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 How I Are: In Color, Parsed John Milbury-Steen 9781507817230 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 116,24
How I Are: In Color, Parsed
 Sang...Froid de Noel . Lucye Raye 9781366595423 Blurb
Poetesse engagee pour la liberte et la paix condamne et deplore les attentats perpetres a Berlin le 20 decembre 2016 et tous les autres attaques a Paris et dans le monde Hommage aux victimes . Bonte Beaute Purete Et que les futurs sapins soient toujours blancs Plus jamais taches de sang LUCYE RAYE 20 decembre 2016 Les fonds recoltes iront a l'association Poesie en liberte
cena: 163,64
Sang...Froid de Noel .
 Erotica: English Edition Steve Lando 9781542935265 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 116,28
Erotica: English Edition
 Mister: Poetry MX Normy Chaplin 9781543112672 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 32,66
Mister: Poetry
 The Temporary Vase of Hands Sandra Fees 9781635341584 Finishing Line Press
cena: 76,64
The Temporary Vase of Hands
 Cowboy Poetry for Sale Richard Mousseau 9781927393017 Moose Hide Books Imprint of Moose Enterprise
cena: 49,13
Cowboy Poetry for Sale
 Scheinbild Der Gegenwart Stefan Kemper 9783710330919 United P.C. Verlag
cena: 120,63
Scheinbild Der Gegenwart
 Sonntagskluft Dan Ponicke 9783743173705 Books on Demand
cena: 43,69
 Anthologique - Kollekzion Eins Sanjay Nataly-Gandhi 9781367199248 Blurb
The first of two collections of poetry. Written between 1996 and 2016. Contains: The Last Transmissions, VS, Suite 210: Redux, Mz.Konsepcion of Life, Divided By Lines.
cena: 202,61
Anthologique - Kollekzion Eins
 Poems from Montreal - Day Oz Yilmaz 9781320622707 Blurb
cena: 288,13
Poems from Montreal - Day
 Rapture & the Big Bam Matt Donovan 9781936797943 Tupelo Press

Winner of the Snowbound Chapbook Award, selected by Lia Purpura

With funky tempos and stretched, staggering lines, Matt Donovan's new sequence interrogates the ways our daily lives teem with beauty and loss. Using figures engrained in American culture to portray collisions of pleasure with tragedy, he summons singers Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday, athlete Babe Ruth,...

cena: 56,36
Rapture & the Big Bam
 Aries & the Heart Joshua Adkins 9781365566844 Lulu.com
This book of poetry consists of over 50 poems from archives that I've committed to over so many years. You will read about everything between love and tragedy.
cena: 81,03
Aries & the Heart
 Twice a Sickened Cord Crawled Out from Me Timothy T. Adams 9781366783738 Blurb
A carnival of moods. Embracing all possibilities of time. Stunned, swift, brief, nonsense. Little word sculptures crawl but cannot walk. An utterance so unsubstantiated. Unnatural & natural sounds. A turmoil of mischief, poetry circa 2016, written primarily in the alcoves of Mary Majaks and her webs of populist desiring.
cena: 56,10
Twice a Sickened Cord Crawled Out from Me
 Reflections Over Time Roger William Lewis 9781320476423 Blurb
A photo poetry book, reflecting over time the poems of a dreamer, shape shifter and visionary. Poems with a moral, a story, some humour, a tale or two and have you heard the rumour......
cena: 86,12
Reflections Over Time
 Starship Free: An Anthology Mark D. Bishop 9781326883546 Lulu.com
cena: 71,96
Starship Free: An Anthology
 By the Still Waters: Leaves from a Witness Tree John S. Howze 9781517345198 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This is a book of inspirational Christian poetry, offering insight, worship and praise to be enjoyed and shared by those seeking to know Christ better, to walk out His teachings, and to grow in their inner Christian life. The author invites all who know the Lord and all who would like to know Him better, to partake of this sparkling, very enjoyable book.
cena: 41,44
By the Still Waters: Leaves from a Witness Tree
 Lunalogia Hector Martine 9781539726128 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Lunalogia (2017) es el tercer poemario de Hector Martinez Sanz, tras Antologia Poetica (2014) y Nocturnal (2016). Contiene una serie poematica que sigue las fases lunares a la vez que recupera diferentes mitologias sobre el astro nocturno de distintas culturas antiguas griegas, mexicanas u orientales. Lilith, Artemisa, Persefone, Chia, Ixchel, asi como un amplio bestiario como el Minotauro, la...
cena: 43,69
ilość książek w kategorii: 103352