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 Big Wind  Coogan, Beatrice 9781786695543
Born during a storm in 1839, Sterrin grows up during Ireland's darkest years, but sustaining her throughout it all is the forbidden love she harbours for a household servant. A tempestuous novel of love and courage.
cena: 51,42
Big Wind
 Black Moon  Graham, Winston 9781509856954 Poldark
cena: 46,40
Black Moon
 Four Swans  Graham, Winston 9781509856961 Poldark
cena: 46,40
Four Swans
 Mata Hari Michelle Moran   9781784292621 Quercus Publishing
From the internationally bestselling author of Nefertiti comes a captivating novel about the infamous Mata Hari, exotic dancer, adored courtesan, and, possibly, infamous spy. Paris, 1917. The notorious dancer Mata Hari sits in a cold cell awaiting freedom ...or death. Alone and despondent, Mata Hari is as confused as the rest of the world about the charges she's been arrested on: treason leading...
cena: 51,42
Mata Hari
cena: 82,90
All Saints
 Arminius: The Limits of Empire Fabbri, Robert (Author) 9781782397014
A stunning stand-alone Roman epic historical from the author of the bestselling Vespasian series.
cena: 46,40
Arminius: The Limits of Empire
 The Windfell Family Secrets Diane Allen 9781447295143 Pan MacMillan
cena: 41,38
The Windfell Family Secrets
 Betrayal: The Centurions I Anthony Riches 9781473628748 Hodder & Stoughton
The author of the bestselling Empire series begins a new epic set against a dark episode in the history of Imperial Rome: the revolt of the Batavi in the Year of the Four Emperors.
cena: 51,42
Betrayal: The Centurions I
 La Corona Partida Maurel 9788401019227 Plaza y Janes
cena: 137,45
La Corona Partida
 SS-GB Len Deighton 9780008166151 Harper

A special edition of Deighton's classic thriller, the first and certainly greatest 'what-if?' novel about the Second World War, to tie in with the new major BBC series starring Sam Riley and adapted by the writers of Skyfall and Spectre.

In February 1941 British Command surrendered to the Nazis. Churchill has been executed, the King is in the Tower and the SS are in...

cena: 51,42
 The Apple: Crimson Petal Stories Michel Faber 9780857860859 0
In this collection, Michel Faber revisits the world of his bestselling novel 'The Crimson Petal and the White', briefly opening doors onto the lives of its characters to give us tantalizing glimpses of where they sprang from and what happened to them.
cena: 51,42
The Apple: Crimson Petal Stories
 The Hiding Places Katherine Webb 9781409148586 Orion
From the bestselling author of The Legacy, comes a compelling and evocative novel about murder, lies and friendship against all odds.
cena: 46,40
The Hiding Places
cena: 59,12
Kindred Spirits
cena: 55,63
Mount II: The Next Adventure
 Coyote and Quarter-Moon Bill Pronzini 9781683243205 Western Series Level III (24)
cena: 146,17
Coyote and Quarter-Moon
 The Daughters of Ireland Santa Montefiore 9780062456885 William Morrow & Company

Ireland. 1925.

The war is over. But life will never be the same...

"Everything Santa Montefiore writes, she writes from the heart," says JOJO MOYES. See why in this unforgettable story of love, loss, and life, perfect for fans of DOWNTON ABBEY and KATE MORTON.

In the green hills of West Cork,...

cena: 67,24
The Daughters of Ireland
 The Border Legion Zane Grey 9781974422845 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 98,31
The Border Legion
 Wolf Shadow James Reasoner 9781410493484 Thorndike Press Large Print
cena: 161,00
Wolf Shadow
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