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 Even Now the Embers Djelloul Marbrook 9781909849280 Leaky Boot Press

Even now the embers is a singular, sustained act of recollection, a kind of learning to walk on hot coals.

Djelloul Marbrook was born in Algiers and grew up in New York. He served in the U.S. Navy and for many years was a newspaper reporter and editor (Providence Journal, Elmira Star-Gazette, Baltimore Sun, Winston-Salem Journal, Washington Star, among others). His awards...

cena: 70,12
Even Now the Embers
 Dear Boy Emily Berry 9780571284054 0
Dear Boy is the dramatic and inventive debut by Emily Berry. These characterful, intelligent and darkly witty poems explore lives lived strangely in unusual worlds, through a series of deft and seductive soliloquies. In a collection with a taste for ventriloquy and wickedness, and a flair for vocal cross-dressing, the balance of power is always shifting in an unexpected direction - an ingenue...
cena: 62,96
Dear Boy
cena: 34,24
Poemes de Ngata
 Poesies Completes Arthur Rimbaud 9781548846923 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Poesies completes By Arthur Rimbaud
cena: 58,14
Poesies Completes
cena: 152,86
There Is No Time. Only Change.
 Walking and Thinking in Manhattan MR Michael Mohan Joshua 9781537519708 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Walking and Thinking in Manhattan takes you on a poetic journey to and through New York City. As the poet is confronted with loss, the words expressed in the poem are those of loss. As the poet feels optimism the words take a twist and convey this positivity. If you ever wanted to shout out at the top of your lungs in one of the greatest cities in the world, Walking and Thinking in Manhattan...
cena: 50,64
Walking and Thinking in Manhattan
 Of Llamas and Piranhas Valerie Volk 9781760413828 Ginninderra Press

Though the poems in this book take the reader on a South American journey from Chile to the Galapagos, it is not just another travel book. It's a personal invitation in the form of a poem a day to join the writer in strange and exotic places. The spectacular beauty of cascading water at the Iguassu Falls, a weather-beaten face in a Peruvian marketplace, the roasted guinea pig on the Last...

cena: 78,67
Of Llamas and Piranhas
cena: 84,13
Ruostuneet Raiteet
 Enter My Mind Shauna M. Cesar 9780995935211 Shauna Cesar
cena: 27,77
Enter My Mind
 Shall I Be a Poet Instead? Lianne Bernardo 9781775043102 Lianne M. Bernardo
Shall I Be a Poet Instead? is Lianne M. Bernardo's first collection of poetry. In it she conveys her thoughts, feelings, and observations of the magic and confusion of life, love, art, the world around us, and the times we live in.
cena: 33,58
Shall I Be a Poet Instead?
 These Words Patricia Russo 9781541061477 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
These words are my heart in a book, now in your hands. Thoughtfully penned words strung together with dancing syllables and purposeful intention. Words of heartbreak, healing and love, my offering to anyone who vows to take time to love themselves first so that they may love others more deeply.
cena: 62,14
These Words
 Common Threads: A Collection of Poetry Cara Babel 9780998455365 Vmh Vikki M. Hankins Publishing
cena: 54,42
Common Threads: A Collection of Poetry
 A Lark Up the Nose of Time Wayne F. Burke 9781926449142 Barebackpress
cena: 56,19
A Lark Up the Nose of Time
 Choux Haiku Anthony C. French 9781365716980 Lulu.com
cena: 55,83
Choux Haiku
 Three White Horses: Still Lifes Jonas Zdanys Sou Vai Keng 9781942956433 Lamar University Press

'Three White Horses, ' the forty-eighth book by Jonas Zdanys, is a lyrical-narrative sequence of poems that uses the commitments of lyric poetry to tell a story that unfolds in a closed room in an unnamed city on one snowy night in late November. The poems present pinpoints of experience, internal and external geographies, collectively framed between midnight and dawn, and use elegiac and...

cena: 78,33
Three White Horses: Still Lifes
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