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Literatura piękna

 Great Big Shining Star Niall Griffiths 9780099507680 VINTAGE
Written with a raging, lyrical fury, this is a devastating satire on a society fixated on image and celebrity - how innocence and individuality are routinely sacrificed for the totems of sex and wealth and glamour: a magnificent howl of anger and despair at a culture disintegrating into a brittle cult of fame.
cena: 54,44
Great Big Shining Star
 Falconer John Cheever 9780099583134 VINTAGE
This story of human redemption explores an ex-professor's experiences as a prison inmate. 'Falconer' tells the story of the man, his crime and punishment and his struggle to remain a man as he comes to terms with how his life has changed forever.
cena: 59,80
 Stolen T S Learner 9780751550580 Sphere Books
Zurich, 1983. A Roma gypsy lies dead in front of a smart watchmaker's window. His sacrifice will lead to the discovery of a remarkable treasure, kept hidden by the Nazis for decades. But this mysterious artefact is much more than it seems - and its power will not be contained...Widowed physicist Matthias von Holindt has been lost in his own world for far too long. But when his estranged father is...
cena: 43,73
 Baby Be Mine Paige Toon 9781471129582 SIMON & SCHUSTER UK
'He's not mine, is he?'
That's the question I fear the most.
You see, I have a secret. My son is not fathered by my boyfriend, but by one of the most famous rock stars that ever lived. And he doesn't even know it.
One-time celebrity personal assistant to wild boy of rock Johnny Jefferson, Meg Stiles is now settled and living in the south of France with her doting boyfriend Christian...
cena: 49,09
Baby Be Mine
 The White Devil John Webster (University of St Andrews,  Benedict Robinson (Stony Brook Universit Professor of English Gordon McMullan ( 9781408130032 Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

The White Devil is one of the most-studied of non-Shakespearean Renaissance plays. Its fundamental concerns resonate powerfully with a wide range of current critical interests. As a play centred on the life of a notorious woman, and a play that dramatises adultery, betrayal, and domestic violence, The White Devil has a great deal to tell us about representations of gender,...

cena: 354,38
The White Devil
 Simile and Identity in Ovid's Metamorphoses Marie Louise Vo 9781316623596 Cambridge University Press
The first monograph on Ovid's epic simile, offering fresh perspectives on central episodes of this important work.
cena: 102,64
Simile and Identity in Ovid's Metamorphoses
 Homer in Stone: The Tabulae Iliacae in Their Roman Context David Petrain 9781316631935 Cambridge University Press
A study of the Trojan War as retold in carved images and texts at the dawn of the Roman Empire.
cena: 150,18
Homer in Stone: The Tabulae Iliacae in Their Roman Context
 Tennessee Williams and the Theatre of Excess: The Strange, the Crazed, the Queer Annette J. Saddik 9781107433908 Cambridge University Press
This book explores Williams' late plays in terms of a 'theatre of excess', which seeks liberation through exaggeration, chaos, ambiguity, and laughter.
cena: 144,19
Tennessee Williams and the Theatre of Excess: The Strange, the Crazed, the Queer
 The Cambridge Companion to Xenophon Michael A. Flower 9781107652156 Cambridge University Press
Introduces Xenophon's writings and their importance for Western culture, while explaining the main scholarly controversies.
cena: 150,83
The Cambridge Companion to Xenophon
 Blue Jorge Orti 9781365377556 Lulu.com
For 18 years a boy named Blue suffered contstant hate and abuse because of his unnatural powers. The people of Oldsvalle feared and despised him for things he could not control. All but a woman called Mary, who loved this orphaned child like he was her own. When the people of Oldsvalle take their hatred a step too far, the entire world must deal with the consecuenses of his unleashed powers....
cena: 68,32
 Hoops of Holiness Maurice Harmon 9781910669495 Salmon Publishing Ltd.
cena: 59,85
Hoops of Holiness
 How to Bake a Planet Peter Mullineaux 9781910669549 Salmon Publishing Ltd.
cena: 59,85
How to Bake a Planet
 Fish on a Bicycle: New & Selected Poems Jean O'Brien 9781910669587 Salmon Publishing Ltd.
cena: 59,85
Fish on a Bicycle: New & Selected Poems
 The Art of Dying Adam Wyeth 9781910669594 Salmon Publishing Ltd.
cena: 59,85
The Art of Dying
 Vessel and Solsvart Berit Ellingsen 9781943813261 Snuggly Books

Throughout history our fear of and desire to control death has raised empires and broken gods. What's dominated the past is sure to follow in the future. Even in the Anthropocene, the global epoch of humankind, the planet is in the throes of a sixth period of mass extinction. Here is a collection of dark fables and modern fairytales, inspired by Scandinavian folk tales and the work of H.C....

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Vessel and Solsvart
 Ich Selbst - Weichheit Des Herzens Christian H. Dorn 9783741261626 Books on Demand
CHRISTIAN H. DORN wurde 1975 in Ingolstadt geboren. Nach verschiedensten kreativen Disziplinen, begann er 2006 mit dem Schreiben von Gedichten. Geboren aus der Freude und dem unermesslichen Drang nach personlicher Entwicklung und dem Blick tief hinter die Dinge zu schauen. Authentisch, voller Warme und Klarheit lasst er in diesem Erstlingswerk seinem individuellen Ausdruck Raum. Emotionen und...
cena: 37,79
Ich Selbst - Weichheit Des Herzens
 They Burn Thistles  Yasar Kemal 9781784870478
Ali Safa is determined to take possession of the village of Vayvay but its inhabitants will not sell. Then one villager weakens, prepared to part with his land in return for the Agha's best stallion. But this ill-fated deal sets in motion a chain of events which will see the young brigand Slim Memed take up the cause of the poor once again...
cena: 54,44
They Burn Thistles
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