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wyszukanych pozycji: 296

 Nicholas Rene Goscinny 9780714861159
US edition. The day-to-day adventures of an amusing, endearing young school boy.
cena: 45,58
 Asterix in Switzerland Rene Goscinny 9780752866352
Quaestor Vexatius Sinustitis, who is about to expose the Roman governor's creative accountancy, has been poisoned. Can Getafix brew an antidote? Only if Asterix and Obelix find a certain flower for the druid's potion in Helvetia. What with bank safes, cuckoo hourglasses, yodelling and holes in the cheese, they're soon on a real Helvetian roll.
cena: 47,16
Asterix in Switzerland
 Asterix A'r Argoel Fawr  Goscinny, Rene 9781906587666
cena: 46,34
Asterix A'r Argoel Fawr
 Rails on the Prairie Rene Goscinny 9781849181044
The First Transcontinental Railroad is stopped dead near its starting point, both in the East and in the West. The workers are constantly prevented from working. But Lucky Luke witnesses one of the acts of sabotage and stops it. Soon, he is in charge of security for the entire westward push, and he has his work cut out for him.
cena: 36,93
Rails on the Prairie
 Western Circus Rene Goscinny 9781905460557
Mulligan's Western circus - his troop, lion and elephant - arrive in town under the escort of Lucky Luke. Zilch, a rich businessman and organizer of the annual grand rodeo, thinks the circus is going to compete with his business and does everything to prevent it from putting on a show. He even engages killer-for-hire Rattlesnake Joe.
cena: 42,04
Western Circus
 Asterix and the Big Fight Rene Goscinny 9780752866178
A collaborator in ancient Gaul? Chief Cassius Ceramix has gone over to the Roman enemy. There's something very fishy going on, as Legionary Infirmofpurpus discovers when he is sent to spy on the Gauls disguised as a crab apple tree. But is that just a red herring? And what about the two concussed druids brewing colourful potions? One way or another, the fight for control of the village between...
cena: 47,16
Asterix and the Big Fight
 Asterix and the Magic Carpet Rene Goscinny 9780752847153
Cacofonix's tuneless singing always makes it rain - which is just what they want in Rajah Watzit's distant Eastern kingdom. The guru Hoodunnit has threatened to end a terrible drought by sacrificing lovely Princess Orinjade. Can the Gauls, flown in on the fakir Watziznehm's magic carpet, rescue her? The bard's finest hour has come.
cena: 62,50
Asterix and the Magic Carpet
 Asterix in Belgium Rene Goscinny 9780752866505
Who are bravest, the Belgian tribes or the Gauls? And who can destroy more fortified Roman camps? When the contest ends in a draw, and Julius Caesar is asked to adjudicate, he goes into action against both Gauls and Belgians. They unite against him, inventing fish and chips along the way. But will Caesar meet his Waterloo?
cena: 47,16
Asterix in Belgium
 Asterix the Gladiator Rene Goscinny 9780752866109
When Cacofonix the bard is taken to Rome as a present for Julius Caesar, Asterix and Obelix set out to rescue him, sailing with master salesman Ekonomikrisis, the Phoenician merchant. How do our Gaulish friends come to end up training as gladiators? The next Games in the Circus Maximus are not quite what Caesar and the Roman public expect...
cena: 62,50
Asterix the Gladiator
 Where's Asterix? Rene Goscinny 9781444004441
A fun and funny volume full of hilarious scenes featuring Asterix and his friends in a range of different escapades
Younger readers are sure to have fun searching for Asterix amidst the chaos.
cena: 52,27
Where's Asterix?
 Cyrk Western Lucky Luke Goscinny Rene 9788328119055
Kolejny tom humorystycznego cyklu przygód komiksowego kowboja Lucky Luke’a, którego postać wymyślili sławni autorzy francuscy – Morris i René Goscinny. Skąd się wziął słoń na prerii? Na widok tego wielkiego zwierzęcia nawet odważnemu Jolly Jumperowi drżą ze strachu pęciny. Okazuje się jednak, że nie ma się czego bać – to tylko Cyrk Western dotarł ze swoim...
cena: 24,99
Cyrk Western Lucky Luke
 Asterix in Corsica Rene Goscinny 9780752866437
Vendettas, fierce family pride, resistance fighters dodging the enemy in the maquis - we're in Cosica in 50 BC. Asterix and Obelix help Chief Boneywasawarriorwayayix to foil the evil designs of Praetor Perfidius and oppose Julius Caesar's army. For the only emperor the proud Corsicans will ever accept, so they say, must be a Corsican himself...
cena: 62,50
Asterix in Corsica
 Asterix Omnibus 9 Rene Goscinny 9781444009675
This special collector's edition features books 25 to 27 in one fabulous volume.
In ASTERIX AND THE GREAT DIVIDE, can Asterix, Obelix and Getafix ensure a happy ending for star-crossed lovers Melodrama and Histrionix, whose fathers are rival chieftains? Watch out for some interesting new magic potions...
Asterix and Obelix must go prospecting in the Middle East in ASTERIX AND THE BLACK...
cena: 108,52
Asterix Omnibus 9
 Asterix at the Olympic Games Rene Goscinny 9780752866260
The athletes of the ancient world assemble in Athens for the Olympic Games. Asterix and the Gauls enter too, but they're due for a setback. As an artificial stimulant, magic potion is banned. Can our friends win at the Games without it? And what's the special ingredient of the other potion, the one in the cauldron in the shed with the door that doesn't close properly?
cena: 62,50
Asterix at the Olympic Games
 Asterix Na Ngallach (Irish)  Goscinny, Rene 9781906587444
cena: 47,16
Asterix Na Ngallach (Irish)
 The Stagecoach Rene Goscinny 9781849180528
Plagued by constant bandit attacks, Wells Fargo is falling on hard times. To restore public trust in their services, the company sends one well-publicised stagecoach from Denver to San Francisco. It will have the best 'whip' as driver, a motley crew of daring passengers, & - to escort them - none other than Lucky Luke.
cena: 36,93
The Stagecoach
 Obelix and Co. Rene Goscinny 9780752866529
Julius Caesar sends Caius Preposterus, a bright young graduate of the Latin school of Economics, to corrupt the indomitable Gauls by introducing them to big business. Obelix's menhir trade is soon thriving, backed by a heavy advertising campaign - but does wealth bring happiness? And what will happen when the bottom falls out of the menhir market?
cena: 47,16
Obelix and Co.
 Asterix y Gladiator  Goscinny, Rene 9781906587598
cena: 46,34
Asterix y Gladiator
 The Singing Wire Rene Goscinny 9781849181235
It's time for the Lonesome Cowboy to help connect the coasts of the United States once and for all.
cena: 42,04
The Singing Wire
 The Dashing White Cowboy Rene Goscinny 9781905460663
In this story the Whittaker Baltimore theatrical troupe tour the Wild West with a production of 'The Dashing White Cowboy'. Strangely, all their performances are interrupted with news of bank robberies. Fortunately Lucky Luke is on the scene.
cena: 53,48
The Dashing White Cowboy