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 Food Microstructures: Microscopy, Measurement and Modelling Vic Morris Kathy Groves V. J. Morris 9780081014240 Woodhead Publishing
The development of high-quality foods with desirable properties for both consumers and the food industry requires a comprehensive understanding of food systems and the control and rational design of food microstructures. Food microstructures reviews best practice and new developments in the determination of food microstructure.

After a general introduction, chapters in part one review the...

cena: 1443,08
Food Microstructures: Microscopy, Measurement and Modelling
 Functional Ingredients from Algae for Foods and Nutraceuticals Herminia Dominguez H. Dominguez 9780081014134 Woodhead Publishing
Algae have a long history of use as foods and for the production of food ingredients. There is also increasing interest in their exploitation as sources of bioactive compounds for use in functional foods and nutraceuticals. Functional ingredients from algae for foods and nutraceuticals reviews key topics in these areas, encompassing both macroalgae (seaweeds) and microalgae.

After a chapter...

cena: 1815,58
Functional Ingredients from Algae for Foods and Nutraceuticals
 Protein Therapeutics Zuben E. Sauna Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty 9783319418162 Springer
cena: 1001,98
Protein Therapeutics
 Pearson Baccalaureate: Essentials Chemistry  Brown, Catrin 9781292134536 Pearson International Baccalaureate Essential
cena: 162,69
Pearson Baccalaureate: Essentials Chemistry
 NMR in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology  9781782623106 Royal Society of Chemistry
This volume focuses on solution and solid-state NMR of carbohydrates, glycoproteins, glyco-technologies, biomass and related topics. Timely and useful, it will appeal to researchers in the general field of structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics, molecular and cellular biology and material science.
cena: 1039,88
NMR in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology
 New Aspects of Quantum Electrodynamics Akitomo Tachibana 9789811031311 Springer
This book presents new aspects of quantum electrodynamics (QED), a quantum theory of photons with electrons, from basic physics to physical chemistry with mathematical rigor. Topics covered include spin dynamics, chemical reactivity, the dual Cauchy problem, and more. Readers interested in modern applications of quantum field theory in nano-, bio-, and open systems will enjoy learning how the...
cena: 529,11
New Aspects of Quantum Electrodynamics
 Exam Survival Guide: Physical Chemistry Jochen Vogt 9783319498089 Springer
A text- and exercise book for physical chemistry students This book deals with the fundamental aspects of physical chemistry taught at the undergraduate level in chemistry and the engineering sciences in a compact and practice-oriented form. Numerous problems and detailed solutions offer the possibility of an in-depth reflection of topics like chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, atomic...
cena: 347,25
Exam Survival Guide: Physical Chemistry
 Liquid Chromatography: Fundamentals and Instrumentation Salvatore Fanali Paul R. Haddad Colin Poole 9780128053935 Elsevier

Liquid Chromatography: Fundamentals and Instrumentation, Second Edition, is a single source of authoritative information on all aspects of the practice of modern liquid chromatography. It gives those working in both academia and industry the opportunity to learn, refresh, and deepen their understanding of new fundamentals and instrumentation techniques in the field.

In the years...

cena: 888,32
Liquid Chromatography: Fundamentals and Instrumentation
 Functional Supramolecular Materials: From Surfaces to Mofs Deanna D'Alessandro C. Malla Reddy Pritam Mukhopadhyay 9781782625407 Royal Society of Chemistry

Supramolecular materials have a great number of applications due to the reversibility of their non-covalent molecular interactions, such as reversible hydrogen bonding, host-guest interactions and electrostatic interactions. This book provides a comprehensive source of information on the structure and function of organic and metal-organic supramolecular materials.
The chapters of this book...

cena: 1039,88
Functional Supramolecular Materials: From Surfaces to Mofs
 Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry Andrew Parsons Gareth Price  9780198733805 Oxford University Press
Chemistry is widely considered to be the central science: it encompasses concepts on which all other branches of science are developed. Yet, for many students entering college, gaining a firm grounding in chemistry is a real challenge. Chemistry3 responds to this challenge, providing students with a full understanding of the fundamental principles of chemistry on which to build later...
cena: 238,26
Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry
 Practical Guide to Vegetable Oil Processing Monoj Gupta 9781630670504 Academic Press and Aocs Press

Practical Guide to Vegetable Oil Processing, Second Edition, includes an up-to-date summary of the basic principles of edible oil refining, processing, and deodorizing, serving as a hands-on training manual for chemists, engineers, and managers new to the industry.

The 15-chapter book includes current information on the bleaching of green oils and coconut oil, quality...

cena: 836,47
Practical Guide to Vegetable Oil Processing
 The Cycle of Excellence  9781119165569 John Wiley & Sons

How do the good become great? Practice From musicians and executives to physicians and drivers, aspiring professionals rely on deliberate practice to attain expertise. Recently, researchers have explored how psychotherapists can use the same processes to enhance the effectiveness of psychotherapy supervision for career-long professional development. Based on this empirical research,...

cena: 206,54
The Cycle of Excellence
 Organic Chemistry Blank Notebook and Journal Reginauld Bressan 9781542989022 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 112,07
Organic Chemistry Blank Notebook and Journal
 The Disambiguation of Chemistry Roy W. Clark 9781787192942 New Generation Publishing
This book is about a linguistic atom bomb which has confused chemistry and physics for centuries, and still does.
cena: 77,49
The Disambiguation of Chemistry
Smith's Organic Chemistry with Biological Topics continues to breathe new life into the organic chemistry world. This new fifth edition retains its popular delivery of organic chemistry content in a student-friendly format. Janice Smith draws on her extensive teaching background to deliver organic chemistry in a way in which students learn: with limited use of text paragraphs, and through...
cena: 2925,35
Package: Organic Chemistry with Biological Topics with Connect Access Card and Student Solutions Manual
 Advances in Qsar Modeling: Applications in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Kunal Roy 9783319568492 Springer
The book covers theoretical background and methodology as well as all current applications of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR). Written by an international group of recognized researchers, this edited volume discusses applications of QSAR in multiple disciplines such as chemistry, pharmacy, environmental and agricultural sciences addressing data gaps and modern regulatory...
cena: 1547,56
Advances in Qsar Modeling: Applications in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
 Characterization and Analysis of Microplastics Teresa A. P. Rocha-Santos Armando C. Duarte  9780444638984 Elsevier Science Ltd
Characterization and Analysis of Microplastics, Volume 75 presents the latest information on new and published analytical methodologies for the identification and quantification of microplastics. This series focuses on a variety of interesting topics surrounding the field of microplastics, with this new release in the series covering sampling and sample handing, the characterization of...
cena: 1363,26
Characterization and Analysis of Microplastics
 Organic Name Reaction and Rearrangement  Jena, Ashis Kumar 9781783323036
ORGANIC NAME REACTION AND REARRANGEMENT discusses various organic name reactions and rearrangements in four chapters.
cena: 238,04
Organic Name Reaction and Rearrangement
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