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 Dark Crusader Alistair MacLean 9780006165439 0

A classic tale of espionage, secret missions and exotic locations which out-Bonds Bond, from the acclaimed master of action and suspense.

Eight job advertisements.Eight jobs. Eight specialists in modern technology required.

Eight scientists to fill them.Applicants to be married, with no children, and prepared to travel. Highly persuasive salaries.

One criminal mastermind.Eight...

cena: 50,69
Dark Crusader
 The Shadow Puppet Georges Simenon 9780141394183 PENGUIN GROUP
'The Shadow Puppet' is a family tragedy, newly translated as part of the new 'Inspector Maigret' series.
cena: 39,42
The Shadow Puppet
 Harm S Reach Alex Barclay 9780007494514 Harper

FBI Agent Ren Bryce finds herself entangled in two seemingly unrelated mysteries. But the past has a way of echoing down the years and finding its way into the present.

When Special Agent Ren Bryce discovers the body of a young woman in an abandoned car, solving the case becomes personal. But the more she uncovers about the victim s last movements, the more questions are raised.

Why was...

cena: 45,06
Harm S Reach
 The Nemesis Program (Ben Hope, Book 9) Scott Mariani 9780007398461 HARPER COLLINS AVON

The explosive, thrilling new BEN HOPE adventure from the top 10 bestselling author

A BRUTAL MURDERWhile secretly researching the bizarre discoveries of Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla many years earlier, physicist Claudine Pommier becomes the victim of a remorseless and cruel murderer who breaks into her Parisian apartment. Is he just a serial killer, or is there more to her death than the...

cena: 45,06
The Nemesis Program (Ben Hope, Book 9)
 The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin Georges Simenon 9780141393520 PENGUIN GROUP
In the darkness, the main room is as vast as a cathedral. A great empty space. Some warmth is still seeps from the radiators. Delfosse strikes a match. They stop a moment to catch their breath, and work out how far they have still to go. And suddenly the match falls to the ground, as Delfosse gives a sharp cry and rushes back towards the washroom door. In the dark, he loses his way, returns and...
cena: 39,42
The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin
 A Man's Head Georges Simenon 9780141393513 PENGUIN GROUP

Set in the oppressively squalid streets of Paris, "A Man's Head" features Simenon's famed detective as he tracks a killer on the run, while the writer's sharp prose evokes the atmosphere of Parisian luxury hotels, seedy bars, and dark alleys.

cena: 39,42
A Man's Head
 Sacrifice Paul Finch 9780007492312 0

Innocent people are dying. Who will be next? Find out in the second Detective Mark Heck Heckenburg from #1 ebook bestseller Paul Finch.

A vicious serial killer is holding the country to ransom, publicly - and gruesomely - murdering his victims.

When a man is burnt alive on a bonfire, it seems like a tragic Guy Fawkes Night accident. But with the discovery of a young couple on Valentine s...

cena: 39,42
 A Song for the Dying Stuart MacBride 9780007344338 Harper Collins Paperbacks

A heart-stopping crime thriller and the fourth consecutive No. 1 Bestseller from the author of the Logan McRae series and Birthdays for the Dead.

He s back

Eight years ago, The Inside Man murdered four women and left three more in critical condition all of them with their stomachs slit open and a plastic doll stitched inside.

And then the killer just disappeared.

Ash Henderson was...

cena: 45,06
A Song for the Dying
 Saint-Fiacre Affair Georges Simenon 9780141394756 PENGUIN GROUP
When an ominous note predicting the time and place of a death finds its way to Maigret's desk in Paris, his investigation brings him to Saint-Faicre, the place of his birth. It isn't long before a darkness descends on Maigret and the town, as the prediction becomes a brutal reality and the Inspector discovers he is not welcome in the place he once called home.
As much a thriller as a...
cena: 39,42
Saint-Fiacre Affair
 The Two-Penny Bar Georges Simenon 9780141394176 PENGUIN GROUP
When a condemned man reveals the whereabouts of an unpunished murderer, Chief Inspector Maigret puts his holiday on hold. His investigation takes him to a bar on the Seine where the old crime is upstaged by a killing and Maigret finds a new drinking companion.
cena: 39,42
The Two-Penny Bar
 The Beast Faye Kellerman 9780062121769 Harper

Peter Decker's latest case with the LAPD is the most bizarre of his storied career. When the elderly, eccentric billionaire Hobart Penny is found dead in his apartment, the cops think that his pet Bengal tiger must have turned against him. But as Decker and his colleagues, Detectives Marge Dunn and Scott Oliver, dig into the victim's life, they discover that Penny had all kinds of exotic and...

cena: 35,88
The Beast
 After I'm Gone Laura Lippman 9780062298492 Harperluxe

When Felix Brewer meets Bernadette "Bambi" Gottschalk in 1959, he charms her with wild promises, some of which he actually keeps. Thanks to his lucrative--if not all legal--businesses, she and their three little girls live in luxury. But in July 1976, Bambi's world implodes when Felix, facing prison, vanishes.

Though Bambi has no idea where her husband--or his money--might be, she suspects...

cena: 96,93
After I'm Gone
 Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince Nancy Atherton 9780143125037 Penguin Books
On the heels of two bestsellers, everyone's favorite paranormal detective embarks on her eighteenth cozy adventure

It's a cold, dreary February in the sleepy village of Finch and Lori Shepherd has two stir-crazy kids on her hands. So she leaps at the chance to visit Skeaping Manor, a bizarre Jacobean-house-turned-museum. There she meets Daisy Pickering, a sweet, but strange little girl...

cena: 50,27
Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince
 A Dangerous Fiction Barbara Rogan 9780143125655 Penguin Books
When a glamorous literary agent falls prey to a violent stalker, she discovers that the publishing biz can really be murder, for fans of The Spellman Files and Maisie Dobbs Suspenseful . . . Barbara Rogan cleverly explores . . . our capacity for self-deception and weaves it into an absorbing mystery that keeps its secret until the very end. --NPR Jo Donovan always manages to come out on top....
cena: 53,87
A Dangerous Fiction
 Kindness Goes Unpunished Craig Johnson 9780143126720 Penguin Books
Walt brings Western-style justice to Philadelphia in this action-packed thriller from the "New York Times" bestselling author of "The Cold Dish" and "As the Crow Flies," the third in the Longmire Mystery Series, the basis for LONGMIRE, the hit A&E original drama series
Fans of Ace Atkins, Nevada Barr and Robert B. Parker will love "New York Times" bestselling author Craig Johnson's mystery...
cena: 53,87
Kindness Goes Unpunished
 The Babylon Rite Tom Knox 9780142180891 Plume Books
What terrible secret has driven the world's foremost historian of the Knights Templar to kill himself?
Journalist Adam Blackwood has just been handed the story of a lifetime: something is hidden in the famous Knights Templar chapel of Rosslyn that could unlock the greatest mystery of the medieval Templars--until the one man who could decipher the final clue commits a grotesque suicide. Adam...
cena: 57,46
The Babylon Rite
 Legends Robert Littell 9780143127406 Penguin Books
Now a TNT series starring Sean Bean, from the producers of "24" and "Homeland"
Martin Odum is a one-time CIA field agent turned private detective in Brooklyn, struggling his way through a labyrinth of memories and past identities- "legends" in Agency parlance. But who is Martin Odum? Is he a creation of the Legend Committee at the CIA's Langley headquarters? Is he suffering from multiple...
cena: 57,46
 The Silkworm Galbraith, Robert 9780316206877

Private investigator Cormoran Strike returns in a new mystery from Robert Galbraith, author of the #1 international bestseller "The Cuckoo's Calling."

When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, Mrs. Quine just thinks her husband has gone off by himself for a few days--as he has done before--and she wants Strike...

cena: 100,55
The Silkworm
 We Are Here Michael Marshall 9780316252577 Mulholland Books
An intelligent and page-turning thriller from the international bestselling author of "Killer Move."
It should've been the greatest day in David's life. A trip to New York, wife by his side, to visit his new publisher. Finally it looks as though the gods of fate are going to lift him from schoolteacher to writer. But on his way back to Penn Station, a chance encounter changes all of that....
cena: 53,87
We Are Here
 Trial by Fire Francis Fyfield 9780062301178 Avon Books

A woman's abandoned corpse is found in a shallow grave in a posh suburb. The death hits close to home for prosecutor Helen West as she and detective Geoffrey Bailey have just moved into a new house within the gated neighborhood where the body was dumped. But tensions continue to rise when the victim is identified as the wife of the developer who built the estates, and all of the neighbors...

cena: 43,06
Trial by Fire
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