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 Sarum Edward Rutherfurd 9788416240470 Roca Editorial
cena: 85,69
 The Drowning King Emily Holleman 9780316383035 Little Brown and Company
Ancient Egypt, 51 B.C. Sisters Arsinoe and Cleopatra face a devastating choice: to allow Rome's army to siphon power from their ailing father, or to take matters-and the dynasty-into their own hands
It's the dawn of a new era for Egypt as Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy, are welcomed to the throne after their father's death. But joint rule breeds its own conflicts: can the...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 04-04-2017
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The Drowning King
 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Dark Waters Richard Dansky 9781945210037 Ubisoft Publishing
At the tip of the spear of the US Army's unconventional warfare response forces stands a group of highly specialized and incredibly skilled Special Forces soldiers: the Ghosts.
When a group of renegade Venezuelan soldiers seize control of the no-man's land in the middle of the Ama-zonian Jungle, the Ghosts are...
cena: 48,15
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Dark Waters
 What Lies Between Us Nayomi Munaweera 9781250118172 St. Martin's Griffin

Ganga, a young girl, grows up carefree in the midst of her loving family in an old and beautiful house nestled in the idyllic hill country of Sri Lanka. Her childhood is like any other until it isn t. A cherished friendship is revealed to have monstrous undertones and the consequences of trauma spell both the end of her childhood and that of her stable home. Ostracized by their community in...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 04-04-2017
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What Lies Between Us
 The Imperial Wife Diane McKinney-Whetstone 9781410495389 Thorndike Press

Diane McKinney-Whetstone s nationally bestselling novel, Tumbling, immersed us into Philadelphia s black community during the Civil Rights era, and she returns to the city in this new historical novel about a cast of nineteenth-century characters whose colorful lives intersect at the legendary Lazaretto America s first quarantine hospital.

Isolated on an island where two rivers...

cena: 193,94
The Imperial Wife
Black Mike Sam Cassidy comes home to find himself in a series of tense confrontations. His father expects Sam to work for him at the local bank, and Sheriff Ben Faraday, for whom Sam worked the previous summer as deputy, is suffering from a terminal disease and wants Sam to become a deputy again. "Black Mike" Nickels wants to expand his use of public land and bring in more sheep, backed by guns....
cena: 68,93
Black Mike: A Western Duo
 To Capture What We Cannot Keep Beatrice Colin 9781410497741 Thorndike Press Large Print
cena: 193,94
To Capture What We Cannot Keep
 The Horse Thieves Giles Tippette 9781683242826 Center Point
A gang of Mexican bandits robbed Warner Grayson and left him to die. In the vast, alkali flat, Warner spied his salvation: a proud, beautifully lined horse of a breed he d never seen before as lost and desperate as he was himself. Only a consummate horseman like Warner could save the horse s life and his own in the bargain. If he survived, he swore he d hunt down each of the six bandits who had...
cena: 160,04
The Horse Thieves
 Death Stalks the Rangers James J. Griffin 9781683243168 Center Point
cena: 160,04
Death Stalks the Rangers
 The Confessions of Young Nero Margaret George 9781524756192 Random House Large Print Publishing
cena: 131,99
The Confessions of Young Nero
 Vatican Princess  Gortner, C. W. 9781444755107
From the acclaimed author of THE LAST QUEEN, a novel telling the enthralling story of Lucrezia Borgia in her own words - lavish, scurrilous and full of intrigue.
cena: 58,43
Vatican Princess
 Lady Cop Makes Trouble  Stewart, Amy 9781925228731 Kopp Sisters
cena: 53,21
Lady Cop Makes Trouble
 Gunslinger Diverse'                                 Denis Geier 9781541107632 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
In diesem Western - Sammelband (Anthologie) erleben Sie auf uber 120 Seiten drei spanende Kurzromane zum Thema Wilder-Westen. Viel Vergnugen nun mit den Geschichten Cowboys vs. Orks" sowie Der Dicke und der Dunne" und Die Postkutschenstation""
cena: 33,36
 Jerry of the Islands Jack London G-Ph Ballin 9781542315173 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
FOREWORD It is a misfortune to some fiction-writers that fiction and unveracity in the average person's mind mean one and the same thing. Several years ago I published a South Sea novel. The action was placed in the Solomon Islands. The action was praised by the critics and reviewers as a highly creditable effort of the imagination. As regards reality-they said there wasn't any. Of course, as...
cena: 85,26
Jerry of the Islands
 The Storm Breaks Julia Brannan 9781539673996 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
THE FOURTH BOOK IN THE ENTHRALLING SERIES FOLLOWING THE FASCINATING LIVES OF BETH AND ALEX MACGREGOR, THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS It is 1745 and the rebellion that the Jacobites have worked towards for so many years is finally under way. Prince Charles is in Scotland gathering the clans and they are rising, ready to fight and if necessary, die for him. At his prince's command, Alex, trapped by his...
cena: 63,44
The Storm Breaks
 One of Ours Willa Cather 9781542416627 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Claude Wheeler craves excitement, far more than he can ever find as a farmer's son. He encounters more at university, where the modern world beyond farm life offers new thrills and challenges, only to lose them as the farm calls him back. World War I offers him even more . . . but he may crave excitement more than life itself can allow. Wanting it as much as he does can't protect him from the...
cena: 94,24
One of Ours
 Helen Anita Mishook 9781944376031 Berwick Court Publishing

When Helen left New York on a train bound for California in 1936, she was looking for a change of scene, planning to stay with her sister in Glendale and babysit her niece and nephew. But when she arrived, she found herself steeped in a world of bookies, mobsters, and a Nazi underworld that she must infiltrate on behalf of the Anti-Defamation League.

Anita Mishook's well-researched and...

cena: 77,31
 Cradle of Thorns  Cox, Josephine 9781472245366
A spell-binding tale of freedom in the face of fear from No.1 bestselling writer Josephine Cox.
cena: 53,21
Cradle of Thorns
 Mulatto Blues Mrs Kimberly Ezabia Artis Fiona Jayde Media 9781518881664 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Four Women and the Courage to Love At age eighty-seven, Mrs. Laura Washington has grown tired of the weight of a secret her mother bid her to take to her grave; a secret that threatens to expose four generations of dignified Washington women. Mulatto Blues is the story of four little girls who must survive the insurmountable odds of slavery. Their story begins in 1857 Georgia and continues in a...
cena: 63,44
Mulatto Blues
 Sandstorm: Into the Breach MR John D. Mason 9781542447751 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
When Operation Desert Storm began in 1991, a mighty host of allied troops massed on the Kuwaiti border, waiting for the word to enter and force the invading Iraqis back across their own borders. The advancing Americans ran almost immediately into a sandstorm that obscured their vision for a time. When the sand blew away, Fox Troop finds that not only was their vision obscured, but they also were...
cena: 50,24
Sandstorm: Into the Breach
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