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 Ultimate Pocket Sudoku  Arcturus Publishing 9781788281577
cena: 26,37
Ultimate Pocket Sudoku
 Sharing Plates For Brunch, Lunch and Dinner with Friends Mangan, Luke 9781743369258
Over 100 recipes taking inspiration from around the world - Spain and Italy, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia - with a chapter of divine desserts to complete the feast. A little taste of everything, for just about everyone, for just about any occasion.
cena: 101,81
Sharing Plates For Brunch, Lunch and Dinner with Friends
 Wordsearch  Arcturus Publishing 9781784288747
cena: 41,45
 Sudoku  Arcturus Publishing 9781784288754
cena: 41,45
 Designing and Making Rings and Bangles Falkner, Miranda|||Pourgouris, Evangelos 9781785003189
Rings and bangles are timeless jewelry pieces; from simple elegance to bold creations, they make stunning statements. This beautiful book explains traditional techniques with step-by-step guides, and gives inspiration through stunning examples from leading jewelers. Written by two award-winning designer makers, it encourages jewelers of all levels of experience to express themselves and make...
cena: 106,89
Designing and Making Rings and Bangles
 Victorian London Through Time Manton, Colin 9781445662527 Through Time
The Victorian era saw great changes to the nation's capital. This book illustrates the nineteenth-century aspects of London that the Victorians were so proud of: the pioneering public health engineering of Bazalgette's system of intercepting sewers; the magnificent public buildings such as the 'new' Gothic Houses of Parliament and Big Ben; the classical and iconic British Museum; the great...
cena: 81,69
Victorian London Through Time
 Maxime Ballesteros: Les Absents Maxime Ballesteros 9783775743563 Hatje Cantz
cena: 163,22
Maxime Ballesteros: Les Absents
 Berlin-Wedding Axel Volcker 9783735603869 Kerber Verlag
cena: 185,64
 Love Your Lunch: Cookbook Wainer, Sean 9781760527556
Sean Wainer's Love Your Lunch contains 60 varied and delicious recipes that will have you looking forward to eating your homemade lunch every day of the week.
cena: 81,69
Love Your Lunch: Cookbook
 Jan Tove: Faraway/Nearby Jan Tove 9783775743587 Hatje Cantz
cena: 185,64
Jan Tove: Faraway/Nearby
 Red Rover, Red Rover: Games We Used to Play McGann, Kunak 9781847179463
With easy instructions, handy tips and `risk' ratings', RED ROVER, RED ROVER! will whisk you back to those carefree days of childhood and, if your creaky old bones are up to it, inspire you to get out with the kids and revel in those games all over again.
cena: 71,63
Red Rover, Red Rover: Games We Used to Play
cena: 102,30
In My Father's Garden
 Criss-Crossing Paris: Journey to the Heart of Paris in 20 Cross-Stitch Designs Fiona Sinclair Sally-Anne Hayes 9780992792367 Fil a Rouge
Cross-stitch interpretations of Parisian moments captured in a photograph.

Embroider an unforgettable travel memoir of Paris, with charming designs that feature familiar sights and unexpected moments. Each page is an invitation for the traveler or lover of Paris to share the author's journey, evoking memories of one of the world's most romantic cities. Snapshots, short poetic...

cena: 71,63
Criss-Crossing Paris: Journey to the Heart of Paris in 20 Cross-Stitch Designs
 Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film Piotr Cieplak 9781137579874 Palgrave MacMillan
This book explores how photography and documentary film have participated in the representation of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and its aftermath.
cena: 407,24
Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film
 The Space Craft Book: 15 Things a Space Fan Can't Do Without! Laura Minter Tia Williams 9781784943653 GMC Publications

Containing 15 fantastic space-themed projects to make, The Space Craft Book will get children crafting and creating in no time. Aimed at boys and girls aged 3+, all of the projects can be made either from readily available items or from easy-to-source materials, parents can have little to no crafting experience to help In addition to creating space outfits to wear...

cena: 36,42
The Space Craft Book: 15 Things a Space Fan Can't Do Without!
 Views of Japan Manfred Heiting Willard Huyck Gloria Katz 9783958291775 Steidl Dap
Most collectors have their own unique attractions and approaches to the objects of their collecting. This volume features the adventures of Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck, two renowned filmmakers--with such writing credits as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the original Star Wars and Mission Impossible--who began collecting Japanese photography more than a decade ago,...
cena: 383,51
Views of Japan
ilość książek w kategorii: 90162