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 Murmurings to a Friend Nikos Kalogeropoulos 9781364417376 Blurb
A personal and moving selection of poems inspired through serendipitous and messy interactions with a close friend over the last decade.
cena: 168,91
Murmurings to a Friend
 Opting Out: Early, New, and Collected Poems 2000-2015 Maged Zaher Susan M. Schultz Phil Bevis 9781633980624 Arundel Books (West Edge Media LLC)
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2017
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Opting Out: Early, New, and Collected Poems 2000-2015
 Liberatus Oz Yilmaz 9781364843519 Blurb
Liberatus - A Collection of Poems by OZ YILMAZ Written in Montreal, Canada. This is the continuation of the previous 2 books of poetry.
cena: 172,57
 5 V Lucye Raye 9781367204218 Blurb
cena: 172,25
5 V
 Anthology 2014 Shrewsbury Poetry Stanza   9781320140751 Blurb
An anthology of poetry written by members of the official Poetry Society Stanza for Shropshire, the Shrewsbury Poetry Stanza. With poetry by Carol Caffrey, Graham Attenborough, Roger Garfitt, Dorothy Prescott, Julia Butler, Mary Williams, Pam Green, Sue Avery, Penny Simpson, Eleanor Forrester, Bethany Rivers, Peter Shilston, Sam Fleet and Robert Harper.
cena: 40,12
Anthology 2014
 You Know the Ones Dave Malone 9781936135264 Golden Antelope Press

In this, his seventh book, poet Dave Malone gives readers glimpses of life-shaping moments. In a chapter titled "School Days and Light," we watch a bully, and a too-young bride; in the "Aux Arcs" (Ozarks) section, we meditate on family values. "Love Language" reads sky, lake, and tree. The book ends with elegies, sharp and subtle, for (extra) ordinary people.

Dave Malone is a poet and...

cena: 76,14
You Know the Ones
 I Heart Hot Dogs. Michael Hardy 9781364671181 Blurb
cena: 141,51
I Heart Hot Dogs.
 The Man Who Stood Part II Jk Holland 9781364310219 Blurb
cena: 115,96
The Man Who Stood Part II
 Let Them Eat Chaos Kate Tempest 9781632868770 Bloomsbury USA

Kate Tempest's powerful new narrative poem--set to music on her album of the same title--illuminates the lives of a single city street, creating an electric, humming human symphony.

Let Them Eat Chaos, Kate Tempest's new long poem written for live performance and heard on the album release of the same name, is both a powerful sermon and a moving play for voices....

cena: 76,36
Let Them Eat Chaos
 Portrait of the Alcoholic Kaveh Akbar 9781943977277 Sibling Rivalry Press, LLC

"Was it Jung who speculated that alcoholism might be an attempt at a material solution for a spiritual problem? Kaveh Akbar seems able to contain both--he's a demotic, as well as a spiritual, poet (the only type of either I trust). Each word in this little book might rise up from somewhere deep in the earth, but they turn into stars." - Nick Flynn

"In Islam prayer is not transactional,...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 26-01-2017
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Portrait of the Alcoholic
 I'll Still Love You in the Morning Sarah Corrigan 9781367914001 Blurb
cena: 40,02
I'll Still Love You in the Morning
 I Forgot Cassy Fry 9781364531409 Blurb
Late at night, when I cannot sleep, I remember all the things I forgot... and then I note them down. This collection of notes, all starting with the prompt 'I Forgot...' is a reminder that there is poetry in the things we have lost, especially when we see them collectively.
cena: 46,79
I Forgot
 Flots Lucye Raye 9781367068841 Blurb
Mes flots en defi de l'humanite Dans mes chairs, des baisers Tout incarner Ne rien masquer Decouverte de l'Amour et son epanouissement Avec mes "FLOTS " poetiques tout simplement "
cena: 277,45
cena: 59,43
Fish on a Bicycle: New & Selected Poems
 Les Fauves Barbara Crooker   9781936196692 C&r Press

Les Fauves is, as the title suggests, a collection of ekphrastic poetry, meditations on paintings from the Fauve and Post-Impressionist movements. But it also contains poetry's equivalent to Fauvism, poems that take a walk on the wild side. There are language experiment poems, poems of word play, poems in form both usual (end rhymes, sonnets, ghazals) and unusual (abecedaries,...

cena: 84,77
Les Fauves
 5 V Lucye Raye 9781367204225 Blurb
cena: 278,91
5 V
 My Heart Beats V. Maree 9781682377406 Tate Publishing & Enterprises

Childhood trauma versus poor adult choices. What's the connection?

Emotional and behavioral problems are among the most prevalent chronic health conditions of childhood that largely go unrecognized and undiagnosed until a child grows into adulthood.

In My Heart Beats, the author transparently shares her life and the initial traumatic experience of her childhood, which set the...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 21-02-2017
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My Heart Beats
 Personal Science Lillian-Yvonne Bertram 9781936797912 Tupelo Press

Personal Science is an investigation: What happens when the imagined life and the stories we tell ourselves become terrifying, given our human ability to inhabit both mental and physical worlds? Bertram's third full-length collection pivots on an extended piece of creative nonfiction, "Forecast," which shows how obsessive thinking can begin in actual occurrences that are then exploded in the...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2017
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Personal Science
 Bones of Eden Lena Aisha 9781364364762 Blurb
"Somewhere deep within us lies the memory of Eden, and all of our existence is but an effort to realize what we have lost." A compilation of stray thoughts, abandoned novels and poetry.
cena: 131,76
Bones of Eden
 The Traveler's Guide to Bomb City Chera Hammons   9780944048719 Purple Flag

Amarillo, Texas, to many of those who pass through on their way to the "postcard" mountain scenery of northern New Mexico and Colorado, is the flattest and ugliest place they have ever seen. If, however, they were blessed with the eyes and heightened sensibilities of Chera Hammons, they would be awakened to a world of endless beauty and mystery, a world which captivated "literally" for over a...

cena: 68,37
The Traveler's Guide to Bomb City
ilość książek w kategorii: 104886