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There are great dangers in assuming that modern arrangements for maintaining order and controlling crime are timeless. In fact, what we now understand by professional police forces have been with us for only two centuries. But what do they do, how are they organized, and how should we distinguish their powers and functions from other institutions? And what lies behind the stereotypes endlessly...

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 Handbook of Criminal Investigation Tim Newburn 9781843921875
Within the police rapid strides are being made in the direction of professionalising the criminal investigation process, and it has been a particular focus as a means of improving police performance. This work provides a critical approach to the process of criminal investigation, and also the context in which this takes place.
cena: 264,79
Handbook of Criminal Investigation
Newburn's Criminology is a comprehensive introduction to criminology for students who are either new or relatively new to the subject. It provides the basis of study for undergraduate students, new postgraduate students, and those who need a foundation knowledge of criminology for other relevant courses -- including access and foundation degree courses in colleges and universities, courses in...
cena: 351,65
Newburn Criminology Set 2
 Criminology Tim Newburn 9780415628945

Tim Newburn s bestselling "Criminology" provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction for students of the subject, providing the basis for all undergraduate degree courses or modules, and for new postgraduates, in Criminology.

This second edition includes:

  • a complete update of the text, including more cross referencing and links to further reading, both in print and...
cena: 256,17
 Handbook of Policing Tim Newburn 9781843923237
Including chapters on policing and forensics, this title offers a comprehensive overview of policing in the UK, and is a useful reference point combining the expertise of leading academic experts on policing and policing practitioners themselves.
cena: 270,67
Handbook of Policing
 The Politics of Crime Control: Essays in Honour of David Downes Tim Newburn 9780199565955
Written by criminologists, this book contains essays on New Labour
cena: 410,70
The Politics of Crime Control: Essays in Honour of David Downes
 Criminology Tim Newburn   9781138643130
Comprehensive and accessible, Tim Newburn's bestselling Criminology provides an introduction to the fundamental themes, concepts, theories, methods and events that underpin the subject and form the basis for all undergraduate degree courses and modules in Criminology and Criminal Justice. This third edition includes: * A new chapter on politics, reflecting the ever increasing coverage of...
cena: 244,26
 Criminology, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice Kieran McEvoy Tim Newburn 9780333761458
This collection explores the intersection between criminology, conflict resolution and restorative justice. It traces the role of criminological discourses in the resolution of conflict at the macro political level (in South Africa and Northern Ireland) and the micro level in settings such as local communities, indigenous justice systems and in the youth justice system. The resulting discourse,...
cena: 611,53
Criminology, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice
 Orderly Britain Tim Newburn Andrew Ward 9781472137968
All societies, in their very different ways, are orderly. The very term 'society' implies the existence of a degree of organization and predictability to human life. Orderliness, however, is a matter of degree. It is neither total, nor totally absent.
In recent times, however, such concerns have largely given way to a greater preoccupation with disorderliness: with significant and disruptive...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 17-10-2017
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Orderly Britain
 Private Security and Public Policing Trevor Jones Tim Newburn 9780198265696
In this first major empirical study of its kind, Jones and Newburn examine the growth of private policing as well as its relationship with, and implications for, the public police service. Beginning with a critique of the sociology of policing, the authors next provide a detailed analysis of the ideas of "private" and "public" as used here, and highlight the boundaries between different forms of...
cena: 1017,29
Private Security and Public Policing
 Policing, Surveillance and Social Control Tim Newburn Stephanie Hayman 9780415627849
This work reports the results of research carried out in a London police station on the role and impact of closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the management and surveillance of suspects.
cena: 165,69
Policing, Surveillance and Social Control
 The Eternal Recurrence of Crime and Control: Essays in Honour of Paul Rock Tim Newburn David Downes Dick Hobbs 9780199580231
The Eternal Recurrence of Crime and Control features contributions from a distinguished group of criminologists from the UK, the US and Australia, brought together to honour the work of Paul Rock, former Professor of Social Institutions at the London School of Economics. Edited by Tim Newburn, David Downes and Dick Hobbs, it offers an exploration of the theories which underpin much of current...
cena: 374,49
The Eternal Recurrence of Crime and Control: Essays in Honour of Paul Rock