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 A Charming Hex Tonya Kappes 9781534922723
Bubble... Bubble... June Heal is excited to be going on an island honeymoon where she not only will she get away for some much needed rest away from her magical powers that she'd promised Oscar she'd leave home, but where she will get away from her sassy talking crystal ball, Madame Torres, and her pesky familiar, Mr. Prince Charming. Cures and trouble... The secluded island is a perfect getaway...
cena: 52,16
A Charming Hex
 A Ghostly Reunion: A Ghostly Southern Mystery Tonya Kappes 9780062466952

Emma Lee Raines sees dead people

Proprietor of the Eternal Slumber Funeral Home, Emma Lee can see, hear, and talk to ghosts of murdered folks. And when her high school nemesis is found dead, Jade Lee Peel is the same old mean girl trying to come between Emma Lee and her hot boyfriend, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, all over again.

There s only one way for Emma Lee to be...

cena: 41,20
A Ghostly Reunion: A Ghostly Southern Mystery
 A Ghostly Murder Tonya Kappes 9780062374936

Emma Lee raines knows there's only one cure for a bad case of murder

I told you I was sick, reads the headstone above Mamie Sue Preston's grave. She was the richest woman in Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky, and also the biggest hypochondriac. Ironic, considering someone killed her and covered it up perfectly. And how does Emma Lee, proprietor of the Eternal Slumber Funeral Home, know all this?...

cena: 41,20
A Ghostly Murder
 A Charming Voodoo Tonya Kappes 9781535262972
Bubble. . . bubble. . . Whispering Falls is abuzz with the new housing development and new shops popping up all over the magical village. Cures and trouble. . . A Magical Cure's owner, June Heal's intuition is on high alert and she just can't shake that something bad is about to happen. Magic stirs . . . It must be the upcoming All Hallow's Eve celebration that has love in the air. Or maybe it's...
cena: 52,16
A Charming Voodoo
 Spies and Spells Tonya Kappes 9781530671687
SPIES AND SPELLS, the first in this highly anticipated new series from USA TODAY Bestseller Tonya Kappes because we know she's a queen at writing paranormal mystery witch series, is here Spies and Spells Spies and Spells Book 1 While Maggie waits for her Witchy Hour, she works at the family diner with her mom, aunt Meme and Lilith, her sister - all witches. Soon Maggie gets entangled with a...
cena: 52,16
Spies and Spells
 Fixin' to Die - audiobook Tonya Kappes 9781520063980
cena: 137,30
Fixin' to Die - audiobook
 Get Witch or Die Trying Tonya Kappes 9781539747079
cena: 52,16
Get Witch or Die Trying
 A Charming Secret Tonya Kappes 9781502580627
Bubble... Bubble... June Heal has it all. A Charming Cure, her magical potion shop in the town of Whispering Falls, is thriving and she's engaged to her childhood sweetheart and sheriff, Oscar Park. Petunia Shrubwood is taking over as Village President and there is a new bed and breakfast in town, Full Moon Treesort. Life in Whispering Falls is good. Cures And Trouble... Evil begins to lurk as...
cena: 56,70
A Charming Secret
 A Ghostly Demise: A Ghostly Southern Mystery Tonya Kappes 9780062374912

The prodigal father returns but this ghost is no holy spirit

When she runs into her friend's deadbeat dad at the local deli, undertaker Emma Lee Raines can't wait to tell Mary Anna Hardy that he's back in Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky, after five long years. Cephus Hardy may have been the town drunk, but he didn't disappear on an epic bender like everyone thought: He was murdered. And he's heard...

cena: 41,20
A Ghostly Demise: A Ghostly Southern Mystery
 Betting Off Dead Tonya Kappes 9781536896596
Betting Off Dead And they're off Gambling on horse racing is Kentucky's number one sport but when Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred picked to win the Derby, Rails and Nails, ends up poisoned, SKUL special agent Mick Jasper and rookie witch Maggie Park, who keeps her witch powers a secret, are called in to investigate a world of illegal gambling where a run for the roses can prove to be deadly.
cena: 52,16
Betting Off Dead
 A Charming Fatality: Magical Cures Mystery Series Tonya Kappes 9781514648452
Bubble. . .Bubble. . . Whispering Falls' resident potion maker, June Heal, is the first witch in the magical village to make a big money deal with the Head To Toe Works, a national chain specializing in spa and natural products. Cures and Trouble. . . June is going to need to use her own stress relief potion she made especially for Head To Toe Works after she discovers the dead body of Burt...
cena: 56,70
A Charming Fatality: Magical Cures Mystery Series
 Fixin' to Die - audiobook Tonya Kappes 9781520063973
cena: 268,34
Fixin' to Die - audiobook
 A Ghostly Mortality: A Ghostly Southern Mystery Tonya Kappes 9780062466976

That ghost sure looks . . . familiar

Only a handful of people know that Emma Lee Raines, proprietor of a small-town Kentucky funeral home, is a Betweener. She helps ghosts stuck between here and the ever-after murdered ghosts. Once Emma Lee gets them justice they can cross over to the great beyond.

But Emma Lee s own sister refuses...

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A Ghostly Mortality: A Ghostly Southern Mystery
 A Charming Spell Tonya Kappes 9781494215194
cena: 52,16
A Charming Spell
 The Ladybug Jinx: A Grandberry Falls Novel Tonya Kappes 9781463584795
Celia Briggs has always lived her life for everyone but herself. With the death of Celia's mom, Celia realizes life is too short not to follow her dreams. In her small town of Grandberry Falls, Kentucky-Celia decides to open up, The Ladybug Florist, which is only fitting due to her love of flowers and ladybugs. How can she not love ladybugs? Her deceased grandfather always said ladybugs bring...
cena: 56,70
The Ladybug Jinx: A Grandberry Falls Novel
 A Charming Magic Tonya Kappes 9781494715571
Whispering Falls is getting a new store. Magical Moments Flower Shop is bound to be a hit, especially since there is an upcoming Whispering Falls wedding. Arabella Paxton is the beautiful new owner and resident of Whispering Falls and she has her eyes set on Oscar Park. No one is going to get in her way. Not even June Heal who is desperately trying to figure out why there is a looming dark cloud...
cena: 52,16
A Charming Magic
 Checkered Crime: A Laurel London Mystery Tonya Kappes 9781497474581
Laurel London is one tough cookie. Orphaned and with one heckuva checkered past, she's grown street smart and no one is going to tell her different, even if it means getting tangled up with the wrong side of the law. After terrorizing Walnut Grove, Kentucky all her adolescent life, she's back and she's ready to go on the up and up. Make something of herself. Prove the citizens of Walnut Grove...
cena: 65,88
Checkered Crime: A Laurel London Mystery
 Fixin' to Die Tonya Kappes 9781635110401
USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR "Packed with clever plot twists, entertaining characters, and plenty of red herrings Fixin' To Die is a rollicking, delightful, down-home mystery." - Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Deadwood Mystery Series "Southern and side-splitting funny Fixin' To Die has captivating characters, nosy neighbors, and is served up with a ghost and a side of murder."...
cena: 145,86
Fixin' to Die
 Grooming Mr. Right Tonya Kappes 9781492335993
Luvie Beiderman is blindsided when she is fired from her junior fashion design job in New York City and is forced to move back to her small town in Kentucky . . . under her parent's roof. Being home isn't so bad, after all, Luvie started Primp My Pet Mobile Pet Spa and is dating one of her client's owner, hunky Jase Nelson. When Luvie is offered her dream design job in New York City, she is...
cena: 56,70
Grooming Mr. Right

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