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 Biotechnology and Plant Breeding: Applications and Approaches for Developing Improved Cultivars Aluzio Borm 9780124186729 ACADEMIC PRESS

"Biotechnology and Plant Breeding" includes critical discussions of the newest and most important applications of biotechnology in plant breeding, covering key topics such as biometry applied to molecular analysis of genetic diversity, genetically modified plants, and more. This work goes beyond recombinant DNA technology to bring together key information and references on new biotech tools...

cena: 277,26
Biotechnology and Plant Breeding: Applications and Approaches for Developing Improved Cultivars
 Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction Klaus Dodds 9780199676781 Oxford University Press
Geopolitics is a way of looking at the world. Using wide-ranging examples, from historical maps to James Bond films and the rhetoric of political leaders like Churchill and George W. Bush, this title shows why, for a full understanding of contemporary global politics, it is essential to be geopolitical.
cena: 45,22
Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction
 Understanding Geology Through Maps Graham Borradaile 9780128008669 Elsevier Science & Technology

"Understanding Geology through Maps" guides young professional geologists and students alike in understanding and interpreting the world s dynamic and varying geological landscapes through the liberal use of visual aids including figures, maps, and diagrams.

This highly visual reference introduces the skills of interpreting a geological map and relating it to the morphology of the most...

cena: 243,31
Understanding Geology Through Maps
 Understanding Weather and Climate Edward Aguado James E. Burt 9780321987303 Prentice Hall
&>For Introductory Meteorology Science Courses. Engage Students in Learning About Atmospheric Processes Aguado/Burt's Understanding Weather and Climate illustrates meteorology and climatology using everyday occurrences and inspired technology tutorials to engage students in learning about atmospheric processes and patterns. The Seventh Edition extends coverage of global climate change with new...
cena: 548,92
Understanding Weather and Climate

Four hundred years ago, indigenous peoples occupied the vast region that today encompasses Korea, Manchuria, the Mongolian Plateau, and Eastern Siberia. Over time, these populations struggled to maintain autonomy as Russia, China, and Japan sought hegemony over the region. Especially from the turn of the twentieth century onward, indigenous peoples pursued self-determination in a number of...

cena: 585,76
Historical Atlas of Northeast Asia, 1590-2010: Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia, Eastern Siberia
 Coral Reefs: A Very Short Introduction Charles Sheppard 9780199682775 Oxford University Press
Coral reefs have been long regarded with awe by the millions of people who have encountered them over the centuries. Early seafarers were wary of them, naturalists were confused by them, yet many coastal people benefited greatly from these mysterious rocky structures that grew up to the surface of the sea. They have been rich in their supply of food, and they provided a breakwater from storms and...
cena: 45,22
Coral Reefs: A Very Short Introduction
 Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology Agi Agi Nagt -. National Association of Geoscien Richard M. Busch 9780321944511 Prentice Hall
For Introductory Geology courses This user-friendly, best-selling lab manual examines the basic processes of geology and their applications to everyday life. Featuring contributions from over 170 highly regarded geologists and geoscience educators, along with an exceptional illustration program by Dennis Tasa, Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, Tenth Edition offers an inquiry and...
cena: 350,84
Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology
 Biogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter Dennis A. Hansell Craig A. Carlson 9780124059405 Academic Press

Marine dissolved organic matter (DOM) is a complex mixture of molecules found throughout the world's oceans. It plays a key role in the export, distribution, and sequestration of carbon in the oceanic water column, posited to be a source of atmospheric climate regulation. "Biogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter, Second Edition," focuses on the chemical constituents of DOM and its...

cena: 481,06
Biogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter
 A Middle Class Without Democracy: Economic Growth and the Prospects for Democratization in China   9780199385614 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ACADEM
What kind of role can the middle class play in potential democratization in such an undemocratic, late developing country as China? To answer this profound political as well as theoretical question, Jie Chen explores attitudinal and behavioural orientation of China's new middle class to democracy, based on a probability-sample survey and in-depth interviews of residents in the Chinese cities of...
cena: 113,14
A Middle Class Without Democracy: Economic Growth and the Prospects for Democratization in China
 Assessment of Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: A European Perspective Alexander, David Birkmann, Joern Kienberger, Stefan 9780124105287 Elsevier Science

"Assessment of Vulnerability to Natural Hazards" covers the vulnerability of human and environmental systems to climate change and eight natural hazards: earthquakes, floods, landslides, avalanches, forest fires, drought, coastal erosion, and heat waves.

This book is an important contribution to the field, clarifying terms and investigating the nature of vulnerability to hazards in general...

cena: 481,01
Assessment of Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: A European Perspective
 Essentials of Geology Frederick K. Lutgens Edward J. Tarbuck Dennis G. Tasa 9780321947734 Prentice Hall
From the renowned Lutgens/Tarbuck/Tasa team, the Twelfth Edition of "Essentials of Geology" continues to elevate its readability, art program, focus on basic principles and instructor flexibility. This revision incorporates what has historically made the text a best seller with a new active learning approach throughout each chapter, which offers students a structured learning path and provides a...
cena: 452,71
Essentials of Geology
 Diversity Amid Globalization: World Regions, Environment, Development Lester Rowntree Martin Lewis Marie Price 9780321910066 Prentice Hall

"For Introductory World Regional Geography/Regional Geography Courses.""Students learn to think outside of the map""
""Diversity Amid Globalization" takes students on a journey into the connections and diversity between people and places-the contrasting regions of the world-within thematically organized regional chapters. With an arresting visual layout and new and updated content and maps...

cena: 633,81
Diversity Amid Globalization: World Regions, Environment, Development
 Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy Harald Bathelt 9780199643080 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ACADEM
This book presents a radically innovative view on trade shows as knowledge-rich places, where firms learn through observation and interaction with other economic actors, and as enablers, rather than mere consequences, of globalization. Traditionally seen as marketing tools, trade shows are conceptualised as temporary clusters that facilitate the creation and diffusion of knowledge across...
cena: 339,57
Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy
 Natural Hazards: Earth's Processes as Hazards, Disasters, and Catastrophes Edward A. Keller Duane E. Devecchio 9780321939968 Prentice Hall
"For an introductory-level course in natural hazards"
""Natural Hazards""uses real-life examples of hazards and disasters to explore how and why they happen--and what we can do to limit their effects. The text's up-to-date coverage of recent disasters brings a fresh perspective to the material. The Fourth Edition provides a new active learning approach, a fully updated visual program and...
cena: 461,78
Natural Hazards: Earth's Processes as Hazards, Disasters, and Catastrophes
 Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography Robert W. Christopherson 9780321926982 Prentice Hall
Among the most highly regarded in physical geography, Robert Christopherson's texts are known for their meticulous attention to detail, currency, accuracy, and rich integration of climate change science. This title is uniquely organized to present Earth systems topics as they naturally occur: atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere.
cena: 834,86
Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography
 Shackleton's Epic Tim Jarvis 9780007549528 HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS
cena: 141,49
Shackleton's Epic
 The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light Paul Bogard 9780316182911 Back Bay Books
The "terrific ... moving, poetic, immersive, multifaceted, and thought-provoking" book "(Publishers Weekly) "that will open your eyes to the night.
A brilliantly starry night is one of nature's most thrilling wonders. Yet in our world of nights as bright as day, most of us no longer experience true darkness. Eight out of ten Americans born today won't ever live where they can see the Milky...
cena: 57,46
The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light
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