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 Czarny Piątek Kava Alex 9788323866749 Harlequin
Piątek, dzień po Święcie Dziękczynienia.
Największe centrum handlowe w USA.
Najlepsze promocje, najtańsze oferty, najciekawsze produkty. Prawdziwe żniwa dla sprzedawców.
Samobójczy zamachowcy uderzają w sercu Ameryki. Giną tysiące osób. Atak terrorystyczny, do którego nikt się nie przyznaje.

Czarny Piątek
 Murder by Suicide MR Alvin Gerson MR Alvin Gerson 9781481295987 Createspace
An unusual murder mystery with a strange solutuion. Perhaps the butler did it Also included are more than 100 short-short stories. All contain a twisted ending.
cena: 40,56
Murder by Suicide
 South Sea Gold Keith Dahlberg 9781484991992 Createspace
cena: 51,68
South Sea Gold
 Emmettville Rusty Henrichsen 9781494414276 Createspace
Kevin and Natalie Hale's move to Emmettville seemed the perfect chance for a fresh start. New jobs, new opportunities and the chance to dust the troubles of the past from their boots. An idyllic small town greeted them, but setback after setback, followed by a terrible accident, throws their lives into a catastrophic tailspin, and acts as a force multiplier on Kevin's alcoholism. Natalie Hale...
cena: 27,74
 Krwawa jutrznia Straceńcy Wollny Mariusz 9788375153040 Otwarte
Kacper Turopoński wymyka się śmierci w kanałach pod moskiewskim zamkiem dzięki wrodzonemu sprytowi i... znajomości rozwiązań holenderskich budowniczych. Wkrótce potem syn słynnego inwestygatora staje się naocznym świadkiem drugiego „powrotu” cara Dymitra. Ale polityczne zmiany nie wywierają na niego takiego wpływu jak poznanie prawdziwej twarzy carycy Maryny, w której był...
Krwawa jutrznia Straceńcy
 Pure Jake Simons 9781846972737 0
Introducing Uzi, a disaffected, deadly ex-Mossad agent with revenge on his mind. When he gets the chance to expose the details of a top secret assassination operation he makes himself an enemy of his former employers. 'The Pure' is a high-octane, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping espionage thriller. Buckle up, there's a new Bourne in town!
cena: 45,64
 Secrets of the Foreign Office William L 9781906140007 Qwertyword Limited
Secrets of the Foreign Office was first published in 1903. The author, William Le Queux, (pronounced 'Q'), was one of the first creators of the spy story. A journalist-turned-author, he successfully combined his passionate interest in national security and new technological developments, with his detailed knowledge of travel and high society in Europe, in these and other collections of short...
cena: 49,39
Secrets of the Foreign Office
 Ethan Frome Edith Wharton 9781604597097 Wilder Publications
Ethan Frome was published in 1911 by the Pulitzer Prize-winning American author Edith Wharton. It is set in turn-of-the-century New England in the fictitious town of Starkfield, Massachusetts. Ethan Frome is a man with dreams and desires that end in an ironic turn of events. The narrator tells the story based on an account from observations at Frome's house when he had to stay there during a...
cena: 28,11
Ethan Frome
 Stolen Hearts: A Grace Street Mystery  9781590589397 Poisoned Pen Press
David Randall's perfect life is derailed when he loses his little daughter in a car crash. After being thrown out by his second wife, he reluctantly accepts his psychic friend Camden's invitation to stay in Camden's boarding house. Here he meets Kary Ingram, the lovely young woman who'll become the love of his life, and an ever-changing assortment of Camden's tenants. 250 pp.
cena: 52,74
Stolen Hearts: A Grace Street Mystery
 Fallen Boys Aaron Dries 9781619210684 Samhain Publishing
cena: 56,45
Fallen Boys
 That Girl Started Her Own Country: Sixth in the Series of Sequels to the Count of Monte Cristo Holy Ghost Writer 9781479229819 Createspace
International Playgirl Zaydee finds herself in the midst of a crisis fueled by international intrigue, multinational corporate greed, and a convoluted legal system. Arrested for assult on an FBI agent, this brilliant jet-setter becomes an international media celebrity as she defends herself, an unknown girl labeled Princess Jane Doe, against unknown charges. With complicated and shadowy plots...
cena: 45,72
That Girl Started Her Own Country: Sixth in the Series of Sequels to the Count of Monte Cristo
 Erasure A. T. H. Webber 9781477574669 Createspace
I remember but it is failing. I have strived to erase myself before I go. For as long as I remember Her, She can wait for me. For as long as I am remembered, I will have to wait. Erasure's secretive narrator leads us across cities, continents and decades, racing to grasp at the weakening threads that link to Her. Steps traced, data hacked, privacy shattered - life and death in the cloud. But what...
cena: 37,00
 Silent Vector: A Nick Temple File Jonathan Dyer 9780989981637 Silent Vector
While vacationing in the Virgin Islands in early 1962, CIA spy Nick Temple stumbles across a plot by the Soviet Union to develop and deploy a vaccine-resistant strain of polio in the American heartland. As the entire American government concentrates on the simultaneous threat of nuclear arms being deployed in Cuba, Nick and his small team of dedicated agents are left to thwart the worst...
cena: 51,68
Silent Vector: A Nick Temple File
 The Cat's Paw Raymond J. Radner 9780595185627 Authors Choice Press
cena: 92,15
The Cat's Paw
 The Worm Turns Paulette Winsted Butt 9781412053105 Trafford Publishing
Rebecca is a wealthy widow and wants her first husband Matthew back. His rejection results in her joining teams with a corrupt police detective to see Matthew falsely indicted for her millionaire husband's murder.
cena: 91,73
The Worm Turns
 Kwiat cieplarniany i 9 roślin wzbudzających pożądanie Berwin Margot 9788374957953 Muza
· pasjonujący kryminał, powieść przygodowa i naprawdę gorący romans
· Lili, trzydziestoparoletnia copywriterka z Nowego Jorku, udaje się w podróż na Jukatan
· w głębi meksykańskich lasów deszczowych, w świecie szamanów, duchów zwierząt i zaklinaczy węży ma odnaleźć 9 wzbudzających pożądanie roślin
· opowieść o tęsknocie za sławą, pieniędzmi, nieśmiertelnością...
Kwiat cieplarniany i 9 roślin wzbudzających pożądanie
 End Game: A Legal Injustice L. S. Temmer 9781482391664 Createspace
An innocent man is falsely accused of crimes against humanity. Chased cross country by bounty hunters, he is arrested at brought to a politically motivated world court to be tried. During the course of his incarceration and trial, he struggles to find the true meaning of justice, honor and liberty.
cena: 59,27
End Game: A Legal Injustice
 Absolution Marcus Ward 9781490378503 Createspace
cena: 22,19
 The First Stone: A Liz Stone Mystery Kathy Reynolds 9781494709181 Createspace
Introducing Liz Stone. She's the wife of a high powered lawyer, the mother of a feisty five year old Rosie, and a cop. A Las Vegas Detective working in the Crimes Against Children, division kind of cop. Liz is on the hunt for Surfer-Dude-Sam, a serial rapist and killer who lures teen girls over the internet by pretending to be a 16 year old boy. Liz and her partner, John, Stewart, are working...
cena: 37,04
The First Stone: A Liz Stone Mystery
 House of Cards Michael Dobbs 9780006176909 0
Michael Dobbs' entertaining tale of skulduggery and intrigue within the Palace of Westminster has been a huge hit with the public. Its scheming hero, Chief Whip Francis Urquhart, is a character we all love to hate.
cena: 51,36
House of Cards
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