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 This Bud's for You: Selecting, Growing & Enjoying Legal Marijuana Ed Rosenthal 9781936807307 Quick American Archives
This Bud's for You presents Rosenthal's next view on the cutting edge of cannabis trends. It's for people who enjoy marijuana -- consuming and growing -- including information about the plant, its effects, new trends and products, and the emerging industry.
It details new varieties commercially available with breeders giving their perspective on the hottest new strains and how classic...
cena: 112,98
This Bud's for You: Selecting, Growing & Enjoying Legal Marijuana
 The Story Garden: Cultivating Plants You Love Ellen Buchert Johanna Bucher 9781423645818 Gibbs Smith

Grow stories and cultivate memories with a Story Garden.

This charming book of lovely tales is about the magic of self-discovery, memory, and human connections transmitted through botany. The stories are supplemented with simple plant propagation how-tos for the plants that connect to the memories. Start a rosebush from the rose in your wedding bouquet, remember Grandma's...

cena: 85,43
The Story Garden: Cultivating Plants You Love

Our monogram series is available in A-Z, 1-9, multiple formats and colors: Maroon, Red, Raw, Buffalo, Black, Aged. Find variations by altering the Title and Series Title in a search.

There is nothing like the feel of pen/pencil on paper for your thoughts, dreams, experiences, and life events recorded in the moment. Carry and use this blank book for a diagrams, sketches,...

cena: 47,83
Monogram "B" Grid Notebook: 150 Page Journal Notebook Sketchbook
 Creatures of the Pine Barrens Gloria Repp 9781542692557 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 29,16
Creatures of the Pine Barrens
 Fold and Fly: Origami Butterflies, Birds, and Other Charming Animals That Fly: Over 25 Paper Creations That Fly Mark Zagaeski 9781631062964 Rock Point

Learn to make origami animals take flight with Fold and Fly.

Butterflies and birds and are among nature's most perfect flying machines. From Human kind's earliest days, we have marveled at the ease and majesty of flying creatures - envious of their ability to break gravity's bounds and soar.

Fold & Fly Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals that...

cena: 62,84
Fold and Fly: Origami Butterflies, Birds, and Other Charming Animals That Fly: Over 25 Paper Creations That Fly
 Egyptology: The Colouring Companion J. K. Lowling 9781366415899 Blurb
cena: 43,94
Egyptology: The Colouring Companion
La Fa brica presents this spectacular large-format book with hardcover binding and full-color photographs.
cena: 212,10
Pio Cabanillas: Gaia
 Timberland Voyage: Tree Abstract & Symmetry Art Photography John D. Williams 9781542884853 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
-Timberland Voyage- uses the single aspect of trees as the core of the art photograph book. Each image within the book falls into three distinct and separate categories as to how it manipulates the woodland tree subject. -Pure Tree Symmetry- uses reflection and symmetrical compositions to create striking visual reinterpretations of the forest tree. Bright vibrant colors and post-processing...
cena: 89,39
Timberland Voyage: Tree Abstract & Symmetry Art Photography
 The Quick and Easy Giant Dahlia Quilt on the Sewing Machine Susan Aylesworth Murwin Suzzy C. Payne 9780486245010 Dover Publications
Since its first known appearance in the 1935 issue of Needlecraft -- The Home Arts Magazine, the Giant Dahlia pattern has been a favorite among quilters. A beautiful patchwork representation of the dahlia flower, this classic quilt was often judged too difficult for anyone but the most experienced quilter. Noted quilting teachers and authors Susan Murwin and Suzzy Payne rediscovered the...
cena: 73,40
The Quick and Easy Giant Dahlia Quilt on the Sewing Machine
 Tatting with Anne Orr Anne Champe Orr 9780486259826 Dover Publications

"A wonderful book that shows beautiful pictures with detailed lists on how to use and make these ornate crafts." --Book Worm
Originally developed as an easy way to reproduce knotted laces, tatting dates back at least to the seventeenth century. Despite its seeming intricacy, tatting is actually a very simple form of needlework -- as this book by legendary needlework designer Anne Orr...

cena: 45,69
Tatting with Anne Orr
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