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 A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery Barbara Rogan 9780143125655 Penguin Books
When a glamorous literary agent falls prey to a violent stalker, she discovers that the publishing biz can really be murder, for fans of "The Spellman Files "and "Maisie Dobbs"
"Suspenseful . . . Barbara Rogan cleverly explores . . . our capacity for self-deception and weaves it into an absorbing mystery that keeps its secret until the very end."
Jo Donovan always manages to...
cena: 49,46
A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery
 The Moonstone Wilkie Collins 9780062227317 Bourbon Street Books

At a party celebrating her eighteenth birthday, Rachel Verinder wears the stunning yellow diamond she unexpectedly inherited from her uncle, Colonel John Herncastle. She is not aware that the precious gem, known as the Moonstone, was plundered from a sacred Hindu shrine in southern India where her uncle had served with the British army fifty years earlier.

But someone knows the secret of the...

cena: 42,83
The Moonstone
 Inferno: En Espanol Dan Brown 9780345806499 Vintage Espanol

El profesor de simbologia en Harvard Robert Langdon despierta en un hospital a media noche. Desorientado y con una herida en la cabeza, no recuerda nada de las ultimas treinta y seis horas, incluyendo como llego alli o el origen de ese macabro objeto que los medicos han descubierto entre sus pertenencias.
Con una incansable asesina persiguiendoles por Florencia, Langdon y la ingeniosa...

cena: 52,75
Inferno: En Espanol
 Those Who Wish Me Dead Michael Koryta 9780316122559 Little Brown and Company
The newest thriller from Michael Koryta, New York Times bestselling author
When 13-year-old Jace Wilson witnesses a brutal murder, he's plunged into a new life, issued a false identity and hidden in a wilderness skills program for troubled teens. The plan is to get Jace off the grid while police find the two killers. The result is the start of a nightmare.
The killers, known as the...
cena: 85,72
Those Who Wish Me Dead
 By Blood We Live Glen Duncan 9780307595102 Knopf Publishing Group
First Glen Duncan gave us his monstrously thrilling, genre-reinventing "The Last Werewolf: " the tale of Jake, a werewolf with a profoundly human heart, considering bringing to an end the timeless legend of his kind . . . Then "Talulla Rising: " Jake's werewolf lover, mother to newborn twins, on the run from those who want her destroyed . . . And now "By Blood We Live: " a stunningly erotic love...
cena: 85,55
By Blood We Live
 Killer: An Alex Delaware Novel Jonathan Kellerman 9780345505750 Ballantine Books
After thirty-five riveting, internationally acclaimed novels of psychological suspense, #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman returns with his most stunning thriller to date. "Killer" is a mesmerizing L.A. noir portrayal of the darkest impulses of human nature carried to shocking extremes.
The City of Angels has more than its share of...
cena: 92,32
Killer: An Alex Delaware Novel
 The Greek Coffin Mystery Ellery Queen Jessica Hische 9780143125143 Penguin Books
From A to Z, the Penguin Drop Caps series collects 26 unique hardcovers--featuring cover art by Jessica Hische
It all begins with a letter. Fall in love with Penguin Drop Caps, a new series of twenty-six collectible and hardcover editions, each with a type cover showcasing a gorgeously illustrated letter of the alphabet. In a design collaboration between Jessica Hische and Penguin Art...
cena: 75,83
The Greek Coffin Mystery
 The Eye of God: A SIGMA Force Novel James Rollins 9780061785672 Harper

In The Eye of God, a Sigma Force novel, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins delivers an apocalyptic vision of a future predicted by the distant past.

In the wilds of Mongolia, a research satellite has crashed, triggering an explosive search for its valuable cargo: a code-black physics project connected to the study of dark energy--and a shocking image of the eastern seaboard of...

cena: 32,94
The Eye of God: A SIGMA Force Novel
 Under a Silent Moon Elizabeth Haynes 9780062276025 Harper

Two women share a grisly fate in the first entry of this exciting new British crime series--a blend of literary suspense and page-turning thriller that introduces the formidable Detective Chief Inspector Louisa Smith--from the New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Haynes, "the most exciting thing to happen to crime fiction in a long time" (Sophie Hannah, author of Kind of Cruel).


cena: 85,69
Under a Silent Moon
 The Carter of 'la Providence' Georges Simenon David Coward 9780141393469 Penguin Books
A new translation of Georges Simenon's tragic tale of lost identity--the third novel in the Inspector Maigret series
"What was the woman doing here?
In a stable, wearing pearl earrings, her stylish bracelet and white buckskin shoes
She must have been alive when she got there because the crime had been committed after ten in the evening.
But how? And why? And no one had heard a...
cena: 32,97
The Carter of 'la Providence'
 Natchez Burning LP Greg Iles 9780062326393 HarperLuxe

The first in a trilogy from #1 New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles that weaves crimes past and present into a mesmerizing thriller featuring southern mayor and former prosecutor Penn Cage.

Raised in Natchez, Mississippi, Penn Cage learned all he knows from his father, Tom Cage. But now the beloved family doctor has been accused of murdering the African-American nurse with whom he...

cena: 98,88
Natchez Burning LP
 The Abduction Jonathan Holt 9780062267047 Harper

The Abduction is the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fuelled follow up to Jonathan Holt's highly acclaimed international thriller The Abomination--a modern tale of mystery, treachery, and intrigue that moves between the physical and virtual worlds of Venice, Italy, blurring the boundary between dark fantasy and terrifying reality.

An unlikely trio must form an alliance to save a kidnapped young...

cena: 88,99
The Abduction
 Weaponized Nicholas Mennuti David Guggenheim 9780316199902 Mulholland Books
Kyle West is a wanted man. Having fled the U.S. to escape the chareges of unauthorized surveillance filed against himself and his former boss, billionaire government contractor Christopher Chandler, Kyle's hiding in Cambodia, living on borrowed time.
When a mysterious stranger named Julian Robinson walks into Kyle's favorite cafe and offers to swap passports with Kyle, Kyle can't believe his...
cena: 52,75
 The Poisoned Pawn Peggy Blair 9780143189763 Pintail
The gripping, fast-paced sequel to the critically acclaimed "The Beggar's Opera"
Detective Mike Ellis returns home after he is cleared in the death of a young boy while on vacation in Cuba, only to discover that his estranged wife, Hilary, is dead, and that he's the main suspect. Meanwhile, Inspector Ramirez, head of the Havana Major Crimes Unit, is dispatched to Ottawa to take custody of a...
cena: 52,75
The Poisoned Pawn
 The Sound of Broken Glass Deborah Crombie 9780061990649 William Morrow & Company

Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James are on the case in Deborah Crombie's The Sound of Broken Glass, a captivating mystery that blends a murder from the past with a powerful danger in the present.

When Detective Inspector James joins forces with Detective Inspector Melody Talbot to solve the murder of an esteemed barrister, their investigation leads them to realize that...

cena: 46,13
The Sound of Broken Glass
 Unti Alex Hawke Thriller #8 Ted Bell 9780062279385 William Morrow & Company

British counterspy Lord Alexander Hawke must rescue a kidnapped American scientist and catch a villainous megalomaniac--a man obsessed with horrifying experiments in state-of-the-art warfare--in Ted Bell's latest mesmerizing, high-action thriller in his New York Times bestselling series, reminiscent of the very best of Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, and Daniel Silva

On the streets of Washington,...

cena: 92,28
Unti Alex Hawke Thriller #8
 The Mystery of Mercy Close Marian Keyes 9780142180792 Plume Books
A compelling tale of mystery, romance, and the irrepressible Walsh family from the internationally bestselling author Marian Keyes
Helen Walsh doesn't believe in fear--it's just something men invented to get all the money--and yet she's sinking. Her private investigator business has dried up, her flat has been repossessed, and now some old demons are resurfacing. Chief among them is her...
cena: 52,75
The Mystery of Mercy Close
 The Alpine Yeoman: An Emma Lord Mystery Mary Daheim 9780345535337 Ballantine Books
Mary Daheim's bestselling novels, set in Alpine, a picturesque village tucked away in the Cascade Mountains, have charmed a generation of mystery lovers with suspenseful tales of the peril that bubbles up from below the serene surface of small-town life.
An ill wind blows through Alpine, but "Advocate" publisher Emma Lord and Sheriff Milo Dodge seem immune to the prevailing angst. The...
cena: 85,72
The Alpine Yeoman: An Emma Lord Mystery
 Darkness First: A McCabe and Savage Thriller James Hayman 9780062301703 Witness Impulse

The mutilated body of a young woman. The town doctor lying comatose in the road. A hundred and fifty tablets of Canadian OxyContin. This is the havoc that a merciless killer has wreaked on a sleepy Maine seaport.

As detectives Maggie Savage and Michael McCabe investigate, they realize the man they are after does not exist. Nobody knows his real name. Nobody has seen his face. But everybody...

cena: 26,34
Darkness First: A McCabe and Savage Thriller
 Spider Woman's Daughter: A Leaphorn & Chee Novel Anne Hillerman 9780062270498 Harper

Legendary tribal sleuths Leaphorn and Chee are back The supremely talented daughter of New York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman continues his popular series.

It happened in an instant. After a breakfast with colleagues, Navajo Nation Police Officer Bernadette Manuelito sees a sedan careen into the parking lot and hears a crack of gunfire. When the dust clears, someone very close to...

cena: 32,94
Spider Woman's Daughter: A Leaphorn & Chee Novel
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