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 The Summer of Serendipity: The Magical Feel Good Perfect Holiday Read Ali McNamara 9780751566208 Sphere
You'll find a warm welcome in the latest novel from Ali McNamara, bestselling author of The Little Flower Shop by the Sea and From Notting Hill with Love, Actually

One summer, property seeker, Serendipity Parker finds herself on the beautiful west coast of Ireland, hunting for a home for a wealthy Irish client. But when she finds the perfect house in the...
cena: 51,51
The Summer of Serendipity: The Magical Feel Good Perfect Holiday Read
 All the Colours in Between Eva Jordan 9781911583288 Urbane Publications
Savage but tender, thought provoking but light-hearted, dark but brilliantly funny, this is a story of contemporary family life in all its 21st century glory.
cena: 51,51
All the Colours in Between
 Curfew Chronicles: A Fiction Jennifer Rahim 9781845233624 Peepal Tree Press
cena: 56,54
Curfew Chronicles: A Fiction
 No Way Back Kelly Florentia 9781911583400 Urbane Publications
When two eligible and attractive men are vying for Audrey's heart, it should be the perfect dilemma...
cena: 46,48
No Way Back
 City of Friends Joanna Trollope 9781509823468 Pan MacMillan
cena: 46,48
City of Friends
 A Winter Love Song Rita Bradshaw 9781509829200 Pan MacMillan
cena: 106,89
A Winter Love Song
 My Mother's Shadow: The Unputdownable Summer Read about a Mother's Shocking Secret That Changed Everything Nikola Scott 9781472241160 Headline
A perfect summer. A young woman in love. And a shocking secret kept for decades... An unputdownable read for fans of Kate Morton and Rachel Hore.
cena: 46,48
My Mother's Shadow: The Unputdownable Summer Read about a Mother's Shocking Secret That Changed Everything
 Act Normal William Manchee 9781929976409 Top

Stan is recruited by the CIA for its ultra top-secret Tarizon Repopulation project. His first assignment is to defend a woman accused of murdering her children and alien husband. The alien husband, however, is not from Mexico but Tarizon, a planet in another solar system. Stan must not only prove his client innocent but also make sure nobody finds out the government is allowing aliens to live...

cena: 61,58
Act Normal
 Guitar Face (Original Cover): Guitar Face Series Book One Sasha Marshall 9781533537034 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
My story is not one for the faint of hearts. It's beautifully gritty, and heartbreakingly tragic. I was born into a world of rock-and-roll, a mere girl who only wanted to have her own guitar face. Somewhere between the amps, cords, and guitars, I found my place. I was born to make music and bring the world to their knees, until I wasn't anymore, until the thought of doing all this without him...
cena: 74,34
Guitar Face (Original Cover): Guitar Face Series Book One
 Echoes from the Past: A Young Man's Search for Love and Identity Moboni Lewis 9781626769014 Revival Waves of Glory Ministries

After several years in and out of a gang, Henry Doe finally turns his life around to become a youth leader only to be arrested a decade later for a crime he'd committed during his time on the street.

Find out what happens when a young father abandons his family for the thrill of an adventure with the boys in this riveting Christian fiction by MoBoni Lewis.

A must read for every...

cena: 45,03
Echoes from the Past: A Young Man's Search for Love and Identity
 The First Stone Gillian Jackson   9781784079390 FeedARead.com
Winning eight million pounds on the lottery seems like a dream come true for Jenny and Malcolm Grainger. But their delight quickly turns into a nightmare when a stranger appears and secrets from the past resurface. Painful memories are resurrected which threaten to divide the family, and Jenny feels that she no longer knows the man she married. Can their difficulties be overcome, or will this...
cena: 67,39
The First Stone
 Burn This Manuscript After Reading S. R. D. Farahani 9781482881394 Partridge Singapore

Maybe in ancient times, invisible three Norn sisters determined the fate of each person all around the world, but in these days, fortunately or unfortunately, they are out of order, completely In spite of that, our fate is still under the control of some invisible creatures; they are not sisters, but they are brothers--the invisible seven brothers of CIA The brothers who play the role of the...

cena: 58,66
Burn This Manuscript After Reading
 DNA of a Gangsta Clifford Big Cliff Jennings 9781542389440 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The story of a living legend DNA OF A GANGSTA gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of Christopher Flora, a Virginia hustler with a ruthless mentality. Cursed with a mother who was never there and a father who disowns him, Chris began to mold and transform in order to adapt to the cold and cruel streets around him. Growing up in Broadlawn, a low-income project in Chesapeake, Virginia, Chris...
cena: 68,33
DNA of a Gangsta
 Spa MS Patricia Huff MR Matthew Huff 9781542470971 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Welcome to the Spa, a secluded hide away filled with unusual circumstances. Meet Minnie and Carol, both Massage Therapists. Get to know them at work and in their personal lives. Meet Rachel a beautiful client who will surprise you with what is really important to her. Many valuable lessons are learned at the Spa. This book is a work of fiction.
cena: 38,27
 The Adam Project Hugh A. Flowers 9781945669187 Paperback-Press Publishing
Retired CIA Agent Rafe Johnson is 78 years old. However after his wife's death, instead of aging, he's gotten younger and he doesn't know why. Seeing his friends and family in person has become impossible as he now looks the same age as his children, and only communicates with them by phone. Rafe, caught off guard, is kidnapped at gunpoint and thrown into the back of a windowless van. Inside he...
cena: 50,28
The Adam Project
 The Mistress Danielle Steel 9780735210035 Random House Large Print Publishing
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Incomparable storyteller Danielle Steel illuminates rarely glimpsed precincts of unimaginable wealth and power, where love and freedom are the most dangerous desires of all.

Natasha Leonova's beauty saved her life. Discovered starving on a freezing Moscow street by a Russian billionaire, she has lived for seven years under his protection, immersed...

cena: 116,83
The Mistress
 Casey Calhoun Joseph Sollish 9781480842311 Archway Publishing

Casey Calhoun has always used her sexual prowess to acquire power within the corporate world. Now as president, CEO, and chair of the board of directors of a multi-million dollar corporation, Casey is seemingly on top of the world--until she becomes pregnant with attorney, Paul Ellsworth's, baby. Together they decide to travel to Switzerland where Casey eventually gives birth and relinquishes...

cena: 137,61
Casey Calhoun
 La Couleur de La Destinee Julianne MacLean 9781542527101 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Julianne Maclean, auteur classe parmi les meilleures ventes par USA Today, nous offre un recit prenant, riche en suspense et en emotion sur la destinee et l'amour... Il y a dix-huit ans, une grossesse precoce change definitivement la vie de Kate Worthington. Face a des decisions difficiles, elle suivra son coeur vers un futur incertain avec Glenn Ferguson, son premier grand amour....et le pere de...
cena: 66,29
La Couleur de La Destinee
 Almost Missed You Jessica Strawser 9781250107602 St. Martin's Press

"Almost Missed You is a skillful, insightful debut: a deft exploration of the mysteries of marriage, the price we pay for our secrets, and just how easy it is to make the worst choices imaginable." --Chris Bohjalian, New York Times bestselling author of The Sandcastle Girls and Midwives

"Almost Missed You is an emotional powerhouse of a...

cena: 105,36
Almost Missed You
 Valentine Lovers to Color! Adrienne Kleinschmidt 9781542631624 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
I like to include a little bit of a history lesson with my coloring books. This one is about famous lovers throughout history. As usual there are too many to list and show. These are some of my favorites. I hope they are yours too Enjoy
cena: 43,32
Valentine Lovers to Color!
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