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 Atticus Claw Lends a Paw Jennifer Gray 9780571284474 Faber & Faber, London
Atticus Grammatticus Cattypuss Claw, the world's greatest POLICE cat, is back. When the kittens at the local cats' home are wrongly suspected of a knitting crime spree, Inspector Cheddar is baffled. Atticus must step in to find the real culprits. In an adventure that takes him from Littleton-on-Sea to the sands of the Egyptian desert, Atticus has to use all his tabby talents to keep one paw ahead...
cena: 36,42
Atticus Claw Lends a Paw
 Detective Nosegoode and the Music Box Mystery Orlon, Marian 9781782691556
cena: 46,48
Detective Nosegoode and the Music Box Mystery
 Snowman Mark Andrew Poe 9781943785148 Rabbit Publishers
When mayor Kligore announces his plan to build the world's largest snowman in the middle of town, the residents of Sleepy Hollow are thrilled Media coverage will be epic, for sure, as the town constructs a perfect snow and ice replica of the Headless Horseman statue. Town revenue will skyrocket What could possibly go wrong? Plenty Harry Moon had his suspicions from the get-go. But when the...
cena: 101,55
 Lulu and the Flying Babies Posy Simmonds 9781783445707 Andersen Press
Lulu doesn't want to be stuck in a museum, she wants to play outside in the snow! She sits on the bench and sniffs. Before she knows it the flying babies have escaped a painting and swept her off her feet. Lulu is flown into a whimiscal, magical adventure through a world of pictures, meeting Kings, growling at tigers and getting lost in the woods.
cena: 41,45
Lulu and the Flying Babies
 How Do You Sleep? Cosneau, Olivia|||Duisit, Bernard 9780500651445 A Flip Flap Pop Up Book
A pop-up book with flaps to lift, tabs to pull and plenty of surprises
cena: 51,31
How Do You Sleep?
 Talking about Immigration Levete, Sarah 9781912171231
Talking About Immigration takes a unique look at immigrants all over the world, including how they contribute to a country's community and culture, and why they may choose to emigrate to another country. Learn to respect and understand others through an exploration of problems immigrants often face, such as racism, persecution, and feelings of isolation in their new country.
cena: 71,63
Talking about Immigration
 Roller Coaster Marble Run Andrew Gatt 9781783122684 Carlton Kids
Lets you press out the pieces, assemble your roller coaster and watch as your structure grows. This title also lets you race marbles from two starting points and see which marble comes out first. With extra information about the science behind your build, this book will keep master builders entertained for hours.
cena: 71,63
Roller Coaster Marble Run
 Once Upon a Time Guridi, Raul 9781849765138
Ever since he was a little boy, Bard had a unique ability to turn words and sentences into amazing stories. These stories captivated everyone in his village. But one day, Bard suddenly stops speaking . . . Will the villagers be able to solve the problem? Will Bard ever tell his wonderful stories again? Find out in this beautiful story of friendship that reveals the magic of storytelling.

cena: 71,43
Once Upon a Time
 Martha & Me It's Raining Elephants 9780500651421
A beautifully illustrated story that celebrates the joys of artistic creation and the power of imagination
cena: 71,43
Martha & Me
 The Story of the Amulet E. Nesbit 9780349009483 Virago Press (UK)
cena: 41,45
The Story of the Amulet
 Greek Myths (Volume One) Jacqueline Morley   9781910706817 Scribblers
The first volume of this spellbinding anthology features some of the most gripping tales from Greek mythology, retold in a manner that will engage very young readers and instil in them a love for storytelling. Four different illustrators bring their distinctive styles to the myths. In printed laminated case format.
cena: 56,54
Greek Myths (Volume One)
 Endangered Animals Infographics Harriet Brundle 9781786372062 Booklife
Using factual infographics, this title explores how humanity's impact on the environment is affecting species all around the world and pushing some of them to the brink of extinction.
cena: 71,63
Endangered Animals Infographics
 What's So Special about Stegosaurus? Gary Hanna   9780993529313 Dragonfly Group Ltd
Stegosaurus is described as having a body almost the size of a bus, a head the size of a horse and a brain the size of a walnut Discover how fast it could move with the Speed-o-Meter, how terrifying it was on the Scary Scale, and which of today's animals it most resembles.
cena: 36,42
What's So Special about Stegosaurus?
 Daddy Drew Me Upside Down Mark Maker 9781988159409 Guardian Publishing

When little Jack finds himself stuck upside down on the ceiling and void of all color, he tries and tries to get back down on the ground. He uses balloons, jumping, tethering a rope to his dog, even an elevator.

Why doesn't anything work?

After many failed attempts, Jack eventually learns that a little positivity can go a long way. The power of a smile can...

cena: 82,49
Daddy Drew Me Upside Down
 Mindwalker AJ Steiger 9781780747248 Oneworld Publications

At seventeen, Lain has already aced the Institute's elite training programme for Mindwalkers, therapists who use direct neural links to erase traumatic memories. A prodigy and the daughter of a renowned scientist -- whose death left her alone in the world -- Lain is driven by the need to save...

cena: 46,48
 Fluffywuffy Simon Puttock Joe Moshier 9781847808714 Frances Lincoln Children's Bks
Mr Moot lives a quiet life with his cherished pet, Fluffywuffy, by his side. He isn't troubled by neighbours, or mice, or even the postman... But when an uninvited guest comes to visit, Mr Moot finds himself kept awake every night. If it's not the sound of drums, then the noise of chainsaws and even motorbikes comes from the living room below. Luckily for Mr Moot, Fluffywuffy has a solution for...
cena: 66,60
 Write On: Space Hibbert, Clare 9781445150161 Write on
From stargazing to supernovas, rocket power to the Red Planet, learn all about what makes up our universe, and beyond

Write On is a high interest information series with a difference, designed to help the newly independent reader become a confident writer. Eye-catching photos and accessible text help build knowledge. Top writing tips and 'wow' words inspire easy to achieve writing projects,...

cena: 71,63
Write On: Space
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