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 BALLETS OF MAURICE RAVEL Deborah Mawer 9780754630296
Maurice Ravel, as composer and scenario writer, collaborated with some of the greatest ballet directors, choreographers, designers and dancers of his time, including Diaghilev, Ida Rubinstein, Benois and Nijinsky. In this book, the first study dedicated to Ravel's ballets, Deborah Mawer explores these relationships and argues that ballet music should not be regarded in isolation from its...
cena: 813,06
 French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck Deborah Mawer 9781316633878
This book explores the historical-cultural interactions between French concert music and American jazz across 1900-65, from both perspectives.
cena: 124,05
French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck
 Ravel Studies Deborah Mawer 9781316642979
International experts present new interdisciplinary perspectives on Ravel's music, demonstrating the vibrant nature of current research on the composer.
cena: 138,87
Ravel Studies
 French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck Deborah Mawer 9781107037533
French concert music and jazz often enjoyed a special creative exchange across the period 1900 65. French modernist composers were particularly receptive to early African-American jazz during the interwar years, and American jazz musicians, especially those concerned with modal jazz in the 1950s and early 1960s, exhibited a distinct affinity with French musical impressionism. However, despite a...
cena: 472,76
French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck
 Historical Interplay in French Music and Culture Deborah Mawer 9781472474759
This edited volume presents a selected history of French music and culture, but one with a dynamic difference. Eschewing a traditional chronological account, it explores the nature of relationships in French musical culture between one historical period and another, probing the emergent interplay, intertextualities and scope for subsequent reinterpretation across time and place. It engages with...
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Historical Interplay in French Music and Culture
 The Cambridge Companion to Ravel Deborah Mawer Jonathan Cross 9780521648561
This Companion provides a comprehensive introduction to the life, music and compositional aesthetic of French composer Maurice Ravel (1875SH1937). Leading international scholars offer a powerful reassessment of this most private and elusive musician, examining his work in detail within its cultural context. Marking the 125th anniversary of Ravel's birth, the volume explores the full range of his...
cena: 146,49
The Cambridge Companion to Ravel