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Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-05-2018
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cena: 679,61
Audiovisual Translation:Subtitling
 Translations into Greek Verse and Prose  Archer-Hind, Richard Dacre 9781316626078
Originally published in 1905, this book presents a series of translations from English into Greek verse and prose.
cena: 130,14
Translations into Greek Verse and Prose
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2018
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
cena: 491,09
Comparative Grammar of Arabic Varieties
Planowany termin premiery książki: 30-03-2018
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cena: 491,09
Translation Studies and Book History: Paradigms of Textual Transmission
 Arabic Prose Composition  Weir, T. H. 9781316626085
A guide to Arabic, intended to carry the student 'on from the rudiments of the language to what may be considered advanced prose'.
cena: 113,98
Arabic Prose Composition

As the rate of scientific discoveries and developments accelerates, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand and relate these events to our everyday lives. The day-to-day activities of science now lie obscured behind an ever-thickening screen of corporate, civil and military secrecy, whilst the news media the only major space left for public engagement in science development represent...

cena: 124,75
Science, News, and the Public: Tackling the 'Red Shift' in Science Communication
 On Writtenness: The Politics of Style in International Higher Education Joan Turner 9781472505071 Bloomsbury Academic

The term 'writtenness' is used to describe highlight a socio-academic criterion that is often taken-for-granted. The trope 'well written' is widespread but it is rarely very clearly defined and not adequately described by theory.

This book redresses that neglect by contextualizing writtenness as a focal issue in the contemporary context of international higher...

cena: 275,63
On Writtenness: The Politics of Style in International Higher Education
 Contemporary Critical Discourse Studies Christopher Hart Piotr Cap 9781474295000 Bloomsbury Academic

Critical discourse studies is a multifarious field constantly developing different methodological frameworks for dynamically analysing evolving aspects of language in a broad range of socio-political and institutional contexts. This volume is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary account of these theoretical and empirical developments. It presents an up-to-date survey of critical discourse studies...

cena: 167,84
Contemporary Critical Discourse Studies
 Help! My Story Has the Mary-Sue Disease L. C. Morgenstern 9780473385675 Inspector Faerie Publishing
cena: 84,78
Help! My Story Has the Mary-Sue Disease
 Paul Celans
Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2015 im Fachbereich Germanistik - Neuere Deutsche Literatur, Note: 1,7, Christian-Albrechts-Universitat Kiel (NDL), Veranstaltung: Hermenetik, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Das Gedicht "Todesfuge" von Paul Celan, verfasst 1948, handelt von seiner unmittelbaren Erfahrung mit dem deutschen Antisemitismus. Um sein bedeutendstes Werk hinreichend bearbeiten zu konnen,...
cena: 79,07
Paul Celans "Todesfuge." Interpretation Und Analyse, Symbolik Und Hermetik
ilość książek w kategorii: 86696