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 Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx Todd-Stanton, Joe 9781911171195
Many years have passed since the tale of Arthur and the Golden Rope, and Arthur is now a world-famous adventurer. If only his daughter Marcy shared his enthusiasm for exploration...
cena: 71,49
Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx
cena: 87,00
Jonas Weichsel: Farbe Bekennen
 Planet Football: Greatest Stadiums Clive Gifford 9781526303455 Wayland
Awesome stats and facts about the greatest football stadiums in the world From the Nou Camp and the Bernabeu in Spain, to Anfield, Old Trafford, the Emirates and Wembley in England, or the Maracana in Brazil.

A football ground is more than just somewhere to view the game. For some fans, it's a home from home, a place of great excitement, tension, disappointment or elation.

- Find out why...

cena: 51,42
Planet Football: Greatest Stadiums
 Beauty and the Beast Vera Southgate   9780241312254 Ladybird
Ladybird has published fairy tales for over forty-five years, bringing the magic of traditional stories to each new generation of children. Beauty and the Beast is the story of a kind-hearted girl called Beauty who is forced to live with an ugly beast, until one day some magic happens...This Ladybird Tale is based on the original Ladybird retelling by Vera Southgate, with beautiful pictures of...
cena: 31,34
Beauty and the Beast
 A Bear Hug at Bedtime Jana Novotny-Hunter Kay Widdowson 9781846439872 Child's Play International
cena: 71,05
A Bear Hug at Bedtime
 Animal Surprises: How to Draw Nicola Davies Abbie Cameron 9781912050567 Graffeg
With this fun book from award-winning writer and former zoologist Nicola Davies and illustrator Abbie Cameron, children will learn how to create their own vivid illustrations through step-by-step instructions, and discover a new appreciation for wildlife. Nicola's animal notes coupled with the eye for detail evident in Abbie's bright and characterful illustrations introduces young readers to the...
cena: 41,38
Animal Surprises: How to Draw
 Fish Lisa J. Amstutz 9781474734622 Capstone Global Library Ltd
Shine the science spotlight on flounders, sharks, eels and an ocean full of other fish! Organized by topics such as habitat, anatomy and life cycle, Fish introduces young readers and browsers to these aquatic animals through vibrant full-colour photos and concise, factual text.
cena: 71,49
 Arthur, High King of Britain Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman 9781786750310 Palazzo Editions
No one believed that he could make it there and back again alive, so when a boy sets out to hike across the sea bed at low tide to an island not too far offshore, he is determined to prove a point. A short doze in the sunshine on the island and a fast-moving fog, however, leaves him in dire straits. Trapped on a sandbank, he fears for his life as the sea closes in all around him. He is a strong...
cena: 91,57
Arthur, High King of Britain
 Doodle Girl Summer Sticker Activity Taylor, Lindsay|||Smith, Suzanne 9781471123207
Join Doodle Girl on an amazing holiday adventure in this activity book that encourages imagination and creativity--filled with stickers and tons of fun

Doodle Girl and her friends live in a magical sketchbook When Doodle Girl whispers, "Draw, draw, draw," her doodles turn into fantastical adventures Join her as she jets off on an amazing summer holiday, packed full of stickers, creative...

cena: 31,34
Doodle Girl Summer Sticker Activity
 Here to Help: Postman Phillips, Hannah 9781445140049 Here to Help
What's it like to do a job where you help people every day? Follow each of our professionals for a day and find out!
cena: 46,40
Here to Help: Postman
 Gecko's Echo Rowland, Lucy 9781408859490
cena: 66,48
Gecko's Echo
 The Art of Wallpaper: Color, Draw, Create Victoria and Albert Museum 9780500480205
Color, complete, and create wallpaper patterns inspired by a dazzling range of historical designs
cena: 71,30
The Art of Wallpaper: Color, Draw, Create
 Beside the Seaside: Seaside Holidays Then and Now Clare Hibbert 9781445137582 Franklin Watts
Seaside Holidays Then and Now compares what it would have been like to go on holiday to the seaside in the past with modern seaside holidays today. Readers are encouraged to explore what has changed and what has stayed the same, including the places we stay, beach activities and the clothes we wear.

The Beside the Seaside series looks at specific aspects of daily life by the sea,...

cena: 46,74
Beside the Seaside: Seaside Holidays Then and Now
 The Anglo-Saxons Harrison, Susan 9781786371645 Exploring British History
cena: 71,49
The Anglo-Saxons
 A Bear Hug at Bedtime Jana Novotny-Hunter Kay Widdowson 9781846439889 Child's Play International
On my way to bed, I play with a tiger, a lobster and a bear - and lots of other creatures too. But why are they so familiar? In this celebration of imaginative play, a young child is surrounded and enriched by an extended and diverse family. Inclusive and playful, this is the ideal bedtime read.
cena: 36,36
A Bear Hug at Bedtime
 Death on the Nile: B1 Agatha Christie 9780008249687 HarperCollins UK
Collins brings the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, to English language learners.
cena: 46,40
Death on the Nile: B1
 Tales for the Telling Edna O'Brien Michael Foreman 9781786750327 Palazzo Editions
The Irish are renowned tellers of tales and these 12 enchanting stories of ancient magic, daring deeds, dashing heroes and mythical creatures sparkle with the wit, nonsense and naughtiness of Edna O'Brien's beautifully crafted storytelling. Tales for the Telling features traditional Irish folk and fairy tales, including "The Magic Apples" "The Swan Bride," "Paddy the Piper" and "Two...
cena: 91,57
Tales for the Telling
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