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 Border Crossing Caitlin Maling 9781925164367 Fremantle Press
Caitlin Maling's second volume, Border Crossing, continues to showcase the development of an exciting new voice in Australian poetry. Now Maling's poems shift from the first volume's gritty treatment of childhood and adolescence growing up in WA, to a consideration of what it is to be an Australian in America, where the conflicting voices and identities of home and abroad jostle against...
cena: 64,07
Border Crossing
 Unmasking Kas 9781365589867 Lulu.com
Unmasking is Kas' second body of published work. It takes a deeper look into the poet's emotions. Her views on self-identity, mental illness, social issues and even molestation - including one of her signature pieces "Coloring."
cena: 75,18
 Shriek Br Foster 9781366267733 Blurb
Shriek is the debut chapbook from B R Foster. Shriek delivers the meditations and musings of an anonymous persona through two key windows of early adulthood. A buzzing, panicked trip through various stages of infatuation, depression, loneliness, and even cynical optimism.
cena: 52,28
 Collected Poems William Rowe 9781326643799 Lulu.com
The collected poems of William Rowe, containing works written between 1992 and 2016. Afterword by Sean Bonney. This book is concerned with the shimmering of the real, where this carries the truth of the world we're inside of. The concern is political. It includes the need for the destruction of bourgeois reality, the suspension of their law, their forms, and the opening of a space for a new...
cena: 72,98
Collected Poems
 On the Ledge Rifka Krummel Marian Angele 9780996343336 Wasabi Cat Publishing
Dr. Krummel's poetry reflects her astute awareness, amazing courage and commitment to humanity and morality. From her memories as a small child painfully aware of the horrors of the Holocaust, forced to Americanize (Regina) her given name (Rifka), to her volunteer classes in creative writing and therapeutic poetry in some of America's cruelest prisons, to her present-day battle against cancer,...
cena: 34,49
On the Ledge
 de Bric Et de Broc Patrick Cordonier 9781326111533 Lulu.com
--Cet ete, j'ai croise la jolie Erato. Elle m'a inspire ces quelques humbles vers.-- Mythes et legendes, poesie epique, nature, surrealisme, ce recueil de poemes a ete construit de bric et de broc. Principalement ecrit en alexandrin et en vers libres, il livre une vision moderne de concepts, d'idees ayant fait leurs preuves a travers l'histoire.
cena: 51,19
de Bric Et de Broc
 Archibald Lampman - Alcyone & Other Poems Archibald Lampman 9781783945337 Portable Poetry
Archibald Lampman was born on November 17th 1861 at Morpeth, Ontario in Canada. Perhaps the finest Canadian Poet of his time he is classed as a Confederation Poet. A lover of camping it inspired much of his verse and helped him to become known as 'The Canadian Keats'. Most of his poems are about the Countryside and the natural world. He wrote in excess of 300 poems and all reveal and revel in his...
cena: 46,83
Archibald Lampman - Alcyone & Other Poems
 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Michael Angelo:
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born on February 27th, 1807 in Portland, Maine. As a young boy, it was obvious that he was very studious and he quickly became fluent in Latin. He published his first poem, "The Battle of Lovell's Pond," in the Portland Gazette on November 17th, 1820. He was already thinking of a career in literature and, in his senior year, wrote to his father: "I will not disguise...
cena: 46,83
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Michael Angelo: "For His Heart Was in His Work, and the Heart Giveth Grace Unto Every Art"
 The Poetry of Laurence Binyon - Volume XII: The Cause of War Laurence Binyon 9781787370944 Portable Poetry
Robert Laurence Binyon, CH, was born on August 10th, 1869 in Lancaster in Lancashire, England to Quaker parents, Frederick Binyon and Mary Dockray. He studied at St Paul's School, London before enrolling at Trinity College, Oxford, to read classics. Binyon's first published work was Persephone in 1890. As a poet, his output was not prodigious and, in the main, the volumes he did publish were...
cena: 46,83
The Poetry of Laurence Binyon - Volume XII: The Cause of War
 Rabbit Sun, Lotus Moon: Poems Andrea Millenson Penner 9781940769639 Mercury Heartlink
The poems in Rabbit Sun, Lotus Moon present those uncommon moments when we recognize our world not only as a landscape or backdrop for our individual and collective experiences, but also as soulful nourishment (if we pay attention). The poet shares with the reader a journey of awakening "to what is important in this one precarious life between earth and sky." Each poem arrives unexpectedly...
cena: 71,21
Rabbit Sun, Lotus Moon: Poems
 Chai and Biscuits with 1001 Haikus Usha Meenakshi 9781946390486 Notion Press, Inc.
Words are but the voice
Of the soul; sap that reveals
Self in the flower
From the realm of nature to that of inner self; from the dark recesses of mind to the straining, exploding emotions; from the simplicity of children to the complexity of the technology, these modern Haikus touch and savor them all.
If you are looking for the ephemeral beauty of youth and the empyreal...
cena: 59,00
Chai and Biscuits with 1001 Haikus
 Standing Female Nude Carol Ann Duffy 9781509824960 Pan MacMillan
This outstanding first collection introduced Carol Ann Duffy's impressive gifts and the broad range of her interests and style. The poems are fresh, skillful, passionate. Since its publication in 1985, Duffy has won every major poetry prize in the United Kingdom and sold over one million copies of her books around the world.
cena: 56,44
Standing Female Nude
 Viaggio in Paradiso: Una Divina Commedia Per Il XXI Secolo Ettore Perrella 9788867722075 IPOC di Pietro Condemi

Facendo il verso (E proprio il caso di dirlo) al piU grande poema sacro che sia mai stato scritto, la Divina commedia di Dante, l'autore di questo straordinario viaggio fantamistico imbarca il lettore in una gigantesca nave poetica, sulla quale, come un tempo accadeva nelle cattedrali gotiche, gli vengono presentati, sempre in immagini di straordinaria evidenza iconica, tutti i...

cena: 222,68
Viaggio in Paradiso: Una Divina Commedia Per Il XXI Secolo
 The Bulmer Murder Paul Munden   9780995353824 Recent Work Press

The title poem of this collection chronicles the eighteenth-century trial of Captain John Bolton for the murder of his apprentice girl, Elizabeth Rainbow, in a small village in the north of England where Paul Munden has spent most of his life. The poem's reflection on the life writing process is complemented by other shadowings, glimpses of strange complicities and dark pastoral musings.

cena: 56,34
The Bulmer Murder
 In One Form to Find Another Jane Lewty 9780996316767 Cleveland State University Poetry Center
Poetry. Women's Studies. Winner of the 2016 CSU Poetry Center Open Book Prize. "IN ONE FORM TO FIND ANOTHER is an heroically unsettling and compelling textual reenactment of feminine embodiments' lament, contemplation and recalibration of disturbed histories irrevocably intertwined with traumatic experience. In intense, palpable language, Lewty lays bare the somatic registers of complex and...
cena: 71,21
In One Form to Find Another
 Album for the Young (and Old): Poems Vera Pavlova Steven Seymour 9780451494788 Knopf Publishing Group
A new collection of the accessible and evocative "micro-verse" from one of Russia's most beloved poets.

Vera Pavlova's If There Is Something to Desire delighted the poetry world a few years ago. Her poems, rarely longer than a few lines, thrill and puzzle us like Zen koans, considering matters philosophical, romantic, sexual, familial, artistic. Album for the Young (and...
cena: 110,63
Album for the Young (and Old): Poems
 The Wooden Gate Brendan Doyle 9781760412685 Ginninderra Press

That week, we went to a kabuki show,

stories of wandering souls

in search of revenge, or lost love.

On my last night in Tokyo

my father comes in

at a wooden gate, wet with rain...

from 'The Wooden Gate'

cena: 61,61
The Wooden Gate
 I Suwannee & Poems Johnny Summerfield 9780998685748 Summerfield Publishing/New Plains Press
A collection of poems of a place and a people. The poet weaves the reader through the briars and thickets, the bogs and shoals to deliver him to the mouth of the Suwannee at the Gulf of Mexico.
cena: 75,06
I Suwannee & Poems
 A Garden Full of Hoes Ryan Quinn Flanagan 9781365692024 Lulu.com
A Garden Full of Hoes by Ryan Quinn Flanagan. Published by Horror Sleaze Trash, 2017.
cena: 62,40
A Garden Full of Hoes
 Dutch Lane AI 9781366415608 Blurb
A poetic trilogy motivated by a concern regarding the natural ecological balance and its beauty surrounding the Dutch Lane area, a unique natural district in close proximity of the metropolitan Hong Kong. By their essence, the poems included form a literary arts form written petition to Hong Kong's Lands Department regarding the state of nature and the future of the area surrounding Dutch Lane....
cena: 276,73
Dutch Lane
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