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Pedagogika i oświata


This indispensable and fully revised new edition has been designed specifically to meet the needs of students on the Teaching Assistant Foundation Degree course, and provides a highly accessible overview of the modern Teaching Assistant s role

Packed full of comprehensive yet thoroughly grounded advice and practical tasks, this book includes sections covering all the different ideas,...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 30-07-2020
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cena: 144,88
The Teaching Assistant's Guide: New Perspectives for Changing Times

The primary purpose of this book is to speak to the construction of the field of early childhood education and child care, children and families, as well as the concept of welfare and well-being in the United States of America. A second purpose is to contextualize an historical and policy analysis of early education and child care within the United States as part of a broader dialogue that...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-01-2019
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cena: 288,70
Governing Young Children, Families, and Their Care: A Critical Policy Analysis of Early Education and Child Care
 The Wiley Handbook of Cognition and Assessment  9781118956571 John Wiley & Sons

This state-of-the-art resource brings together the most innovative scholars and thinkers in the field of testing to capture the changing conceptual, methodological, and applied landscape of cognitively-grounded educational assessments.

  • Offers a methodologically-rigorous review of cognitive and learning sciences models for testing purposes, as well as the latest statistical and...
cena: 727,19
The Wiley Handbook of Cognition and Assessment

This volume investigates digital interactions between youth, corporations and pop culture texts and their implications for educators. It provides a comprehensive critique of participatory culture, revealing corporate media's solicitation of young people's creative labor and both groups' exploitation of images and narratives. Exploring the power relations between users and producers, the volume...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 08-12-2017
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cena: 494,08
Politics and Pedagogy of Digital Participation: New Directions for Media Educators
Implications of Brain Research for Education, Social Sciences, Parenting, and Future Society provides teacher educators, education students (both in regular and special education programs), school psychologists, and practicing teachers with a brief, readable distillation of the most up-to-date research on brain development and how it relates to optimum teaching practice. This accessible...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 22-03-2018
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cena: 468,41
Implications of Brain Research for Education, Social Sciences, Parenting, and Future Society
 Globalization and Higher Education Jonathan H. Westover 9781612299303 Common Ground Publishing
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-04-2018
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Globalization and Higher Education

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) has found a non-profit home in Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) which provides it fiscal sponsorship and logistical support. CSLDF lets scientific colleagues and the public directly help climate scientists protect themselves and their work from industry-funded legal attacks. In recent years, these legal charges have...

cena: 178,31
Rights and Responsibilities: A Guide to Legal Issues for Scientists

This collection of simple to use, fun, multi-sensory games and creative lesson starters will jumpstart pupils enthusiasm for literacy learning. The jumpstarts' cover:

  • Warming up the word - spelling and word games
  • Syntactic gymnastics - creating sentences and written style
  • Games to stimulate - talk, drama and writing
  • Quickfire whiteboard starters - to...
cena: 469,35
Jumpstart! Literacy: Games and Activities for Ages 7-14
Planowany termin premiery książki: 15-02-2018
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cena: 83,42
Jumpstart! Literacy: Second Edition: Games and Activities for Ages 7-14

Teaching Psychology Successfully is an essential source of support, written to ensure all secondary and post-16 teachers and lecturers - both specialist and non-specialist - are confident that they can deliver the curriculum expertly. This friendly, straightforward guide can be dipped into for ideas and inspiration or read as a short course. It is packed with advice on all aspects of...

cena: 494,08
Teaching Psychology Successfully: A Practical Handbook for Secondary and Post-16 Teachers and Lecturers
 Kids Who Learn Code Peter Lowen 9781367480827 Blurb
Give your kids a kick-start to learning their first programming language with this guide to HTML. Like many parents and teachers who are struggling to find resources and information to teach their children a programming language it can feel very overwhelming and confusing. With this book, it takes away a lot of the fluff and your child will be consumed with the entertaining storytelling where you...
cena: 96,33
Kids Who Learn Code
 Inspiring Young Minds: Scientific Inquiry in the Early Years Julie Smart 9781605545189 Redleaf Press

Learn to use inquiry-based practice to inspire young minds through science. This book provides educators a concrete guide for using research-based principles of inquiry to help children explore their world. Using real-life examples and discussions on facilitating and guiding children, you will be able to engage and maximize STEM learning.

This book uses case studies to focus on the...

cena: 125,17
Inspiring Young Minds: Scientific Inquiry in the Early Years
 Common Mistakes in Teaching Elementary Mathematics -- And How to Avoid Them Fuchang Liu 9781138201460 Routledge

Learn the most effective ways to teach elementary math, no matter how much experience you have with the subject. In this book, Fuchang Liu takes you through many common mistakes in math instruction and explains the misunderstandings behind them. He points out practices that should be avoided, helping you to adjust your lessons so that all students can achieve success.


cena: 121,25
Common Mistakes in Teaching Elementary Mathematics -- And How to Avoid Them
 Teaching Early Reading and Phonics: Creative Approaches to Early Literacy Kathy Goouch Andrew Lambirth 9781473918894 Sage Publications Ltd
Learning to read is an exciting and vital part of every child's development.

The new edition of this book continues to provide trainees and teachers with a broad understanding of teaching reading & phonics, and equip them with the skills necessary to face the reality of the early years classroom in order to meet the needs of individual children.

With vital information on constructing...
cena: 340,04
Teaching Early Reading and Phonics: Creative Approaches to Early Literacy
 Rigorous Pbl by Design: Three Shifts for Developing Confident and Competent Learners Michael P. McDowell 9781506359021 Corwin Publishers
The author shows how Project or Problem-Based Learning can be designed differently in order to accomplish maximum student growth in learning.
cena: 147,76
Rigorous Pbl by Design: Three Shifts for Developing Confident and Competent Learners
 Handwriting That Works (Printing): Printing Kate Imansuangbon 9781543291452 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 89,44
Handwriting That Works (Printing): Printing
 The Area Method Yongcheng Chen 9781540856418 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This is the third book of Math Contest Books Series.
The book introduces the area method for solving geometry problems.
The book can be used by students preparing for math competitions such as Mathcounts, AMC 8/10/12, and AIME.
Each chapter consists of (1) basic skill and knowledge section with examples, (2) exercise problems, and (3) detailed solutions to all problems.
cena: 70,43
The Area Method
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