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 Collage Therapy: Snipping Away Stress! Reneka Elizegi 9788416504633 Promopress

This activity book combines fun and focus, entertainment, and mindfulness using collage techniques. It includes a brief history of collage and practical tips and ideas on how to cut and paste, draw and paint, and sew and stitch using paper and everyday objects. A whole world to discover

cena: 66,93
Collage Therapy: Snipping Away Stress!
 The Art of Fashion: A Journal: Inspirations to Help You Achieve Your Most Stylish Life Eila Mell 9781681881966 Blue Streak
We deal with fashion every time we open our closets to get dressed. Some of us love putting together a look that tells the world who we are, while others are more practical with their daily choices. Either way (and whether we think about it or not), we all have personal style. This unique, in-depth journal combines practical motivation and wisdom with the spirited fun of fashion to help you...
cena: 70,73
The Art of Fashion: A Journal: Inspirations to Help You Achieve Your Most Stylish Life
 In Our Lifetime: Commemorative Edition Ferrell E. Phelp Ferrell E. Phelp 9781545372753 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 86,12
In Our Lifetime: Commemorative Edition
 Ballistische Messer Wolfgang Peter-Michel 9783743125346 Books on Demand
cena: 149,58
Ballistische Messer
 Million Owls  Mayo, Lulu 9781782437031
Inside A Million Owls are over 30 spreads of unconventional and off-the-wall owls, decorated with stress-busting Japanese patterns and motifs.
cena: 42,19
Million Owls
 Constructions Lotte Christensen 9789053308837 Schilt Publishing
In 2009, Lotte Floe Christensen travelled to the Canadian wilderness. As so often before, venturing into nature, she had her camera with her and was out to make pictures. Among mountains and trees, she found a good spot for an image. She put up the camera, ran into the frame and placed herself with a map between her hands. A 'click' sounded, but not the usual 'clack' of the mirror falling back...
cena: 110,83
ilość książek w kategorii: 89631