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 The Bertie Project Alexander McCal 9780525433002 Anchor Books
Our beloved cast of characters are back, as are the joys and trials of life at 44 Scotland Street in this latest installment of Alexander McCall Smith s delightfully charming series.
Bertie s mother, Irene, returns from the Middle East to discover that, in her absence, her son has been exposed to the worst of evils television shows, ice cream parlors, and even unsanctioned art at the...
cena: 71,03
The Bertie Project
 Class Lucinda Rosenfeld 9780316265416 Little Brown and Company
A satirical novel about a mother whose life spirals out of control when she's forced to rethink her bleeding heart liberal ideals
For idealistic forty-something Karen Kipple, it isn't enough that she works full-time in the non-profit sector, aiding an organization that helps hungry children from disadvantaged homes. She's also determined to live her personal life in...
cena: 118,50
 The Blue Bistro Elin Hilderbrand 9781250135117 St. Martin's Griffin

Elin Hilderbrand, author of the enchanting Summer People and The Beach Club, invites you to experience the perfect getaway with her sparkling new novel.

Adrienne Dealey has spent the past six years working for hotels in exotic resort towns. This summer she has decided to make Nantucket home. Left flat broke by her ex-boyfriend, she is desperate to earn some fast money. When...

cena: 49,41
The Blue Bistro
 A Million Little Things Susan Mallery 9780778330912 Mira Books

From the bestselling author of The Girls of Mischief Bay and The Friends We Keep comes a twisty tale of family dynamics that explores what can go terribly, hysterically wrong when the line between friendship and family blurs...

Zoe Saldivar is more than just single--she's ALONE. She recently broke up with her longtime...

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A Million Little Things
 City of Friends Joanna Trollope 9781509823475 Pan MacMillan
The day Stacey Grant loses her job feels like the last day of her life. Or at least, the only life she'd ever known. For who was she if not a City high-flyer, Senior Partner at one of the top private equity firms in London? As Stacey starts to reconcile her old life with the new--one without professional achievements or meetings, but instead, long days at home with her dog and ailing mother,...
cena: 107,99
City of Friends
 Just Fine with Caroline Annie England Noblin 9781683242772 Center Point
Caroline O Connor never dreamed she d be back home in Cold River, Missouri, the Ozark Mountain town where everyone is up in your business . . . they mean well as they drive you crazy. She thought she d left town for good, but now she s back, helping to care for her New York-born mother struck with Alzheimer s, and prone to saying and doing anything and her father, the beloved local doctor...
cena: 169,20
Just Fine with Caroline
 This Is How It Always Is Laurie Frankel 9781250088550 Flatiron Books

"It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think." --Liane Moriarty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Little Lies

This is how a family keeps a secret...and how that secret ends up keeping them.

This is how a family lives happily ever after...until happily ever after becomes complicated.

This is how...

cena: 118,46
This Is How It Always Is
 Guitar Face (Original Cover): Guitar Face Series Book One Sasha Marshall 9781533537034 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
My story is not one for the faint of hearts. It's beautifully gritty, and heartbreakingly tragic. I was born into a world of rock-and-roll, a mere girl who only wanted to have her own guitar face. Somewhere between the amps, cords, and guitars, I found my place. I was born to make music and bring the world to their knees, until I wasn't anymore, until the thought of doing all this without him...
cena: 83,33
Guitar Face (Original Cover): Guitar Face Series Book One
 Promised Land Lane Marcus Brown 9781542326148 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
In 1901, an innocent child was cruelly tortured, and murdered by her vengeful mother. Twisting her once beautiful soul into something evil and monstrous. Her name was Maisie Whitmore. Bound forever to Promised Land Lane, she will take her revenge on those foolish enough to cross her path. If Maisie sees you. Run, for she will never forget.
cena: 74,22
Promised Land Lane
 Madam President Blayne Cooper T Novan  9781619293168 Blue Beacon Books by Regal Crest

This timeless classic from T. Novan and Blayne Cooper is funny, realistic and endearing.

Devlyn Marlowe, the first woman President of the United States, has just been elected. Breaking with the tradition of hiring a political writer to chronicle her administration, President Marlowe selects one Lauren Strayer, a professional biographer with a reputation for absolute honesty....

cena: 122,60
Madam President
 Burn This Manuscript After Reading S. R. D. Farahani 9781482881394 Partridge Singapore

Maybe in ancient times, invisible three Norn sisters determined the fate of each person all around the world, but in these days, fortunately or unfortunately, they are out of order, completely In spite of that, our fate is still under the control of some invisible creatures; they are not sisters, but they are brothers--the invisible seven brothers of CIA The brothers who play the role of the...

cena: 69,62
Burn This Manuscript After Reading
 Death of the Rainbow Phoebe Pike 9781540852977 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Gisel Doyle holds a position of great power within a government that controls everything from hairstyles to romantic relationships. She is a teacher within a prison for those considered morally corrupt simply for living outside of socially acceptable terms. Gisel is also harboring a secret and only a rebel group known as 'The Rainbow' knows what it is. Can she save herself and those she loves...
cena: 74,22
Death of the Rainbow
 DNA of a Gangsta Clifford Big Cliff Jennings 9781542389440 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The story of a living legend DNA OF A GANGSTA gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of Christopher Flora, a Virginia hustler with a ruthless mentality. Cursed with a mother who was never there and a father who disowns him, Chris began to mold and transform in order to adapt to the cold and cruel streets around him. Growing up in Broadlawn, a low-income project in Chesapeake, Virginia, Chris...
cena: 76,53
DNA of a Gangsta
 The Little Burma Girl Nell Parsons 9781542454971 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
From the beginning of the first chapter: WE ARE INTRODUCED TO MADI.
YOU want me to tell you a story, Little Sister? Well, come into the garden, and I will try to tell you all about the different little girls I have met during my travels in far-away lands.
You must sit very quiet, as I want to finish this picture of Daddy's Garden before all the spring flowers have fallen and withered...
cena: 37,98
The Little Burma Girl
 Home Is Where the Heartburn Is... Kathleen Kole 9781927791042 Sublime Coyote Media
Have you ever had, "one of those days"? Of course you have and Paula Dempsey can relate; except for the small detail she's having one of those months. On the precipice of owning her first house with her husband, Declan, Paula is understandably excited. She has plans to turn that house into a home, fill it with light, laughter and family... if they can ever get inside. What began as a straight...
cena: 96,88
Home Is Where the Heartburn Is...
 In the Shadows of My Mind Andrew Massie 9780997247206 Savant Books & Publications LLC
When his mother dies, Special Agent Stephen Lanford and his alternate personality return to their small, southern hometown to find themselves confronted with forgotten secrets and repressed desires that threaten to consume and destroy them. "To stop moving meant to settle, and for Olivia, that would be a tragedy. Others might think she was crazy, but Stephen knew better. She wasn't crazy; she...
cena: 83,11
In the Shadows of My Mind
 Say Something Jayne Conway 9781542310550 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Unrequited love is incurable and no one is immune. How can any relationship live up the 'great love' that never was? Della is an Ivy League educated, successful career woman, who hobnobs with the rich and famous in New York City. She has everything she ever wanted, except the man she loves. For over a decade, Della's been hopelessly in love with her best friend. Loving Jake is an exquisite form...
cena: 87,86
Say Something
 Love and Void Olga Toprover 9781542573221 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Dasha is a woman who stops aging at 25 because of a curse hanging over her family. This is just a side effect of witchcraft, the aim of which was to force Dasha and all women in her family to suffer from love and from never being loved in return. "They will live with that unrequited love, which would be a torture. It will turn into their pain, obsession and sickness. Time will not heal them....
cena: 74,22
Love and Void
 A State of Jane Meredith Schorr 9781635111569 Henery Press

"I laughed my way through this novel. A must-read from Meredith Schorr." - Chick Lit Plus

It's more about finding yourself than finding a man...Jane Frank is ready to fall in love. It's been a year since her first and only relationship ended and far too long since the last time she was kissed. With the LSAT coming up, she needs to find a boyfriend (or husband) before acing law...

cena: 144,18
A State of Jane
 A Brush with Truth Joanie Sanches 9781523668441 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Jasmine Rose has come with her two boys to Mendocino, California, to care for her sick mother. After her mother dies, Jasmine decides to raise her sons, eleven-year-old Sam and eight-year-old Logan, in the idyllic ocean-side town. She takes a job with Patrick Talty, a demanding gallery owner, and she takes up oil painting. Childhood disappointment and her late mother's disapproval compel her...

cena: 69,69
A Brush with Truth
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