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 Violet and the Mummy Mystery Whitehorn, Harriet 9781471147197
Join amateur Sherlock Holmes, Violet Remy-Robinson as she tries to track down a stolen mummy in this second novel in a delightful detective series that's perfect for fans of Robin Stevens's Wells & Wong mysteries

When Violet's cousin Agnes and her Aunt Mathilde arrive from Cairo, Violet is delighted. Aunt Mathilde is a professor of Ancient Egyptology and has discovered a mummy that may be...

cena: 41,45
Violet and the Mummy Mystery
 Edge: Sporting Heroes: Neymar Roy Apps Alessandro Valdrighi 9781445153148 Franklin Watts
An inspirational biography about Neymar from award-winning author Roy Apps, focusing on the skill, grit and determination needed to be a star player for FC Barcelona and Brazil
cena: 51,51
Edge: Sporting Heroes: Neymar
cena: 51,87
Don't Ever Look Behind Door 32
 Rita Rides Again Hilda Offen 9781909991224 Troika Books
A visit to the castle won't be dull after Rita's managed to change into her Rescuer outfit. She scares off the castle ghost, jousts in a tournament, and defeats three knights in a sword fight. And when it comes to monsters in the moat--or a flock of angry peacocks--you can count on the Rescuer
cena: 36,42
Rita Rides Again
 Squishy McFluff: Big Country Fair Jones, Pip 9780571320707 Squishy McFluff the Invisible Cat
Squishy McFluff has been blow-dried and primped to perfection. He must win the Country Fair prettiest pet competition - and will if Ava has anything to do with it... But not everyone can see he's the winner. The Mayor seems to have a particular blindspot ... That is until Ava and her invisible pet foil a dastardly robbery Another joyful, hilarious, instant classic of a tale for five year...
cena: 41,45
Squishy McFluff: Big Country Fair
 Beside the Seaside: Seaside Towns Clare Hibbert 9781445137612 Franklin Watts
In Seaside Towns you can compare tiny harbours and bustling resorts, and learn about the kinds of buildings and businesses they have today. Discover what goes on at a port and read about lighthouses, piers and fish and chip shops.

The Beside the Seaside series looks at specific aspects of daily life by the sea, whether examining plant and animal habitats, exploring the various jobs...

cena: 46,48
Beside the Seaside: Seaside Towns
 Environmental Issues Duhig, Holly 9781786371584 Discover & Learn
This title invites readers to consider the impact of human activity on the environment and ways in which we can improve in the future.
cena: 71,63
Environmental Issues
 Animal Dot-To-Dots Jo Moon 9781784289430 Arcturus Publishing
cena: 44,37
Animal Dot-To-Dots
 Colin the Cart Horse: Fables from the Stables Book 3 Puckett, Gavin 9780571315437
Colin was a cart horse, Hay his favourite treat, It was ever so soft and incredibly sweet, But the day he branched out and broadened his diet... Why, who could have guessed it would trigger a riot? Gavin Puckett, Welsh comic extraordinaire, brings us another wonderful tale of rhyming fun and nonsense, in the very best tradition of Edward Lear and Hilaire Belloc.
cena: 41,45
Colin the Cart Horse: Fables from the Stables Book 3
 Bugs: Interact with Augmented Reality Creepy Crawlies Wilson, Hannah 9781783122530
Features the biggest, scariest and most awesome bugs of the world. In this title, you can watch a Goliath bird-eating tarantula crawl across your table, a Giant Wetapunga Cricket jump on your friend's hand, two Hercules Beetles battling against each other, the world's biggest butterfly flutter around your bedroom, and more.
cena: 56,54
Bugs: Interact with Augmented Reality Creepy Crawlies
 Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories: B1 Agatha Christie 9780008249717 HarperCollins UK
Collins brings the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, to English language learners.
cena: 46,48
Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories: B1
 What Are You Wearing Today? Coat, Janik|||Duisit, Bernard 9780500651438 A Flip Flap Pop Up Book
A pop-up book with flaps to lift, tabs to pull and plenty of surprises
cena: 51,31
What Are You Wearing Today?
 Elmer and Wilbur David McKee   9781783445301 Andersen Press Ltd
Elmer loves practical jokes, but so does his cousin Wilbur. Until, that is, Wilbur's practical joke leaves him high and dry and Elmer and the other elephants have to come to the rescue and bring him back down to earth.

This classic story is now even more appealing to the youngest of children in a sturdy, padded board book format.

cena: 41,45
Elmer and Wilbur
 Micro Monsters: Activate Augmented Reality Mini-Beasts Camilla D 9781783122561 Carlton Kids
iExplore Micro Monsters is an amazing book that reveals the tiny creatures all around us that are normally invisible to the human eye. Marvel at these incredible mini monsters - and watch as Digital Magic makes them leap off the page! Then simply open the app on your smartphone or tablet to trigger the AR action and awaken the Digital Magic.
cena: 56,54
Micro Monsters: Activate Augmented Reality Mini-Beasts
 A Royal Childhood: 200 Years of Royal Babies Liz Gogerly 9781445158235 Franklin Watts
Looks at the lives of royal children in the last 200 years
cena: 51,51
A Royal Childhood: 200 Years of Royal Babies
 The Song of Seven Tonke Dragt Laura Watkinson Tonke Dragt 9781782691426 Pushkin Children's Books
An exciting new stand-alone adventure by the internationally bestselling author of The Letter for the King.
Seven paths, seven unlikely friends, and one extraordinary adventure featuring magicians, secret passages, conspiracies, hidden treasures, a black cat with green eyes and a sealed parchment which predicts the future.
At the end of every schoolday, new teacher Mr Van der Steg...
cena: 56,54
The Song of Seven
 What's So Special about Tyrannosaurus Rex? Gary Hanna   9780993529320 Dragonfly Group Ltd
T. rex is one of the best killing machines ever to walk the Earth Discover how fast it could move with the Speed-o-Meter, how terrifying it was on the Scary Scale, and which of today's animals it most resembles.
cena: 36,42
What's So Special about Tyrannosaurus Rex?
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