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 21 Rituals to Change Your Life: Daily Practices to Bring Greater Inner Peace and Happiness (Large Print 16pt) Theresa Cheung 9781525246050 ReadHowYouWant
Aristotle said 'you are what you repeatedly do'. Most of us have no idea that what we repeatedly do creates our lives, we think our future is shaped by big events, the decisions we...
cena: 70,12
21 Rituals to Change Your Life: Daily Practices to Bring Greater Inner Peace and Happiness (Large Print 16pt)
cena: 106,08
Phineas Finn: The Irish Member
 ESV Economy Bible, Large Print  9781433558412 Crossway Books

The ESV Economy Bible, Large Print features the full ESV text in 10-point type, making it a readable edition for those receiving a Bible for the first time. This edition also includes an article entitled, "Why Read the Bible," a 40-day Bible reading plan, and an explanation of the plan of salvation. Highly affordable and designed especially for outreach, the ESV Economy Bible,...

cena: 29,06
ESV Economy Bible, Large Print
 Daily Readings-The Early Church Fathers Nick Needham 9781527100435 Christian Heritage

The early church fathers have always had a special place in Christian theology. As the first interpreters of the gospel, readers today often find in their words a sense of the gospel's sheer freshness and reality. More than this, they were the thinkers who first hammered out the full meaning of what Scripture says about the Trinity and the person of Christ. Their sayings, presented here by...

cena: 81,38
Daily Readings-The Early Church Fathers
 The Realm of Redemption J. Robert Nelson 9781532630644 Wipf & Stock Publishers
cena: 138,00
The Realm of Redemption
 Praising God Beside the Sea Hayoung Son Gerald L. Stevens 9781532612930 Wipf & Stock Publishers
This study offers a creative combination of methodologies to provide grounded intertextual procedure for the apocalyptic genre with impact on understanding Revelation 15. Along with the analysis on narrative elements (to prove the similarity in the scenery background) and examinations of the designation and context of the songs, this research reveals thematic parallels in the contents of the...
cena: 159,21
Praising God Beside the Sea
 Giant Print Bible-KJV National Publishing Company 9780834003507 National Publishing Company
It's great to have plenty of choices when a Bible that's easy on the eyes and the wallet is called for. All three of these editions feature 15.5-point type that is exceptionally crisp even under subdued lighting conditions. The Presentation Editions flexible, soft imitation leather binding makes it easy to hold and carry.

The Deluxe Edition is a classic "preacher's Bible."...

cena: 120,29
Giant Print Bible-KJV
 The Drama of Preaching Eric Brian Watkins 9781498278614 Wipf & Stock Publishers
Preaching is dramatic. Through it, we hear the voice of the living God as he speaks to us both through the reading and the preaching of the word of God. But where do the hearers of sermons fit into the drama? This book suggests ways in which the drama metaphor may help to address age old questions about the centrality of the gospel and the place of the hearer in preaching. As God in Christ is the...
cena: 201,01
The Drama of Preaching
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