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 Future Imperfect: Warzones! Marvel Comics 9780785198697
On Battleworld, the dictator of dystopia is a familiar face. THE MAESTRO rules but there are those who want him dethroned What role does RUBY SUMMERS have in the plan for this dangerous rebellion? Have the rebels genuinely found ODIN, the father of THOR, as an ally against the Maestro?
COLLECTING: Future Imperfect 1-5, Secret Wars: Battleworld 4 (B story)

cena: 81,67
Future Imperfect: Warzones!
 Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 3 Marvel Comics 9780785197805
The Ultimate Spider-Man is back in action Unfortunately, Galactus has arrived in the Ultimate Universe, and he hungers. Miles must undertake a dangerous trip to Galactus' home universe if Earth has a chance of surviving this cataclysm Then, Miles faces the worst villain from his predecessor's past: the Green Goblin - the man who killed Peter Parker But is Peter truly dead? As events unravel in...
cena: 152,89
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 3
 X-Men: The Hunt for Professor X Marvel Comics 9780785197201
Missing for months, Professor X seemingly returns - and debuts an All-Newer, All-Different-er team of X-Men But when this new group kidnaps Shadowcat, something seems off to the real X-Men. When the truth is revealed, it'll spark a globetrotting hunt for Charles Xavier The search will lead to a showdown with the re-formed - but far from reformed - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants...and reveal the...
cena: 173,84
X-Men: The Hunt for Professor X
Planowany termin premiery książki: 31-10-2017
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Jean Grey Vol. 1
 Uncanny X-Men Volume 4: vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Now) Marvel Comics 9780785154891
After relentless persecution and a near-fatal Sentinel attack, the Uncanny X-Men and their mutant revolution are going on the offensive Their target? The international spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D. But as Cyclops' team fi ghts to save their species, are they only digging themselves into a deeper and more dangerous hole? Who is the mysterious fi gure building S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Senti nels? What...
cena: 131,94
Uncanny X-Men Volume 4: vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Now)
 Wolverine & the X-Men by Jason Aaron Volume 8 Marvel Comics 9780785166016
Infinity hits the X-universe as the spacebound Avengers find an unlikely ally against the forces of the Builders: Kid Gladiator Meanwhile on Earth, the Battle of the Atom is over - but the battle for mutankind's future has just begun For months, S.H.I.E.L.D. has had designs on the Jean Grey school, and now they've made their presence known Wolverine takes on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secret stockpile of...
cena: 69,10
Wolverine & the X-Men by Jason Aaron Volume 8
 Daredevil, Volume 4: The Autobiography of Matt Murdock Marvel Comics 9780785198024
In order to preserve the new life he's built, Daredevil is faced with a critical decision which may mean the death of Matt Murdock Plus, with a new rival in town, is DD's time in San Francisco coming to an end? COLLECTING: DAREDEVIL 15.1, 16-18
cena: 73,29
Daredevil, Volume 4: The Autobiography of Matt Murdock
 Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Ghost of the Past Marvel Comics 9780785192992
As one Leader falls, another rises An epic clash between the Hulk, the Leader and the U-Foes is going to end very badly for the gamma-brained villain. Rick Jones' girlfriend Marlo won't fare any better: She dies But thankfully, that's not the end of her story. As for the Hulk, he's about to get an offer he can't refuse - one that puts him in charge of the Pantheon COLLECTING: Incredible Hulk...
cena: 152,89
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Ghost of the Past
 Magneto, Volume 2: Reversals Marvel Comics 9780785189886
AXIS tie-in Magneto was once arguably the most powerful mutant on the planet. But recently, his powers have been reduced to a whisper of what they once were. How far will he go to become the Master of Magnetism once more? When Magneto discovers that mutants are being hauled away to a re-education camp, he investigates...and discovers that the Red Skull is behind the operation And worse, the...
cena: 81,67
Magneto, Volume 2: Reversals
 Secret Wars 2099 Marvel Comics 9780785198833
When everything ends, it's time to go back to the future. Revisit the world of 2099 and see it in a whole new light, as characters who have never been seen before make their fi rst appearances - including the AVENGERS 2099. Can the ideal of Earth's Mightiest Heroes survive in a world where megacorporations rule with an iron fi st? COLLECTING: SECRET WARS 2099
cena: 77,48
Secret Wars 2099
 Classified Prelude Marvel Comics 9781302907174
Planowany termin premiery książki: 09-05-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
Classified Prelude
 Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man Volume 3 Marvel Comics 9780785188438
The Iron Avenger returns, courtesy of Stan The Man and the Dynamo of Delineation, Don Heck The men who "built" Tony Stark pit our hero against the undersea menace Attuma, the Dream-Maker and the Titanium Man in classics without compare Then, after defining the series for nearly 30 issues, Don Heck passes the pencil to Gene "the Dean" Colan, whose lush illustrations take Iron Man to spectacular...
cena: 111,00
Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man Volume 3
 Spider-Man: Tombstone, Volume 1 Marvel Comics 9781302900649
Spider-Man's life takes a grave turn He's about to encounter Tombstone -the highest priced killer in the business -and the whispering hitman will make a big noise in the life of the wall-crawler. Who is Tombstone? Why is Joe Robertson of all people investigating him? What devastating action will Tombstone take to put a stop to that? And how will it all end with Joe on trial? Whatever the...
cena: 152,89
Spider-Man: Tombstone, Volume 1
 Marvel Firsts: The 1990s Omnibus Marvel Comics 9780785198161
Revisit comics' most divisive decade with a giant-sized compendium of daring debuts All your favorites are here: Deadpool Nomad X-Force Scarlet Spider Quicksilver ClanDestine Venom Nightwatch Gambit Vengeance Spider-Man 2099 The Thunderbolts Plus Ghost Rider and Deathlok, reinvented for the '90s Guns Swords Leather Clones Pouches Don't dis the '90s, they're totally dope...
cena: 551,64
Marvel Firsts: The 1990s Omnibus
 Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book 3 Marvel Comics 9781302901912
The full truth of the People's revolution - and the power players supporting it - has been revealed Now, T'Challa must fight like never before for the fate of his nation - and one of his most trusted allies is back to stand by his side. As the final battle begins, the entirety of Wakanda's glorious history may be their most potent weapon. But even if the People fall, can the monarchy still...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 25-04-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book 3
Planowany termin premiery książki: 14-11-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
Generation X Vol. 1
 Marvel Zombies: The Complete Collection, Volume 3 Marvel Comics 9780785188995
Zombies on infinite earths First, it's monkey on the menu as the original Marvel Zombies invade the dimension of the Marvel Apes Then, to uncover an antidote to the zombie plague, Machine Man and Howard the Duck set out across the multiverse, battling zombies in the Wild West, Camelot, a future megacity, during a Martian invasion, and on a world suspiciously similar to ours
cena: 152,89
Marvel Zombies: The Complete Collection, Volume 3
 Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Marvel Comics 9780785154105
Prepare for Marvel Studios' newest big-screen blockbuster with these all-new stories taking place just before the film Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? And how does Korath the Pursuer fit in? Then, as Gamora begins her quest for the Orb, see firsthand why she is the considered the most dangerous woman in the universe Plus, relive the...
cena: 69,10
Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude
 Jessica Jones: Alias, Volume 1 Marvel Comics 9780785198550
Meet Jessica Jones. Once upon a time, she was a costumed super hero...but not a very good one. Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that populate the Marvel Universe. In a city of Marvels, Jessica Jones never found her niche. Now a chain-smoking, self-destructive alcoholic with a mean inferiority complex, Jones is the owner and sole employee of...
cena: 111,00
Jessica Jones: Alias, Volume 1
 Star Wars Epic Collection: Rise of the Sith, Volume 1 Marvel Comics 9780785197225
When young Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is dispatched to prevent a civil war, he has a close encounter with the Dark Side Years later, Qui-Gon and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi face an out-of-control cloud cruiser and the lawless world of Ord Mantell, where everyone holds a grudge - and a blaster And Mace Windu's Jedi Knights face the threat of the Yinchorri - a race more deadly than they ever...
cena: 152,89
Star Wars Epic Collection: Rise of the Sith, Volume 1