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 El Siciliano Mario Puzo 9788490700204 Ediciones B
cena: 53,95
El Siciliano
 The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg #1) Lene Kaaberbol Agnete Friis 9781616954918 Soho Crime

Nina Borg, a Red Cross nurse, wife, and mother of two, is a compulsive do-gooder who can't say no when someone asks for help--even when she knows better. When her estranged friend Karin leaves her a key to a public locker in the Copenhagen train station, Nina gets suckered into her most dangerous project yet. Inside the locker is a suitcase, and inside the suitcase is a threeyear-old boy:...

cena: 41,62
The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg #1)
 Bloody Politics Maggie Sefton 9781410473738 Thorndike Press Large Print

The jogger's throat was cut, leaving a pool of blood on the pedestrian path. Molly Malone could tell by the neon yellow running shoe dangling off the end of the stretcher that the body belonged to her friend Natasha Jorgenson.

A junior congressional staffer, Natasha was on her way to meet with Molly to hand over important research on an international banking bill. Natasha was the third...

cena: 180,76
Bloody Politics
 As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust Alan Bradley 9781410476173 Thorndike Press Large Print
cena: 204,09
As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust
 El Estudiante John Katzenbach 9788466655002 Ediciones B
cena: 103,12
El Estudiante
 Killing Cupid Laura Levine 9780758285041 Kensington Publishing Corporation
When Jaine lands a job writing web copy and brochures for matchmaker Joy Amoroso, she's excited for a chance to help the lovelorn just in time for Valentine's Day -- until she realizes what "Dates of Joy" is really all about. Joy is a ruthless taskmaster who screams at her employees for the smallest infractions, pads her website with pictures of professional models posing as clients, and offers...
cena: 33,29
Killing Cupid
 Uncanny Tales F. Marion Crawford 9781312185029 Lulu.com
cena: 183,44
Uncanny Tales
 Terror Trove of Two Tales Angelina Jensen 9781460265772 FriesenPress
cena: 110,76
Terror Trove of Two Tales
 Between Two Rivers Wayne Porter 9781503119567 Createspace
cena: 69,77
Between Two Rivers
 After Dusk Rebecca Carter 9781507743140 Createspace
cena: 26,21
After Dusk
 With Tooth and Claw Jim Goforth 9781508442059 Createspace
cena: 48,08
With Tooth and Claw
 The Hounds of Hollenbeck Max Griffin 9781612921372 Purple Sword Publications, LLC
cena: 52,45
The Hounds of Hollenbeck
 The Vault Daniel McKinnon 9781922229526 Zeus Publications
cena: 105,45
The Vault
 East River Trust D. S. Cooper 9780990974338 D. S. Cooper
cena: 38,93
East River Trust
 The Good Shepherd Hugh Greene 9781503104075 Createspace
cena: 43,74
The Good Shepherd
 Ebony Blood Ella Durham 9781508415718 Createspace
cena: 35,22
Ebony Blood
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