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 Doodle Girl Summer Sticker Activity Taylor, Lindsay|||Smith, Suzanne 9781471123207
Join Doodle Girl on an amazing holiday adventure in this activity book that encourages imagination and creativity--filled with stickers and tons of fun

Doodle Girl and her friends live in a magical sketchbook When Doodle Girl whispers, "Draw, draw, draw," her doodles turn into fantastical adventures Join her as she jets off on an amazing summer holiday, packed full of stickers, creative...

cena: 31,29
Doodle Girl Summer Sticker Activity
 Song of Seven  Dragt, Tonke 9781782691105
An exciting new stand-alone adventure by the internationally bestselling author of The Letter for the King.

Seven paths, seven unlikely friends, and one extraordinary adventure featuring magicians, secret passages, conspiracies, hidden treasures, a black cat with green eyes and a sealed parchment which predicts the future.
At the end of every schoolday, new teacher Mr Van der Steg...

cena: 71,36
Song of Seven
 Daddy Drew Me Upside Down Mark Maker 9781988159409 Guardian Publishing

When little Jack finds himself stuck upside down on the ceiling and void of all color, he tries and tries to get back down on the ground. He uses balloons, jumping, tethering a rope to his dog, even an elevator.

Why doesn't anything work?

After many failed attempts, Jack eventually learns that a little positivity can go a long way. The power of a smile can...

cena: 82,28
Daddy Drew Me Upside Down
 Show Must Go on!  Knife & Packer 9781408337776 Hachette Kids Orchard Books
Meet Beth, a hilarious new heroine who just can't help getting in trouble!
cena: 41,31
Show Must Go on!
 The Forest Folk Madeleine Rogers Jason Hook 9781908985859 Button Books
Teach your children about the animals of the forest with this fun and educational book, part of a series that explores the natural world. The series has three existing titles - The Safari Set, The Polar Pack and The Jungle Crew- and two new titles exploring birds and sea creatures: The Sky Guys and The Marine Team.
cena: 31,29
The Forest Folk
 Fish Lisa J. Amstutz 9781474734622 Capstone Global Library Ltd
Shine the science spotlight on flounders, sharks, eels and an ocean full of other fish! Organized by topics such as habitat, anatomy and life cycle, Fish introduces young readers and browsers to these aquatic animals through vibrant full-colour photos and concise, factual text.
cena: 71,36
 What Are You Wearing Today? Coat, Janik|||Duisit, Bernard 9780500651438 A Flip Flap Pop Up Book
A pop-up book with flaps to lift, tabs to pull and plenty of surprises
cena: 51,12
What Are You Wearing Today?
 Jurassic World Special Edition: From DNA to Indominus Rex! Rowlands, Caroline 9781783122660
Features a view of the Jurassic Park trilogy and Jurassic World, and presents genetically engineered, terror-inspiring dinosaurs from the whole series. This guide includes new profiles for Tyrannosaurus rex, Indominus rex and Velociraptor, as well as other favourites from the original films. It also uses the advanced Augmented Reality.
cena: 56,33
Jurassic World Special Edition: From DNA to Indominus Rex!
 The Memory Thief Bryce Moore 9781945293511 Adaptive Books
cena: 44,27
The Memory Thief
 Roman Britain Harrison, Susan 9781786371652 Exploring British History
cena: 71,36
Roman Britain
 Lots to Spot: Ocean Mathew Scott 9781784289317 Arcturus Publishing
cena: 44,27
Lots to Spot: Ocean
 The Marine Team Madeleine Rogers Jason Hook 9781908985866 Button Books
Teach your children about our aquatic friends with this fun and educational book, part of a series that explores the natural world.
cena: 31,29
The Marine Team
 Treasure Hunt Melvin, Alice 9781849765169
Join author/illustrator Alice Melvin on this very special treasure hunt.

Can you find some feathers to complete the beautiful bird's tail? Can you find a shiny coin, or a bright button? What about some sequins and glitter to create a butterfly? Or just choose a sticker from the sheet enclosed. Only when all the pages are finished will the treasure hunt be complete

This beautiful...

cena: 66,35
Treasure Hunt
 How Do You Sleep? Cosneau, Olivia|||Duisit, Bernard 9780500651445 A Flip Flap Pop Up Book
A pop-up book with flaps to lift, tabs to pull and plenty of surprises
cena: 51,12
How Do You Sleep?
 Mindwalker AJ Steiger 9781780747248 Oneworld Publications

At seventeen, Lain has already aced the Institute's elite training programme for Mindwalkers, therapists who use direct neural links to erase traumatic memories. A prodigy and the daughter of a renowned scientist -- whose death left her alone in the world -- Lain is driven by the need to save...

cena: 46,32
 Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade  Gormley, Greg 9781408333884 Fairytale Frankie
A fun-filled seaside caper full of favourite fairytale characters, from mermaids to wizards, with a positive message about overcoming worries and anxiety.
cena: 41,31
Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade
 Edge: Tommy Donbavand's Funny Shorts: The Curious Case of the Panicky Parrot Tommy Donbavand Ken McFarlane 9781445152561 Franklin Watts
Special agents Pouch and Tray are called in to solve the case when Freddie the parrot disappears. Pretty soon they sniff out a lead leading to Don Puggoni - otherwise known as "the Dogfather"...
cena: 56,33
Edge: Tommy Donbavand's Funny Shorts: The Curious Case of the Panicky Parrot
 The Story of the Amulet E. Nesbit 9780349009483 Virago Press (UK)
cena: 41,31
The Story of the Amulet
 Planet Football: Greatest Stadiums Clive Gifford 9781526303455 Wayland
Awesome stats and facts about the greatest football stadiums in the world From the Nou Camp and the Bernabeu in Spain, to Anfield, Old Trafford, the Emirates and Wembley in England, or the Maracana in Brazil.

A football ground is more than just somewhere to view the game. For some fans, it's a home from home, a place of great excitement, tension, disappointment or elation.

- Find out why...

cena: 51,32
Planet Football: Greatest Stadiums
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