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 Lawless Jessie KEANE 9780330538657 PAN
Only the lawless will survive, in the heart-racing sequel to "Nameless"
It is 1975 and Ruby Darke is struggling to deal with the brutal murder of her lover, Michael Ward. As her children, Daisy and Kit, battle their own demons, her retail empire starts to crumble. Meanwhile, after the revenge killing of Tito Danieri, Kit is the lowest he's ever been. But soon doubt is thrown over whether Kit...
cena: 50,15
 Lyle Findley: Detective James Long 9781618639608 Bookstand Publishing
cena: 151,16
Lyle Findley: Detective
 Wrath of the Dixie Mafia Paul Sinor 9781932158700 Ingalls Publishing Group, Inc
cena: 76,04
Wrath of the Dixie Mafia
 Wang Chen GE Shi Hui Zhu Hai De Wen Du 9787208123687 Cnpiecsb
" " " " " " " " ......
cena: 85,20
Wang Chen GE Shi Hui Zhu
 Sprawiedliwość zza grobu Wawelsky Stan 9788373996304 Rytm
Dzięki bardzo szybkiemu rozwojowi nauki dziś znajdujemy się na granicy racjonalnego i irracjonalnego. Granica ta ciągle się przesuwa i staje się rodzajem linii frontu, na którym mechanizmy zjawisk uważanych dotychczas za irracjonalne zostają wyjaśnione. Rzeczy dziwne i na pierwszy rzut oka niewytłumaczalne niekoniecznie muszą być odrzucane jako bezużyteczne. Najlepszą drogą jest...
Sprawiedliwość zza grobu
 The Guardian Interviews: The Guardian, the Regulators, Broken  9781618685124 Permuted Platinum
When the dead rise up and take over the city, the Government is forced to close off the borders and abandon the remaining survivors. Fortunately for them, a hero is about to be chosen...a Guardian that will rise up from the ashes, and fight back against the dead.

This edition features the first three books in The Guardian Interviews series: The Guardian, The Regulators and Broken.

cena: 72,06
The Guardian Interviews: The Guardian, the Regulators, Broken
 That Hideous Thing Ran Cartwright 9781312660809 Lulu.com
cena: 85,66
That Hideous Thing
 Once Burned: A Jack McMorrow Mystery Gerry Boyle 9781939017604 Islandport Press

Life is briefly as it should be for Jack McMorrow: He and his wife Roxanne have retreated from the stress and danger of their day jobs to raise their daughter Sophie. But when development and arson threaten the nearby town of Sanctuary, and a crazy accident brings back mistakes from Roxanne s past, Jack s nose for crime leads him into a darker and deeply twisted tale. Something explosive is...

cena: 99,67
Once Burned: A Jack McMorrow Mystery
 The Nomination Taylor Waters 9781508507116 Createspace
cena: 41,85
The Nomination
 El Sabueso de Los Baskerville/The Hound of the Baskerville's: Edicion Bilingue/Bilingual Edition Arthur Conan Doyle 9781508534761 Createspace
El sabueso de los Baskerville, es la tercera novela de Arthur Conan Doyle que tiene como protagonista principal a Sherlock Holmes. La novela esta principalmente ambientada en Dartmoor, en Devon en el Condado Oeste de Inglaterra. Conan Doyle escribio esta historia poco despues de regresar de Sudafrica, donde habia trabajado como voluntario medico en The Langman Field Hospital en Bloemfontein. Fue...
cena: 96,74
El Sabueso de Los Baskerville/The Hound of the Baskerville's: Edicion Bilingue/Bilingual Edition
 Thread End Amanda Lee 9781410473820 Wheeler Publishing Large Print
cena: 145,75
Thread End
 Landing in Eden Jae Mazer 9781910105375 Netherworld Books
cena: 77,89
Landing in Eden
 Rue Des Fleurs Muettes Manou Fuentes   9782370113177 Editions Helene Jacob
cena: 73,53
Rue Des Fleurs Muettes
 Browning Battles on Peter Corris 9780207176135 Angus and Robertson
cena: 50,43
Browning Battles on
 Killing Waldo Victoria Helen Rose 9780990614135 Caroline Jones
Belle Jones is back and ready to kill... In this thrilling sequel to "Beauty, Fury, and Lies," super-spy Belle Jones is hot on the trail of the world's two most notorious terrorists. Terror mastermind Omar Al-Zahrani and his protege, Osama bin Laden, have caught wind of her hunt and the clock is still ticking. Working with the task force team on an isolated base, the best and brightest race to...
cena: 55,72
Killing Waldo
 Devilsbane Ace Finlay 9781312864634 Lulu.com
cena: 94,19
 Fry Me a Liver Delia Rosen 9780758282033 Kensington Publishing Corporation
"Delia Rosen provides an entertaining deli whodunit." --"Mystery Gazette "on "One Foot in the Gravy"
Deli owner Gwen "Nashville" Katz has certainly had some very un-Kosher experiences since her move from New York--dead customers, dead street musicians, dead deliverymen. Sometimes the country music capital of the world feels more like a cemetery. But Gwen is finally knocked flat on her tuchas...
cena: 32,00
Fry Me a Liver
 Disorder: A Thriller Charles Cilo 9781478748083 Outskirts Press
Born Evil, Times Two... Twelve years ago, a pair of teenage brother/sister twins committed a most horrific multiple homicide. Over the outcry of an enraged public, the state found Blair and Didi Bodyne not guilty by reason of insanity, and incarcerated them in Wing Valley, a secure mental institution. Now, 25 years old, the wheels of wealth and influence are about to convince the state to release...
cena: 89,44
Disorder: A Thriller
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