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 Album Leaves: For Piano MR Dmitri N. Smirnov 9781542691956 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 32,60
Album Leaves: For Piano
 Chateau de Neuilly: Domaine Prive Du Roi Pierre Francois Leonard Fontaine 9782011171191 Hachette Livre Bnf
cena: 66,79
Chateau de Neuilly: Domaine Prive Du Roi
 The W.C. Fields Films James L. Neibaur 9781476665306 McFarland & Company
 W.C. Fields was at the top among comedians during Hollywood's Golden Era of the 1930s and 1940s and has since remained a comic icon. Despite his character's misanthropic, child-hating, alcoholic tendencies, his performances were enduringly popular and Fields became personally defined by them. This critical study of his work provides commentary and background on each of his films, from...
cena: 167,87
The W.C. Fields Films
Global responsibility and commitment to the environment means the pressure is on to seek environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to combat the mounting problem of consumer waste. The importance of recyclable packaging is clearly recognised by all market sectors either because the product itself is natural and eco-friendly or manufacturers wish to draw attention to the essence of the...
cena: 150,08
 Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge Kerby Rosanes 9780735211094 Plume Books
Fans of adult coloring books will love the intricate, imaginative illustrations of Kerby Rosanes, the artist behind the Sketchy Stories blog.

The fantastically detailed style fans have come to know and love through his previous New York Times bestselling coloring books--Animorphia and Imagimorphia--is back, and just as awesomely-complex as before. Dragons,...

cena: 60,25
Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge
 Spectacular Men: Race, Gender, and Nation on the Early American Stage Sarah E. Chinn 9780190653675 Oxford University Press, USA
In Spectacular Men, Sarah E. Chinn investigates how working class white men looked to the early American theatre for examples of ideal manhood. Theatre-going was the primary source of entertainment for working people of the early Republic and the Jacksonian period, and plays implicitly and explicitly addressed the risks and rewards of citizenship. Ranging from representations of the...
cena: 220,80
Spectacular Men: Race, Gender, and Nation on the Early American Stage
 Stanisław Chlebowski Nadworny Farbiarz Jego Sułtańskiej Mości Wójcik Agata 9788380220157 Wydawnictwa Drugie
Pierwsza monografia życia i twórczości malarza Stanisława Chlebowskiego (1835–1884). Na podstawie archiwaliów udało się zrekonstruować pogmatwany życiorys niebanalnego artysty, podróżnika, kolekcjonera, który stykał się z ikonami swojej epoki – Jeanem-Léonem Gérôme’em, Józefem Ignacym Kraszewskim, czy Janem Matejką. Na kartach polskiej historii sztuki, ze względu na...
cena: 49,00
Stanisław Chlebowski Nadworny Farbiarz Jego Sułtańskiej Mości
 Events: Situating the Temporary Herman Verkerk Eventarchitectuur 9783035610208 Birkhauser

The Amsterdam-based design office of EventArchitectuur has been active in the fields of exhibition and interior design and temporary architecture for more than 20 years, with their projects and interventions present in Berlin, Paris, New York and many other locations world-wide.

In this substantial book, designed by the Dutch design studio Experimental Jetset, Herman Verkerk and his...

cena: 219,89
Events: Situating the Temporary
 Teetering the Line: An Adult Coloring Book: Street Art Interpretation of Post-Modern Life MR Dan R. Drossman 9780692835708 Dan Drossman Publishing
Meditation, art experiment, fine art book, social exploration, emotional journey-find all of these in Teetering The Line: An Adult Coloring Book, the wonderfully unique and imaginative new coloring book for adults. Contemporary Artist, Street Artist, and illustrator, Dan Drossman offers up reproductions of his own hand-drawn, de-colored, original artworks for your own soothing, coloring pleasure....
cena: 50,77
Teetering the Line: An Adult Coloring Book: Street Art Interpretation of Post-Modern Life
 Puppet Money Magick S. Rob 9781545215289 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 66,95
Puppet Money Magick
 Berlin in the 1920s  9783836550505 Taschen
The Roaring Twenties in Berlin

It was the decade of daring Expressionist canvases, of brilliant book design, of the Bauhaus total work of art, of pioneering psychology, of drag balls, cabaret, Metropolis, and Marlene Dietrich's rising star in theater and silent film. Between the...
cena: 55,91
Berlin in the 1920s
 French and Spanish Queer Film: Audiences, Communities and Cultural Exchange Chris Perriam Darren Waldron 9781474425995 Edinburgh University Press
Advancing the current state of film audience research and of our knowledge of sexuality in transnational contexts, French and Spanish Queer Film analyses how French LGBTQ films are seen in Spain and Spanish ones in France.
cena: 105,58
French and Spanish Queer Film: Audiences, Communities and Cultural Exchange
 The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Product Design Jonathan Chapman 9781138910171 Routledge

As a cultivated form of invention, product design is a deeply human phenomenon that enables us to shape, modify and alter the world around us - for better or worse. The recent emergence of the sustainability imperative in product design compels us to recalibrate the parameters of good design in an unsustainable age. Written by designers, for designers, the Routledge Handbook of...

cena: 922,22
The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Product Design
 Designers, Users and Justice Turkka Keinonen 9781474245043 Bloomsbury Academic

How do we design for users? How might users best participate in the design process? How can we evaluate the user's experience of designed products and services? These fundamental questions are addressed in Designers, Users, and Justice, through a series of dialogues between a design scholar and a designer. In a series of conversations, the scholar and the designer address the concepts...

cena: 588,95
Designers, Users and Justice
 Swear Word: Adult Coloring Book Sami Zaairat 9781542858519 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 34,59
Swear Word: Adult Coloring Book
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