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 Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety: Finding Calm & Clarity in Uncertain Times Richard Gilpin 9781782403180 Ivy Press

Anxiety is a state many of us know only too well and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is on the global increase too. Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety helps loosen the knots and tangles of anxiety and explores the ways we can break their stifling bonds through better understanding of the root of the problem - the mind. Richard Gilpin shares frank personal anecdotes and therapeutic...

cena: 51,32
Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety: Finding Calm & Clarity in Uncertain Times
 Tribal Pop Art Memo Pad Camille Walala 9781787130609 Quadrille Publishing
Ensure you never forget to write anything down with this bright, graphic memo pad holder, containing a 'To Do' list and 3 sets of sticky notes.
cena: 46,37
Tribal Pop Art Memo Pad
 For the Love of Scotland: A Celebration of All Things Scottish Ferguson, Norman 9781786850522

Did you know that Nessie is not the only monster supposedly living in a Scottish loch? Loch Morar has its own: Morag. Did you know that the first Open golf Championship was played in Scotland, at Prestwick in 1860? Did you know that as well as television, insulin, chloroform and the telephone, Scotland has given the world kaleidoscopes, contour lines, tinned salmon and Andy Murray? This...

cena: 56,33
For the Love of Scotland: A Celebration of All Things Scottish
 Against All Silence E. C. Myers 9781945293474 Adaptive Books
cena: 44,27
Against All Silence
 Scottish History: From Bannockburn to Holyrood John Abernethy 9780008251109 HarperCollins UK
A concise and excellent guide to Scottish history and how Scotland has come to be what it is today. Key events, people and places include The Union of Crowns, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Battle of Bannockburn, Culloden, Burns Night, Hogmanay, Alexander Graham Bell, and Referendum 2014. Beautifully produced, Collins Little Book of Scottish History is a treasure in itself and makes a perfect gift...
cena: 41,31
Scottish History: From Bannockburn to Holyrood
 A Whole Nuther Thing Warren Ross Jade Fang 9780990308614 Warren K. Ross, Jr.

What's going on in Dingledong Dell? The missing truck is a mystery. But things are WAY stranger than they seem A lost toy truck launches a quest which reveals a far bigger quest. This fanciful tale ends with the granting of a cherished wish and a happy resolution for all. Or is it just a dream? Figure it out, if you can

cena: 55,52
A Whole Nuther Thing
 Summer Evening Walter de la Mare 9780571314669 FABER CHILDREN'S BOOKS
The sandy cat by the Farmer's chair Mews at his knee for dainty fare; Old Rover in his moss-greened house Mumbles a bone, and barks at a mouse. Carolina Rabei's stunning illustrations beautifully illuminate Walter de la Mare's glorious celebration of a balmy summer's evening. One of four exceptional Walter de la Mare picture books that form a seasonal set,...
cena: 46,70
Summer Evening
Acting without Bullshit. National media reviews
cena: 71,36
Playing the Mask: Acting Without Bullshit
 Our Moms  9781683504375 Morgan James Kids
Our Moms is an easy-to-read guide that lets kids with incarcerated parents know they're not alone. Over 5 million children in the US have had incarcerated parents within their lifetime and Quniana Futrell is here to help shed light on the effects this has and has had on these children's lives. She also enhances awareness of parental incarceration and provides support by promoting diversity...
cena: 37,84
Our Moms
 Science Museum Paperback Notebooks Science Museum 9781787130623
Part of the periodic table inspired stationery range, this set of 48pp notebooks, one lined and one dot matrix, is a must-have for anyone needing to write daily ideas and reminders (or even sparks of genius).
cena: 46,37
Science Museum Paperback Notebooks
 The Sky in Silver Lace Robin Klein Alice Pung 9781925498349 Text Classics

"A writer who relishes the drama of everyday life."--Guardian

The Melling family has moved to the city, leaving Dad behind. Money is tight, finding a place to live is difficult, and the girls are coming to terms with the freedoms and limitations of adult life. The final book in the trilogy.

cena: 51,32
The Sky in Silver Lace
 Malice of Waves Mark Douglas Home 9781405923613 PENGUIN GROUP

Five years ago, 14-year-old Max Wheeler disappeared from a remote Scottish island. None of the six police and private investigations since have shed any light on what happened. Unable to let go, Max's family call in Cal McGill--known as "The Sea Detective"--hoping he'll force the sea to give up its secrets. Yet Cal finds he is an outsider to a broken family, and an unwelcome stranger in a...

cena: 56,19
Malice of Waves
 Our Special World: Keeping Safe Liz Lennon 9781445148274 Hachette Kids Franklin Watts
This book simply sets out some guidelines for young children for how to keep safe without stopping the fun It explores topics such as crossing the road, water, bike riding, bullying and stranger danger.

Our Special World
is a series of books offering a simple text and photographs that help young children learn about the world around them. The books seek to show the diverse nature...
cena: 61,34
Our Special World: Keeping Safe
 Mortimer's Picnic Nick Ward 9781909991279 Troika Books
Mortimer is going to have a picnic with his best friend, Oggy. He's very excited Then Mortimer gets a letter--poor Oggy has a bad cold and can't come. Kind Mortimer takes the picnic to Oggy instead. But it's a journey--a hungry crocodile, a wolf and a troll all want to eat the picnic AND Mortimer
cena: 41,31
Mortimer's Picnic
 What the Valley Knows Heather Christie 9781612969404 Black Rose Writing
cena: 82,13
What the Valley Knows
 Mindstormer A. J. Steiger 9781780749266 Oneworld Publications
When Lain Fisher wakes up in a hospital bed she can't remember anything of the last few months. As a mindwalker herself she knows about erasing peoples memories. She just never thought that she would need that to happen to her. Before she can get any answers to her questions she is rescued by two young men, one of whom she remembers and the other is a stranger to her. With them she reconnects to...
cena: 46,32
 Mermaid Kingdom: Carousel Ag Jatkowska 9781509844357 Pan MacMillan
cena: 81,38
Mermaid Kingdom: Carousel
 Science Museum Jotter Pad Science Museum 9781787130630
Part of the periodic table inspired stationery range, this jotter pad has 128pp with a flip top?cover and magnetic closure, perfect for shopping lists or even the theory of everything.
cena: 46,37
Science Museum Jotter Pad
 Abomination Robert Swindells 9780141379234 Penguin UK
Martha is 12--and very different from other kids, because of her parents. Strict members of a religious group--the Brethren--their rules dominate Martha's life. And one rule is the most important of all: she must never ever invite anyone home. If she does, their shameful secret--Abomination--could be revealed. But as Martha makes her first real friend in Scott, a new boy at school, she begins to...
cena: 46,32
 March, Women, March: How Women Won the Vote Lucinda Hawksley Helen Pankhurst 9780233005256 Andre Deutsch
A lively look at the British suffragettes who fought to win women the vote.
March, Women, March explores the women's movement in Britain, and the courageous rebels who refused to accept their exclusion from political life. Beginning with the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Women in 1792 and moving to the suffragettes of the early...
cena: 91,39
March, Women, March: How Women Won the Vote
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