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 Inside Your Local Police James Harper Walker 9780595652730 Writers Club Press
Follow police Lieutenant James MacDonald (Mac) as he tries to solve The Claw Hammer murder case. While being constantly interrupted with assorted Armed robbers, gang fights, gun fights and domestics.
cena: 107,71
Inside Your Local Police
 Revelation Revealed Terry J. Malone Haskel E. Malon 9781589395060 Virtualbookworm.com Publishing
Looking over the vast wasteland, I could feel another miserable day dawning. Most of the food is gone, and what little water remained, gangs have taken by force. Not even the unified forces are able to provide protection. Fortunately, I found a gun on a soldier left for dead during the last raid.Because I have not taken the mark I must be cautious at all times, for I am a hunted man. Bounty...
cena: 71,02
Revelation Revealed
 La Nota Discordante Claudio Ruggeri Ana Garcia Garcia 9781492956488 Createspace
Ralf Brandenburg, musico de fama internacional, es encontrado asesinado al lado de su amado piano. De la investigacion se ocupara Vincent Germano, comisario de policia, el cual, para poder llegar a la verdad, no tendra a disposicion mas que las palabras de quien en el pasado ha tenido la oportunidad de conocer al excentrico y profundo artista de la noche. For more informations about the author...
cena: 29,83
La Nota Discordante
 Beneath a Buried House Bob Avey 9780937660812 Deadly Niche Press
Things aren't always what they seem. Tulsa Police Detective, Kenny Elliot's quest to uncover the truth behind the death of a transient makes him a target - from whom or what he isn't sure. When he brushes the dirt from the surface of an apparent John Doe overdose case, he finds a labyrinth of misdirection and deception beneath, and a trail, which leads him to an encounter with an aberration in...
cena: 103,62
Beneath a Buried House
 A Discount for Death: A Posadas County Mystery Steven F. Havill 9781590586594 Poisoned Pen Press
Praise for A Discount for Death... " Havill] renders his characters as artfully as ever.... In carving out a little corner of New Mexico near the Mexican border, Havill has created an absorbing and entertaining universe." -Publishers Weekly "Former Posadas County, New Mexico, sheriff Bill Gastner remains in the background as Havill's series shifts its focus to Undersheriff Estelle...
cena: 61,65
A Discount for Death: A Posadas County Mystery
 Death at Christy Burke's Anne Emery 9781550229882 ECW Press
Now available in trade paper There's a killer on the premises of Christy Burke's pub in Dublin, according to graffiti spray-painted on the wall. Father Brennan Burke, Christy's grandson, is asked to investigate the vandalism. Brennan has been tending bar a bit himself and is not all that keen on probing into the lives of his clientele. But he has little choice once a body is found and the...
cena: 102,88
Death at Christy Burke's
 0-Minus Clarence Boles 9781434916174 Dorrance Publishing Co.
cena: 90,71
 Hypothermia Arnaldur Indridason 9780099532279 Vintage, London
One cold autumn night, a woman is found hanging from a beam in her summer cottage by Lake Thingvellir. At first sight it appears to be a straightforward case of suicide, but when Karen, the friend who found her body, approaches Erlendur and gives him the tape of a seance that Mar a had attended, his curiosity is aroused."
cena: 57,87
 Spirit Hunters Dawn Lewelling 9781606720509 PUBLISHAMERICA
Spirit Hunters has quickly become the top-rated show on the Network. Chris, Matt, and Anne lead the exciting team of paranormal investigators, and they are about to reach a new pinnacle of success when they are invited to penetrate the dark depths of Americaas most imposing haunted house yetaDeath Manor. They travel to the small town of Mayonette, Kansas, and meet up with the local clairvoyant...
cena: 129,62
Spirit Hunters
 Oil Last Call, China, Cuba, Venezuela, the Pyka Group Andree Decarie Fred Levine 9780988025110 Editions Revolte
A hacker discover an international conspiracy involving espionage, assassinations, disinformation and kidnnaping connected to peak oil. China, Russia, Cuba and Vevezuela are members of this secret society who wants to take control of oil reserves not secured by the Americans. The energy crisis, analyzed and popularized explodes like a bomb in a compelling and surprising thriller. Keywords: oil,...
cena: 115,23
Oil Last Call, China, Cuba, Venezuela, the Pyka Group
 The Stranger You Know Andrea Kane 9780778316107 Mira Books
It begins with a chilling phone call. And ends with another girl dead.
College-age girls with long red hair are being brutally murdered, posed like victims in a film noir. Each crime scene is eerily similar to the twisted fantasy of a serial offender now serving thirty years to life--a criminal brought to justice with the help of Casey Woods and her investigative team, Forensic Instincts....
cena: 32,95
The Stranger You Know
 Faber: A Mason Briggs Mission Annette Goeres 9780692208595 Annette Goeres
cena: 47,41
Faber: A Mason Briggs Mission
 Lost Contact MS Joan Carson 9780964566385 Crown Peak Publishing
Lost Contact A fast-paced suspense mystery, full of twists . . . A cloud of suspicion hangs over the Aspen airport as a private charter plane has lost contact with ground control. Lauren Reese suspects there might be a connection to one of the passengers she talked with before the plane took off. Jack Kelly was an old flame and seeing him again brought back bittersweet memories of first love. She...
cena: 64,72
Lost Contact
 The Greeks of Beaubien Street Suzanne Jenkins 9781479311743 Createspace
Nestled below the skyline of Detroit you'll find Greektown, a few short blocks of colorful bliss, warm people and Greek food. In spite of growing up immersed in the safety of her family and their rich culture, Jill Zannos doesn't fit in. A Detroit homicide detective, she manages to keep one foot planted firmly in the traditions started by her grandparents, while the other navigates the most...
cena: 68,19
The Greeks of Beaubien Street
 The Sentinel Kathryn 9781490860954 WestBow Press

Sometimes it's more prudent to ignore a conceivable problem than to insert oneself into the middle of it and thinking you can make it go away. Kassie, a sensitive, caring person inserted herself into a situation her roommate and friend, Jackie, couldn't comprehend. Both were flight attendants, with different backgrounds and values. Their priorities and lifestyles were on the same page only...

cena: 102,88
The Sentinel
 The China Connection Anthony J. Sacco 9780595655465 Writers Club Press
Disbarred lawyer turned investigator, Matt Dawson, reeling from the effects of a divorce, is hired to find Johnny Chou before three other groups find and kill him. Dawson embarks on a journey that takes him to LA, London, Paris and Taipei, and into the deepest recesses of his own heart, as he struggles to find his quarry. In the process he learns to forgive his ex-wife and himself, rekindles his...
cena: 151,86
The China Connection
 A Double Life and the Detectives Allan Pinkerton 9781589639690 Fredonia Books (NL)
Allan Pinkerton (1819-1884) was the world's first private detective. Emigrating to Chicago from Glasgow, Scotland, he discovered a gang of counterfeiters and assisted in their capture. He became deputy sheriff of Kane County, then Cook County, resigning from the police to form the Pinkerton Detective Agency in 1852. The Pinkerton logo, the All-Seeing Eye, inspired the phrase "Private Eye." The...
cena: 172,89
A Double Life and the Detectives
 Bury Me in Kisses Laura Schiff 9781475263497 Createspace
cena: 58,66
Bury Me in Kisses
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