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 Joel Serra's Modern Spanish Kitchen Serra, Joel 9781472140265
Stunningly photographed by Mexican fashion photographer Aldo Chacon, Joel Serra's first cookbook offers a vibrant, fresh take on Catalan and Spanish cooking by a charismatic young Antipodean chef with Catalan roots.
cena: 106,47
Joel Serra's Modern Spanish Kitchen
 Home Baking Rachel Allen 9780008179823 HarperCollins
Bestselling author and TV chef Rachel Allen presents the definitive baking guide.
cena: 106,47
Home Baking
 The Kilner Cookbook Kilner 9781785037085
2017 marks the 175th anniversary of the much-loved heritage glass jar company, Kilner. With 100 delicious recipes, this Kilner cookbook shows you how to make cocktails, juices and smoothies; portable lunches including layered salads, noodles and soups; breakfasts such as overnight oats; homemade dressings and sauces; and, desserts and snacks.
cena: 71,36
The Kilner Cookbook
 Tuck in: Good Hearty Food Any Time Ross Dobson 9781743368626 Murdoch Books
A hearty appetite will only settle for hearty food. Tuck In is a cookbook for every occasion. With recipes for simple weekday fare, special meals for friends and family, dishes to roll out at weekend barbecues and mouth-watering desserts - Ross Dobson has all the bases covered. From revamped old favourites to international taste sensations, these are easy, delicious, flavoursome recipes that...
cena: 96,40
Tuck in: Good Hearty Food Any Time
 70s Dinner Party The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly of Retro Food Pallai, Anna 9781910931387

Anna Pallai was brought up on 1970s stalwarts of stuffed peppers, meatloaf and platters of slightly greying hardboiled eggs. When she rediscovered her mother's grease-stained 70s cookbooks, she knew she needed to share them with the world, and so the hit Twitter account @70s_Party was born. Harking back to a simpler pre-Instagram, pre-clean-eating era, when the only concern for your dinner...

cena: 56,33
70s Dinner Party The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly of Retro Food
 Death: Awakening to Life Christine Contini 9780988585126 Winterwolf Press
cena: 63,27
Death: Awakening to Life
 Tears Heal How to Listen to Our Children Orson, Kate 9780349410104
Tears Heal shares parenting's best-kept secret - a completely new approach to parenting which is based on listening, and allowing children to express their emotions so that they can return to their natural, good, co-operative selves.
cena: 76,37
Tears Heal How to Listen to Our Children
 The Grilled Cheese Sandwich: 60 Unbrielievably Delicious Recipes Henley, Sian 9781785035241
Ready to eat in just minutes and devoured in seconds, the grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect quick and cheap meal. Combining quality breads and cheeses, this title helps you create fun recipes from ideas for breakfast, such as Greece is the Word or California Dreaming, to posh dinners including 'Wanna Date?' and the Camembert Reynolds.
cena: 56,33
The Grilled Cheese Sandwich: 60 Unbrielievably Delicious Recipes
 The Natural Cook: Maximum Taste, Zero Waste Stone, Matt|||Boys, Callan 9781743365915
This debut cookbook by Matt Stone--Head Chef of Australia's renown Greenhouse restaurant--focuses on zero waste cooking, and delves into hot topics in cooking, like fermenting, pickling, eating natural food, and many others. Stone combines green philosophy with his cooking to create a unique take on contemporary cooking. Readers will love the recipes and techniques Stone presents as they make...
cena: 101,41
The Natural Cook: Maximum Taste, Zero Waste
 Scandinavian Belly Fat Program: 12 Weeks to Get Healthy, Boost Your Energy and Lose Weight Nordstrand, Berit 9781743368909
It's best-selling author Berit Nordstrand's fall-in-love-with-life approach to food that makes her belly fat program unique. We now know that it's the fat around your belly, rather than anywhere else on your body, that's the most dangerous to health. Belly fat causes problems for the liver, kidneys and heart and contributes to cardiovascular disease, asthma, migraine, rheumatism, cancer,...
cena: 91,39
Scandinavian Belly Fat Program: 12 Weeks to Get Healthy, Boost Your Energy and Lose Weight
 Beautifully Real Food: Guilt-Free, Meat-Free Recipes to Indulge in Murphy, Sam 9781911274285
Many of us, for various reasons, are trying to reduce the amount of meat and dairy in our diets but are reluctant to let go of our favorite foods. When chef Sam Murphy decided to change her lifestyle, originally just to lose weight and have a more balanced diet, she assumed that her days of eating pizzas, burgers, and brownies were over. But after experimenting in the kitchen, Sam realized that...
cena: 91,39
Beautifully Real Food: Guilt-Free, Meat-Free Recipes to Indulge in
 Superslaw: Blitz Your Way to 5 a Day Greenwood, Jill 9781785035548
Contains highly nutritious, convenient recipes for busy people wishing to increase their vegetable intake. This book contains 60 main recipes, with two additional variations for each, which show how to create different combinations of micro-chopped vegetables to add a rainbow-coloured nutritional boost to your day and deliver specific benefits.
cena: 71,36
Superslaw: Blitz Your Way to 5 a Day
 Comfort: Delicious Bakes & Family Treats Brown, Candice 9781785037078
Contains recipes the author learned to bake from her nan and mum. In this book, he recipes are easy to make, no nonsense and hearty. It includes a recipe for every occasion - for baking with kids, birthday parties for all ages, Christmas, afternoon tea, quick savoury bakes for weeknights and fancier recipes for weekends.
cena: 106,47
Comfort: Delicious Bakes & Family Treats
 Beef and Potatoes: 200 Recipes, for the Perfect Steak and Fries and So Much More Mallet, Jean-Francois 9781743366295
Dinner. Sorted. Here are 200 recipes, classic and modern, for two of the world's favourite ingredients. In the Beef chapter there are luscious, hearty recipes such as rib-eye steak with garlic chips; Belgian beef and beer stew; and roast beef with bearnaise sauce. In the Potatoes chapter: how to make the ultimate chips; potato pancakes with spinach and mint; Dauphine potatoes; and potato puree...
cena: 106,47
Beef and Potatoes: 200 Recipes, for the Perfect Steak and Fries and So Much More
 The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie Hairy Bikers 9781409171874
The bestselling, big-hearted and down-to-earth chefs, The Hairy Bikers, return with 80 delicious vegetarian recipes to make losing weight and eating less meat even easier.

In their multi-million selling HAIRY DIETERS series, the Hairy Bikers proved that you can eat your favourite foods and still lose weight. Jam-packed full of delicious, low-cal versions of traditional classics and...

cena: 81,38
The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie
 Los Angeles Cult Recipes Garnier Astorino, Victor 9781760527747
Take a journey to the city of Californian dreams through 100 iconic recipes that capture the spirit of Los Angeles.
cena: 106,47
Los Angeles Cult Recipes
 Soupologie: Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Soups to Heal, Cleanse and Energise Argent, Stephen 9781785040955
This is much more than a book of delicious plant-based soup recipes. Get to know the ingredients first with all the nutritional information clearly explained, so you can find out which ingredients will have the most impact for you. Low on energy? get those B-vitamins packed into your soup. Need to drop a few pounds? focus on the metabolism-boosting recipes. Constantly getting colds? Get going...
cena: 71,36
Soupologie: Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Soups to Heal, Cleanse and Energise
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