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 The Allurement of Apollo: Take a Walk with Me... Apollo the Dreamer Elliott Night Professionals 9781543142051 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
First, you got caught up in the moment...now...come talk a walk with Apollo...as he add spice and sexiness to your life, and take you on an erotic journey...with pleasure feeling poetry...lighting up your soul...are you ready...to take a walk with Apollo...
cena: 68,78
The Allurement of Apollo: Take a Walk with Me...
 Subterfuge of Love: : Two: Words Kept Apart from Those Who Are Precious and Close to You Niet Van Der Zand 9781543085334 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Poems gathered from here, there, and everywhere; especially those places where they maybe should never have been in the first place. An ongoing compendium of poetry, sorted by happenstance into collections each of around one hundred poems. Works pulled together from several decades of writing; they share a lineage, and mostly, but not always, they are written with one person in mind. These are...
cena: 39,60
Subterfuge of Love: : Two: Words Kept Apart from Those Who Are Precious and Close to You
 Baby Blessings: Inspiring Poems and Prayers for Every Stage of Babyhood June Cotner 9781449471897 Andrews McMeel Publishing
Baby Blessings brings insight, joy, and inspiration for those wonderful years from pregnancy through every stage of babyhood. Many prayers and poems are included that can be used at baby-naming ceremonies, christenings, or for family gatherings.
Baby Blessings highlights the wonders of babyhood with classic and new poems, lullabies, and blessings for every stage of baby's life,...
cena: 52,46
Baby Blessings: Inspiring Poems and Prayers for Every Stage of Babyhood
 They Tell Me I Live in a Gated Community But I Know a Psych Ward When I See 1 Bill Schohl 9781543015560 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Dear Literate, Good-Hearted Person: Here's a unique, odd little gift idea that's perfect for your unique, odd little friends (even yourself). This book of poster-looking poems features God, Life, Rantings, My Permanent Record, Lost Mind, The Full Sun, Full Moons, Rental Cars, Hand Grenades, Psychos, Giant Spiders, Determinism, Suicidal Thoughts and more. Since it's under 10 bucks, you can, if...
cena: 45,56
They Tell Me I Live in a Gated Community But I Know a Psych Ward When I See 1
 Scuff Amelia Hickman 9781542972390 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Poetry can reveal things about the heart that words cannot explain out loud. Just as true, becoming an aunt can save a life. And while the psychosis of the heart and mind can be a deranged, confusing creature to piece apart, when the world feels as though it is shattering, though on the surface appears fine, two small, gentle hands can heal depression just by that person imagining what it would...
cena: 35,47
 The Sonnet Wolf Diaries Susan Joyner-Stumpf 9781365833595 Lulu.com
cena: 254,27
The Sonnet Wolf Diaries
Positive Poetry is a book of poems and pictures rooted in positivity, hope, and everyday life. Wrote in plain English, this book includes poems and pictures on the subjects of love, life, faith, and friendship. A book full of heart and hope, it will leave you feeling enabled, inspired, and smiling.
cena: 60,48
Positive Poetry: The Poems and Pictures of Stephen Bevins
 Reflections: Life Stories Told Through Poetry B. P. Mooney 9781542779159 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This is a book like no other. It will make you ponder... It will make you think... to a time where life was simple... a time of that special person that you wonder what if... What if I loved them and they loved me... what if I made a different choice... How would my life be different today if I made a different choice... What if ?
cena: 28,72
Reflections: Life Stories Told Through Poetry
 2016: A Year of Poetry Robert P. Hansen 9781542659451 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Most of the poems in this collection were written during 2016. As with the previous two years' collections, the subject matter is diverse with love, hate, murder, nature, social and political commentary, and many other topics being explored. However, this one has a stronger philosophical presence than they did, since many of the poems are reflective or speculative in nature and some relate to...
cena: 39,60
2016: A Year of Poetry
 The-Courage-That-Contains-The-Rage Steve Stone 9781542515214 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Rage engendered by feelings of abandonment, victimization, isolation, injustice, heredity, abuse, and unworthiness feed the flame of Steve Stone's talent. Steve has a wonderful talent, the ability to articulate and give voice to this rage, an emotion many choose to avoid and run away from. Steve courageously vents his rage across the pages of this, his third book, always in the hope of inspiring...
cena: 56,31
 Poet in the Park Judith Lauter 9781622881604 Stephen F. Austin University Press

The Poet in the Park is a tribute to Wallace Stevens memory and to his singular accomplishment in poetry. It is an attempt to make an affectionate, human connection with a man deprived of some of life s most basic pleasures living where you want, living with whom you want, and having the psychological and emotional freedom to express yourself and evade the fetters of our Puritanical...

cena: 111,88
Poet in the Park
 Our Neighbors: Shining Awareness on Homelessness in Atlanta Karlye Hayes 9781541251472 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Shining a light on homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia through eye-witness experiences of the homeless communities. Our Neighbors was written to change our perspective and see homeless individuals for who they are: humans.
cena: 131,32
Our Neighbors: Shining Awareness on Homelessness in Atlanta
 Thicket Carl Hultberg 9781543109900 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 39,64
 A Luta Uhuru Continua: The Struggle for Freedom Continues K. Nyansa 9781540692436 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A Luta Uhuru Continua means "the struggle for freedom continues." The book is an anthology of poems which predominantly touches on various aspects of freedom. It is a book that is meant to inspire, incite critical thinking, and broaden readers perspective.
cena: 110,45
A Luta Uhuru Continua: The Struggle for Freedom Continues
 Dear Moon Frances Ivy 9781539553151 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Frances Ivy's debut collection of poetry takes us along a winding path of old memories. It is an honest journey about the struggle of finding peace in our hurting and strength in our downfall, a reached out hand to help retrieve pieces of ourselves we thought we had lost. Through this collection we travel through the ups and downs, the newly found love as well as the abandoned, the ecstasy of...
cena: 60,48
Dear Moon
 Of Dissonance and Harmony Hicham Talbi 9781544676029 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 64,61
Of Dissonance and Harmony
 Behind the Words Frankie Macias 9781535324854 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Behind the words is a riveting story of rags to riches. Author Frankie Macias tells his life story about the pain, drugs, & gang violence he endured growing up. How he learned to channel all his anger & frustration into beautiful writings that would go on touch the hearts of many world wide.
cena: 110,49
Behind the Words
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