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 Tennessee Williams and the Theatre of Excess: The Strange, the Crazed, the Queer Annette J. Saddik 9781107433908 Cambridge University Press
This book explores Williams' late plays in terms of a 'theatre of excess', which seeks liberation through exaggeration, chaos, ambiguity, and laughter.
cena: 144,19
Tennessee Williams and the Theatre of Excess: The Strange, the Crazed, the Queer
 The Merchant of Venice: Language and Writing Douglas M. Lanier Dympna Callaghan 9781472571489 Arden Shakespeare

Shakespeare's engagement with anti-Semitic tradition is a notoriously disturbing feature of The Merchant of Venice. Douglas Lanier carefully shows how Shakespeare shuttles between language that emphasises irreconcilable differences, and language that emphasizes common humanity, and how you can productively analyse this language for yourself.The language of business-of monetary value,...

cena: 59,80
The Merchant of Venice: Language and Writing
 The White Devil John Webster (University of St Andrews,  Benedict Robinson (Stony Brook Universit Professor of English Gordon McMullan ( 9781408130032 Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

The White Devil is one of the most-studied of non-Shakespearean Renaissance plays. Its fundamental concerns resonate powerfully with a wide range of current critical interests. As a play centred on the life of a notorious woman, and a play that dramatises adultery, betrayal, and domestic violence, The White Devil has a great deal to tell us about representations of gender,...

cena: 354,38
The White Devil
 The Actor's Career Bible: Auditioning, Networking, Survival & Success Rob Ostlere 9781472585318 Methuen Publishing

"The Actor's Career Bible" offers a practical guide to the business side of acting for recent graduates, young actors and experienced professionals looking to reinvigorate their careers in an industry famous for its high levels of competition.

This unique book reveals the strategies used by actors to navigate their way through the acting industry. It shows the reader how to cope with the...

cena: 86,57
The Actor's Career Bible: Auditioning, Networking, Survival & Success
 Thysia: The Real Essence of Love Sindhu Nandakumar 9781542346672 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Thysia(meaning sacrifice in greek) narrates the sensuous love story between a business tycoon and a naive teenager. Love does not happen intentionally and rationally. But once it happens, the lover's intention would be to protect and safeguard their pair. All rational thoughts will be provoked to attain this aim. Angel Lee, a passive middle class teenager falls into the racket of company...
cena: 38,02
Thysia: The Real Essence of Love
The Earl of Rochester. Charismatic poet, playwright and rake with a legendary appetite for excess. Yet when a chance encounter with an actress sends him reeling, he is forced to reconsider everything he thinks and feels.
With all the wit, flair and bawdiness of a Restoration comedy, Jeffreys' brilliant play is an incisive critique of life in an age of excess.
cena: 59,80
The Libertine: 2016
 Tancred: Trauerspiel in Funf Aufzugen. Nach Voltaire Johann Wolfgang Vo Voltaire 9781542378222 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Tancred ist eine Tragodie in funf Aufzugen, die ursprunglich vom franzosischen Philosophen Voltaire aus dem Jahr 1760 stammt. Goethe hat die seine ubersetzte und uberarbeitete Version 1802 veroffentlicht. Die Handlung spielt im Jahr 1005 im normannisch regierten Syrakus zur Zeit der Befreiung Siziliens von den Sarazenen. Amenaide, die Tochter des Ritters Arsir ist dem intriganten Ritter Orbassan...
cena: 51,16
Tancred: Trauerspiel in Funf Aufzugen. Nach Voltaire
 Twelfth Night Annotated Student and Teacher Edition William Shakespeare 9781542434201 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Whether you are reading for fun or seeking a new level of understanding, you will benefit immensely from this Special Annotated Student and Teacher Edition Added to this special edition of a classic book is a special section which contains a resource guide with activities for understanding, as well as guided questions for major aspects of the book. This study guide is ideal for a quick read for...
cena: 33,40
Twelfth Night Annotated Student and Teacher Edition
 The Merry Wives of Windsor William Shakespeare 9781542474900 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Merry Wives of Windsor is a comedy by William Shakespeare, first published in 1602, though believed to have been written prior to 1597. It features the fat knight Sir John Falstaff, and is Shakespeare's only play to deal exclusively with contemporary Elizabethan era English middle class life. It has been adapted for the opera on occasions. William Shakespeare (baptised 26 April 1564 - died 23...
cena: 51,57
The Merry Wives of Windsor
 Four Film Scripts J. R. Wilson 9781542584647 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Three feature film scripts and the pilot episode of a dramatic series are presented in one volume by J. R. Wilson. The experimental drama DECISION, based on the novel of the same title by Porter Schell, is followed by the unusually twined romantic comedy JACK AND JILLIAN, which leads us to the pilot episode of post-war PERFECT SENSE, and brings us to the surreal adaptation of life at the cusp of...
cena: 87,86
Four Film Scripts
 How to Date a Feminist Samantha Ellis   9781848426177 Nick Hern Books
Kate likes her men tall, dark and smoldering. She has a fatal attraction to bad men. Then she meets Steve...
Steve is a feminist.
Can Kate overcome her love of lipstick, cupcakes and Heathcliff? Can Steve forgo the ethical confetti and learn to be a little bit more ravishing in bed? Can the two of them reinvent romance for the twenty-first century?
cena: 59,80
How to Date a Feminist
 Arthur Conan Doyle - The Speckled Band:
If ever a writer needed an introduction Arthur Conan Doyle would not be considered that man. After all, Sherlock Holmes is perhaps the foremost literary detective of any age. Add to this canon his stories of science fiction and his poems, his historical novels, his plays, his political campaigning, his efforts in establishing a Court Of Appeal and there is little room for anything else. Except he...
cena: 51,57
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Speckled Band: "Women Are Naturally Secretive, and They Like to Do Their Own Secreting."
 Mozart, Mode, Mafiosi Manfred Stutz 9783848200672 Books on Demand
Das Stuck tragt die Gattungsbezeichnung Dramma giocoso.
cena: 55,69
Mozart, Mode, Mafiosi
 Emilia Galotti Ephraim Lessing 9781542605250 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
z. So wie sie ihrem armen Verstande auch den ersten Sto gegeben.--Aber was mich vornehmlich mit von ihr entfernt hat, das wollen Sie doch nicht brauchen, Marinelli, mich wieder zu ihr zuruckzubringen?--Wenn sie aus Liebe narrisch wird, so ware sie es, fruher oder spater, auch ohne Liebe geworden--Und nun, genug von ihr. --Von etwas andern --Geht denn gar nichts vor in der Stadt?--Marinelli. So...
cena: 42,50
Emilia Galotti
 Kabale Und Liebe Friedrich Von Schiller 9781542632645 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
r' es ein Veilchen, und er trate drauf, und es durfte bescheiden unter ihm sterben --Damit genugte mir, Vater Wenn die Mucke in ihren Strahlen sich sonnt--kann sie das strafen, die stolze majestatische Sonne?
cena: 42,50
Kabale Und Liebe
 The Frozen Deep Wilkie Collins 9781542728966 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Wilkie Collins was one of the leading English authors of the Victorian era. Collins was a prolific author and he is credited for writing the first modern detective novel in English literature. Collins was a good friend of Charles Dickens and they collaborated on several works. With classics such as The Woman in White, The Moonstone, No Name, and Armadale, he remains one of the most widely read...
cena: 33,44
The Frozen Deep
 Thomas Middleton - The Honest Whore: Part I Thomas Middleton 9781785438837 Stage Door
Thomas Middleton was born in London in April 1580 and baptised on 18th April. Middleton was aged only five when his father died. His mother remarried but this unfortunately fell apart into a fifteen year legal dispute regarding the inheritance due Thomas and his younger sister. By the time he left Oxford, at the turn of the Century, Middleton had and published Microcynicon: Six Snarling Satirese...
cena: 51,57
Thomas Middleton - The Honest Whore: Part I
 Edipo Rey (Spanish Edition) Sofocles 9781542872553 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 42,55
Edipo Rey (Spanish Edition)
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