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 The Designer S Field Guide to Collaboration Caryn Brause 9781138803640 Routledge

The Designer s Field Guide to Collaboration provides practitioners and students with the tools necessary to collaborate effectively with a wide variety of partners in an increasingly socially complex and technology-driven design environment. Beautifully illustrated with color images, the book draws on the expertise of top professionals in the allied fields of architecture, landscape...

cena: 205,76
The Designer S Field Guide to Collaboration
 Staab Architekten: Kindred Objects Staab Architekten 9783775742054 Hatje Cantz Publishers
Since founding their office in 1991, Berlin-based Staab Architekten have devoted themselves to projects ranging from new buildings in sensitive urban spaces and landscapes to conversions of landmark buildings. Based on overarching themes and a selection of projects, this volume includes text by critic Florian Heilmeyer.
cena: 310,46
Staab Architekten: Kindred Objects
 The Outstanding Letter O Coloring Book Peggy Louise Parrish 9781542952675 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 69,64
The Outstanding Letter O Coloring Book
 Jonathan Hernandez: Descabezados Jonathan Hernandez 9788416282586 Rm
Mexican conceptual artist Jonathan Hernandez's (born 1972) artist's book consists of headlines taken from Mexican newspapers, which are combined to construct links between lines, forming a chronological logbook of the play of information.
cena: 128,75
Jonathan Hernandez: Descabezados
 Giulio Paolini: Hypothesis for an Exhibition Begum Yasar Germano Celant 9781944379087 Dominique Levy Gallery
This book explores parallels in thought and strategies between Italian Conceptualist Giulio Paolini's (born 1940) work, especially of the 1960s and the '70s, and the work of a younger generation of artists based in New York City today: Sebastian Black, Kerstin Bratsch (with Bosko Blagojevic), Seth Price and Antek Walczak.
cena: 175,20
Giulio Paolini: Hypothesis for an Exhibition
 Yves Klein Und Seine Performance Der Anthropometrien Peter Steuer 9783668385627 Grin Verlag
Facharbeit (Schule) aus dem Jahr 2016 im Fachbereich Kunst - Allgemeines, Kunsttheorie, Note: 12,0, Max-Planck-Gymnasium Munchen, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: In der folgenden Arbeit werde ich den Kunstler Yves Klein und seine Performance der Anthropometrien vorstellen, analysieren und interpretieren. Hiermit hoffe ich einen besseren Zugang zu der Aktion erzeugen zu konnen, die oft als -Antikunst-...
cena: 75,97
Yves Klein Und Seine Performance Der Anthropometrien
 Edvard Munch Düchting Hajo 9783741919299 Koenemann
Edvard Munch (1863–1944) jest najbardziej znaczącym artystą skandynawskim i prekursorem ekspresjonizmu. Wprowadził do sztuki nowy temat – egzystencjalny lęk, samotność człowieka i nieobliczalność jego uczuć.
Edvard Munch
 Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir Jans B. Wager 9781477312278 University of Texas Press

Film noir showcased hard-boiled men and dangerous femmes fatales, rain-slicked city streets, pools of inky darkness cut by shards of light, and, occasionally, jazz. Jazz served as a shorthand for the seduction and risks of the mean streets in early film noir. As working jazz musicians began to compose the scores for and appear in noir films of the 1950s, black musicians found a unique way of...

cena: 139,74
Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir
 Tattoo: An Illustrated Miscellany Lal Hardy 9781472136923 Robinson Press
A treasury of tattoo collectibles and memorabilia from private archives
cena: 111,09
Tattoo: An Illustrated Miscellany
 Live from Aggieland: Legendary Performances in the Brazos Valley Rob Clark 9781623495237 Texas A&M University Press
Believe it or not, Aggieland has witnessed a parade of musical icons over the years, each with an intriguing story attached. Picture a young Elvis Presley entertaining the Corps of Cadets at G. Rollie White Coliseum. Flash forward to the -Committee for Johnny Cash, - originated by students after the country singer's post-Bonfire concert was canceled by the A&M administration amid controversy;...
cena: 106,64
Live from Aggieland: Legendary Performances in the Brazos Valley
 Djerbahood: Open Air Museum of Street Art Mehdi Be 9782226259189 Editions Albin Michel
cena: 227,48
Djerbahood: Open Air Museum of Street Art
 Bach-Kantaten / Dein Ist Allein Die Ehre: Johann Sebastian Bachs Geistliche Kantaten Erklart. Bande 1-3 (Set) Konrad Klek 9783374049189 Evangelische Verlagsanstalt
Erstmals erscheinen alle drei Kantatenbande -Dein ist allein die Ehre- von Konrad Klek in einem Vorteilsset. In kluger wie amusanter Weise erklart der Autor die Kantaten Johann Sebastian Bachs in der Reihenfolge ihrer Entstehung. Besonderes Augenmerk liegt auf der theologischen Relevanz von Bachs musikalischen Akzentuierungen. Band 1: Die Choralkantaten Band 2: Der erste Leipziger Jahrgang...
cena: 229,95
Bach-Kantaten / Dein Ist Allein Die Ehre: Johann Sebastian Bachs Geistliche Kantaten Erklart. Bande 1-3 (Set)
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