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 The Song of Seven Tonke Dragt Laura Watkinson Tonke Dragt 9781782691426 Pushkin Children's Books
An exciting new stand-alone adventure by the internationally bestselling author of The Letter for the King.
Seven paths, seven unlikely friends, and one extraordinary adventure featuring magicians, secret passages, conspiracies, hidden treasures, a black cat with green eyes and a sealed parchment which predicts the future.
At the end of every schoolday, new teacher Mr Van der Steg...
cena: 56,33
The Song of Seven
 Gecko's Echo Rowland, Lucy 9781408859490
cena: 66,35
Gecko's Echo
 Elmer and Wilbur David McKee   9781783445301 Andersen Press Ltd
Elmer loves practical jokes, but so does his cousin Wilbur. Until, that is, Wilbur's practical joke leaves him high and dry and Elmer and the other elephants have to come to the rescue and bring him back down to earth.

This classic story is now even more appealing to the youngest of children in a sturdy, padded board book format.

cena: 41,31
Elmer and Wilbur
cena: 47,92
 The Anglo-Saxons Harrison, Susan 9781786371645 Exploring British History
cena: 71,36
The Anglo-Saxons
 Habitats Infographics Brundle, Harriet 9781786372055 Infographics
This title discusses the diversity of life on our planet and uses infographics to explore how plants and animals have made their homes in every habitat that the world has to offer.
cena: 71,36
Habitats Infographics
 Lulu and the Flying Babies Posy Simmonds 9781783445707 Andersen Press
Lulu doesn't want to be stuck in a museum, she wants to play outside in the snow! She sits on the bench and sniffs. Before she knows it the flying babies have escaped a painting and swept her off her feet. Lulu is flown into a whimiscal, magical adventure through a world of pictures, meeting Kings, growling at tigers and getting lost in the woods.
cena: 41,31
Lulu and the Flying Babies
 The Snow Leopard Jackie Morris 9781912050475 Graffeg
As the Snow Leopard's earthly life begins to wane, she searches for a pure and incorruptible soul to pass her knowledge and power to in order that the hidden valley can remain safe. For the Mergich Realm, the sacred and secret place guarded by spirits in animal form, is under threat from those from outside who would seek to exploit its riches. A tale of magic and myth set amongst the Himalayan...
cena: 96,40
The Snow Leopard
 Little White Bear  Marx, Enid 9781910787915
Originally written and illustrated by Enid Marx in 1945, The Little White Bear tells the tale of Ivan, the friendly polar bear, and his exciting adventures in the snow.
cena: 56,39
Little White Bear
cena: 51,74
Don't Ever Look Behind Door 32
 The Mystery of the Missing Cake Claudia Boldt 9781849764858 Tate Publishing & Enterprises
When Harold the fox is invited to a costume birthday party, he and his friends come up with fantastic outfits. The party starts off really well but when the birthday boy's cake is stolen during a game played in the dark, everyone is a prime suspect in the mystery of the missing cake. Can Harold piece together the clues to solve the mystery and save the party? A funny story that encourages honesty...
cena: 56,33
The Mystery of the Missing Cake
 Our Village School  Chancellor, Deborah 9781445155906 A Walk From
A young geography series which uses circular walks from schools to explore geographical features and simple map skills
cena: 51,32
Our Village School
 Here to Help: Postman Phillips, Hannah 9781445140049 Here to Help
What's it like to do a job where you help people every day? Follow each of our professionals for a day and find out!
cena: 46,32
Here to Help: Postman
 A to Z of Art for Kids Agata Toromanoff Pierre Toromanoff 9781908233028 Eken Press
cena: 56,33
A to Z of Art for Kids
 Colin the Cart Horse: Fables from the Stables Book 3 Puckett, Gavin 9780571315437
Colin was a cart horse, Hay his favourite treat, It was ever so soft and incredibly sweet, But the day he branched out and broadened his diet... Why, who could have guessed it would trigger a riot? Gavin Puckett, Welsh comic extraordinaire, brings us another wonderful tale of rhyming fun and nonsense, in the very best tradition of Edward Lear and Hilaire Belloc.
cena: 41,31
Colin the Cart Horse: Fables from the Stables Book 3
 Environmental Issues Duhig, Holly 9781786371584 Discover & Learn
This title invites readers to consider the impact of human activity on the environment and ways in which we can improve in the future.
cena: 71,36
Environmental Issues
 Animal Surprises: How to Draw Nicola Davies Abbie Cameron 9781912050567 Graffeg
With this fun book from award-winning writer and former zoologist Nicola Davies and illustrator Abbie Cameron, children will learn how to create their own vivid illustrations through step-by-step instructions, and discover a new appreciation for wildlife. Nicola's animal notes coupled with the eye for detail evident in Abbie's bright and characterful illustrations introduces young readers to the...
cena: 41,31
Animal Surprises: How to Draw
 A Magical Venice Story: The Girl of Glass: Book 4 Webb, Holly 9781408327685 A Magical Venice Story
An enchanting tale of magic, friendship and adventure for readers aged 9 and up - from bestselling author, Holly Webb.
cena: 41,31
A Magical Venice Story: The Girl of Glass: Book 4
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