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 The Moccasin Ranch: A Story of Dakota Hamlin Garland 9781364530686 Blurb
Hannibal Hamlin Garland (September 14, 1860 - March 4, 1940) was an American novelist, poet, essayist, and short story writer, Georgist, and parapsychology skeptic/researcher. He is best known for his fiction involving hard-working Midwestern farmers. Main-Travelled Roads was his first major success. It was a collection of short stories inspired by his days on the farm. He serialized a biography...
cena: 52,36
The Moccasin Ranch: A Story of Dakota
 Escape from Saigon Michael Morris Dick Pirozzolo 9781510702981 Skyhorse Publishing
Few thirty-day periods in history have been more tumultuous than the fall of Saigon in April of 1975. Few thirty-day periods in history have been more tumultuous than the fall of Saigon in April of 1975. With US military now gone for two years, the North Vietnamese Army routed South Vietnam s forces, resulting in thousands of refugees pouring into the former colonial capital. The world watched...
cena: 114,15
Escape from Saigon
 The Horse Thieves Giles Tippette 9781683242826 Center Point
A gang of Mexican bandits robbed Warner Grayson and left him to die. In the vast, alkali flat, Warner spied his salvation: a proud, beautifully lined horse of a breed he d never seen before as lost and desperate as he was himself. Only a consummate horseman like Warner could save the horse s life and his own in the bargain. If he survived, he swore he d hunt down each of the six bandits who had...
cena: 164,67
The Horse Thieves
 The Snowy Range Gang and Vendetta Gold Mike Blakely 9780765391667 Forge

A retired detective pairs up with a sworn enemy to solve a series of countryside murders in The Snowy Range Gang, and an atoning criminal goes on a dangerous adventure seeking lost treasure in Vendetta Gold: two memorable novels from Spur Award-winning author Mike Blakely.

The Snowy Range Gang
Claude Duval thought he was through with rustlers...

cena: 49,09
The Snowy Range Gang and Vendetta Gold
Un siglo no es mucho cuando se habla de Bizancio.

A mediados del siglo xii, el emperador Alejo Conmeno le otorgo a uno de sus siervos el titulo de Antioquia junto con el anillo de oro destinado a cerrar las cartas de una de las ciudades mas importantes de Bizancio. Entre ellas, la que debia llegar a la Santa Sede para intentar reunificar las Iglesias de Oriente y Occidente. Ese anillo...
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El Jardin del Honor
 The Insurrectionist Herb Karl 9781613736333 Chicago Review Press
The Insurrectionistis a captivating historical novel that follows the militant abolitionist John Brown from his involvement in Bleeding Kansas to the invasion of Harpers Ferry and the dramatic conclusion of his subsequent trial. Herb Karl carefully blends historical detail with dramatic personal descriptions to reveal critical episodes in Brown s life, illuminating his character and the...
cena: 75,31
The Insurrectionist
 Across the Nightingale Floor  Hearn, Lian 9781509837809
cena: 49,09
Across the Nightingale Floor
 Ordinary Patriots: A Novel of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Elsa Pendleton 9781523364398 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Richardsons love America, FDR, and their family-rich life in the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains. In 1941, World War II offers their young ones chances for heroism. To the older folks, heroism is equivalent to heartbreak. Nevertheless, troubled by the clouds of war, their young leave the nest. Teenager Dana dreams of flying like her wild uncle Charles. Howard wants to be a major league...
cena: 62,94
Ordinary Patriots: A Novel of the Eastern Sierra Nevada
 The Iron Heel Jack London G-Ph Ballin 9781542322270 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Plot summary The novel is based on the (fictional) "Everhard Manuscript" written by Avis Everhard which she hid and which was subsequently found centuries later. In addition, this novel has an introduction and series of (often lengthy) footnotes written from the perspective of scholar Anthony Meredith. Meredith writes from around 2600 AD or 419 B.O.M. (the Brotherhood of Man). Jack London writes...
cena: 105,95
The Iron Heel
 The Names of Heaven Flavia Ida 9781944412562 Paper Angel Press

One man. An extraordinary choice.

In 1511 a Spanish ship en route from the island of Hispaniola sank off the coast of Yucatan near the town of Tulum. The survivors were captured by the Maya; these were the first white men ever to set foot on the mainland of the American continent, and the first white men the Maya had ever seen.

Among the castaways was Gonzalo Guerrero, a...

cena: 92,17
The Names of Heaven
 John Lee Johnson Will Hurt You Bad-Real Bad Undo: Hondo Goodrich's Last Ride Conn Hamlett 9781458220745 Abbott Press

It is 1865 and former Brigadier General Frank McGrew has not forgotten the loss of his brother at Fort Pillow and the everlasting thorn in his side, ex-Confederate John Lee Johnson. Unfortunately while recklessly acting on his hatred for Johnson and exacting revenge for his brother's death, McGrew has lost his rank and prestige in the military. Still, he remains determined to bag the big...

cena: 161,44
John Lee Johnson Will Hurt You Bad-Real Bad Undo: Hondo Goodrich's Last Ride
 Guns of Salmon Flats: Bonnett Series #3 MR James L. McKinney 9781541128668 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Slash W ranch owned by Dan Whitley lay between the big ranches of Tom Synder and Jason King who were determined to have it. All their efforts to buy him out proved futile. It was Johnny Synder, Tom's youngest son who decided if it couldn't be bought with money, he would take it with guns. He led the group of five men on the night they brutally murdered the Whitley family and opened up the...
cena: 38,24
Guns of Salmon Flats: Bonnett Series #3
 Storm Warrior-Vol 31: Enemies and Allies Wl Cox 9781542427982 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Charles, Blank, and Caleb return to Philadelphia and Charles is pressured into enrolling Little Sun Bird into a Finishing School. Charles encounters a man that had owned a freight company. The railroad forced him to close his doors, and he has horses, wagons, and harness to sell. After enrolling Sunbird into school, Charles finds a large orchard and stops to see if they have any plants available....
cena: 64,98
Storm Warrior-Vol 31: Enemies and Allies
 Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen  Weir, Alison 9781472227515 Six Tudor Queens
Foremost and beloved historian Alison Weir is writing six stunning novels about the Six Queens of Henry VIII drawing on new research
cena: 49,09
Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen
 A View from Clock Tower Hill: A Look at the 1960s Alan Powell 9781478784197 Outskirts Press
Unlike Any Other Decade... After chronicling the 1950s, Army veteran and newspaper columnist Pence Mefford finds himself at the dawn of a new decade. Things may move slowly in his hometown of New Castle, KY, but the world is rapidly shifting and will soon shape Pence-and the nation-in ways he can scarcely imagine. Rumors of a change in his paper's ownership, a return to the front lines of war,...
cena: 126,83
A View from Clock Tower Hill: A Look at the 1960s
 Sandstorm: Into the Breach MR John D. Mason 9781542447751 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
When Operation Desert Storm began in 1991, a mighty host of allied troops massed on the Kuwaiti border, waiting for the word to enter and force the invading Iraqis back across their own borders. The advancing Americans ran almost immediately into a sandstorm that obscured their vision for a time. When the sand blew away, Fox Troop finds that not only was their vision obscured, but they also were...
cena: 51,57
Sandstorm: Into the Breach
 The Lure of the Dim Trails B. M. Bower 9781542615174 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
B.M. Bower was an American author best known for writing stories on the American Old West. Bower's books often featured working cowboys and cattle and are considered to be accurate portrayals of ranch life. Bower's most famous novels are Chip, of the Flying U, and Cabin Fever. The Lure of the Dim Trails, published in 1907, is a western novel that centers around an author that returns home to the...
cena: 33,44
The Lure of the Dim Trails
 Sir Quixote of the Moors John Buchan 9781542635042 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
John Buchan was a Scottish politician, historian, and writer. Buchan served as the Governor General of Canada and he was also noted for writing propaganda for the British army during World War I. Buchan is best remembered now for being a prolific author and his most famous work, The Thirty-Nine Steps, has been adapted into film and recently was the basis of a popular British television show. Sir...
cena: 33,44
Sir Quixote of the Moors
 Here We Go Again, Boys J. Allen Clary 9781945772245 Absolutely Amazing eBooks
A handpicked squad of men, Gunny's Marines struggle through an intensely hot and humid, Japanese infested Pacific jungle code named Boogeyman Island. After a successful mission and a harrowing departure from the island, the boys of Baker squad were on-route to their next mission when disaster struck the submarine they were traveling on. When they regained consciousness, the Marines found...
cena: 74,05
Here We Go Again, Boys
 Fatal Rivalry: Part Three of the Last Great Saxon Earls Rochelle Mercedes 9780997318234 Sergeant Press

In 1066, the rivalry between two brothers brought England to its knees. When Duke William of Normandy landed at Pevensey on September 28, 1066, no one was there to resist him. King Harold Godwineson was in the north, fighting his brother Tostig and a fierce Viking invasion. How could this have happened? Why would Tostig turn traitor to wreak revenge on his brother?

The Sons of Godwine...

cena: 59,89
Fatal Rivalry: Part Three of the Last Great Saxon Earls
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