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 Remembering the Roman People: Essays on Late-Republican Politics and Literature T. P. Wiseman 9780199239764
In the Roman republic, only the People could pass laws, only the People could elect politicians to office, and the very word republica meant 'the People's business'. So why is it always assumed that the republic was an oligarchy? The main reason is that most of what we know about it we know from Cicero, a great man and a great writer, but also an active right-wing politician who took it for...
cena: 751,30
Remembering the Roman People: Essays on Late-Republican Politics and Literature
 Catullus and His World: A Reappraisal T. P. Wiseman 9780521319683
This book is an attempt to read the poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus in his own context; to look at the poet and his works against the cultural realities of the first century BC as recent advances in historical research allow us to understand them. Catullus' own social background, the circumstances of the literary life of his time, the true extent of his works and the variety of audiences he...
cena: 214,33
Catullus and His World: A Reappraisal
 Julius Caesar T. P. Wiseman   9780750961318
Why is Caesar a giant? Because he effectively created the Roman Empire, and thus made possible the European civilization that grew out of it. As the People's champion against a corrupt and murderous oligarchy, he began transformation of the Roman republic into a quasi-monarchy and a military and fiscal system that for four centuries provided western Europe, north Africa and the Middle East with...
cena: 41,31
Julius Caesar
 Chess for Schools MR P. a. Wiseman 9781539388760
About Chess for Schools So you know how the pieces move - but what do you do next? The answers are to be found in this book which explains the important knowledge that all good players have at their fingertips. Modern chess has evolved from 19th & 20th century pioneers. Their fresh ideas and discoveries are still relevant today; hence many of the examples in this book have been chosen to show...
cena: 44,73
Chess for Schools
 Morris the Moose B. Wiseman Bernard Wiseman 9780833569998
Determined to prove that the cow he meets is really a moose, Morris the moose enlists thehelp of a rather confused deer and horse.
cena: 57,80
Morris the Moose
 Remus: A Roman Myth T. P. Wiseman T. P. Wiseman 9780521483667
Romulus founded Rome -- but why does the myth give him a twin brother Remus, who is killed at the moment of the foundation? This mysterious legend has been oddly neglected. Roman historians ignore it as irrelevant to real history; students of myth concentrate on the more glamorous mythology of Greece, and treat Roman stories as of little interest. In this book, Professor Wiseman provides, for the...
cena: 214,33
Remus: A Roman Myth
 Crackpot Adele Wiseman 9780803297531
Hoda is a prostitute, but that is not the most important fact about her. Earthy, bawdy, vulnerable, and big-hearted, she is the daughter of an impoverished Jewish couple who emigrated from Russia to Canada to escape persecution. Growing up in a ghetto of Winnipeg, she experiences cruelty and bigotry early and fights back with humor and anger, which is something to behold as her young body takes...
cena: 73,35
 Plain Perfect Beth Wiseman 9780718030964

Lillian Miller hopes the Plain life will offer her the peace of mind her heart desperately seeks.

Lillian's first twenty-seven years have been challenging at best. Her decision to get reacquainted with her Amish grandparents in Lancaster County, PA, is an attempt at finding peace in a complicated world. But her plan has a flaw . . . Lillian is practicing the Amish...

cena: 36,67
Plain Perfect
 Knitted Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves Print on Demand Edition Nancie Wiseman 9781564773319
Wrap yourself in cozy comfort with these elegant fashion accessories all have something special in common-a great fit! Nineteen gorgeous projects range from simple shapes that beginners will appreciate to stitch patterns and techniques that advanced knitters will love. Choose from 19 glamorous wraps, such as Interlocking Diamonds Scarf, Textured Squares Mohair Shawl, Cabled Stole, and Lavender...
cena: 121,20
Knitted Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves Print on Demand Edition
 Rescue at Wiseman's Pond Patty Wiseman 9781940460970
cena: 58,14
Rescue at Wiseman's Pond
 The Vampire's Rescue Shawn Wiseman 9781988240046
When a human scientist gets kidnapped by psychics, and Vasha the vampire gangster wants the scientist rescued, she's not going to turn to the police. When Olivia is tasked with saving the scientist, Kara the vampire psychic wants to tag along and help her friend, but she soon might regret her decision. She soon learns that the scientist could be working on a weapon to fight against psychics, and...
cena: 42,18
The Vampire's Rescue
 A Tide Worth Turning/Message in a Bottle (2 in One Volume): A Surf's Up Novella Beth Wiseman 9780997661026
Each Surf's Up novella takes the reader to a beach locale, weaving romance and adventure into a soul-soothing journey of hope. In A Tide Worth Turning----Addison and Logan aren't in the market for love. She's recovering from a breakup, and he is hiding out on Galveston Island, trying to save enough money to get back to his country of origin before his world crashes down around him. But when...
cena: 54,15
A Tide Worth Turning/Message in a Bottle (2 in One Volume): A Surf's Up Novella
 Iran Blaine Wiseman 9781489654120
cena: 59,33
 Watershed James Wiseman 9781621373278
cena: 76,82
 The Vampire's Vision Shawn Wiseman 9781988240015
It should have been a normal job, but when psychic police show up and kidnap her best friend, Olivia, Kara the female vampire must become a vigilante and take justice into her own hands. Kara's on her own though, as her kind shuns her for being born with psychic powers. The wars might have ended, but there's bad blood between the blood suckers and the mind readers of the world. To get help and...
cena: 38,19
The Vampire's Vision
 Shades Makes Headlines Clive Wiseman 9788461583867
cena: 56,41
Shades Makes Headlines
 Masterminds & Wingmen: Helping Our Boys Cope with Schoolyard Power, Locker-Room Tests, Girlfriends, and the New Rules of Boy World Rosalind Wiseman 9780307986689
Books for a Better Life Award Winner

Here is a landmark book that reveals the way boys think and that shows parents, educators and coaches how to reach out and help boys overcome their most common yet difficult challenges -- by the bestselling author who changed our conception of adolescent girls.

Do you constantly struggle to pull information from your son, student, or athlete,...

cena: 67,12
Masterminds & Wingmen: Helping Our Boys Cope with Schoolyard Power, Locker-Room Tests, Girlfriends, and the New Rules of Boy World