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Dla dorosłych

cena: 69,05
Damaged Innocence: (What's Done in the Dark)
 Best Gay Stories 2017 Joe Okonkwo 9781590217030 Lethe Press
cena: 73,22
Best Gay Stories 2017
cena: 57,86
Duty Bound
cena: 38,01
Finn: A Bully Novella
cena: 45,95
Black Hamlet After Dark
cena: 30,07
Frisked by the Cop
cena: 106,44
cena: 45,95
cena: 65,64
Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress
 Al-Tounsi Anton Piatigorsky 9781634256094 Ankerwycke
cena: 70,37
 Worthy of Trust and Confidence Kara A. McLeod 9781626398894 Bold Strokes Books

Following an incident on her last protection assignment, Special Agent Ryan O'Connor's life is in shambles. Her sort-of ex, Det. Lucia Mendez, was killed, and the guilt she feels is crushing. Her current girlfriend, Special Agent Allison Reynolds, is upset about something, but Ryan doesn't know what. She's on light duty because of her own injuries, which severely limits what she's allowed to...

cena: 70,37
Worthy of Trust and Confidence
 Wild Geritten Erotik Western Denis Geier 9781541052994 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Tag fur Tag geht eine einsame junge Frau ihrer Arbeit in der Postkutschenstation einer Kleinstadt im Mittleren Westen nach. Sie sehnt sich nach Liebe und Befreiung aus ihrem trostlosen Alltag. Als ein fremder Mann fur einige Tage in das Dorf einkehrt, scheint sich ihr Leben schlagartig zu wenden. Er entfuhrt sie auf eine erotische Reise in eine Welt voller Lust und Verlangen nach mehr. Doch ihr...
cena: 29,28
Wild Geritten
 The King's Pleasure Kurt Dysan 9781542367776 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The old king has died and his son is making drastic changes. The rule of law is replaced with the rule of lust--his lust. The only thing that matters in the new regime is his pleasure. Two sisters, married to nobles, are swept up in the chaotic and erotic consequences, where sex and wrestling trump matters of state.
cena: 34,04
The King's Pleasure
 Captain's Surrender Alex Beecroft 9781541089075 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Ambitious and handsome, Joshua Andrews had always valued his life too much to take unnecessary risks. Then he laid eyes on the elegant picture of perfection that is Peter Kenyon. Soon to be promoted to captain, Peter Kenyon is the darling of the Bermuda garrison. With a string of successes behind him and a suitable bride lined up to share his future, Peter seems completely out of reach to Joshua....
cena: 45,95
Captain's Surrender
 Jordanna [Eminence Shifters 4] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) Ashley Malkin 9781640100039 Siren Publishing

MEnage Amour: Erotic Paranormal MEnage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] Cougar shifter Gabriel Prentiss is working as a paramedic when he finds his mate, Jordanna Morland, after she's mauled by a wolf. A wolf she witnessed kill after shifting from his human form. Calling his family for help in protecting his mate, Gabriel is shocked to find Jordanna is also mate to his brothers and...

cena: 61,87
Jordanna [Eminence Shifters 4] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
 Beyond the Chute (Siren Publishing Allure) Cara Addison 9781682959541 Siren Publishing

Siren Allure: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]

As a four-time all-round Canadian rodeo champion, Alberta born Kody Sutherland has been riding bulls and broncs for as long as he can remember. With a season-ending fall to the dirt, his rodeo rival, has snatched the title away from the twenty-nine year old cowboy. Kody's long time foe doesn't make the devastating loss any easier when he...

cena: 64,46
Beyond the Chute (Siren Publishing Allure)
 The Promise Jm Dragon 9780947528164 Affinity E-Book Press Nz Ltd
An accidental meeting with Melissa Grant, leads to an unexpected offer for Kris Lake, who just lost her job. Refurbishing a beach cottage, with the help of Melissa's granddaughter. Claire Tremont is at a crossroads after a near-death accident changed her life. Once a socialite always on the go, she now resorts to hiding from life and more importantly her fiance Racheal. When her grandmother...
cena: 73,73
The Promise
*** WINNER - 2017 International Book Awards - LGBTQ Fiction *** *** SILVER MEDAL - 2017 eLit Book Awards - LGBTQ Fiction *** *** FINALIST - 2017 National Indie Excellence Award - LGBTQ Fiction *** *** DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE - 2017 Independent Press Award - LGBTQ Fiction *** Two women. Two worlds. Two problems...and two attitudes. Addison Kane does not want for much. With a touch equaling that of...
cena: 81,67
Born Out of Wedlock
 Bethany's Horny Haven: The Swinging Sexcapades of a Frustrated Housewife Anonymous                                Locus Elm Press 9781542580816 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Lauren said, "He's hot for you, Bethany. He says, 'That cute ass next door, I'd like to sink my teeth into it '"

"But Lauren - would you - let Tom - your husband - and me..."

The other laughed. "Honey, this is Horny Haven."

Bethany recalled the panties under the highboy, and Lauren's mention of broads juicing the bedsheets....

cena: 48,97
Bethany's Horny Haven: The Swinging Sexcapades of a Frustrated Housewife
 Shane [Stories from a Crossroads Demon 1] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove) Maggie Walsh 9781640100220 Siren Publishing

Shane Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA] Shane hates his life and wants more, so even though he's skeptical, Shane summons The Crossroads Demon in hopes of striking a bargain. When the man in black appears before him, Shane is not only surprised that the story of the crossroads demon is true, but that the demon is the most gorgeous man he has ever...

cena: 59,17
Shane [Stories from a Crossroads Demon 1] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove)
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