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 Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary Raymond S. Bradley 9780123869135 Academic Press

"Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary, Third Edition," provides a thorough overview of the methods of paleoclimatic reconstruction and of the historical changes in climate during the past three million years.

This thoroughly updated and revised edition systematically examines each type of proxy and elucidates the major attributes and the limitations of each....

cena: 315,26
Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary
 Minerals: A Very Short Introduction David Vaughan 9780199682843 Oxford University Press
The Earth contains a vast array of minerals, many with highly complex arrangements of atoms of several elements. David Vaughan explores the structure of minerals, the conditions under which they form and transform, their properties, and their interaction with microbes, as well as their importance in human health.
Minerals: A Very Short Introduction
 Wildfire Hazards, Risks, and Disasters Douglas Paton 9780124104341 Elsevier Science & Technology
More than 90% of wildfires are caused by human activity, but other causes include lighting, drought, wind and changing weather conditions, underground coal fires, and even volcanic activity. Wildfire Hazards, Risks, and Disasters, one of nine volumes in the Elsevier Hazards and Disasters series, provides a close and detailed examination of wildfires and measures for more thorough and accurate...
cena: 436,51
Wildfire Hazards, Risks, and Disasters
 Doing Events Research: From Theory to Practice Dorothy Fox Mary Beth Gouthro John Brackstone 9780415666688 Routledge
Fulfilling the need for a relevant book which reflects the unique characteristics of research in events research, this title provides students with innovative ideas and inspiration to undertake their own research work and informs them of the wide diversity of research strategies and contexts that are available. Content is written from a researcher's point of view and provides a step by step guide...
cena: 544,64
Doing Events Research: From Theory to Practice
 The Geography of the World Economy Paul L. Knox John Agnew Linda McCarthy 9780415831284 Routledge

The Geography of the World Economy provides an in-depth and stimulating introduction to the globalization of the world economy. The book offers a consideration of local, regional, national and global economic development over the long historical term. The theory and practice of economic and political geography provide a basis for understanding the interactions within and among the developed...

cena: 515,97
The Geography of the World Economy
 Traditions: The Real, the Hyper, and the Virtual in the Built Environment Nezar AlSayyad 9780415777735 Taylor & Francis
Traditions: The 'Real', the Hyper, and the Virtual in the Built Environment is a continuation of Nezar AlSayyad's engagement with the subject of tradition in the built environment. In it he attempts to unsettle the belief that tradition is simply a product of history and transmission. Without dismissing the parallels between history and tradition, he argues that normative discourses which...
cena: 200,60
Traditions: The Real, the Hyper, and the Virtual in the Built Environment
 A Middle Class Without Democracy: Economic Growth and the Prospects for Democratization in China   9780199385614 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ACADEM
What kind of role can the middle class play in potential democratization in such an undemocratic, late developing country as China? To answer this profound political as well as theoretical question, Jie Chen explores attitudinal and behavioral orientation of China's new middle class to democracy and democratization. Chen's work is based on a unique set of data collected from a probability-sample...
cena: 114,61
A Middle Class Without Democracy: Economic Growth and the Prospects for Democratization in China
 Practical and Applied Hydrogeology Zeki ?en 9780128000755 Elsevier Science & Technology
Applications in Hydrogeology for Geoscientists presents the most recent scientific developments in the field that are accessible yet rigorous enough for industry professionals and academic researchers alike. A multi-contributed reference that features the knowledge and experience of the field's experts, the book's chapters span the full scope of hydrogeology, introducing new approaches and...
cena: 550,65
Practical and Applied Hydrogeology
 Advancing Land Change Modeling: Opportunities and Research Requirements Committee on Needs and Research Requirem Geographical Sciences Committee          Board on Earth Sciences and Resources 9780309288330 National Academies Press
People are constantly changing the land surface through construction, agriculture, energy production, and other activities. Changes both in how land is used by people (land use) and in the vegetation, rock, buildings, and other physical material that cover the Earth's surface (land cover) can be described and future land change can be projected using land-change models (LCMs). LCMs are a key...
cena: 188,37
Advancing Land Change Modeling: Opportunities and Research Requirements
 Tourism Geography: Critical Understandings of Place, Space and Experience  9780415854436 Routledge
For human geographers, a central theme within the discipline is interpreting and understanding our changing world - a world in which geographic patterns are constantly being reworked by powerful forces of change. These forces include population shifts, new patterns of economic production and consumption, evolving social and political structures, new forms of urbanism, and globalisation and the...
cena: 630,63
Tourism Geography: Critical Understandings of Place, Space and Experience
 Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction Klaus Dodds 9780199676781 Oxford University Press
Geopolitics is a way of looking at the world. Using wide-ranging examples, from historical maps to James Bond films and the rhetoric of political leaders like Churchill and George W. Bush, this title shows why, for a full understanding of contemporary global politics, it is essential to be geopolitical.
Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction
 Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy Harald Bathelt 9780199643080 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ACADEM
This book presents a radically innovative view on trade shows as knowledge-rich places, where firms learn through observation and interaction with other economic actors, and as enablers, rather than mere consequences, of globalization. Traditionally seen as marketing tools, trade shows are conceptualised as temporary clusters that facilitate the creation and diffusion of knowledge across...
cena: 343,98
Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy
 Understanding Geology Through Maps Graham Borradaile 9780128008669 Elsevier Science & Technology
This title guides young professional geologists and students alike in understanding and interpreting the world's dynamic and varying geological landscapes through the liberal use of visual aids including figures, maps, and diagrams. Maps of geological structures provide all of the realism of a survey map without the huge amount of data often present, so readers can develop or hone their skills...
cena: 246,47
Understanding Geology Through Maps
 Coral Reefs: A Very Short Introduction Charles Sheppard 9780199682775 Oxford University Press
Coral reefs have been long regarded with awe by the millions of people who have encountered them over the centuries. Early seafarers were wary of them, naturalists were confused by them, yet many coastal people benefited greatly from these mysterious rocky structures that grew up to the surface of the sea. They have been rich in their supply of food, and they provided a breakwater from storms and...
Coral Reefs: A Very Short Introduction
 Geophysical Exploration Technology: Applications in Lithological and Stratigraphic Reservoirs  9780124104365

Authored by one of the world s hydrocarbon exploration experts, Geophysical Exploration Technology: Applications in Lithological and Stratigraphic Reservoirs presents the latest technological advancements and cutting edge techniques in reservoir theory, research and exploration.

Stratigraphic and lithological reservoirs play a critical role in increasing the production from oil reserves and...

cena: 452,91
Geophysical Exploration Technology: Applications in Lithological and Stratigraphic Reservoirs
 Principles of Mathematical Petrophysics John H. Doveton 9780199978045 Oxford University Press, USA
The pioneering work of Gus Archie moved log interpretation into log analysis with the introduction of the equation that bears his name. Subsequent developments have mixed empiricism, physics, mathematical algorithms, and geological or engineering models as methods applied to petrophysical measurements in boreholes all over the world. This book reviews the application of mathematics to...
cena: 464,37
Principles of Mathematical Petrophysics
NOTE: Books a la Carte are unbound, three-hole-punch versions of the textbook. This lower cost option is easy to transport and comes with same access code or media that would be packaged with the bound book.
From the renowned Lutgens/Tarbuck/Tasa team, the Twelfth Edition of Essentials of Geology continues to elevate its readability, art program, focus on basic...
cena: 458,26
Essentials of Geology with MasteringGeology Student Access Code Card
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