femi Morgan Curator, Artmosphere Nigeria and author of Renegade. The poet captures life's rhythms very aptly. Reading The Other Side of Other Rooms is like being on a journey...
cena: 50,36
The Other Side of Other Rooms: A Collection of Red, Black, and Blue Poems)
 Nature's Voices Angella P. Browne 9781681971353 Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

Today, we exist in the middle of a world torn by the ravishes of war, progress, and greed and the resulting wood, steel, and mortar that make up much of our habited areas often hide or camouflage the beauty of nature. Momentarily outside a window, a blue jay appears or a city is blanketed with the super whiteness of a snowstorm or even a child sees the annoying presence of a roach or mouse...

cena: 61,07
Nature's Voices
 Let the Wind Push Us Across Jane Schapiro 9781943826230 Antrim House

In 1976, Jane Schapiro and her sister bicycled across the country. Carrying their packed bikes over the rocky shore of Seaside, Oregon, they dipped their rear wheels in the Pacific. Eleven weeks and 3500 miles later they arrived at Crescent Beach, Florida, where they dipped their front wheels in the Atlantic. In between, they crossed the Rockies, pedaled into the Texas Panhandle's cold winds,...

cena: 76,97
Let the Wind Push Us Across
 de Reditu Suo Claudius Rutilius Namatianus 9780578187211 Blue Bonnet Books

This is an edition of the poem, De reditu suo, of Claudius Rutilius Namatianus, about the poet's voyage from Rome to Gaul in the year AD 417. This is the first prose translation of the Latin poem into English since the Loeb edition of the Duff brothers in 1935. This Roman aristocrat was a native of Gaul, who served as governor of Rome in 414, not long after the sack of Rome in 410. This...

cena: 118,97
de Reditu Suo
 Lift Your Eyes Up to Jesus Janet Dolak Jesse Stryker 9780997931013 Janet M Dolak
This book is a collection of original Christian poetry and illustrations.
cena: 36,95
Lift Your Eyes Up to Jesus
 PN Review: No. 231 Luke Allan   9781784101428 PN Review
The Autumn 2016 issue of PN Review, one of the most outstanding literary journals of our time.
cena: 48,26
PN Review: No. 231
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