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 Living a Life of Inner Peace - audiobook Eckhart Tolle 9781577314868
For Eckhart Tolle and the millions whose lives he's touched, words that are spoken from a state of presence can carry seekers into that same state, the basis for all true spiritual teachings. Beyond the information that is being conveyed, something deeper happens. For the listener, a field of alert stillness arises where before there was mental noise, signaling the entry to a state of presence...
cena: 79,53
Living a Life of Inner Peace - audiobook
 Moc přítomného okamžiku - pracovní kniha Eckhart Tolle 9788072059591
Základní techniky meditace a cvičení přítomného okamžiku.
cena: 38,97
Moc přítomného okamžiku - pracovní kniha
 Leben aus der Fülle des Seins, 1 DVD Tolle, Eckhart 9783899011333
§Bildformat: 16:9§Bonus: Interview 14 Min. Format 4:3.
cena: 96,12
Leben aus der Fülle des Seins, 1 DVD
 The Joy of Being: Awakening to One's True Identity - audiobook Eckhart Tolle 9781894884556
Fulfillment and Joy through the Realization of Our Essential Identity

When challenges arise in your life, what happens inside of you? For many of us, the larger the problem, the more we resist, contract, and react unconsciously. On the other hand, explains Eckhart Tolle, in any given moment we have the chance to remain open to life, align with what is, and experience the...
cena: 276,59
The Joy of Being: Awakening to One's True Identity - audiobook
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At the Source of Being: Teachings on the Arising of the Awakened State - audiobook
 Stillness Speaks (Easyread Large Edition) Eckhart Tolle 9781442950474
This book, of course, uses words which in the act of reading become thoughts in your mind. But those are not ordinary thoughts - repetitive, noisy, self-serving, clamoring for attention.... The thoughts within this book don't say, 'Look at me', but 'Look beyond me'. Because the thoughts came out of stillness, they have power - the power to take ...
cena: 71,17
Stillness Speaks (Easyread Large Edition)
cena: 51,62
Leben im Jetzt
 Becoming a Teacher of Presence: Bringing Awareness to the Service of Others - audiobook Eckhart Tolle 9781894884969

Eckhart Tolle tells us that every encounter we have with another human being offers the opportunity for profound connection and transformation. For those who've made it their life's work to help others, this insight is especially powerful.

Today, many people in what Eckhart calls "the helping professions"--including therapists, counselors, and other caregivers--are eager to learn...

cena: 276,59
Becoming a Teacher of Presence: Bringing Awareness to the Service of Others - audiobook
 A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose Eckhart Tolle 9780525948025
" Oprah] Winfrey calls the book 'a wake-up call for the entire planet, one reader at a time.'" --USA Today
With his bestselling spiritual guide The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle inspired millions of readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived "in the now." In A New Earth, Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based...
cena: 106,76
A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
 Potęga teraźniejszości - audiobook Tolle Eckhart 9788375792904

To mądra, serdecznie i uczciwie napisana książka. Książka dla ludzi poszukujących odpowiedzi na najważniejsze z dręczących nas pytań i wątpliwości. Autor ze znawstwem i cierpliwością najpierw zachęca nas do wyruszenia w drogę, a potem prowadzi nią czytelnika na spotkanie z nim samym. I o dziwo, ta droga wcale nie wydaje się trudna. I nikogo nie wyklucza. Iść nią może...
cena: 29,90
Potęga teraźniejszości - audiobook
 Stillness Speaks Eckhart Tolle 9781577314004
In Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle illuminates the fundamental elements of his teaching,
addressing the needs of the modern seeker by drawing from all spiritual traditions. At the core of the book is what the author calls "the state of presence," a living in the "now" that is both intensely inspirational and practical. When the pressures of future and past thinking disappear, fear and...
cena: 71,99
Stillness Speaks
 In the Presence of a Great Mystery - audiobook Eckhart Tolle 9781577315575
In this talk, a brilliant summation of his teachings, Eckhart Tolle begins by describing a problem all humans face: a strict sense of self based in personal history, mental interpretations, and memories of the past; a sense that s forever being reinforced through habitual thought patterns. When listeners identify with these thought patterns, they create what Tolle calls the little me, a person...
cena: 91,12
In the Presence of a Great Mystery - audiobook
 Leben im Jetzt, 3 Audio-CDs Tolle, Eckhart 9783442339532
cena: 96,79
Leben im Jetzt, 3 Audio-CDs
cena: 74,34
Eine neue Erde
 Nová Země Eckhart Tolle 9788089628155
Kniha Nová Země odhalí naši nevědomost v duchovním smyslu. Hlavní hrdina této nevědomosti je naše ego. Egoistická mysl. Protože v každé myšlence – každé vzpomínce, interpretaci, názoru, náhledu, reakci, emoci – je pocit sebe, Já (ego). T o je nevědomost v duchovním smyslu. Naše mysl, její obsah, je samozřejmě podmíněn minulostí: naší výchovou, kulturou,...
cena: 58,25
Nová Země
cena: 63,06
Shaktiman Vartaman: The Power of Now in Hindi
cena: 51,21
Wegweiser in die Freiheit
 Sustaining Presence in the Face of Catastrophe: Teachings on Awakening to Our Essential Nature - audiobook Eckhart Tolle 9781894884983

Compassionate Guidance for Realizing Presence Amidst Suffering and Loss

If the world around you seems to be falling apart, how do you stay connected to virtues like trust, hope, and love? When someone or something you hold dear is lost, where do you find solace? Sustaining Presence in the Face of Catastrophe shares Eckhart Tolle's compassionate perspective for those...

cena: 353,87
Sustaining Presence in the Face of Catastrophe: Teachings on Awakening to Our Essential Nature - audiobook
 Entering the Now - audiobook Eckhart Tolle 9781591790983

A walk in nature. A personal crisis. A moment of laughter. These can all serve as portals that lead us to the depth and wonder of the Now.

Bestselling author Eckhart Tolle has captivated nearly a million readers with his lessons on discovering the profound state of being he calls presence. On "Entering the Now," an all-new title in the Power of Now teaching series, this remarkable speaker...

cena: 102,71
Entering the Now - audiobook