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 The Apple: Crimson Petal Stories Michel Faber 9780857860859 0
In this collection, Michel Faber revisits the world of his bestselling novel 'The Crimson Petal and the White', briefly opening doors onto the lives of its characters to give us tantalizing glimpses of where they sprang from and what happened to them.
cena: 54,06
The Apple: Crimson Petal Stories
 The Buzzard Guns Philip Ketchum 9781683243199 Western Series Level II (24)
cena: 153,39
The Buzzard Guns
 Storm's Thunder Brandon Boyce 9781410497109 Thorndike Press Large Print
cena: 179,55
Storm's Thunder
 Time Weaver: Heart of Cogs Jacinta Maree 9781941987872 Ragnarok Publications
I have a clock for a heart...and the man who put it there tried to take it out.
Time Collectors are modern day genies capable of exchanging wishes for time. Elizabeth Wicker lives within a steampunk world riddled with the supernatural. Among the stories of witches, Bacts, and other monsters, Time Collectors remain as the greatest hushed secret among the noble families. They are...
cena: 76,24
Time Weaver: Heart of Cogs
 Justice, My Brother James Keene 9781683243533 Western Series Level II (24)
When the U.S. government opened the Cherokee Strip to settlers of Oklahoma, the O Dares lost their original claim, but stayed to build a thriving cattle spread through the shrewd, ruthless manipulations of Cord, the eldest. He was the acknowledged head of the house, a magnetic power who molded the lives of others with a bland show of benevolence masking his scorn for the weaklings he had...
cena: 153,39
Justice, My Brother
 Airborne  Radcliffe, Robert 9781784973827 The Airborne Trilogy
The story of the Second World War as seen through the eyes of an extraordinary young man in quite extraordinary circumstances.
cena: 107,19
 Ordinary Patriots: A Novel of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Elsa Pendleton 9781523364398 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Richardsons love America, FDR, and their family-rich life in the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains. In 1941, World War II offers their young ones chances for heroism. To the older folks, heroism is equivalent to heartbreak. Nevertheless, troubled by the clouds of war, their young leave the nest. Teenager Dana dreams of flying like her wild uncle Charles. Howard wants to be a major league...
cena: 60,46
Ordinary Patriots: A Novel of the Eastern Sierra Nevada
 Silver City: A Novel of the American West Jeff Guinn 9780399165436 G.P. Putnam's Sons
Cash McLendon faces stone-cold enforcer Killer Boots in an Old West showdown, in New York Times bestselling author Jeff Guinn's riveting follow-up to Buffalo Trail, winner of the TCU Texas Book Award.
Cash McLendon, reluctant hero of the epic Indian battle at Adobe Walls, has journeyed to Mountain View in the Arizona Territory with one goal: to convince Gabrielle Tirrito...
cena: 117,72
Silver City: A Novel of the American West
 Mary Barton Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 9781542327961 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Mary Barton is the first novel by English author Elizabeth Gaskell, published in 1848. The story is set in the English city of Manchester between 1839 and 1842, and deals with the difficulties faced by the Victorian lower class. It is subtitled 'A Tale of Manchester Life'. Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (nee Stevenson; 29 September 1810 - 12 November 1865), often referred to simply as Mrs. Gaskell,...
cena: 101,58
Mary Barton
 Der Schatz Des Pfahlbauers F. H. Achermann Carl Stoll 9783743153868 Books on Demand
"Auf dem Wurzelwerk eines Urwaldriesen, auf paradiesischer Anhohe, lauern zwei Halunken. Ihre Waffen sind von minoischer Schonheit. Mit gespannter Miene sehen sie hinab auf den grossen Jurasee ..." Die Gier nach Gold hat die Pfahlbauersiedlungen der Voralpen erreicht. Sie fuhrt ganze Stamme in den Tod und die Sklaverei. Wird die Liebe von Giura, Furstin der Taraner, stark genug sein, um ihren...
cena: 134,12
Der Schatz Des Pfahlbauers
 Potop Leśniewski Sławomir 9788308063071 Literackie
Tęsknisz za zamachami stanu, krwawymi weselami i knowaniami rodem z Westeros? Brakuje ci Lannisterów, Starków i Targaryen’ów? Poznaj prawdziwą GRĘ O TRON, która rozegrała się na polskich ziemiach niemal cztery wieki temu i zaangażowała pół Europy!
Kiedy Władysław IV Waza wydawał ostatnie tchnienie, nikt nie przypuszczał, że w ciągu kilku lat Polsce przyjdzie mierzyć się z...
 Gunner in the Sky George G. Pinneo 9781542382007 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Captain Greg Mordant, US Army Signal Corps, figured out how to shield Predators and Reapers from Soviet bloc high frequency jamming. Someone, probably Soviet Bloc, tried to kill him and the people he was training to do the shielding. He helped put down an assassin and then, with the help of RAF Security and a US Navy Seal Team, he managed to eliminate a Spetsnaz strike team. Promoted to Major...
cena: 29,61
Gunner in the Sky
 Hidden Water Dane Coolidge 9781542460354 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
No Description Available No Description Available
cena: 75,58
Hidden Water
 North Water Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2016 McGuire, Ian 9781471151262
A 19th-century whaling ship sets sail for the Arctic with a killer aboard in this dark, sharp and highly original novel, longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2016
cena: 54,06
North Water Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2016
 Wyvern and Star Sophy Boyle 9780995606609 Palestrina
The year is 1470. It's a decade since the house of York destroyed Robert Clifford's life and drove him from his lands; a decade of wandering exile and waning hopes. Now the house of Lancaster is rising once more and Robert leaps at the chance to reclaim what is his. But the stakes are impossibly high and in the storm to come, he risks the loss of his companions, his sons and Alice de Vere, the...
cena: 66,92
Wyvern and Star
 Le Prince Nekhlioudov Leon Tolstoi Ely Halperine-Kaminsky 9781542585231 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
..".Nekhlioudov etait grand, elance; il avait d'epais cheveux chatains, longs et frises; ses yeux brillaient, ses joues etaient fraiches et, autour de ses levres rouges, le premier duvet de la jeunesse apparaissait a peine. Sa demarche et son attitude portaient l'empreinte de la force et de la souplesse, avec un certain laisser-aller ou se trahissait la bienveillante beatitude de son age. Une...
cena: 45,08
Le Prince Nekhlioudov
 Discovery Richard A. Yach 9781944104108 Happy Jack Publishing, LLC
DISCOVERY: Sequel to The Destiny of Jim Hawkins. In The Destiny of Jim Hawkins, Jim returns to England with his share of pirate gold and a future filled with uncertainty, hope, and adventure. His graduation as a surgeon takes him aboard a British warship to the slave-dependent West Indies and to the pre-revolutionary, rebellious American colonies. In Discovery, Dr. Jim Hawkins marries Livian...
cena: 62,58
 The White Princess Philippa Gregory 9781501174926 Touchstone Books
Adapted for the STARZ original series, The White Princess.
Love to the Death.
When Henry Tudor picks up the crown of England from the mud of Bosworth field, he knows he must marry the princess of the enemy house--Elizabeth of York--to unify a country divided by war for more than three decades. But his bride is still in love with his dead enemy, and her mother...
cena: 76,41
The White Princess
 Patrick Tracy Series Volume One: Book One - Abandoned & Book Two - In Training Christopher Noble 9781541255951 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
PATRICK TRACY SERIES - TWO BOOK BUNDLE Book One - Patrick Tracy: ABANDONED Book Two - Patrick Tracy: IN TRAINING This is a historical adventure about the author's actual 5th great grandfather, Patrick Tracy. Born and raised on a farm in 1711, Patrick was orphaned at the age of ten, when both his father and mother died within days of each other. Since his father's brother, Robert, wanted nothing...
cena: 79,92
Patrick Tracy Series Volume One: Book One - Abandoned & Book Two - In Training
 The Blazing World Margaret Cavendish 9781542563086 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Description of a New World, Called The Blazing-World, better known as The Blazing World, is a 1666 work of prose fiction by English writer Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle. It has been described as an early forerunner of science fiction. Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne was an English aristocrat, a prolific writer, and a scientist. Her writing addressed a number...
cena: 40,92
The Blazing World
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