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 Colouring Book Rodolfo Bemolli 9781364267346 Blurb
Pen drawings By Rodolfo Bemolli. A coloring book for adults.
cena: 31,48
Colouring Book
 Japan Modern: Japanese Prints from the Elise Wessels Collection Forde Gerard Marije Jansen 9789491714887 Nai010 Publishers/Rijksmuseum

Japan Modern presents an overview of Japanese printing in the first half of the 20th century. Japan was flourishing in the years following the turn of the century: modern city culture offered plenty of opportunities, the landscape changed, the rights of women began to improve and optimism abounded. At the same time, these vast cultural shifts produced feelings of nostalgia. Prints made...

cena: 184,91
Japan Modern: Japanese Prints from the Elise Wessels Collection
 Tales from a Second Hand Wand Shop - The Lefty Coloring Book Robert P. Wills 9781545449714 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Hey there fellow coloring folks Here's your chance to give some color to your favorite characters- Werewolves, Trolls, Gnomes, and a even Salamander. Oh my So color away. Or even colour them if you like. If you've read the books, this is the perfect way to give the characters a personal touch. And perhaps green hair. Or red eyes. So grab your favorite implements of colorization...
cena: 34,43
Tales from a Second Hand Wand Shop - The Lefty Coloring Book
 Nedivadlo Ivana Vyskočila 0 9788088151029 Brkola
Kniha mapuje aktivity Nedivadla (1963–1990), které patřilo k nejpodstatnějším a nejosobitějším scénám Československa po druhé světové válce. Založil je „otec české ne/divadelní alternativy“ Ivan Vyskočil (1929) poté, co v Redutě provozoval s Jiřím Suchým legendární text-appealy, a poté, co spoluzaložil a vedl Divadlo Na zábradlí.
Nedivadlo se profilovalo...
cena: 89,41
Nedivadlo Ivana Vyskočila
 The Extravagant Letter X Coloring Book Peggy Louise Parrish 9781545575338 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 68,82
The Extravagant Letter X Coloring Book
 Yardbirds: Impertinence of Ordinary Floy Zittin Patricia Machmiller Martha Dahlen 9781365659072 Lulu.com
cena: 124,38
Yardbirds: Impertinence of Ordinary
 Playground of My Mind Julia Jacquette 9783791356501 Prestel Publishing
Through exquisite drawings and storytelling, Julia Jacquette's graphic memoir provides a distinctive account of her childhood in Manhattan in the 1960s and 1970s. Inspired by the adventure playgrounds from her youth growing up in New York City, the painter Julia Jacquette explores the brightly colored structures of the play spaces and the surrounding landscape of the city in Playground of My...
cena: 208,74
Playground of My Mind
 Swarika - V Divya Nandyala 9781329806801 Lulu.com
This book contains all the raags and theory for Visharad pratham year course by ABGMV (i)Shankara (ii)Jaijaivanti (iii)Goud Sarang (iv)Puriya Dhanashree (v)Kamod (vi) Hameer (vii)Miyan Malhar (viii)Bahar (ix)Multani (x)Marubihag (xi)Puriya (xii)Shudh Kalyan (xiii)Darbari Kanada
cena: 360,54
Swarika - V
 Inventer Le Pays Christine Comeau 9781988828008 Francoise Issaly
cena: 38,60
Inventer Le Pays
 The Law School at the University of Virginia: Architectural Expansion in the Realm of Thomas Jefferson Philip Mills Herrington 9780813939308 University of Virginia Press

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a masterwork of Thomas Jefferson, the -Academical Village- at the heart of the University of Virginia has long attracted the attention of visitors and scholars alike. Yet today Jefferson's original structures make up only a small fraction of a campus comprising over 1,600 acres.

The Law School at the University of Virginia traces the history...

cena: 204,55
The Law School at the University of Virginia: Architectural Expansion in the Realm of Thomas Jefferson
 Skies/Himmel Gabriele Golissa 9780998943206 Tian Books

An inspiring and informative voyage through the world above
German-born and now Montana-based fine art photographer Gabriele Golissa takes you on a journey through her skies. Enjoy wonderful photographs of skies in almost every color, learn where the colors of the skies come from, and look at interior design ideas and how a Skies by Gabriele...

cena: 166,33
 Splendid Voids: The Immersive Works of Kurt Hentschlager Isabelle Meiffert 9783954761838 Distanz
The performance FEED (2005) and the installation ZEE (2008), two works by Kurt Hentschlager (b. Linz, Austria; lives and works in Chicago), revolve around human perception and the yearning for sublime emotional experiences. Immersive and experimental, they combine the registers of audiovisual installation, media performance, and light architecture. Instilling a powerful sense of disorientation,...
cena: 117,67
Splendid Voids: The Immersive Works of Kurt Hentschlager
 Opera with a Touch of Jazz: 18 Beloved Masterpieces for Solo Piano Hal Leonard Corp                         Lee Evans 9781495082788 Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
(Piano Solo Songbook). 18 opera favorites arranged in a unique and accessible jazz style. Mr. Evans also provides an audio recording of each piece. Titles include: Una furtiva lagrima (Donizetti) * Intermezzo (Mascagni) * Che gelida manina (Puccini) * O mio babbino (Puccini) * When I am Laid in Earth (Purcell) * Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix (Saint-Saens) * Addio, del passato (Verdi) * and more ...
cena: 65,79
Opera with a Touch of Jazz: 18 Beloved Masterpieces for Solo Piano
 A Surrealistic Journey: Grayscale Coloring Book Serena Daugette 9781543056266 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Take a journey into a world of surrealism. Where images change with a second glance and the hidden becomes seen. Venture into endless possibilities with original artwork that can intrigue and inspire your imagination and creativity. A collection of grayscale images in this adult coloring book creates a simple way to have an automatic guide on where to place colors. Giving you automatic shading in...
cena: 47,93
A Surrealistic Journey: Grayscale Coloring Book
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