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 First Fix Your Alibi: British Police Procedural Bill James 9781780295664 Severn House Trade Paperback
When a major drugs dealer seeks vengeance for the death of his family, policemen Harpur and Iles must do all they can to prevent a bloodbath
Following the murder of his wife and son, tycoon drugs dealer Mansel Shale is determined to get vengeance and he wants another drugs baron, Ralph Ember, to help him. Having heard of the movie Strangers on a Train, in which two men agree to...
cena: 77,91
First Fix Your Alibi: British Police Procedural
 Ghost Stories Selected and Introduced by Mark Gatiss Benson, E. F. 9781784871901
There's nothing sinister about a London bus. Nothing supernatural could occur on a busy Tube platform. There's nothing terrifying about a little caterpillar. And a telephone, what could be scary about that? Don't be frightened of the dark corners of your room. Don't be alarmed by a sudden, inexplicable chill. There's no need for a ticking clock, a limping footstep, or a knock at the door to start...
cena: 49,62
Ghost Stories Selected and Introduced by Mark Gatiss
 The Mine Antti Tuomainen David Hackston 9781910633533 Orenda Books
In the dead of winter, investigative reporter Janne Vuori sets out to uncover the truth about a mining company, whose illegal activities have created an environmental disaster in a small town in Northern Finland. When the company s executives begin to die in a string of mysterious accidents, and Janne s personal life starts to unravel, past meets present in a catastrophic series of events that...
cena: 55,86
The Mine
 Navy Lark  Wyman, Lawrie 9781785294211 Collected Series
Features thirteen episodes from Series 14 of the classic BBC radio nautical comedy. This CD set includes the episodes The Montezula Revolution, The Island Swordfish, Bunged in the Rattle, Kangaroo Polka, The Digital Isles Go Unstable, Egbert Hitches a Ride, Povey - An Admiral at Last, The Bergholm Horse Trials, and, Captain Povey's Wig.
cena: 152,39
Navy Lark
 Quick and the Dead: A Contemporary British Mystery Susan Moody 9781847516916 Severn House Trade Paperback
Introducing outspoken female sleuth Alex Quick in the first of a brand-new mystery series
When her business partner, acclaimed art historian and university professor Dr Helena Drummond, disappears, Alexandra Quick is consumed by guilt. Shortly before she vanished, Helena had complained of being menaced by a stalker, and Alex had dismissed her fears as groundless. Now Alex, a...
cena: 77,91
Quick and the Dead: A Contemporary British Mystery
 The Deeds of the Devil: The First Dark Dragon Thriller Helen Noble 9780857161383 McNidder and Grace

Dark and treacherous, this book follows troubled Welsh criminal investigator DS Ally McCready's pursuit of a serial killer. The author uses her unique insight asthe director of a legal practice and a psychology graduate to give a chilling insight into the mind of a sadistic and calculating killer."

cena: 50,35
The Deeds of the Devil: The First Dark Dragon Thriller
 Hard Cover Adrian Magson 9781847517104 Severn House Trade Paperback
The third tense and compelling thriller to feature The Watchman - deep cover specialist Marc Portman
Marc Portman, codename Watchman, is in Russia providing covert back-up to wealthy Russian businessman Leonid Tzorekov. A former KGB officer sympathetic to the West, Tzorekov has close links with Vladimir Putin and is planning to use his influence with the President to improve...
cena: 77,91
Hard Cover
 The Order of Things Graham Hurley 9781409153436 Orion
D/S Jimmy Suttle is called to a brutal murder in the picturesque Devon village of Lympstone. Harriet Reilly, a local GP, has been found disembowelled in the bedroom of her partner, climate scientist Alois Bentner.
Suttle's estranged wife, Lizzie, has abandoned Portsmouth, moved to Exeter and returned to journalism, hearing rumours of a local GP offering mercy killings to patients meeting...
cena: 55,86
The Order of Things
 Crow Bait  Skelton, Douglas 9781910021828 Davie Mccall

They ll all be crow bait by the time I m finished...

Jail was hell for Davie McCall. Ten years down the line, freedom s no picnic either. It s 1990, there are new kings in the West of Scotland underworld, and Glasgow is awash with drugs.

Davie can handle himself. What he can t handle is the memory of his mother s death at the hand of his sadistic father. Or the...

cena: 50,35
Crow Bait
 A Fatal Romance June Shaw 9781516100958 Kensington Publishing Corporation
Planowany termin premiery książki: 24-01-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
A Fatal Romance
 A Cold Case Peter Turnbull 9780727886835 Severn House Publishers
Introducing Maurice Mundy, retired detective constable at the Met; a maverick who s back and about to raise the temperature on a ten-year-old unsolved murder of a young boy.

Maurice Mundy, recently retired detective constable at the Metropolitan Police, has returned to join Scotland Yard s Cold Case Review Team. Ten years ago a twelve-year-old boy was murdered, his body...
cena: 122,01
A Cold Case
 Blood City Douglas Skeleton 9781910021248 LUATH PRESS LTD
Meet Davie McCall -- not your average henchman. Abused and tormented by his father for fifteen years, there is a darkness in him searching for a way out. Under the wing of Glasgow's Godfather, Joe 'the Tailor' Klein, he flourishes. Joe the Tailor may be a killer, but there are some lines he won't cross, and Davie agrees with his strict moral code. He doesn't like drugs. He won't condone foul...
cena: 50,35
Blood City
 Los Ojos del Escritor Esteban Navarro 9788490703083 Ediciones B
cena: 67,68
Los Ojos del Escritor
 Death and the Naked Lady / The Lady and the Cheetah John Flagg James Reasoner 9781944520168 Stark House Press


Mac McLean, successful international singer, boards the DauphinE on his way to New York, unaware that his patron, Georges Fournier, has just been murdered in Paris. But death is also on the passenger list of the luxury liner as it makes its way across the Atlantic. It starts innocently enough when McLean finds a case under his bed filled with...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 27-01-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
Death and the Naked Lady / The Lady and the Cheetah
 Dead Weight Frank Smith 9780727886743 Severn House Publishers
High-flying English Member of Parliament Stephen Lorrimer and his wife Julia are the parents of a bright five-year-old son, Michael, who has severe hearing and speech impediments. Michael is devoted to his carer Justine, and when she disappears he is inconsolable.
Julia is quick to report to DCI Neil Paget the girl s failure to return after leaving the house for Sunday service at the local...
cena: 122,01
Dead Weight
 Dark Side of the Moon Les Wood   9781911332008 Freight Books
Boddice, a crime lord looking over his shoulder for good reason, has assembled an unlikely band of misfit crooks. Their job is to steal a famous diamond worth millions, known as The Dark Side of the Moon. Despite the odds, the crew s self-serving squabbles and their natural incompetence, the plan progresses. As events build to an explosive climax no one really knows who is playing who. Full of...
cena: 61,37
Dark Side of the Moon
 Summoning the Dead  Black, Tony 9781785300448 DI Bob Valentine
With his near-fatal stabbing almost a memory, DI Bob Valentine is settling back onto the force, until one of Ayrshire's darkest secrets is unearthed. The skeletal remains of a boy, his hands and feet cable-tied, turns up during routine drainage works. He's soon identified as a missing child from the 1980s. When the remains of more children are unearthed, Valentine soon finds himself embroiled in...
cena: 50,35
Summoning the Dead
 The Van Diemen Chronicles: Books 1-3 M. C. Rooney 9780994356987 M C Rooney

The Four Horsemen and the Zombies of Tasmania

The voters complacent the politician now leads. He's just a cog in the business of greed. He does not protect; he exploits and devours. He serves not the people, but money and power. The religious turn the message of love to hate. Their arrogance that only they can see Heaven's gate. They oppress women and those they deem strange. But the...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 03-03-2017
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The Van Diemen Chronicles: Books 1-3
 The House with No Rooms Lesley Thomson 9781784972233 Head of Zeus
The summer of 1976 was the hottest in living memory. In the Botanical Gardens at Kew, a lost little girl stumbled upon a deserted gallery. Dizzied by the heat, she thought she saw a woman lying dead on the ground. But when she opened her eyes, the woman had gone. Forty years later, Stella Darnell, the detective s daughter, is investigating a chilling new case. What she uncovers will draw her into...
cena: 50,35
The House with No Rooms
 An Incidental Death Alex Howard 9781784971069 Head of Zeus
A controversial right-wing German politician is due to speak at the Oxford Union. Following a series of murders linked to a violent anarchist group, the city is on high alert. DCI Hanlon has been partnered with DI Huss to ensure the speech goes smoothly and put an end to the killing. But Huss has just received a fatal diagnosis. She only has weeks to live. The murders soon reveal a chilling...
cena: 110,99
An Incidental Death
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