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 Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories Michel Faber 9781782117162
Bestselling author Michel Faber's debut joins Canongate's Canons series with the dazzling Some Rain Must Fall
cena: 51,61
Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories
 Some Rain Must Fall Michel Faber 9780156011488

Michel Faber's short stories are markedly diverse-the voice of each is so distinct that the book reads like an anthology of different writers. But Faber's radically inventive style fastens all fifteen stories into a compelling collection deserving of the high praise it garnered in the United Kingdom. One surreal story, "Fish," projects a futuristic world populated with fish swimming in the...
cena: 83,18
Some Rain Must Fall
 Fire Gospel Michel Faber 9781847672797

When Theo Griepenkerl happens upon the fifth Gospel in a war-torn Iraqi museum, he can't believe his luck. Driven by greed and a lust for fame, he capitalises on his find by publishing it. His book is a sensation. But he can hardly imagine the incendiary consequences his discovery will have for Christians, Arabs, homicidal maniacs and Amazon customers alike.

The Fire Gospel is a...

cena: 51,61
Fire Gospel
 Undying A Love Story Faber, Michel 9781782118565
'Michel Faber addressed these love poems to his wife after her death. They are lucid, tender and wise, and they pulse with this fine writer's intelligence' - Ian McEwan
cena: 56,65
Undying A Love Story
 The Fire Gospel Michel Faber 9780802144744
From The New York Times best-selling author of The Crimson Petal and the White, Michel Faber s The Fire Gospel is a wickedly funny, acid-tongued, media-savvy picaresque that delves into our sensationalist culture. Theo Griepenkerl, a Canadian linguistics scholar, is sent to Iraq in search of artifacts that have survived the destruction and looting of the war. While visiting a...
cena: 56,40
The Fire Gospel
 The Book of Strange New Things Michel Faber 9780553418866
A monumental, genre-defying novel that David Mitchell calls -Michel Faber's second masterpiece, - The Book of Strange New Things is a masterwork from a writer in full command of his many talents.
It begins with Peter, a devoted man of faith, as he is called to the mission of a lifetime, one that takes him galaxies away from his wife, Bea. Peter becomes immersed in the mysteries...
cena: 71,81
The Book of Strange New Things
 Under the Skin Michel Faber 9780156011600
Now a Major Motion Picture Starring Scarlett Johansson "A wonderful book - painful, lyrical, frightening, brilliant . . . I couldn't put it down." -- Kate Atkinson "The fantastic is so nicely played against the day-to-day that one feels the strangeness of both . . . A remarkable novel." The New York Times "Alternately gorgeous and terrifying, lyrical and brutal, "Under the Skin "compels and...
cena: 63,91
Under the Skin
 The Courage Consort Michel Faber 9780156032766
With his elegant prose and perceptive imagination, the bestselling author of The Crimson Petal and the White creates a unique, self-contained world, where the perennial human drama plays out in all its passion and ambiguity. In these acclaimed novellas, Michel Faber takes on the interior world of inventively crafted characters. "The Courage Consort" tells of an a capella vocal ensemble...
cena: 67,77
The Courage Consort
 Fahrenheit Twins and Other Stories Michel Faber 9781841957777

Deft and lyrical, this paperback edition of Michel Faber's collection of stories is his first since his auspicious debut, Some Rain Must Fall. It has sealed his reputation as one of Britain's most daring and original authors.

Acclaimed for his pitch-perfect prose and brilliant characterisation, Faber is also celebrated for his mastery of contrasting styles. From achingly sad lost...

cena: 56,65
Fahrenheit Twins and Other Stories
 Undying Michel Faber 9781782118541
A heartbreaking chronicle of losing the love of your life by Michel Faber, the award-winning author of The Book of Strange New Things
cena: 71,77
 COURAGE CONSORT Michel Faber 9781841955346
The Courage Consort, possibly the seventh best-known a cappella vocal ensemble in Britain, are given two weeks in a Belgian chateau to rehearse their latest commission, the complicated Partitum Mutante. But can the piece be performed?
cena: 51,61
 Hundred and Ninety-nine Steps Michel Faber 9781847678911
Equal parts historical thriller, romance and ghost story, this is an ingenious literary page-turner and is completely unforgettable.
cena: 51,61
Hundred and Ninety-nine Steps
 Under The Skin  Faber, Michel 9781786890528
One of Michel Faber's best-loved novels, this is an utterly compulsive and mysterious masterpiece
cena: 51,61
Under The Skin
 Jablko Michel Faber 9788025716229
Neobyčejně populární Faberův román Kvítek karmínový a bílý končí větou „Ale teď už je čas, abyste mě nechali jít.“ Přesně to ale mnozí čtenáři nebyli ochotní udělat. Stěžovali si na příliš otevřený konec a zasypali autora dotazy jako: „Co to má znamenat? Co se stalo se Sugar a Sofií? Plánujete pokračování?“ Michel Faber se mu léta bránil. Pak...
cena: 45,78
 The Book of Strange New Things Michel Faber 9781782114086
Peter is a missionary called to go on the journey of a lifetime. Leaving behind his beloved wife, Bea, he boards a flight for a remote and unfamiliar land, a place where the locals are hungry for the teachings of the Bible. It will challenge Peter's beliefs, his understanding of the limits of the human body and, most of all, his love for Bea.
cena: 51,61
The Book of Strange New Things
 Evangelium ohně Michel Faber 9788025703168
Theo Griepenkerl, skromný akademik s olympským egem, při návštěvě vyrabovaného mosulského muzea shodou okolností narazí na devět papyrových svitků, které po téměř dva tisíce let ležely skryté v duté soše. Po překladu z aramejštiny se ukáže, že jde o páté evangelium od očitého svědka posledních dnů Ježíše Krista. Jenže když se Theo rozhodne podělit o tento...
cena: 51,15
Evangelium ohně
 Kvítek karmínový a bílý Michel Faber 9788025713266
Historická próza dnes už slavného anglického spisovatele bývá označována za „velký román devatenáctého století, napsaný ovšem ve století jednadvacátém“, neboť zavádí čtenáře do viktoriánského Londýna, ale v příběhu prostitutky Sugar se nevyhýbá ani spodnímu proudu tehdejšího života, který tehdy tak naturalisticky, až pornografi cky zpodobován být...
cena: 89,06
Kvítek karmínový a bílý
 Under The Skin Michel Faber 9781782112112
This is now a major motion picture. Isserley spends most of her time driving. But why is she so interested in picking up hitchhikers? And why are they always male, well-built and alone?
cena: 51,61
Under The Skin
 The Crimson Petal and the White Michel Faber 9780156028776
At the heart of this panoramic, multidimensional narrative is the compelling struggle of a young woman to lift her body and soul out of the gutter. Faber leads us back to 1870s London, where Sugar, a nineteen-year-old whore in the brothel of the terrifying Mrs. Castaway, yearns for escape to a better life. Her ascent through the strata of Victorian society offers us intimacy with a host of...
cena: 71,62
The Crimson Petal and the White

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