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 Thoughts from Your Father Roger Palmer 9781545062289
cena: 70,47
Thoughts from Your Father
 Managing Marketing Roger Palmer 9780750668989
The newly qualified manager may well be equipped with the skills of the "What" of marketing and management, but not know the "How." The practicing marketer is well served with guides on strategy, mainly of the "four minute plan" variety, but poorly served in terms of basic advice on implementing the strategy and plans. This book is therefore designed to give clear guidance in managing the...
cena: 327,09
Managing Marketing
 An Introduction to RF Circuit Design for Communication Systems Roger C. Palmer 9780995022409
This book provides an insight into techniques that are commonly used in the design of modern RF communications equipment. Although the emphasis is on equipment or circuits that are part of communication systems, information is provided on a variety of general electronic design topics. It is assumed that the reader has a general understanding of basic electronic concepts, such as that required to...
cena: 122,68
An Introduction to RF Circuit Design for Communication Systems
 Macao Macau Tim Simpson Roger Palmer 9781908966414
After 450 years of colonial administration, Portugal returned the territory of Macau to the People's Republic of China in 1999. The government subsequently liberalized the local casino monopoly and opened the industry to investment by foreign gaming companies who have poured billions of dollars into the city. As a result, Macau has become the world's most lucrative site of casino gaming,...
cena: 101,66
Macao Macau
 The New Global Marketing Reality Roger Palmer Richard Brookes Roger Palmer 9781403905208
Marketing practices have fundamentally changed over the past decade. This book documents the nature of these changes, examines their impact on marketeers and marketing, explains the results of a major international study into the changing nature of contemporary marketing practices, assesses their implications for marketing and marketeers and provides guidance for those who are implementing change...
cena: 320,84
The New Global Marketing Reality
 Nuts, Bolts and Magnetrons: A Practical Guide for Industrial Marketers Paul Millier Roger Palmer Roger Palmer 9780471853251
Industrial or business to business marketing places very different demands on the marketing function to those traditionally seen in consumer marketing. A key problem is that managers in the business-to-business field often possess strong technical and professional skills, but have only a weak understanding of formal marketing concepts and how to make them work to gain business benefits.
cena: 196,77
Nuts, Bolts and Magnetrons: A Practical Guide for Industrial Marketers
 Footprints of Industry Papers from the 300th Anniversary Conference at Coalbrookdale, 3-7 June 2009: Papers from the 300th Anniversary Conference at C Paul Belford Marilyn Palmer Roger White 9781407307275
This volume contains a selection of papers which were presented at the Fe09 Conference in June 2009. The conference was held as part of the Coalbrookdale 300 celebrations (Shropshire, England), commemorating the tercentenary of Abraham Darbys success with coke-smelted iron. This momentous event was a truly world-changing moment in human history; and its origins, consequences and wider impacts...
cena: 494,30
Footprints of Industry Papers from the 300th Anniversary Conference at Coalbrookdale, 3-7 June 2009: Papers from the 300th Anniversary Conference at C
 Watershed Health Monitoring: Emerging Technologies Roger Ed. Edward Ed. Dee Ed. Hedd Jones R. Mark Palmer Walters 9781566769679
Watershed Health Monitoring: Emerging Technologies is a concise reference that defines the concept of watershed health and explains that monitoring the health of watersheds is a critical precursor to adaptive resource management on a watershed basis. The focus of the text is a clear description of an innovative "Closed Loop" model that specifies four key aspects of successful monitoring programs:...
cena: 931,72
Watershed Health Monitoring: Emerging Technologies