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 Journey to the Centre of the Earth Jules Verne 9781509827886 MacMillan Collector S Library

"Fictional trips to the underground are a feature of all mythologies, but the best of the nineteenth-century tales is that of Verne." Isaac Asimov, 1966.

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth is an 1864 classic by Jules Verne. It tells of German professor Otto Lidenbrock who believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the centre of the Earth. He, his nephew Axel, and their...

cena: 56,44
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
 Bertie the Blitz Dog Libby Parker 9781405928205 Penguin UK
One extraordinary dog, a family in peril and a country turned upside-down by war. Can Bertie reunite everyone before it's too late? Stranded in a war-torn London, pampered Bertie is cold, alone and scared. Now that his owner has passed away he has to learn the ways of a stray dog on the streets. Luckily he has the help of his new friends in the community, both those on two legs and on four. But...
cena: 51,42
Bertie the Blitz Dog
 Retribution Road  Varenne, Antonin 9780857053749
A breathtaking 19th century adventure epic, set across three continents
cena: 101,61
Retribution Road
 Pęknięte oko czasu Lipska Ewa 9788378661665 Austeria
Polsko-francuskie wydanie wyboru wierszy Ewy Lipskiej, w przekładzie Elżbiety Jogałły, z fotografiami Danuty Węgiel i ze wstępem Mariny Ciccarini.
cena: 89,00
Pęknięte oko czasu
 The Denslow Island Mystery Teddy Garcia 9781483591186 Bookbaby
cena: 64,26
The Denslow Island Mystery
 Elof and the Red Grouper J. B. Crawford 9781542546010 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 58,84
Elof and the Red Grouper
 Ace of Hart Violeta Bagia 9781625265418 Solstice Publishing
Secrets, guns, espionage and The Agency. Ace Hart's no longer the Special Forces soldier she once was but a chance encounter in Central park with a mysterious man and a mugger has her kicking her four inch stilettos right into her attacker's shin . She's faced guns and knives, bombs, and soldiers but she's never faced a superhuman opponent like Agent Lazarev-in war or love. When Ace is invited to...
cena: 91,47
Ace of Hart
 Emily's Ghost Goldie Alexander 9781544222189 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
When Billie Hatchman inherits a bed & breakfast from her estranged great aunt, she's not prepared to be haunted by the well-intentioned ghost-or to be set up with her sexy but very much unavailable next-door neighbor. A GHOST OF A CHANCE Tenderhearted Billie Hatchman has known no day without backbreaking hard work since she found out she was pregnant twelve years ago. Now she's inherited a...
cena: 37,75
Emily's Ghost
 The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu MR Sax Rohmer 9781544178370 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Dr. Fu Manchu is a fictional character introduced in a series of novels by British author Sax Rohmer during the first half of the twentieth century. The character was also featured extensively in cinema, television, radio, comic strips, and comic books for over 90 years, and has become an archetype of the evil criminal genius while lending the name to the Fu Manchu moustache. Supervillain Fu...
cena: 67,12
The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu
 The Seed of Misfortune Dwayne T. Martin 9781544160924 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
With CPT Jenkin on the mend, Michael can't wait to resume a normal life again. As he heads to Upstate New York to be back with Angel, he soon learns that a normal life won't be that easy to come by. When Michael left the city, he thought that he would leave all of his problems behind. He didn't think the city would follow him upstate. As the lines begin to grow blurry, Michael isn't sure which of...
cena: 30,61
The Seed of Misfortune
 The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge MR Nathan Rhodes 9781544140582 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Joe is an eighteen-year-old kid who works hard mining coal. He lives alone and rises with the sun. He lives a simple life, until one day there's a terrible disaster in the mine. He survives the chaos, but finds a box buried inside the broken walls of Dark Ridge Mine #1. Joe takes this box home, opens it...and wakes up three days later. This costs him his job and his safety, as he soon discovers...
cena: 50,93
The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge
 A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder James de Mille 9781544131009 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The satiric and fantastic romance is set in an imaginary semi-tropical land in Antarctica inhabited by prehistoric monsters and a cult of death-worshipers called the Kosekin. The main story of the novel is the narrative of the adventures of Adam More, a British sailor shipwrecked on a homeward voyage from Tasmania. After passing through a subterranean tunnel of volcanic origin, he finds himself...
cena: 63,06
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder
 The Marquis of Carabas Rafael Sabatini 9781544117058 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Rafael Sabatini was born in Jesi, Italy to an English mother and Italian father. His parents were opera singers who became teachers. At a young age, Rafael was exposed to many languages, living with his grandfather in England, attending school in Portugal and, as a teenager, in Switzerland. By the time he was seventeen, when he returned to England to live permanently, he was the master of five...
cena: 83,35
The Marquis of Carabas
 L'Inizio del Nuovo: La Prima Avventura Di Saverio Giordano Salvatore Giunta 9781544113685 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Saverio Giordano quarantenne cinico, irriverente, metodico e pragmatico e in viaggio in Gran Bretagna per seguire la sua passione per l'Arte, la Storia e l'Archeologia. La casuale scoperta dell'esistenza di un antico e misterioso manufatto da un nuovo impulso al suo viaggio. Comincia cosi la ricerca del manufatto tra presente e passato in competizione con loschi personaggi disposti anche ad...
cena: 67,16
L'Inizio del Nuovo: La Prima Avventura Di Saverio Giordano
 Home Front MR John a. Bray 9781544029054 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Home Front is the sequel to Flags of Our Sons. Johnny Madigan a teen-age Union soldier, after being wounded at Fredericksburg was assigned to undercover duties. He is now sent to New york City to penetrate a counterfeiting ring loyal to the Confederacy.
cena: 44,56
Home Front
 The Count of Monte Cristo - Volume One Dumas Alexandre                          Obehi Peter Ewanfoh 9781544003436 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Volume One Classic series of Alexandre Dumas in 5 volumes The Count of Monte Cristo or -Le Comte de Monte-Cristo- as it was originally titled in French is a story of adventure by Alexandre Dumas born as Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie. Dumas (24 July 1802 - 5 December 1870) was a famous French author and a key figure in western literature. The Count of Monte Cristo is about a man who is wrongfully...
cena: 54,99
The Count of Monte Cristo - Volume One
 The Charterhouse of Parma Stendhal 9781543256185 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Charterhouse of Parma tells the story of the young Italian nobleman Fabrice del Dongo and his adventures from his birth in 1798 to his death in 1829 (?). Fabrice's early years are spent in his family's castle on Lake Como, while most of the novel is set in a fictionalized Parma (both in modern-day Italy).
cena: 107,69
The Charterhouse of Parma
 Beginning of the Inevitable Vera Quinn Avril Stepowski Tracie Douglas-Rabas 9781543244045 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
My father and sister are dead. My ma is trying to come to terms with losing most of her family. My blood brother, Stone, is a man on the run. His days are numbered. My family let the Feral Steel MC down. It is my job to put it back together and make us stronger. My first job is to hunt down Stone and get retribution for everything that he has torn apart. Callie, my ol' lady, is by my side,...
cena: 67,16
Beginning of the Inevitable
 Age of War: The Story of Asbjorn Noah M. MacKay Jacqueline M. MacKay Val R. MacKay 9781543208238 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
THE AGE OF WAR: THE STORY OF ASBJORN centers around the Father of Kings, the First Mc'Aoidh, and the legendary ancestor of Brian: Asbjorn of Vahlavus. The story is set centuries before the Nahvorian Civil War, where a war amongst five nations divided the land. As king of one of these nations, Asbjorn made it his duty to achieve unity by confronting the other four kings. His task would not be easy...
cena: 46,83
Age of War: The Story of Asbjorn
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