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A G Macdonell

 England Their England A G Macdonell 9781781550007 0
A G Macdonell
England, Their England is an affectionately satirical inter-war comic novel first published in 1933. It hit the right spot at the time and became a bestseller, and has endured as a classic of humor, transcending the passage of time. It is particularly famed for its portrayal of a village cricket match. The plot if there can be said to be a plot is set in 1920s England, the book is written as if a...
cena: 70,95
England Their England
 The Autobiography of a CAD A G Macdonell 9781781550175 0
A G Macdonell
The Autobiography of a Cad is the hilarious memoir of an arch-rotter, chronicling the life of one (happily fictitious) Edward Fox-Ingleby. A. G.Macdonell had great fun in writing this book, undoubtedly his funniest. It iswritten as a tongue-in-cheek autobiography of a man who ploughs his way through life shafting everyone around him. After inheriting an estate from his dull father while still at...
cena: 70,95
The Autobiography of a CAD