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 Melancholia: The Western Malady Matthew Bell 9781107641792 Cambridge University Press
A history of melancholy and its significance in Western history and culture.
cena: 204,96
Melancholia: The Western Malady

This book provides a comprehensive overview of biomotors (molecular motors) within the body with a specific concentration on revolving molecular motors. The bioengineering of these new revolving molecular motors will go a long way in creating machines that will be able to carry RNA and DNA drugs directly to diseased cells to destroy them. The book goes into specific details regarding the...

cena: 601,21
Biomotors: Linear, Rotation, and Revolution Motion Mechanisms
Planowany termin premiery książki: 17-07-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
cena: 340,23
Introduction to Medical Physics
There are many issues that researchers need to address in computing treatment effects, many of which have not been tackled thus far in the literature. This book comprehensively addresses all the relevant issues in computing treatment effects, including many not previously detailed in the literature. It examines the relations between the different kinds of treatment effects, and how to convert...
cena: 241,13
Meta-Analysis: Computing Treatment Effects and Effect Sizes

Drug discovery is a highly complex and multidisciplinary process. High throughput screening (HTS) uses the technologies of automation to collect a large amount of experimental data in a relatively short time. This book presents a comprehensive view of the HTS process for drug discovery, with its benefits and pitfalls, advantages, and problems. It provides an overview of different platforms and...

cena: 658,61
High Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery

This book provides the information public health professionals need on the subject of breastfeeding, a keystone issue of child and maternal health. Topics include an introduction, an overview of the relation between breastfeeding and health outcomes, clinical and health services basics, research trends, and needs and practices based on country and policy. The book also includes extensive...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 22-08-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
cena: 528,15
Breastfeeding and Public Health: Program, Practice, and Policy Basics
Planowany termin premiery książki: 08-03-2018
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
cena: 470,75
Essentials of Human Physiology and Pathophysiology for Pharmacy and Allied Health
An online educational program in core areas of psychiatry. This course on Antidepressants is valid for CME certification (18.25 CME credits) until 1st April 2018.
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2018
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
The Stahl Neuropsychopharmacology Masterclass: Antidepressants, Part 2, Antidepressants
 Biosimilarity: The FDA Perspective Sarfaraz K. Niazi 9781498750394 CRC Press

The focus of this book is on how the US FDA will approve biosimilar drugs. The European scene is well developed with specific guidelines that are already in place. However, these guidelines do not apply to the thinking of the FDA in approving these products. The FDA is quite different from other regulatory agencies. With the US providing more than 50% of the worldwide market for these...

cena: 637,74
Biosimilarity: The FDA Perspective
An online educational program in areas of psychiatry. This course on Mood Disorders is valid for CME certification (14.25 CME credits) until 31st March 2018.
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2018
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
The Stahl Neuropsychopharmacology Masterclass: Mood Disorders Online Course and Certificate, Part 1, Mood Disorders
"An authorized translation of the 2nd German edition published and copyrighted 2014."
cena: 937,81
MR Neuroimaging: Brain, Spine, and Peripheral Nerves
 The Nmda Receptors Kenji Hashimoto 9783319497938 Springer

This volume provides a history of and an update on the functional status of the NMDA receptors. The NMDA receptors are essential for neuronal development, synaptic plasticity, learning, and cell survival. It covers molecular, cellular, anatomical, biochemical, and behavioral aspects, to highlight their distinctive regulatory properties, their functional significance, and their therapeutic...

cena: 707,71
The Nmda Receptors
ilość książek w kategorii: 124033